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"Arrival at StarBase 118" (Introduce your character here!)

FltAdml. Wolf

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Granimore stepped into the arrival lounge and looked around nervously. All those years at the Academy, all the training, all the classes, was to arrive at this moment in time. Now that it was here, he could scarcely believe it. He strode into the lavatory to give himself a quick inspection. Shoes polished, uniform crips and clean, ready for action. He looked at himself in the mirror. His gray eyes were opened a little wider than normal, no doubt due to the anticipation of his first training mission. His sandy blonde hair was cut to military precision, his normally fair complexion tanned from a recent hiking trip prior to this assignment. At just under six feet, he wasn't imposing by any means. Anyone looking at him wouldn't think twice about him, dismissing him, perhaps, as a non-threat. But years of martial arts training had left him confident, strong, and agile. His jovial personality belied the determination and steel he brought to any challenge. And this assignment was one challenge he would rise to meet head on.

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Titus had a grueling migraine at this point. He had just stepped onto the arrival deck and was frantically searching for a place to seat himself. Titus always had problems with migraines when he was nervous, and this was probably the most nerve-racking part of his life. The time he had spent at the academy had paid off and he was ready for his Cadet training. He noticed a small bench and decided that it looked comfortable enough. He sat down and rubbed his temples, his fingers simultaneously coursing through his medium-length brown hair. A man of 28 years such as himself should have had time to cure an anxiety problem such as this. It didn't matter, though. All that mattered was that he was here. He stood up, revealing his 5'11" average build. Titus had always been a somewhat tall, lanky fellow. He pulled out a comb, purposely messed up his hair with it, and with that he was ready.

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::Cadet Vanessa Driscoll was slowly stepping out onto the transport platform. She had a grey-white, standard Starfleet bag over her shoulders carrying her most important belongings with her. The young human woman had never really been attached to many things, so she was travelling light. Some other cadets in front of her headed towards the commercial area of Starbase 118. As she still had a few hours until she had to report to the holodeck, she decided she would just follow that direction.::

::Vanessa had been quite silent during the flight, which was really unusual for the young woman. Normally she was quite talkative, sometimes perhaps even too chatty and she never had any difficulties joining up with others or socialising with other people. But today she was dog-tired and not really in the mood for conversation, which she blamed on the farewell party with her friends from the Academy. They all didn’t really have much sleep last night, but it had been the last evening together before they parted in all different directions and sections of Federation space and Starfleet. And no one knew when they would be able to see each other again. But even more important than the lack of sleep last night was the lack of coffee, her favourite drink and elixir of life.::

::When she eventually spotted a little café, she smiled and headed towards it. Just a short moment later, she was sitting at a small table with a hot, steaming cup of black coffee in her hands.::

oO Finally Oo

::Satisfied, she leaned back in her chair watching the people stroll by the numerous shops. As she sipped her strong, black drink, her spirits were revived and her mood was lifted again considerably. Now she felt ready to have a closer look around those shops and eventually head to the holodeck for her cadet cruise::

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Alex stepped out of the transport of the transport with a sigh. He hated long flights. He was fairly tall, and muscular, standing about 6"1', with broad shoulders. He looked to be in his early twenties, with slight stubble on his chin. He had short, black hair. He was somewhat good looking, in a rugged way, though, at first glance, he might seem somewhat cold and calculating, as his eyes bore into everyone around him, seeming to size them up. He also carried himself with a bit of... arrogance, it seemed. He looked down on those around him, though not truly on purpose. He waved to a cadet he recognized, a faint smile breaking the cold demeanor for a moment.

In truth, he wasn't cold. He was just shy. He preferred to be and to work alone. He checked the time, and saw he had a few hours until training. What to do until then? "Excuse me," He approached a woman running a stall. "Could you recommend any restaurants around here?" A bite to eat might help pass the time.

"Ah, yes," the Andorian woman replied with a smile. "There is an excellent Klingon restaurant down the street."

Alex thanked her and started to move away. Klingon food? He thought to himself with a slightly disgusted feeling. He'd never tasted gagh, and he was pretty sure he didn't want to. So, he settled for wandering about, looking at the various trinkets and clothes being shown by the shopkeepers. It was all very intriguing, but, of course, he couldn't buy anything.

After a little while, he got bored and moved off towards the training area, and decided to wait outside. It seemed like it'd be a long few hours.

