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"Arrival at StarBase 118" (Introduce your character here!)

FltAdml. Wolf

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Guest Feliz Mendez

"Computer, damage report?" I barked as I massaged my forehead which was throbbing. Something had struck me amid the chaos aboard the shuttlecraft.

"Impulse engines are offline, warp engines are offline, weapons and tactical systems are offline, main power is unavailable, hull breach in aft section, emergency force fields are off-"

"I think I get the picture computer!" The important thing was that I had arrived at Starbase 118 and landed the shuttle, despite the eventful journey. Shortly after departing earth there was a surge in the ships power grid which caused damage to nearly every primary system. As I approached starbase 118 the inertial dampers lost power and several objects including myself were launched around the interior of the shuttle.

I opened the shuttle door and stepped out onto the starbase. The bright lights pierced my eyes sharply and I looked down, as I did I noticed my uniform was somewhat of a mess. I had a cut on my left arm and I could feel the bump on my forehead swelling. It is fortunate that I do not need to report for duty until 1300 hours. I ran my hands through my dark hair and took some deep breaths. The clean and almost clinical smell of the starbase shuttle bay settled my nerves as I began walking along the massive concourse into the commercial sector of the base. This starbase was massive, I was completely dwarfed by the huge structures and long passageways. The main commercial concourse was a hive of activity with people bustling around going from place to place. I gazed around in awe of the sheer scale of the construct that I was in. Just as I was doing so the familiar noise of the communication system echoed along the busy concourse.

"Attention please, Cadet Mendez, please report to the medical bay immediately."

My heart sank and I lowered my head. This must have been something to do with the partially damaged shuttle that I had just left abandoned in the shuttlebay or perhaps it was my refusal to comply with the operations officer when I was landing the shuttle. He had wanted me to circle around and land on the other side of the base, I tried to explain my condition but he wouldn't listen. Regardless, it sounded like I was in trouble and I hadn't even reported for duty yet. I began making my way towards the medical bay with a feeling of trepidation hanging over me....

Cadet Felix Mendez

Status: In-Training

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Guest Lucian Mara

Having just stepped off the transport from the Academy Lucian Mara stands before the message board which is advertising the Commercial Decks many establishments. Looking at the reflection in the board he sees himself, short cut black hair, medium complexion, thin face, square cut chin, the small spots that run down each side of his face denoting his race.

"Wow, how I've changed since leaving home. " he thinks to himself

Refocusing his gaze on the board, "Come on over to Granny's" it displays, and Lucian sees one of the dishes that reminds him of home and heads over to the place. Standing in the doorway he sees tables of families, friends chatting and eating and finds a table for two off to the side and sits.

Picks up the menu already at the table "Hi there Sweet heart what can we get you?" a warm voice greets.

Looking up Lucian sees an elderly woman smiling back at him.

"Now there's a familiar face, whats your name love?" she asks. Its at that point Lucian realizes she is Trillian as well.

"My names Lucian Ma'am." he replies.

"Please call me Granny, everyone does. What brings you here?" she warmly asks.

"Well I have just completed the Academy and am waiting for my transport to my first posting as a cadet." Lucian proudly states.

"Oh.... I see, well wait right here sweety and I'll fix you up something from the homeland." she says and pats me on top of the head and walks away.

Some of the people sitting nearby upon hearing the conversation give words of congratulations and well being which puts a smile on young Lucian's face.

A sense of pride fills his soul and its then he realizes that he has become part of something important and larger than himself.

Granny returns and places the food down with a smile and heads off to attend to her other customers.

Finishing the meal Lucian pays for the fare and heads towards the door. Granny comes to him as he is exiting "Lucian, good luck on you, and be safe." she wishes as she hugs him.

"Thank you." Lucian replies shyly and heads to the cadet transport area.

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"Kala. Please have a seat. Your mother and I want to speak with you. You have grown into a fine young woman that brings much honor to our family. You are accomplished in your studies. You are disciplined in your athletics. You are kind and generous to your classmates. Your future has much potential. Yet, it is your future that is the genesis of this conversation today. As fine of a young woman as you are, now comes a decision that only you can make. My daughter, you are neither human,nor are you Vulcan. You are both. Inside of you races the heart of two peoples. You have already felt the call of your first pon farr and more than once have we had to discipline you for outbursts of anger. But the time has come to choose. You are graduating soon and you can either go to Starfleet or the Vulcan Science Academy as both have accepted you. There has been a Maddox in Starfleet for 5 generations. It would be a fine choice. Your ancestors have also studied at the Vulcan Science Academy for over four hundred years with one who made it to the High Counsel. You are Kala Renee Maddox. You are also Skarp G'rau T'pala. We cannot make the choice for you. You must decide."

"..and honey please know that whatever you decide will be fine with your father and me. We love you so much and we know it's been hard but you have overcome so much. I know that you may be tempted to think that you will disappoint one of us by choosing one thing or another but truly truly know that we love you and will support whatever you decide. Sweetie....as your father said you are human, you've got your grandmother's eyes, my nose and your granddaddy's smile but you've also got your father's ear's and your father's father's eyebrows and your father's mother's hands. You are a beautiful, strong, intelligent, gifted, generous, kind young woman. You have worked hard so don't worry about trying to please us and guess which way you should go...your heart already knows and if you follow it...we will be pleased won't we father?"

"I do not desire for you to follow your heart but for you to follow your first best destiny."


"I cannot wait to visit the Hong Kong sector. I hear they have the best noodles this side of the galaxy!"

"I'm going after some ummm...less than legal...souvenirs I hear they have in the Dungeon.I'm especially looking for a...."

"I think this turbolift is taking us to the main courtyard North of the arts district so we'll need to exit and turn .."

"Grady stay with me and don't get lost and don't stare at the aliens and don't........ "

"There are talks of border skirmishes between Xalal Prime and Xalal 2 and I don't think either side knows why they're fighting. If you ask me..."

Kala pressed against the back of the turbolift. Memories of family, the weight of the future, and excitement for opportunities weighted her eyes closed. She floated in the river of possibility and the diversity she found in the turbolift. There had always been diversity at the Academy but it was corraled by duty, academic focus, sameness of uniform but here on Starbase 118 the infinite splendor of the galaxy stood in a very small part on this turbolift in all of it's unbounded glory. The conversations (about something other than finals), the sights of native dress (other than Starfleet uniforms) and the .....smell, oh yes the smell of cultures living their daily lives were all signs that Kala had arrived.

Despite the fact that she wore Starfleet utility fatigues, her dark hair was pulled back in a neat ponytail, and her posture was Vulcan straight, she felt free inside.

oO It's only logical. I just took my first unescorted trip across space. I'm experiencing a rite of passage into maturity. I should feel exhilerated. And besides I can get some chocolate Oo

Kala smirked at her own internal dialogue.

