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Round 1 (Round 01) Blake & Sullivan "I just KNEW it!"


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((Strategic Ops – Security Office (Mercury)))

Computer: Incoming transmission from the USS Drake.

::Sky looked up from the PADD she was writing on – her report to her officers about the “merge” with the Marines; the same report that none of them would be happy to hear or read. She obviously saw nothing but the bulkhead in front of her. Considering the most recent fight she had with Major Fanel about which department was more capable than the other (both losing due to Parker’s ability to shut them up, but Sky swore to Fanel that it wasn’t over and that *he* was the one who started it.

Blake: Computer, identify; from *who*?

::To be quite honest, she was terrified of any transmissions coming from the Drake. Mainly because a; one of the most known Security Chiefs in history is onboard the Drake and b; Renae Sullivan, who was her roommate and linguistic tutor in the Academy, had been frequently calling her these past few days. The reason why Sky never answered them was simple; she already outranked Renae, when Renae left the Academy first.::

Computer: Ensign Renae Sullivan.

::Today was no different from the rest when Renae called. But today, Sky was caught in the Security Office, which branched off from the Strategic Operations Office. Not to mention that it was likely someone would pick up on the fact that Sky had a lot of missed transmissions from the Drake – if worse came to worst, Renae would have the guts to speak to Parker, who would than criticise Sky for ignoring her friends.

::So, with a reluctant sigh, Sky moved her PADD away, and accepted the transmission.::

((Sullivan’s Quarters – USS Drake))

::Renae huffed, annoyed at what could possibly take so long for Sky to accept the transmission. She had declined several others from her for the past few days. But when the screen finally flicked on to show Sky in a sling, Renae raised an eyebrow and grinned somewhat.::

Sullivan: =/\= Life just never treats you well, now does it? =/\=

::Sky glared.::

Blake: =/\= Just because *you’re* unscratched from service. All of the previous ships I’ve served on have taken more than a hell of a beating. =/\=

::Renae smirked.::

Sullivan: =/\= I can imagine. They all had *you* on them. =/\=

Blake: =/\= Oh, you’re *so* funny. =/\=

Sullivan: =/\= But it’s true. =/\=

Blake: =/\= You can drop it now. =/\=

::Renae laughed and sat down, examining the Sky on the screen. Aside from the sling, there was something different. And it wasn’t just her hair. She finally looked at her collar.::

::It had been a while since Sky had been on the receiving end of Renae’s anger. It was usually the opposite – Sky hell-bent on trying to kill Renae because Renae achieved something that Sky wanted – although, there was those few times of which Renae almost killed her. This time was no different, except, the two different ships they were serving on were Noree knows

Blake: oO Wait for it . . . Oo

Sullivan: =/\= You son of a *b^^^^*! =/\=

Blake: oO There you go. Oo =/\= I believe the correct phrase would be “You daughter of a Demon”. =/\=

Sullivan: =/\= This is *nothing* to do with you gods-forsaken heritage. May Ulivia *[...]* you! =/\=

::It was also rare that Sky was on the receiving end of Renae’s curse to Ulivia. Although her mother was Borg, which made the curse worth it’s while, it was unlikely that Ulivia would find Sky on the Mercury, which was fairly close to Cardassian space and at the Menthar Corridor.::

Blake: =/\= Okay, time to calm down before you run out of curses. =/\=

Sullivan: =/\= The worst part is that I *knew* it. I *just* *KNEW* it! *THIS* is why you refuse to talk to me! And why are *you*, *you* of all people, promoted to Lieutenant! *I* was the first to leave the Academy, not you. =/\=

Blake: =/\= Reen, that’s not how these things work. I know you’re [...]ed off, but . . . . I honestly don’t know how to explain myself to you. =/\=

::Renae almost glared a hole into the viewer. She was a lot more than just “[...]ed Off”.::

Sullivan: =/\= How about you *try*. How did you *first* get promoted? =/\=

Blake: =/\= *That* is a long story of which I don’t want to talk about. =/\=

::There was a short pause.::

Sullivan: =/\= You slept with your Captain, didn’t you? =/\=

Blake: =/\= *What*? *Noree* no! My Captain at the time was an Andorian that was *married* and had three children! What *are* you? *Nuts*!? =/\=

Sullivan: =/\= *Maybe*, but *I’m* not the one who’s facing my questions. =/\=

::Sky groaned, desperate for a change of topic. Her promotion from Ensign to Ell-Tee-Jay-Gee was a story she didn’t not was to tell right now, especially since it included losing someone that she . . . well . . . *loved*.::

Blake: =/\= Tell me about your day. =/\= ::She snapped, supposing that that was the best topic to cover right now.::

Sullivan: =/\= Annoying; accidently brought someone back from the future, killed some fungus that killed one of our nurses and almost our Chief Medical Officer. Yours? =/\=

Blake: =/\= Difficult. Had an argument with the Chief of Marines. First Officer came in and pretty much knocked our heads together. Anything you want to talk about? =/\=