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Guest Sslin N'grin

As the airlock opens up with a hiss a tall, slender Andorian looks out into the hallway, a duffelbag slung over his shoulder, dark blue eyes scanning the hall and it's inhabitants before taking his first step out onto the station. Standing to the side a moment he sees another cadet disembark en nods, getting a wave in return. what was his name, he thinks... Alex, wasn't it?

Making his way over to a wall mounted computer he looks up where his quarters are before heading there with determination in his step, eyes and antenae constantly scanning his surroundings.

After dropping off his possessions by simply dropping the bag on the bed he walks back out again and makes his way to a bar he passed earlier and walks over to the bar. nodding to the woman behind it he orders a coffee and sits down to look around at the patrons, passing the time getting to know his surroundings.

The woman smiles at him and extends a hand. He looks at it for a moment before grasping it and shaking it. "Sslin.. Sslin N'grin" he tells her with a surprisingly soft, melodic voice. "Just out of the academy."

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Kieran stretched as he came out of the airlock and onto the wide open space of a Starbase docking ring. As he looked around he was struck by it's similarity to Spacedock in the Sol system where he'd had the opportunity to serve as a second year cadet waiting for the start of the first trimester of his third year at the Academy. He shouldn't have been surprised at this, he supposed, after all Starfleet Architecture and Design wasn't exactly known for it's variety and cutting-edge. With a yawn the stretch was complete and he shook his head to get rid of the sleepy feeling that hung over him from the long voyage from Earth. It hadn't helped, of course, that due to a hiccup back in the Sol System rather than a more direct route he'd been forced to come via Vulcan and New Scotland, changing transports each time. At least it had meant he got a brief nose around the facilities there.

Running a hard through his closely-shorn red hair and smiled as he noticed a free comm terminal not far down the corridor. Repositioning the light shoulder bag he carried with just the essentials he had brought along he made his way over to it, weaving between the throngs of quite diverse people that would've put even Starfleet academy to shame. On reaching it, and using his by now well-memorised access codes, he put a call through to a familiar terminal address and was not surprised when the screen changed almost immediately from the UFP logo to that of a flustered-looking greying woman. "Oh thank God, you're four hours overdue!"

Cadet Waddell couldn't help but grin at that, he was now into his thirties and hadn't live at home in over ten years yet still... "Hi mum. I did call you from Vulcan and said there was quite a substantial delay."

She seemed to mouth a few starts to sentences in refute of what was quite clearly the truth then smirked. "Ok, you got me. But you know - it's your first proper trip that far away from home and I just worry about you."

"Mum, I don't mean to worry you more - but it's only going to get longer between calls from here on in."

"I know, and your dad is prodding me in the side so I'm going to be a big girl and say I love you, be careful, and enjoy."

"Thanks mum, I'll send you text messages when I can." He knew should would hate the last bit, she wasn't into all the formalities he'd been learning the last four years. "Waddell out!" He hit the terminate button before the pout could become and angry retort and giggled a little to himself.

Looking up and down the corridor he decided that there was no hurry to get to his allocated quarters in a direct fashion. Despite his long journey and the delay he'd arrived early enough to have a few hours spare. Now...where was that Bolian restaurant Commander T'Bal had recommended, with the full height waterfalls?

<Introducing Cadet Kieran Waddell - written by Iain>

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Guest Ron Chermetz

As Ron stepped off the transport cruiser to the new and unfamiliar environment of StarBase 118, he could think of only one thing. People. People of all races, shapes, and sizes were everywhere going about their business. Ron felt anxious in what seemed to him a bustling metropolis. Ron grew up in a small town on Earth with fellow human beings, and was rarely exposed to large populations. Even in Starfleet Academy, he tried to avoid people and communicate only when he had to. He made up for his lack of social ability by being a quick thinker. Ron could solve a variety of puzzles and challenge missions with ease. He might not be big with social communication, but when it came to his job and studies he was the biggest talker on the block explaining the most minute detail to whoever would listen. He was a bit lonely I guess. Ron wasn't tall and strong like most of his fellow classmates in Starfleet. He was 5 foot 8 inches tall with brown hair and hazelnut green eyes. Ron compensated for his lack of physical strength by years of martial arts training which allowed him to beat opponents twice his size. He definitely wasn't Starfleet's #1, but he was determined to prove his worth in training. He came to StarBase 118 to receive his training. His transport cruiser arrived 1 hour ahead of time, so he was free to walk around. A haunting prospect for Ron who wanted to avoid contact with as many people as possible. He looked at his watch, 50 more minutes to go. He might as well get something to eat he thought, maybe time will go faster. He took his bags and went over to the cafe to wait until training starts. At training he would show his mentors what he could do when he had a clear sense of purpose and a mission, something which he could never do in a casual conversation.