The turbolift arrived at the destination and the shooshing doors magnified Kala's excitement Kala ventured to open her eyes as if they were the curtains to the beginning of a grand opera. The orchestra was not filled with strings and woodwinds and percussion but the lush deep and incoherent sounds of the grand Starbase 118. Kala nodded to her fellow actors as they exited the "wings" of the turbolift and out onto the "stage" and she allowed herself the small indulgence of being the starring ingenue. She grasped her duffelbag tightly and confidently. This was it, she was about to take her first steps into a larger world, she was about to grasp the destiny her parents spoke of she was here to take charge and....

Kala's indulgent thoughts were rudely and quite painfully interrupted when she tripped over the threshhold of the turbolift. All 5'5 inches sprawled unceremoniously onto the deck sending her duffel a good five meters into the "orchestra pit." At least twenty people stopped and looked at her, blinking (at least those with eyelids), at the sight.

oO Nice. Oo

Kala flushed a light green as she stood quickly and collected her things. She was grateful that the activity surrounding her quickly rejoined it's previous fervor and no one seemed to care. She brushed herself off and looked about to orient herself. It was then she grinned at herself.

"Welcome to Starbase 118 Kala."
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It was midnight when the shuttle touched down and Arias woke with a start. He groaned as life came back to his limbs and a multitude of cramps popped up as the blood rushed back to his legs. It had been a very long journey. Once he was finished massaging the solid muscles within his thighs he picked up his duffel bag and stepped off the transport. A cool night breeze rustled his dark hair and his green skin glowed in the synthetic lights of the docking area. With the exception of the crewman bustling around it was mostly deserted at this time of night. He took a moment to stare around at the clinical beauty of the Star Base. He definitely like the Feng-Shui of the place yet... he couldn't decide if he was excited or not. All he felt was the apathy that was like a second nature to him. His companions on the shuttle flowed around him with a purposeful quality but Arias simply wandered forward gazing about at his surroundings. It wasn't as if the Academy had been challenging. He was intelligent with a talent for violence and tactics, that was all really. He'd done well in his chosen areas and graduated with a minimum of fuss and pomp, admittedly it had been far more interesting than his home colony but still lacked the action he craved. Turning his attention to the other graduates he continued listlessly. He'd never really made friends. The extent of his social activities had been the opponents he'd sparred with and his coach yelling in his ears. Some people called it dancing... Arias didn't really call it anything he just enjoyed it. It's surprising how much you can think when your constantly dodging, blocking, attacking, moving- all while trying to hit them more than they hit you. Regardless in time as his skill and strength increased and his losses turned into wins the only opponents he'd faced were leather bags. "Ah well" he thought, "Plenty more people to hit- or meet even..."

In time Arias found his lodgings. He was staying in the temporary accommodation until he was assigned to a ship and they could only be described as spartan. He dumped at the foot of his bed and sprawled out across it. He was to briefed in the morning so for now a little shut eye wouldn't be missed. As he slowly slipped into sleep his thoughts turned to the future. He'd passed the Academy. Okay. Tick that off the bucket list but now what... He opened his eyes for a moment confusion creeping across his face. What now? For the first time in his life, so far, he didn't know what his future held. Anything could happen, he could visit countless worlds, meet multitudes of races, be thrown into life or death situations or be relied upon for diplomacy to go smoothly, possibly even saving or destroying races. He smiled at the thought of the random and endless possibilities his future held. He thought about his earlier statement and changed his mind. He was in fact, excited after all.

Cadet Arias Cavvar

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(( Starbase 118, Promenade ))

:: She couldn't help but chew at her bottom lip, a nervous tick she had been unable to shake since childhood. It absolutely wrecked havoc on her

skin, but for some reason she found it comforting - and if there was ever a time to comfort herself, this seemed to be it. Lyanna Avery finally

released the grip on her fleshy lip and rose from the bench she had been resting on, twisting at the waist as she attempted to stretch her long

spine. ::

oO Oh, god ... three hours in a runabout and one more sitting on this rock-hard bench. Here I thought the Cadet Cruise was going to be the worst

part of this. Oo

:: Lyanna smirked at her own thoughts, gave one more stretch, and lifted her heavy duffel up to her shoulder. She took a look around at the

crowds slowly moving about the Promenade - an even mix of uniformed personnel killing off time and civilians going about their everyday lives.

The only thing she didn't see was anyone who looked as nervous as she felt. Actually, truth be told, Lyanna had no idea how she looked ... she

hadn't seen a mirror in at least five hours, and she hadn't slept in more than eight. A few more quick glances and her soft green eyes found a

mirrored plaque hanging outside a small cafe and restaurant only a few meters away. ::

oO Time to see what we're dealing with ... I hope the mirror doesn't crack when I look in it. Oo

:: Another smirk crossed her pale pink lips while she coaxed the effort from her tired legs and finally made her way to the mirror. The face

that looked back at her was actually far less tired and unkempt than it should have been ... a small victory, but a victory nontheless. Long

blonde hair fell in unruly tangles down past her shoulders, a few random strands falling in front of seafoam green eyes and nearly making their

way to a nose that she always thought was just a bit too large. Her lips were a pale pink, though the bottom one was redder and flush from its

earlier interaction with her teeth. The last thing to catch her eye was the Cadet First Class pips on the collar of her uniform. She had grown

used to them, but knew that soon - if all went well - they would be replaced by an Officer's rank insignia. Suddenly a growling, gurgling sound

snapped her focus. It was her stomach. ::

oO Food ... that's probably a fair request. Okay, let's see what we can find ... Oo

:: Lyanna always had sharp eyes when she was looking into a miscroscope or taking apart an anti-matter injector, but she knew they were equally

well trained when food was at stake. Of course, she was standing outside of a restaurant and cafe, staring into their plaque ... so it didn't

take much effort to find a bite to eat in this case. She walked quickly to a high-top table and dropped her oversize duffel. She picked up the

menu, but didn't have any time to review it before a friendly voice spoke up. ::

Waitress: Hey there! What can I get ya?!

oO It isn't even noon, how does she have so much energy? Oo

:: Lyanna looked up at the waitress and noticed she appeared to be outwardly Terran, with a bright smile and sparkling blue eyes. Lyanna was

jealous, though not of the woman's appearance - she was more confident than that - she jealous of the energy. ::

Avery: Anything I can order to make me as perky as you?

Waitress: :: grinning :: Well, some Raktajino would be a good start.

Avery: Klingon coffee? Yeah, sure, why not.

Waitress: But, um ... well it's a killer on an empty stomach ...

Avery: Wow, is it growling that loud?

Waitress: No, no ... it's just ... well I've seen more than a few Cadets come through for the cruise. They usually don't make food a priority.

Avery: Fair enough. :: she offered a soft smile :: Ok, Terran fettuccine?

Waitress: Coming right up.

