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Round 1 (Round 1) Malcolm & Eerie: Personal questions

Alexander Matthews

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::Eerie entered the sickbay and the door snapped shut, he looked around, there were a few crewmembers there, the Dr. Malcolm was not there, but Eerie had been requested to come down there for a follow up on the almost drowning, he looked around and decided to stand by the bulkhead::

oO I will try to get out of here a soon as possible Oo

::Eerie stood by the wall, watching the medical staff go about their work, sickbay was something that Eerie avoided as much as possible, but orders were orders, not that he had anything against the medical staff, however Brikar would only normally go to doctors during life or death situations::

::Though it was hard to miss the Brikar officer, Jen had done just that. She was several feet past him when she halted and turned around::

Malcolm: Eerie. I’m sorry. Believe it or not, I didn’t see you there. Something wrong?

Eerie: No, Doctor, you requested I come down for a check up at some point.

Malcolm: ::pinching the bridge of her nose:: Oh, yes...I did ask you to come for a follow-up. ::She smiled and was too embarrassed to admit she’d totally forgotten about it:: Thank you for coming.

::The Doctor motioned for the Brikar to come over to biobed two, he walked with purpose, hoping to get this over as soon as possible.::

Eerie : Yes, Doctor ::Approaching the BioBed::

Malcolm: Been feeling ok?

Eeire : Fine, Doctor, no problems.

Malcolm: I remember we had some trouble with your body temperature...::she pulled up his medical file and reviewed the notes she’d made from the incident. She’d put a flag on it for a follow up-due to the unorthodox method she and Barnes had used to raise Eerie’s temperature, namely firing phasers at him::

Malcolm: No lingering pains or stiffness? Anything like that?

Eerie : I did the hand to hand combat training with Lt. Matthews, everything was fine.

::The biobed agreed with him. He was in perfect health::

Eerie :: Changing the topic away from him:: I hope things are fine with the Captain and Davies:

Malcolm: They both are recovering. Nice of you to ask.

oO(Eerie) Perhaps this would be an good time to ask her, she did save you lifeOo

Eerie : Doctor, could I ask you something in private? ::Eerie’s voice was a bit lower::

Malcolm: ::she nodded:: Of course. Let’s go in my office.

((Chief Medical Officer’s office))

::Jen took a set behind her desk and gestured to the other chair::

Malcolm : Have a seat.

Eerie: I prefer to stand doctor, this will only take a few minutes ::there was a slight change in his voice, but it was still correct and formal::

oO(Eerie) Come on Eerie, ask herOo


Eerie : I was wondering about personal relationships with a Bolian female.

::A surprised smile broke across Jen’s face but she was quick to swallow it down. Not exactly what she’d been expecting to hear::

Malcolm: What was it you were wondering about?

Eerie: Well, doctor, it would be inter-species relationships, and is there anything that well,..... I needed be be concerned with medically, for either of us?

oO(Eerie) Restating that won’t probably get you an answer, rockheadOo

Malcolm: Well, you wouldn’t want to get a blood transfusion from a Bolian, but I’m guessing that’s not what you’re asking me about. ::She allowed herself to smile this time. She couldn’t help but feel she was about to give a talk on the birds and the bees.::

Eerie: Doctor, I well, I know how to do it, …...

::Jen smiled up in sympathy at the Brikar::

Malcolm: Are you worried about being intimate?

Eerie : Well, I …...we haven’t yetttt...doctor:: stuttering, just a little, he stood straight up as if at attention:

::She stood up and rounded her desk. She felt much too small while seated and looking up at the large officer. She sat atop the desk and propped her feet on the chair Eerie would’ve been occupying had he chosen to sit::

Malcolm: The only thing that might be problematic is Bolian saliva is rather acidic and can be irritating to other species. Being Brikar, you might not have that problem. Your skin is pretty tough.

Eerie: I am willing to risk it doctor.

Malcolm: Well, think of the fun you can have finding out. ::She gave him a wide smile::

Eerie: Doctor, I was wondering if it would be possible, I mean it is possible, cross species breeding is normally not permitted, but ….....

::Jen listened as he spoke, but her mind couldn’t help but wander to the Bolian she was guessing that he referred to. She figured it had to be Peiy, but she wasn’t going to embarrass him by asking::

Eerie : I am something of an outcast, normally we breed in species, but since I have no family name I am not beholden to that stipulation, Doctor.

::Jen took a deep breath, giving herself an extra few seconds to think about her answer. Her mind was busy going over the logistics of a Bolian and Brikar conceiving and a baby::

Malcolm: That’s a rather tough one, Eerie. To be honest, I’m not sure I have an accurate answer for you. ::She wrapped her arms around her knees and linked her fingers together:: You’ve got two of the more highly incompatible species - for breeding, as-it-were. Bolian blood is one of the least compatible with other humanoid species and Brikar physiology might make carrying a baby full-term difficult. It would take oodles of medications to pull it off and that’s not saying it would be successful.

::Eerie paused for a minute, looked away and back at the doctor::

Eerie : I do not ask this lightly doctor, I just wanted to know, I am pr..prepared to ...I mean, I am a warrior, but I would accept responsibilities of course. ::There was a tad of nervousness in his formal tone::

Malcolm: Responsibilities?

Eerie : No one is going to get hurt, I mean doctor :: Eerie thought of the instructional videos in school::

::Jen flexed her fingers and tapped them against her knees::

Malcolm: Not to be nosy Eerie, but how long have you been in this relationship? Is this something the two of you have discussed?

Eerie: It has not been formally talked about, but we are progressing in the relationship, and I would like to, and I get the feeling that she would, but I of course, will not force anything doctor, I am a gentleman. ::Eerie tried to maintain a straight face and almost succeeded ::

::At that moment, Jen thought she had gotten ahead of herself with all of the baby-talk.::

Malcolm: Here’s my suggestion, Eerie. Just take things slow, and make sure you two take time to communicate with each other. That’s going to absolutely important. ::She smiled:: Moments like that...intimate moments...are not the time to be shy.

:: Eerie pondered the comments for a minute,::

oOGood advice, good to get someone else’s thoughts on relationships, makes good senseOo

Eerie : Thank you Doctor, and I appreciate your comments, and the person is Ensign Peiy, and it is now public knowledge.

Malcolm: I thought it might be her. You picked a nice girl, Eerie.

Eerie: Thank you doctor, I think so my self , I am quite fonddd... of her .

Malcolm: And she picked a nice guy. I’m glad you came to me with your questions. Please feel free to come back with any others.

::Eerie nodded and left the office, leaving quickly,, but he walked with a bit of a lightened step even for the 600 pound Brikarn officer ::


Lt. Jen Malcolm


USS Avandar


Lt. Eerie

Tactical Officer

USS Avandar

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