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He resisted the urge to whistle while he walked. You know what Terrans said about walking and whistling and chewing gum, right? Something about you could catch it on your tonsils and die... or something like that. Terrans said some awfully strange things some of the time. Most of the time. Sal was getting used to it.

Really, just expect the unexpected and nothing rattles your chain anymore. Cadet Taybrim figured this was sound advice when dealing with Terrans. Smile and nod and expect them to say things that made no sense. So far it had worked like a charm.

The tough part was sorting all the nonsense into some semblance of order, and remembering the important bits when lives - and sanities - were on the line. Truth be told, Sal was still working on that. His older brothers kept telling him to 'trust his intuition' which was all well and good, if it wasn't a vaguely underhanded reminder that yes, he was the one who's telepathy was on the fritz. Half the time intuition was all he had. He might even have been morose about the whole affair if he wasn't fully aware of the painful fact that the damage to his telepathy had been his fault. His own arrogance had place him in the position of linking his mind with an emerging sentience in an artifical intelligence. He was sure he could be in control of the situation. He was sure nothing could go wrong.

Looking back on it, he was sure, now, that he had been a juvenile idiot.

Still, never a quitter, he decided to leave the life of research and enter the field of medicine. Why Starfleet? His parents asked him this more times than he wanted to count. He had lied and said something about adventure and finding some way to repair the damage that had been done; but in the end that was a lie. And oh, while his telepathy was damaged, his ability to block out other's from intruding on his thoughts was still unparalleled. The truth was more complicated. After the accident he craved structure. And Starfleet was many things, including one big institution - and institutions have plenty of structure. And well, yes, adventure played a part of that. But going back to Betazed and being looked at with simpering pity was not on his agenda. Better to be amoung races who found the telepathy he still possessed a great boon rather than being judged for the damage done.

He stepped onto the promenade, and gently considered sliding down the bannister of the main stairwell. No, probably not a good way to start one's cadet cruise. He let the thought pass and simply jogged down the steps. Short and thin, he had a mop of unruly red hair and light blue eyes that had a tendancy to drift in and out of focus. When he smiled, it was a bit too wide, making Terrans wonder if he was overly friendly - or ready to go for the throat. Usually it was the former. His slight stature and the peacefulness of his race lent him an upbeat and chipper disposition. But some of his youth still persisted, some of the 'loose canon' mentality had not been hammered out of the Betazoid by Starfleet training. Sal grinned. Who knew what the future would bring, but whatever it did... it would be an adventure.

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The docking port was crowded with civilians and other cadets as they waited for the hatch to open, most of the cadets seemed eager and found difficulty in relaxing and shifted uneasily. When the port opened the crowd entered into a single file line as they waited in a queue before the Base's customs station..Arrik watched the various people converse with each other, most asking about why they were there. This seemed a silly question to Arrik when he saw one cadet ask another as it was obvious they were all on their Cadet Cruise especially since most of them were in the same classes, but then surprisingly he found himself being asked and instead of responding with something witty he just said, "I'm on my Cadet Cruise."

"Really, so am I!" she replied showing some sort of enthusiasm Arrik couldn't understand so he just nodded in response.

"Do you know what ship you're being assigned to?" the small blonde and attractive female cadet asked him.

Again Arrik's mind reeled since this cadet should already know that they haven't been given assignments yet, "Not yet." he said trying to discourage any more attempts by her to continue the conversation. She picked up on his monotone and uninviting responses, so she simply nodded accepting him as a non social brute, probably one of those guys who can't afford to show a heart.

She felt strange around him, he was quite striking and his voice was something else. She only heard him say about Seven things but she knew she wanted to hear him say more. It was an interesting accent of Scandinavian and some sort of Pacific accent and it seemed to match his appearance. He was Human or looked like he was only Human and about Two Meters tall. She was only One Point Seven herself she kept sneaking peeks at him when he wasn't looking, the pale colour of his Caucasian skin contrasted against the golden blonde hair that he kept cut short to military regulation.