:: Avery watched the waitress walked away and found herself wondering if ordering heavy cream sauce and incredibly dark coffee at 1030 hours was

really a great decision. She decided it was fine, especially since she would likely be very active during the cruise. As much as she was

growing to enjoy her feminine figure as she tried to wade into the romantic world, Lyanna knew that a Starfleet Officer needed to be relatively

fit ... and Terran fettuccine was not exactly the ideal fitness meal. Still, there was always time for exercise later ... she needed the fuel

now. Then, as so often happened, a voice broke her train of thought. ::

Waitress: Alright, here ya go! Enjoy.

oO Impossibly fast ... but it sure doesn't smell replicated either. Only one way to find out. Oo

:: A good twenty minutes had passed since Lyanna Avery had savagely devoured her first meal in hours, and she finally felt like she was able to

move again. She took a sip of the Raktajino, savoring the powerful flavor, and waved down the waitress. ::

Avery: That was delicious, thank you so much!

Waitress: No problem, glad you enjoyed it. Future officers should be well-fed.

Avery: Ugh, don't jinx me :: she offered a half smile. :: Do you have the time, by any chance?

Waitress: Just a little past noon. Let me guess, time to head toward the administrative level?

Avery: Yep, you called it. :: she could feel her heart speeding up, the thumping heavy in her ears. :: I guess it's time ...

Waitress: Relax, you'll do fine.

Avery: Thanks. Well, if the starbase goes up in flames you'll know I made a few mistakes.

:: With the brightest smile she had managed in days and playful wink Lyanna Avery stood and made her way out of the restaurant and toward her

future. ::


Cadet First Class Lyanna Avery

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“Arrival at Starbase 118”

((Starbase 118 Hanger))

:: Gwen smiled as she wandered out to the massive starbase. Gwen had never seen one before but she had stared up at the starry night sky from Hong-Kong hoping to one day leave Terra and her parents’ deaths behind her. Gwen checked the time and noted that she was way too early, she was certain she would have time to take a quick look around the base before heading to the holodeck. With that, she adjusted the bag on her shoulder and walked around for a bit. ::

:: Gwen wasn’t interested in the people so much as the pieces of architecture and machines and wondering how she could take them all apart and put them back together better than new. People were never Gwen’s strong suit but she knew that would have to change if she ever wanted to make it to Captain. With stars in her eyes and hope in her heart, she checked the time one last time as she made her way to holodeck three for her training session and she still made it there moments before the others. ::

Current signature: Cadet Guinevere “Gwen” Gardener

USS Centris-A

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R'raika Voss considered her pack carefully, making sure the lyre was safe, the bat'leth was secure but accessible, all things were as they should be. When she was finally satisfisfied she departed the shuttle, offering the pilot a friendly smile, one the pilot returned with a slighltly confused expression.

R'raika took a long moment upon exiting the shuttle to stretch and breathe deep, “Canned air...” she mutters to herself, seeming happy with the notion. A short walk finds her in a turbo lift, and after exiting and a short walk the Klingon neighborhood of Kronos. Stomach growling she walks past a few of the stores and stands until she finds a greasy spoon of a stall- “Raktajho, hot. Torgud gagh. Broiled Krada Leg. Zilm'Kach.” her voice is authorative, the thick accent of the First City thick on her tongue, a smooth velvet. The Klingon cook tending the stall looks at her, and as he prepares her order replies, “You speak the tongue well for a Vulcan.”, his voice is rough gravel, coarse but his face shows a jovial nature. His eyes stay on the young Vulcan even as he prepares the food for her. White hair kept in a messy pixie cut, bangs tinted red at the tips- not quite six feet in height- a slender body that holds itself in a fighters stance. “So do you.” in Klingon she says as she takes her order and moves to a bench near the stall.

The cook watches her for a moment, “You have the First City about you.” R'raika looks up as she sucks the gagh between her lips holding them in her mouth a moment before swallowing. “Truth.” she says taking a sip of the raktajho afterwards.

The cook, a stubornly social and curious man pries again, “Might I, with boldness, ask why so?”

R'raika takes in another mouthfull of gagh before she answers, “My family stayed in the First City.”, another quick pull of the Raktajho before tearing off a chunk of meat from the Krada leg. “You're a good cook and your gagh are lively.”

The cook bows his head, “Many thanks, most Vulcan's don't have the stomach for my fare.”

R'raika laughs, her mouth full of krada meat, “More for me then.” The cook laughs with her and goes back to work, a line starting to form as the early morning crow prepares for work.

Stomach full, R'raika offers the cook a friendly smile as she heads off to her appointment with Star Fleet.

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The shuttle came to a complete stop, and so did Cadet Azmith Christopher Dyros' heart. The sheer anxiety of this moment was entirely overwhelming, and was getting the better of him. Cadet Dyros messed with his brown hair and long slender uniform to attempt to ease his mind. The other Cadets began to unbuckle their belts and leave the ship all chatting to their new found friends and potential co-workers, but Cadet Dyros sat still, to locked into his own mind to realize what was going on around him.

Throughout the last four years of his training Dyros studied rigorously, all to prepare himself for this moment, and his Cadet Cruise was the only obsticle left in his path. The speaker inside of the passengers bay sizzled with a light static ring, "All Cadets please exit the vehicle immediately."

The message was obviously directed to Dyros, who was the only soul left inside of the shuttle. Slowly, and deliberately so, the Cadet peeled himself out of his restraints and seat, beginning to shuffle towards the exit hatch, satchel slung across his body, with each ping from his steps clanging louder and louder in his skull.

The sea of voices and steps inside of the shuttle bay was all but drowned out by the clang of the Cadets shoes against the tempered metal floor and the concussive drum which had replaced his subtle heartbeat.

"Hello there!" A voice rang out.

The Cadet remained unresponsive, stuck in his own world, continuing his unstoppable lurch forward.

"Sir. Are you alright?" The voice was the only sound discernible over the clang and beat. Dyros slipped farther into what was turning into a coma like state, the anxiety had now developed into a whole new monster. The voice was a beacon in the It was a woman's voice. It was a soft voice. It was nice. It was.

The figure stepped in front of Cadet Dyros and caused him to reel backwards, almost falling over.

Dyros began to sputter, "Wha- who- why are yo- did you just-?!" The sudden shock of being violently ripped from his trance was evident in his speech.

"Were you ignoring me?" Asked the woman. She was tall and slender, with fair skin, very similar to that of the Cadet. However unlike the Cadet she was a Trill. Her voice was the sternest a soft spoken individual could possibly be. Carrying little in volume but a vast amount of intensity.

"Even more relevant, why are you acting so strange?" She added.

Dyros had just noticed that he had been staring at the Trill woman for a few moments now, her jet black hair shinning in the lights across the top of the bay, her fair skin appearing without blemish besides the characteristic black spots which only accented her features... Her physique which reminded him of...