Sullivan: =/\= Not particularly. You? =/\=

Blake: =/\= Slept with Ozera, but it’s not much of a big deal. =/\=

::Renae almost spoke, until she remembered who Ozera was. He was the guy she slung up in a tree.::

Sullivan: =/\= The *Diplomatic* Officer? Who are you and what have you done with Skyleena Blake?! =/\=

::Sky winced at the sound of her full name.::

Blake: =/\= He was posted as a Diplomat, but than trained as a Marine. Came onboard the Ronin as a Marine-slash-Intelligence officer. He jumped ship for some mission that’s classified. He’s been reposed to the Mercury as an Intelligence officer. =/\=

Sullivan: =/\= So he’s buffed up somewhat, right? =/\=

Blake: =/\= Pretty much. ::She paused.:: Why have you been trying to call me? =/\=

::Oh Ulivia. Where to start?::

Sullivan: =/\= I found my dad. =/\=

Blake: =/\= What? I think you just said “I found my dad that died in a shuttle accident”? =/\=

Sullivan: =/\= No. He never died. He was the missing body. =/\=

Blake: =/\= But *how*? No one could have survived that crash. =/\=

Sullivan: =/\= He keeps saying that he knows what it’s like to be pulled out of your own time and put sometime else. He never explains. It’s just one of those things that he won’t talk about. =/\=

Blake:::She sighed.:: =/\= Do you want me to look into it? =/\=

Sullivan: =/\= You *can’t*. You’re not a department head and therefore you can’t access the information StarFleet has on it. =/\=

oO Right. She still doesn’t know. Oo ::Sky bit her lip.::

Blake: =/\= That’s not entirely *true*. =/\=

::She waited for the next outburst.::

Sullivan: =/\= You are f^^^^^^ kidding me! First promotions till you’re a full Lieutenant and then you’re given a department!? =/\=

Blake: =/\= If I told you it wasn’t my fault, would you believe me? =/\=

Sullivan: =/\= *NO*! =/\=

::Sky sighed, thinking that she should just send a channel link to Tallis or Parker and let *them* explain why she was put as Chief of Security. But then again, she was already in the bad-books with Parker, and Tallis was probably busy trying to steal the Helm from Goi due to not being able to test it out last night. ((OOC: This was meant to be somewhat as a joke. If it’s not funny, please shrug it off – Deliera))

::Sky still thought that it was punishment – she was unable to cause as many problems in a Head position than she was as an actual subordinate, and she kind of missed having her arguments with Tallis. Parker didn’t particularly matter, as she was still having regular yelling matches with him – the even better thing was that Tallis didn’t know and didn’t *have* to know. At the moment, she had too much to do, and was unable to yell at one of her colleagues just because they annoyed her.

::Actually; she was running out of colleagues; the lack of actually being *in* the Security department meant that you knew everyone in there as one of your officers instead as one of your friends – the only person that defied this rule was Hannah Martinez, who seemed to be doing rather well when it came to integrating herself into the senior staff, even though she wasn’t a senior officer (not to mention being enlisted).::

Blake: =/\= I suppose you’re going to have to live with it. =/\=

::Renae glared at the viewer again.::

Sullivan: =/\= May Ulivia [...] you. =/\=

Blake: =/\= You’ve said that twice. And if the reason you called was just to make your mother [...] me, it’s kind of wasting my time. I’m busy trying to destroy Marines just like their head is trying to destroy my Security officers. So unless you have any helpful tips in winning the “who’s the better department” war, please, go right ahead and say it. But like I said; I’m busy. =/\=

::Renae thought for a few minutes.::

Sullivan: =/\= Target practise with whatever weapons your officers can work with well. =/\=

Blake: =/\= I’ve already thought of that. Fanel would break us like tooth picks. =/\=

Sullivan: =/\= Who the hell is Fanel? =/\=

Blake:::She sighed.:: =/\= Major Jacen Fanel is the Chief Marine Officer onboard the Mercury. Fanel and I have been ordered to collaborate by our First Officer, but as you’ve heard, this is unlikely. =/\=

Sullivan: =/\= So it’s turned into a Security verses Marine war? =/\=

Blake: =/\= Yep. =/\=

::There was a short pause.::

Sullivan: =/\= What do I do to get transferred over to *your* ship? =/\=

Blake: =/\= No thank you. I’ll personally get Tallis to deny your request to come to the Mercury. While Lieutenant Reed might want you in the Tactical department, I don’t want you or your brother anywhere *near* my department. =/\=

Sullivan: =/\= Fine. =/\= ::She groaned.::

Blake: =/\= Good. Now, I *have* to go and device this plan to slaughter the Marines. Talk to you next month? =/\=

Sullivan: =/\= Sounds good. =/\=

Blake: =/\= Okay. Be good. =/\=

Sullivan: =/\= You too. =/\=

Tbc . . . .

Ensign Renae Sullivan


USS Drake


Lieutenant Skyleena Blake

Chief of Security

USS Mercury


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