Finally the pair had reached the custom station, both stepped through the scanner and declared their luggage, after presenting the necessary credentials they were given a brief description of the base and told about their access levels, they were given all the standard information for visitors. Upon finishing their boarding operations the two stepped out onto the Starbase, this time Arrik found himself having the same trouble as the other cadets from earlier with trying to keep his own eagerness from showing and he failed miserably as he smiled, the site of the Base giving him a strong sense of accomplishment somewhat qualifying the time he'd spent at the academy even though it wasn't yet graduation.

The young blonde cadet beamed, "He has a heart afterall." she thought as she enjoyed seeing the stoic man smile.

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(Starbase 118 - Dock 6B- Arrival point)

The genius was that built this station its massive in size and scope. Amit had not made it to far past docking doors and his mind was already inspecting his surroundings. Tid bits of odd facts and design facts. "pipe..exchange air, box 2761V? Ah! must be manual quartine for the exchange" Amit mumbled about distracted and amused.

"Cadet, it is not logical for you to be 'easily amused' when you are earily enough to go to medical as I know you need to be." Ensign T'sal spoke looked to get a proper response out of Cadet Amit. Her eyebrows were both slightly raised. Spoke calmly, but had a slight difference in tone than what is usally used. "On a seperate note Cadet, 2761V is a for filtering air on a moleclure level, Not quarinte, that one you are referring to is perpendicluar to the spoke-channel tube port for dock sensors, Marked 2525O." Context of her voice adjusted too a matter of fact tone.

Pausing for a moment, knowning he is ether in very little trouble or its the wife. Okay well, that knowlege is generally known by senior staff to the execption of designers, so thats ether my wife or the station CMO. If its my wife greet and smile like I wasnt doing anything wrong, if the CMO duck. Cadet Amit slowly creeked his head slowly to looked behind him. "Well long time no see, Doctor T'sal Amit, and congrats on Doctorates on System Design & Manufactering" Aimed for the innocent hug, to distract her for a moment that he was in no rush to go to medical.

T'sal is no fool to her husbans muses, softly rose her arms only to grab his right wrist, forcing her body next to his pushing her hip into Amit for a nice hard slam to the deck and twist of his arm. "Nurse, he is ready for his last vactionation and blood sample for CMO should anything happen." She had slowly brought her knee down to the back of his neck for add control and restraint.

The male nurse rushed over half supprised it was delt with this way. "Yes, Ma'am" He first gave him a hypospray for the vacincce on Amit's leg. Then moved to pull down the sleeve on the restrained arm to draw blood. "Thank you, ma'am"

"Ya know your logic sucks sometimes" Amit noted and completely ignoring the nurse. His face somewhat red from being pinned.

Rather proudly in only a way a vulcan can be proud expression, T'sal let Amit go rising off her knee and Amit. "I know you would have found a way to keep your mind off of medical, first we got word you ditched your last vacination unintentionally because they didnt say they where giving it to you in fear you wouldnt show up. Two, trapping you would be pointless and a waste of time and transporters the same. Third, if you didnt have an irrational fear of Medical i wouldnt had to hold you down. Lastly, Love you too. Lets get something to eat and I will show you to the academy office, by the way I still dont know where I am to be assigned"

Cadet Amit

Starfleet Academy


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Aidoann stepped through the airlock to Starbase 118 and paused, awed by the massive interior of the space station. She had thought Earth Spacedock was huge, but this dwarfed that station. The open space, green plants, and natural-seeming lighting made her feel as if she had stepped out into a city on Earth rather than onto a space station. Jostled by another of the disembarking cadets snapped her out of her reverie and started her moving again.

Momentarily flustered, she mumbled apologies and kept moving forward, fishing for her ID as she approached the security gate. She proffered her ID card to the Bolian woman at the gate and smiled. Cheerfully, the Bolian scanned her card and after looking at a screen for a moment said, “Here for your Cadet Cruise, eh? Oh, and it looks like you have a few days, make sure to see the sights. ” entering a few items into the system she added, “Oh, if you stop by Twilight’s Edge, make sure to tell them Krell sent you. They’ll give you a free tart!” Aidoann smiled politely, thanked her and proceeded forward, out into the station proper.