Dyros caught himself drifting again and not a moment to soon either, "I'm sorry mam! I didn't mean to act so strange. This whole ordeal is just... A lot if pressure."

The Trill woman shifted her weight to her back leg and let out a small chuckle. "You just survived four years of the academy. Trust me, the cadet cruise is never as bad as the final exams."

Dyros didn't respond. He didn't have anything to say. The exit finals were tremendously difficult for the Cadet and his classmates, so the comparison did nothing but bring up the memories of all week studying and testing with one week breaks in between for two long months.

"My name is Alara, and normally it's my job to take you to the holodeck for your cruise. But being that your group is about two hours early, we've got some free time, so i'll make a deal with you." She swept her long hair to the side, "Promise to relax and not stress out over your cruise for the next two hours, and i'll show you around StarBase 118."

Alara stretched out her hand, "Deal?"

Dyros pondered on the notion for what seemed like forever, and thought back to his schooling. He thought about his friends, and teachers, but above the rest his Vulcan astrophysics professor, Dr. Sternel, and his guidance. Whenever students would query him on the difficultly of his exams he would always reply, "Fear not, for if you as an individual conduct your studies, there is no more you can do to prevent failing." And his words hold true even now.

He had fought and climbed his way through the academy, and now was presented with the challenge those years had prepared him for.

He grasped Alara's hand and shook it firmly, replying with a sing confident word. "Deal."

It was at this StarBase that Cadet Azmith Christopher Dyros' mettle was tested. And he took the challenge head on.

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When the shuttle was approaching the station I coudn't peel my eyes from the window. I have never seen a station of this size and it scared me. It was ominous but beautiful. So many ships were moving around it, some going in some just orbited. 'Is one of this going to be my first ship?'

Everyone wanted to serve on the big and powerful battleships, but some of us cadets will surely end on one of the transport ships. I listened them talking about the plans and wishes. I was more concerned with my own performance, in this final days of Academy and tests we have to pass than where I will end up.

When ship docked we received our orders and I went to my quarters to prepare for the days to come.

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::The hatch on the back of the shuttle drops down and cadets up from the Academy begin to file out. Some begin to clump together in groups chatting excitedly while others split off from the mass and make their way deeper into the station. Kazik is one of the last to exit the craft a stupid grin on his face. As he looks around him he reaches up and scratches his head ruffling his short brown hair before sliding his hand down and rubbing the shadow of stubble on his chin that always appears by this point in the day. From near the front of the group he hears someone begin speaking loudly.::

OFFICER: Some of you will be starting your Cadet Cruise shortly, while others will have some free time. I suggest heading over to the Commercial district if you happen to be one of those who have some time to kill. ::With a sigh:: And don’t get into any trouble.

::Walking down the corridor trying to find his way to the Commercial District, Kazik soon found himself lost. While he could have just asked the computer for directions, he decided to continue searching for it on his own. The corridors seemed to go on and on forever. Finally, Kazik reached what appeared to be a turbolift that would take him to the district. Stepping into the turbolift, Kazik addressed the computer.

KAZIK: Commercial District.

::The turb1olift hummed to life as it moved through the structure towards his destination. The turbolift stopped and Kazik stepped off into a dimly lit corridor. A large man whose face looked like it had been through at meat processing plant stood to the side of the turbolift.::

MAN: Welcome to the dungeon Starfleet. You best watch your step.

KAZIK: Okay, I’m looking for the Commercial District. Is this not it.

MAN: Oh, you’ve found “a” Commercial District. Maybe it would be best you step back on that lift and leave.

::Kazik nodded, but instead of leaving, he walked further into the area known as The Dungeon.

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((Starfleet Academy, San-Francisco))

::Stepping off the shuttle, and seeing the beautiful San-Francisco waters beyond the bustling academy campus, was enough to bring a tear to his eye. Tyler had worked very hard the past five years preparing for his acceptance into Starfleet. But he know that more work lie ahead before he became an officer::

Dyros: Hey don't let it get to you too much we need to get to our dorms before it gets too crazy around here.

Grommesh: Alright lets go.

::The two had met on the shuttle, and they did not know much about each other, except that they would be training together. They parted and went to their separate rooms::

oO Now to find some help Oo

::He looked around to find the Steward.

Reinard: You like you need help.

::He looked at the man::

Grommesh: Captain

::He saluted and waited for a salute back before he dropped his own::

Reinard: I am Captain Greir Reinard, the cadet Steward.

Grommesh: Yes sir, uh... I was just looking for my room.

Reinard: What's your name cadet?

Grommesh: Tyler James Grommesh, sir

Reinard: Grommesh... G... Uh, that's gonna be...

::Reinard looked at his data pad and looked down a hallway::

Reinard: Down that way you should be in dorm 2H just up the stairs at the end of this hall

Grommesh: Oh, thank you, sir.

::He began walking in the direction given to him. He followed the crowd of cadets up the stairs and found dorm 2H::

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Guest Spencer Martinez

Cdt Martinez nods, smiling slightly he looks around Star Base 118 walking to the commander in charge office he waits in line with several other new Cdts on Star Base 118. Walking into the office he salutes to the commander, "Cdt Spencer Martinez. New arrival to Star Base 118. Tactical"

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((Cadet Shuttle))

“Stay out of trouble Ethan, the Cadet Cruise is quite possibly the most important part of the Academy.”

“I’ll try, but trouble may just find me.” Ethan smiled, imagining Emma’s face cloud with worry and disapproval as he examined StarBase 118 from the window of his shuttle. Before Emma could start on her usual sisterly tirade, Ethan spoke again. “Don’t worry Emma, I’m not leaving this StarBase until I graduate.” His voice was filled with calm determination, and that seemed to reassure his sister, who grunted her approbation and wished him well before ending the call on some basis that escaped Ethan’s attention. Something about pus and blood, which he would ordinarily ask for more gruesome detail if not for the spectacle that unfolded before his eyes.

His eyes glistened as he admired the sheer size of the StarBase, a gigantic entity that seemed to glide serenely in space. Except, it was the shuttle that was maneuvering into the drydock, and it wasn’t long before the shuttle was swallowed by the StarBase and laid to rest safely on firm ground.

((StarBase 118))

As he unbuckled himself from his seat, he gave himself a moment to gather himself and his belongings whilst the rest of the Marine cadets hurried out of the shuttle. oO What is the rush? Oo He thought to himself, until the thought of his first day at the Academy quickened his heart, and his footsteps. Then, he had been as cavalier about assembling, and he was made to pay the price – an exercise session that he has yet to succeed in pushing out of his memory. oO Surely they aren’t going to treat Fifth Year cadets on their cadet cruise like they treat First Year cadets? Oo

He heaved a sigh of relief when they were received by a Marine Gunnery Sergeant who simply handed out quarters assignments and briefed them on the layout of the StarBase.

