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Star Trek: Online

Maz Rodan

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I haven't played in months, to the point that I can't remember my own handle, but if I get back into it I'll definitely join in on the fleet.

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we can put together a fleet in the game... I know this is possible who is the highest ranked now... cause I just had to start fresh with all new characters I am bottom level ?

is anyone here around an admiral level? It is going to take forever for me to get that far...

again my ship is the Piqui @podlex my character is piquis @ podlex

lets rock.. the sto. ;)

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Ya I just started a new character too (the one listed above) he's still at level 11, lt. cmdr. but levelling up in sto doesn't take all that long so we should be there in no time.

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I am going to attempt to sto=mail everyone here listed... Attempt that is the key word here.

me I am level four or six but moving up fast, it is fun but It is so repetitive that button pushing ... and that I have done this alll before like a year ago before the password changes.

I guess I can list here then copy paste into the mail..@sto..




and me.,,this the ship addy.,



is the character addy I don't know right now what one they use... we will see..

I would like to see some action photos from the game I guess post them here as well or either on a new thread..thanks in advance.. :)

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as you see I am at level six right now... spent the greater portion of the morning playing

as for mail i need to be level 7 to send mail hence the mad rush to play to get to that level... wink.png

You know how to do screen shots right press print screen then in a paint program paste the print screen from the clipboard.. the print screen key is next to F12 function button.

i just got a better bridge I will post soon..

Edited by Piqui
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i made level eight I think today just jumping up two levels, I would like to get that fleet going so we can take on starbase 24 scenario combat.. :)


Here, this bridge is not the new bridge yet i think i am still at level six below i am at level 8...


I still am reading and doing the sims here which does not always happen when I have the computer going that handles the STO environment plays. The forum at STO seems way to complex to handle in one to three sittings so I will piecemeal the forum as best I can after I have simmed here ...

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Ah star base 24. i've started giving other players a 10 ship headstart as my escort keeps doing silly damage using Dual beam banks and heavy cannons + phaser turrets laugh.png

Fastest way to make EC is buying the 1K dilithium particles from the Dilithium store.. I sell mine @ 120K EC a pop.

Edited by LtJG Richards
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Sadly, the monies are a bit of an issue for some of us :P

Anyhoo, in the spirit of having a character for the fleet, here's the details :) It's a new one (LC11 atm) that's fleetless and ready to join up.


I also have a KDF one, but don't tend to use it much and will have to look up the details for that one.

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here we go!! I have made level 9 as I was afk over the last weekend plus some...

this image is of the level nine in the making...


is it ok to post these images from the game? or should I stop.???

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Richards, what's this about a fleet ready to go? Is it a fleet that already exists, because I think it would be infinitely better if our fleet is called SB-118 or some derivation thereof.

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ok :) i just made Lt Commander I seem to get offered to join these fleets all the time is this fleet listed in the list of fleets?

oh and a screen shot i used the planet from for the sim mission wiki...

anyone going to do the screen shot thing? I think i saw you on line Alex Richards but i was not sure now I am sure that was you :)


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cool image what exactly is that kind of beast Alex?

oh and here is some battle field eye candy.. I did skill up right in the middle of the battle just to beat the harder of the Klingons :)


starbase..24 attacking... we should scheduled a fleet action since we have a starbase 118@STO maybe a crystalline entity group effort if we can do that we used to do those entity efforts back a year or two ago.

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that is right Morn From DS9 at quarks yes I remember now.. :)

we could do a simple starbase 24 thing maybe the long version with both parts,, the space then on the station.?

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