Free of the hustle and bustle of dismemberment she took a deep breath and paused, setting down her carry-all and looked around the vast chamber to get her bearings and consider her next move. She hated tight crowds and was happy to finally be out in the open. Catching her reflection in the mirror-like surface of a support pillar, she looked herself over, straightening her uniform and hair. Aidoann was an attractive young woman, somewhat shorter than the average human female, and with a slender and athletic build. Some would call it a swimmers build and they would be quite correct since she was an expert swimmer and diver. She had a smooth olive complexion, large dark eyes and a delicate, slightly upturned, nose. Her long, dark tresses were currently worn up in accordance to regulations.

Making a final adjustment to her uniform she and grabbing her carry-all she set off at a brisk pace. She had three days to explore the station before her simulated cadet cruise began and she wanted to see as much of it as possible – starting with the Dungeon. She had always had a taste for the darker side of life and she had heard rumors. But first she wanted to stop by the “French Quarter” and check into the B&B where she had a room reserved. She could have stayed in the quarters assigned to her by Starfleet, but she was technically on leave for the next three days and she didn’t want to have to share a bunk with another student if she didn’t have to. She would have enough of that once she was assigned to a ship. She smiled and winked at a handsome young cadet who tried to get her attention, but didn’t break her pace. He would just have to find her later... she was off on an adventure!

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Ian Galloway exited the turbolift and blinked at the size of the dome of the commercial sector. Of course he's read about it when he found out his first assignment would be Starbase 118, but reading about and looking at were two different things. He managed, barely, but this was one time barely counted, not to gape as he walked through the main concourse and tried to soak in everything at once. This quickly proved to be too much, so Ian found a bench with a nice view where he could sit and watch the throngs of beings move about their business.

"Not too bad for a young lad from Inverness." Ian thought as he absently watched a Bolian couple window shop. "I've got about an hour before I have to report. I just hope to get an interesting assignment. Perhaps tis being a bit naive, but as much as Starfleet is about science, it's about high adventure in it's own way." He paused and chuckled. "Gah what would Commander Grady think about even saying the word adventure and Starfleet in the same sentence? He'd have be back ta polishin' every piece o' brass in the bleedin' Academy Hall of Remembrance." Slipping into the Highland burr of his youth as he thought about his Starfleet ethics professor.

"Computer. Time?" He asked.

"The time is 1700 hours."

"Okay Ian, thirty minutes before the briefing and since 'On time is late,' I better get moving."

Galloway walked with a confident long strides as his 1.9 meter lithe frame carried him along the seemingly endless dome until he reached the turbolift again.

"Holodeck 12." He said as he entered and smiled at the Tellerite female wearing Starfleet blue already in the car.

"Ian Galloway. Ops. I take it you are also going to the holodeck briefing?"

"You state the obvious well. I am Havgarshminta. Xenobiology. Most humans just call me Mindy." She growled.

"Well, for a rotund species, you seem slimmer than most." Ian snarled back.

Both chuckled and shook hands.

"You are familiar with Tellerite customs." Mindy smiled.

"Only what I learned at the academy, but I am looking forward to learning more. I would-"

Ian stopped midsentence as the turbolift opened and the two entered the corridor leading to the holodeck, where at least twenty other cadets were waiting. He took a deep breath and muttered.

"And lo it begins..."

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Jesse looked around at the hustle and bustle around him. It really was quite extraordinary. After years of a structured, almost regimental routine, he was now confronted with a situation that was almost chaotic with an infinite amount of possibilities.

Keeping his head down, Jesse moved forward, keeping to the sidelines of the great promenade. He paused for a moment as he caught sight of himself in the reflection of some wall panelling: tall, dark hair, handsome with blue eyes. He really looked like the "all-American" kid except he wasn't American, he was a Ba'ku. Far from home and far from everything that was once a simple life where prejudice and intolerance didn't exist.

Allowing a single tear to escape his eyes, Jesse pressed on: keeping to the sidelines and keeping his eye on everyone and everything. The days and weeks ahead were bound to be interesting. Jesse knew that. Interesting and,,, hard, He only hoped that the people he was about to serve with were more accommodating than some of his old academy mates who played on his OCD and .... other things ... just to get a laugh or two at his expense.

Finding a lone bench with a view, Jesse sat down. Truth was, he had made it. Past it all. And here he was. It was all about to begin .. for real. He smiled and his features lit up for just a moment and his eyes twinkled. His family would be proud.

Jesse jumped inwardly as a humanoid of some description sat next to him. Perhaps he should go now ... standing up and retreating back to the sides, he carefully reversed his journey, step for step back to the transport...