GUNNERY SERGEANT (NPC): Roll call is at 0900 hours tomorrow morning. Till then you are free to orientate yourselves on the StarBase.

oO Sweet. Oo Ethan knew just where he was going to begin his orientation.

ETHAN: Thank you Sergeant.

He flashed the Gunnery Sergeant a smile as he headed for the Commercial Sector.

Edited by Ethan Parker
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Guest Cadet Buck Murray

:: Cadet Buck Murray steps out of the doorway and onto the Promenade. He looks left, right, up and down noticing all of the people wandering around. Buck sees a large café on the corner and heads toward it, hoping to meet a friendly ear and hopefully get some information about his new home ::

Cadet Murray: "Hello there barkeep, how goes it today?" :: Murray extends his hand and shakes the barkeeper's hand::

Barkeeper: "It goes well, you look like you are new here, have a seat and lets chat a bit!"

:: Murray sits at the counter and smiles::

Barkeeper: "So tell me about yourself, sir"

Cadet Murray: "Well, my name is Buck Murray and I am fresh out of the Academy. I graduated with a few guys that I am supposed to be meeting around here somewhere, we will be starting our training soon. To go back pretty early, I was born and raised in Oregon, on Earth. There I spent a lo of my days outdoors wandering the wild lands looking through the trees and up at the stars. I earned my Masters degree in Natural Resources and a Bachelors degree in Mammal Biology."

Barkeeper: "Sounds interesting so far, what brings you to Starfleet?"

Cadet Murray: "I used my degrees to work at a local zoo, it was fun, but it had limited growth. When I look up into the cosmos there is endless growth, this is where I belong. ::Buck looks at a picture of a starship on the wall ::, I know I am made to command a starship... If I need to start off in Security or Tactical, that is where I will start."

Barkeeper: "Well sir, it is a pleasure to meet you, I hope you enjoy your time her. Come on by any time."

Cadet Murray: "I will! You have a wonderful night as well."

::Cadet Murray steps away from the counter an heads into the promenade to look for his Commanding Officer to report for duty::


Name: Buck Murray

Age: 25

Species: Human

Height: 6'1''

Weight: 188 lbs

From: Oregon, USA

Background: Natural Resources/Biology

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:: Just before stepping out of the shuttle that brought him to what he hopes will be his new home away from home, a young, wiry Betazoid in a ‘Starfleet Academy of Betazed’ polo and blazer pauses for a few seconds to think. He is about to set foot on the ground of Starbase 118, a new landmark in his journey towards full membership of Starfleet.

This is the kind of portentous moment that would require him to utter as good a line as he can muster. ‘One small step for a Betazoid’ ? ‘Once more unto the breach’ ? ‘I’m here to kick…’ No. Not that one.

Finally, he settles for a much less dignified and memorable cussword as his gear bag gets caught in the door. ::

oO Great. We’re off to a fantastic start… Oo

:: After regaining his composure, he drags the guilty piece of luggage behing him along the corridors, then stops in front of a station map to check his PADD and wristwatch. ::

oO Let’s see… taking into account the time I need to go to the holodeck, I still have two hours to kill. Let’s say one and a half, I’d better take a safety margin. I don’t want to let everyone down a fourth time by arriving late for my cadet cruse, do I ? And actually, let’s make it one, this way I’ll have time for some meditation and a psi-inhibitor shot before it all starts.

So, one hour. Not enough to go to my bunk. Best course should be to find a place to get my cadet blues on, then. Find a bar, grab a juice to drink, use the toilet. Sounds like a plan. And maybe somethink light and energetic to munch on, Deities know I may need it.

All right, course set. Cadet Lan Riel, engage ! Oo

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Cadet Gordon Möbius caught his reflection from a computer panel in the bulkhead as he stepped off the transport shuttle onto Starbase 118. Short cropped black hair, clear hazel eyes, strong jaw, wearing a crisp cadet’s uniform, a thick line of curving black spots running down either side of his face from hairline down his neck behind his jaw. Gordon stepped to the side and glanced confidently around as the other cadets filed off the shuttle, most looking nervous, awe-struck or somewhat sick as they arrived on the station for the first time.

Gordon was biologically slightly older than some of the fresh-faced cadets in his class, but as a joined Trill he had several lifetimes of experience within his mind. Gordon could remember what it felt like to be a Starfleet cadet about to embark on their Cadet Cruise the first time - though of course it was not /his/ memory. Genrae Möbius had been a decorated Starfleet officer aboard a science vessel several hosts and many decades ago, and had gone through all of this in her time. Not that her rank nor accomplishments had any bearing on his own career - in the eyes of Starfleet, at new Trill host represented a new career and a clean slate; he would start as a Cadet just like everyone else.

This was a dichotomy every joined Trill faced at one point or another: The drive to distinguish oneself as a new host yet acknowledge and incorporate the storied legacy of the Simbiont. The Simbionts are the Trill people’s most valuable resource - representing untold generations of life, skill and learning. Yet being a new part of the legacy was a bit like having a famous older sibling - a lot to live up to. The Möbius name carried weight and respect - deeds he now had memory of and was proud to stand behind - but were not really his, Gordon’s, accomplishments personally.

Trill culture encouraged (and in some cases required) a new host to strike out in a new direction, to offer the Simbiont new experiences and broaden its repertoire rather than stay too close to the familiar past.

Gordon did not intend to lean on Möbius’ past and tended to keep its history to himself unless asked, but it was nice to have the confidence of hindsight to approach things. He tapped the panel next to him bringing up the starbase layout and quickly familiarized himself with his surroundings. Turning back to the shuttle he moved to help the other exiting cadets, offering a bracing arm to some who were new to artificial gravity.

“Turbolifts to the commercial district are over that way” he motioned, adding “there are eating establishments up on the third level if you need a bite.”

He would head to his holodeck early, leaving some time to meditate and center himself before the Cruise was scheduled to begin. He noticed Cadet Gardener heading his way.

“Holodeck 3? I am headed that way as well.” He made a welcoming gesture and headed off with her.

Cadet Gordon Möbius

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Guest Christopher michael

Interior officer quarters

Dream sequence: Santucci awakens to find his wife on top of him attempting to wake him. As he opens his eyes, the last sight is a phaser rifle blast to his wife's head.

::alarm clock blares::

Santucci: (in a cold sweat) computer? Silence alarm.

Santucci arises from his bed and walks to the replicator...

Santucci: southern comfort and seven (pause) Belay that... Coffee strong.

Santucci grabs the coffee exits the quarters and heads for the holodeck.

At the holodeck door, he requests the following:

Santucci: computer? Run Santucci 1234 Beta Epsilon

The holodeck doors open and Santucci finds himself at moments before the horrible tragedy of his wife by the hands of a lone Breen soldier. Santucci sneaks into his quarters, following the Breen assailant silently. Just as he comes toward his pregnant wife, Santucci grabs the Breen from behind and snaps his neck. Breathing a sigh of relief, his now alive wife awakens groggy, rubs her eyes and greets him.

He exits the holodeck and with PADD in hand proceeds to the shuttlebay for a trip to his next assignment.

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Guest Nicole Fullmer
Nicole's eyes were fixed on one of the viewports on the promenade. Being this far away from Earth made most of the stars rearrange in the dark vastness of space, and for a second she felt lost, unable to recognize the majority of Earthly constellations. She knew they were little more than arbitrary groupings drove by their appearance from Earth, but once her training began takin her out of Earth's atmosphere and farther and farther into the Sol system, looking out at the constellations was strangely comforting, giving her a sense of connection to her home. Now, several hundreds of light years away from Earth, the sky was as much a stranger as everyone around her. For the first time in her life she felt truly disconnected from home.

She turned her face back to the promenade, gently brushing her dark brown hair from her face as her light green eyes curiously watched the come and go of people, both starfleet and civilians, along the place. This was still a fairly strange world for a girl who, until four years prior, had never left the confines of Texas. She smiled for a second, as a million possibilities ran through her mind. This was indeed a new world, a new world filled with opportunities, possibilities and dangers, and, while she missed home, she was happy to be there.

"This is it girl", she muttered to herself, straightening herself up, "You'll soon be a Starfleet Officer."

Starfleet Officer. Those words ressonated in her head for a while as its meaning came to her, rushing her conscience. She would have to make decisions, many of which would forewer alter the lives of people. But that wasn't all it entailed, not at all. It brought about lots of responsability too. People would come to depend on her to get her tasks and chores done, something her mother would have a word or two to tell them about. Suddenly a flood of doubt began filling her inner self.

Am I ready for this? She asked herself, trying to find some reassurance in herself. She couldn't. The truth was she didn't know. While she always dreamed of roaming the stars and exploring the final frontier, she was afraid she wouldn't be able to step up.

Well, Nicky, there's only one way to find out, she thought, as she took the first step towards the cadet briefing area for her final test.

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  • 2 weeks later...

He turned, stepping into the corridor leading to the commercial district, Jaden reached up running his long fingers through his sandy brown hair as his cool ice blue eyes drifted over those coming and going , his eyes locked on an approaching female, a smile tugging at the corner of his lips as she moved past him, as she did so he turned to watch her, walking backwards a few steps, his grin widening as he did so. He turned back around just in time to find his movements stopped save for him stumbling a couple of steps. He looked up a few choice words coming to mind concerning his carelessness, his eyes finding that he had ran into a young man, he too dressed in the same uniform as Jaden. "Excuse me " Jaden said apologeticly. The young man looked back at him with a smirk "If there is such a thing" the man took in Jadens uniform a moment "You are in starfleet too?" he asked. Jaden scoffed slightly at the comment then shook his head " Nope, I just wear this to see how many people think I am." He looked at the other letting his sarcastic tone sit in. "If I did not know any better.... I would knock that smirk off your face." the young man responded. Jaden chuckled slighly and extended his hand to the other " Cadet Stanley, Jaden Stanley" he introduced himself with a smile on his face. The other man looked down at his hand a moment then back to him before taking his hand "Tristian O'Connell" Jaden nodded softly "In all seriousness, sorry about that. " Tristian chuckled softly " It's all good." Jaden looked from his new friend down the corridor then back "I have a couple of hours left before I have to report in, join me for a drink?" Tristian smiled and nodded "Now that is the best idea I have heard all day." Jaden clapped the other on the shoulder and nodded, smiling, before turning and heading futher into the district, talking with Tristian as they walked, again passing another young woman in uniform, Jaden turned mid stride continuing to converse with his friend, but his eyes locked on the departing form of the woman.

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  • 3 weeks later...
Tatash stepped out of the docking airlock, lowering his large frame down to refrain from whacking his head on the low beam. He steps out into the open atrium with a deep breath, already feeling eyes flicking towards him.
It was almost like he was radioactive, every step forward causing more of the crowd around him to disperse leaving a good couple of meters clearance in each direction.
Still, it was hardly uprising. Stood among the diminutive humans and the slender Caitians, he was a towering beast and definitely one of the rarer sites in Federation space. With a grunt, he slings his hold-all over his shoulder and strides towards one of the com-stations, his clawed fingers tapping over the controls with a strange dexterity given the size of his hands.
He doesn't do much save issue the prerecorded message to the Hegemony confirming his safe arrival, although there was no doubt in his mind that a diplomat somewhere in the capital was no rubbing his claws together with glee. This exchange program was not something cooked up by military minds, more the folly of politicians and tradesmen looking to get new business with a warmer, friendlier Federation relationship.
With a faint chirp the console confirms its action. Already out of the corner of his eye Tatash can see the uniforms of station security starting to fill out the small crowd around him. No one was moving towards a weapon, but judging by the crossed arms and stern glances it was clear he was both expected and watched.
"Major Tatash, I presume?" inquired an older looking Human, his graying beard neatly trimmed against his face. It never ceased to be amazing how mammals could spontaneously grow hair out of their skin, like well watered grass. His rank gave him the bearing of Commander, Tatash had spent a fair time researching the rank structure of Starfleet, which in itself was similar to almost all militaries.
"Yes. Reporting as ordered, Sir." came the reply, the universal translator already adding that infernal drawn out S with every word, still trying to grasp the intricacies of the Gorn language.

"Excellent, as you are aware while you are posted with us, you will be seen as and treated as, the rank of Cadet. I assume that's not going to be an issue?" the Commander replied, although he was probably the only human within fivety meter's that seemed non-fussed by the massive reptilian, almost even friendly.
"None Sir, I've been looking forward to this opportunity." undoubtedly one of the biggest lies Tatash had ever uttered, yet at least he didn't have skin to go pink and betray it. Scales have their advantages.
"You're a bad liar Cadet, but give us some time to work on you, you might end up enjoying the challenge." chuckled the Commander, gesturing with an open hand towards the arrivals desk. "Get yourself signed in, I'm looking forward to seeing the look on your roommates face when you walk in"
Name: Tatash
Age: 34
Species: Gorn
Height: 8'5"
Weight: 320lb
From: Gornar, Gorn Hegemony
Background: Former Major in the Gorn fleet, chosen as part of a cultural exchange to train within Starfleet, partly because of his tactical skill, but also because of his more tolerant attitude towards Humans and their like then most Gorn.
Edited by Tatash
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  • 4 weeks later...

A lone cadet stands with padd in hand looking out a near view port as ships and other space vessels move back and forth in the sector. He wasn't anything spectacular to look at, his face and complexion was what was considered by mean to be "normal". His stature and posture that of someone who seemed to have spent bending over a bit in their life digging or cleaning floors. His eyes quickly moved from his padd to the window quickly and sporadically as if there was something out there, that he could see; but, no one else could.

“He has been there for almost two hours just staring out that window,” John Simmons a young and brash security officer stated as his hand made contact with the chest of a fellow security officer.

Looking from the group of young female officers that was standing nearby Jackson Grace sighed, “he’s not up to anything John, he’s a cadet.”

Licking the tips of his fingers John blew across them gently as if he was getting ready to retrieve an ancient earth revolver from his hip, “yeah; but, I got a feeling.”

“You always have a feeling,” Jackson stated with a sigh of exasperation before motioning with his hand giving in, “fine, lets go see.”

As the two officers made their way over Thomas, in a world of his own, continued to look out the window then down to his padd. If modern medicine had not removed the need for them, he surely would have a pair of glasses that would have at this moment moved down his face, causing him to slide them up with his finger. The security personnel did their best to get closer without spooking the target; but, Thomas had no clue anyone was bothering to pay him attention.

“If we use this chain to modify this link then that would explain; but, it doesn’t cause the desired reaction,” Thomas stated tapping information into his head, “ah, there we go.”

The sudden sensation of a hand resting on his shoulder caused Thomas to jerk bringing the padd to his chest. Blinking rapidly as his breath and heart rate increased he turned slowly finding himself face to face with two security officers. With a sigh of relief Thomas smiled a smile that only moved the corner of his lips before nodding, “you nearly gave me a heartattack.”

Jackson was the first to speak, “we apologize about that sir; but, can you explain what it is exactly that you are doing.”

If anyone that knew Thomas had been present at this moment would have described his expression like to a child opening a present that they desperately desired. It had been quite sometime since someone had even asked or remotely showed interest into what Thomas had been working on and he had been dying to share the information with anyone that would care to listen.

“Oh, its fascinating really. You see I have been studying the genetic similarities to plants of like nature from different solar systems and cultures to see if there are similarities that would explain coming from the same originating genome. You see, if we can find just one similarity that would show they came from the same originating genome then we could possibly explain a connection to life on planets all together. This…,” he blurted out quickly only stopping when John stepped forward looking deeply into his eyes.

“You’re hiding something aren’t you,” the young brash officer stated looking back and forth from one of Thomas’ eye to the other.

Thomas’ brown furrowed, “excuse me?”

Stepping closer the young man narrowed his eyelids doing his best to look intimidating, “you’re hiding something and I aim to find out what it is.”

“John, back down,” Jackson warned reaching out only to have his hand shrugged away.

Coming almost nose to nose with Thoams, John stared into the cadet’s eyes, “you might as well tell me what it is that you are doing really. Standing here watching the movement of the fleet, recording information, you aren’t a cadet are you? You’re some sort of spy or information gatherer aren’t you?”

By this time Thomas had begun backing away to place distance between his body and the security officer only to find that the officer following keeping the distance as equal as possible. Stopping as his body abruptly met with the view port Thomas sighed before putting the padd behind his back and staring back, “would you kindly step away?”

Moving closer and reaching for the padd John smiled as if he was finally getting information that he had desired, “why uncomfortable? Hiding information on that padd?”

“Uncomfortable yes, but that is because your breath needs freshening and the information contained on this padd I highly doubt that you would be able to make heads or tails of,” Thomas stated allowing his brown to lower and his stare to soften.

Chuckling softly Jackson nodded and patted his mate on the back, “he’s got you there and I wasn’t going to mention the breath; but, it has been keeping the ladies away.”

Turning to Jackson then back to Thomas, John huffed a billow of breath into Thomas direction aiming for his nostrils, “think you’re funny do you? Let’s see how funny you are when I take that padd from you and you’re whining to get it back.”

With a quick and forceful motion the security officer reached behind Thomas’ back his shoulder landing squarely into Thomas chest. Pushing the cadet back and pulling the padd forward after stepping backwards he had hoped to throw him off guard only to be surprised with the cadets hand firmly still attached to the padd. It wasn’t until the cadet took the padd from the security officers hand and his leg made contact with his did John realize that he was moving towards the floor. Coming to a standing position Thomas placed the padd back behind his back after straightening his cadet uniform before looking to Jackson, “I do believe that we have a problem.”

Standing there stunned before helping John to his feet Jackson nodded, “would you care to clarify.”

“I believe that one of the security officers had assaulted me,” Thomas stated watching John as he stood up and gained his composure.

“Would you like to file a complaint,” Jackson stated watching John’s face come to the true realization of the situation.

Shaking his head Thomas smiled that same corner smile before nodding, “I believe we have an understanding. Besides, he was right I was hiding something.”

With that Thomas slowly turned back to the window and began studying the genetic structure of another plant and using the void of space to project a mental work space. As the two officers walked away John’s hand made contact with Jackson’s chest again. The duo stopped and turned back to Thomas.

“I told you he was hiding something,” John stated watching the cadet, “but what was it?”

Jackson laughed before turning his friend back to the direction they were walking, “the fact that he could kick your butt if he needed to.”

John laughed and moved his hand to the back of his head rubbing it, “yeah he could fight couldn’t he.”

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The transporter arrived early to StarBase 118 and many of the new cadets had a few hours to kill before having to report to the holodeck for their initial briefing. One cadet, Nigel Barrett stood their, alone, and anxious as ever. His brown hair was parted to the side, with his blue eyes fixed straight ahead waiting for the doors to open. He now had his beard, which grew in quite well, but caused him a lot of discomfort, it was quite itchy, but he felt it gave him a more masculine look than being clean-shaven, which many people assumed he was much younger than he was without a beard.

As the airlock doors slid open, he was greeted with the overwhelming sight of Starbase 118's commercial sector. He walked slowly out into the shifting his eyes left to right, watching the other cadets step off into their new world. Most were talking, meeting new people, laughing and seemed to be right at home, while Nigel on the other hand felt disconnected. He didn't speak much on the way there, just read his book, and kept to himself for the most part. He exited the transporter and was now right in the middle of the commercial sector, which appeared like a large metropolis. Not wanting to just stand around for several hours he decided he needed an escape to help him cope with his new surroundings.

He sauntered around and found a small cafe. The Final Frontier. He stepped inside and sat at a small wooden table right near the window. Each table was draped in a white linen cloth, with a small candle flickering in the center, along with a flower in a small blue vase. A waiter approached him, smiling, ready to take his order.

"Hello Sir, what can I get for you today?" He asked.

"Just some tea please, thank you" replied Nigel.

"Sure thing, would you like some sugar, lemon, milk?" asked the waiter.

"Um, just sugar, 1 teaspoon will be fine." said Barrett.

"Very well, thank you sir." The waiter smiled again and walked away to put in his order.

Nigel sat in the chair, he felt uncomfortable and began tapping his foot up and down, trying to relax. Several minutes later, the watier came by with his tea, and set it on the table in front of him.

"Here you are sir. Anything else for you?" he said happily.

"No, I am fine. Thank you very much, I appreciate it." Nigel said.

The waiter now walked over to another table leaving Nigel to his tea. Barrett looked at his tea intently, like it was the only thing that mattered at that moment. He brought the cup to his lips, sipping it slowly. The liquid ran down his throat, and he could feel its warmth radiate through his chest, making its way to his stomach, soothing his body and mind. He sat there for quite some time and after 3-4 cups of tea, it was time to make his way over to the holodeck, even though there was still about half and hour before the briefing started. He figured it's best to arrive early, rather than be late. As he got there early a Klingon stood there waiting as well. He walked over to Nigel slowly with a stern look on his face. Nigel had no idea what to expect, but he stood their waiting for the Klingon to speak.

Hello, my name is Del'rok, you are here early too I see.” the large Klingon spoke, his voice deep and boisterous.

Hey Dal'rok, name's Nigel Barrett. Good to meet you. Arrived today on the transport I assume? I stopped by the cafe for a drink, but figured I'd head over here and wait till the briefing started. I had nothing better to do. Plus, there wasn't really anyone for me to talk to.” said Nigel

I can relate. There aren't many other Klingons here so I figured I'd head here early as well, better than being late I suppose. ” said Dal'rok.

I hear ya, I remember being late for classes in the academy, man, I caught a lot of hell for that.” said Nigel.

Mmm, yes, they aren't too fond of that, but it happens.”

I suppose, maybe I was just being careless at the time, but I have learned my lesson, that's for sure.” Nigel said with a laugh.

Good thing you have Mr. Barrett.” said Dal'rok

Time pressed on and Dal'rok and Nigel spoke for quite awhile outside the holodeck. They touched on subjects like their home, parents, their time at the academy. It was strange, Nigel arrived alone, hesitant of meeting anyone new, and the last thing he thought of was becoming friends with a Klingon, but he did. With the briefing drawing near, the rest of the cadets started to arrive. Nigel and Dal'rok walked in, hopeful of their new careers in StarFleet and what their future would bring them.

*I haven't wrote in a long time, this just sounds terrible to me...but hopefully I will improve over time*

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Guest Bik'ree Ro

Bik'ree Ro smiled to herself as she watched her young cadet classmates pass by her bench on the Promenade of Starbase 118. Older than most of her classmates, Ro had opted to spend the hour that she had to herself before training officially began in the New Orleans sector, where the gardens reminded her so much of the Eastern Province back home on Bajor.

"Starfleet," she chuckled to herself, "If only Ren could see me now, he would never believe it." As usual whenever Ro thought of her fiance, her hand strayed to the kesha on her right ear. Ren had presented the earring to her on their engagement, three months before he was killed in a flood, that had left Ro adrift, with no one left on Bajor to call her own.

"Hey, Bik'reel! What are you doing over there? Come on and join us! We are all going over to the Subspace Cafe for coffee." Ro looked up to see Georgie Matthews, her roommate from Academy wildly waving at her from across the park. "We need your grace and wisdom to keep us all in line!"

Laughing, Ro thought that perhaps it was just as well that she not spend the time by herself. Her classmates were always good to keep her involved, and to keep her natural inclination for introversion in check. "Alright, ok, I'm coming! Just let me...."

"No, are you kidding, change? Come on Bik'reel, look at you. Every beautiful chestnut strand in place, as usual. And civvies are perfectly fine for us for at least.." a glance at her chronograph, "thirty more minutes. And I love that dress on you, Sapphire makes those brown eyes just pop! Besides, once you put your uniform back on, you have to lose that earring, and I love how you look when you have it on. It makes you, oh I don't know...regal."

"Ha, Georgie, you are crazy, you know that? That's what I love about you. You make me laugh."

"Well, then perhaps I should be the doctor instead of you! Don't they say that laughter is the best medicine?"

"And you prescribe it in ample doses! Oh, Georgie, I am really so excited, and nervous, aren't you? All these years, studying, preparing, working and now, finally, we get to do! I could literally almost dance!"

"I see you dancing, and I am recording it...it would be one for the records. But, yeah, especially for you I guess. Finishing all of your medical training before even thinking about Starfleet, you have been in school forever!"

"It feels like it, at least. Life changes. What can you do? Either change along with it, or die. Me? I am going to live! Come on Georgie, there won't be any coffee left by the time we get there, and I sure don't want to fall asleep during training, or to have to keep you awake!"

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Olivia stepped off the shuttle, and began the journey toward the final hurdle between her, and the rest of her life.

She was aware that she was the smallest of fish, in the largest conceivable pool, but nonetheless allowed herself a small smile, the hard part, or so most said, was over. Olivia didn’t take that to mean that what lay in the cadet cruise would be easy, far from it. The fear of failure still haunted her, the thought of having to return home, tail between her legs had driven her night and day for the last four years. Her family, though loving, had never understood her drive.

Her tall frame strode at a casual pace around the promenade, she was in no particular hurry. She pinned back a lock of her long black hair behind her left ear, where it stayed briefly, before escaping again, and covering the side of her face, this saga would repeat itself for a while before she’d sigh and tie her hair up in the band that she always carried, but hated wearing.

The shops grew to disinterest her, she was in no mood for purchases this time, Olivia had far too much on her mind; she hated feeling this edgy. A few moments ago she’d found a quiet viewing area, that allowed a small vista of the comings and goings of the base. Slowly, a feeling of coming home passed over her. She’d always felt that she didn’t quite fit in back home; that, she supposed, had been the base reason for her rebellious teen years, her parents had despaired, wondering why their daughter had turned out the exact opposite of her 3 older brothers, all of whom were real homebodies.

This is where I belong. Her mind allowed a stray thought, a transitory moment of relaxation in an otherwise sea of emotion. She was aware however, that there was still time to lose everything. Olivia wished that she would stop reminding herself of that fact.

She finally stood up, and took in one final look at the small view that she had, wondering what she would see if….no, when she passed. Then, only then, did she turn and walk toward the Cadet Briefing Area. A lot more purpose in her step this time.

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Joe jumped off the transport he was so excited this was his last section before he became a starfleet officer. He looked about on starbase 118, there was lots of different species and lots of different cultures. He was always fascinated by the cultures if other species.

Joe was a brown haired and eyed cadet. He was muscular and average height. He saw a young cadet over in the corner, she had blonde hair and blue eyes, he went in for a move.

"So what's your name?" He asked, "Mines Joe."

"My names Sami," She blushed.

He could tell she was embarrassed, he had seen this girl before in his second year. "I'm here for my final training, for my cadet cruise," At that moment he smelled fresh bread, that was the first time in years. They never make fresh bread, it is all replicator. His telepathic abilities told him she wanted some bread as well. Just as he stood up he heard the announcmen "Can all cadet for their cadet cruise go to the conference room."

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