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((USS Jefferson-Transport Ship quarters))

:: Jackson sat at his desk with a PADD in his hands. The glow from the PADD illuminated his face in the dark room. The PADD contain a virtual layout of Starbase 118. He taps a few buttons on the PADD.::

oO Wow this place is huge...Oo

Computer: The time is 1600 hrs. We will arrive at Starbase 118 in 15 minutes.

Kent: Lights..

:: The room is illuminated by the command Jackson gives. He stands up and makes his way towards the bed. There on the bed layed out was his uniform. He picks it up and proceeds to put it on. Looking towards the mirror behind him he clips on his combadge to his chest and tugs on the uniform to straighten it out. He then picks up a tie that is on the bed and ties back his hair exposing his pointed ears and part Vulcan heritage.::

(10 miutes later)

::He hears the docking procedure complete and feel a slight shake of the ship.::

....=/\= We have arrived at Starbase 118.=/\=

Kent: =/\= Acknowledged =/\=

:: Jackson walks out of the quarters and makes his way down the corridor. He enters the turbolift at the end. The doors slide open as he walks in and turns around.::

Kent: Deck 4 airlock. :: The doors slide shut and the turbolift begins to move::

((Starbase 118))

:: Jackson steps through the airlock and sees people coming and going here and there. The corridor is flooded with activity of all kinds. Families being reunited, merchants collecting cargo, Starfleet personnel both coming of and getting on the transport ship.::

oO Well.........I don't have anything scheduled until the morning. What shall I do??Oo

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A fairly tall woman bounced through the crowd, grinning broadly as she flung herelf into a chair and grinned. "I maaaade iiiiit!" she sung slightly, before breathing deeply and feeling all the electric energy in the air from the cadets. It was bound to be a good day, she thought to herself. She was clothed in soft materials, a soft skirt that was dark blue and a long-sleeve sweater that had faded with age. She had short brown hair that bobbed and curled under her chin. Her dark black eyes searched the place, just spying around.

She let out a small hiccup, before turning back to sit in the chair better. She had a small PADD stuck in the waistband of her skirt, her mother's graduation gift to her. She could feel other's excitement, cautiosness, slight fear...She shook herself before taking out the PADD and writing her name on the screen.

Hail. It shone brightly and wonderfully so. She messed around, fixing the settings and watching others go about their day. She hoped everyone's day was going as great or better than hers.

She took in her old people watching hobby, silently seeing different cadets made their way in from the shuttle, and some sit down and eat, others talking with friends or family members.

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Pizza. It was the first thing Cadet Timmons West saw once he stepped aboard StarBase 118. Here he was. He was finally in space. He'd spent his whole life on Earth but had always dreamed of the stars. And the first thing he saw--pizza! Some things are just universal.

Since he had a couple hours to burn before he had to report to the holodeck for his cadet cruise, West thought he'd grab a bite to eat. But not pizza. He'd basically lived off the stuff for the last four years at Academy. There were so many cultures aboard the StarBase. He wanted to try something a bit more, uh, exotic.

There was a group of other cadets surrounding a food cart. They were cheering loudly. West made his way over to see what the commotion was about. A plate of something that was green and purple (and possibly still alive) was sitting in front of one of the cadets. The others were chanting for him to take a bite.

The cadet chickened out and ran off. This looked like an opportunity to prove himself, so West took the other cadet's place. The crowd grew silent. West didn't see anything he recognized as silverware, so he just grabbed a handful of whatever was on the plate. The crowd started cheering again. "Do it! Do it!"

West didn't know what it was. He wasn't sure if it'd be polite to ask. To be honest, he was scared to know what it was. He went for it. He took several large bites.

The cheers of the crowd had long subsided. West was supposed to report for his cadet cruise in just a little while now, but his stomach was killing him. How would it look if he spent most of his first day of cadet cruise in the restroom? He was going to stick with pizza for the rest of his stay on the StarBase.

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(Guest_Hail_* was me :P Idk why but Live.com stuck my forum email in my junk @_@ SO anyway, just wanting to show my character ^^)

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As the shuttle approached the Starbase, Mithril Amargis glanced out of the forward window.

The massive station was startling, even though he had seen schematics for a Starbase and had been to the one orbiting Earth, before departing for StarBase 118.

An Aurelian with auburn and brown feathers and bright amber eyes, he was used to seeing things from a distance. However nothing prepared him for the site of a StarBase. A real, true StarBase.

Mithril adjusted himself a bit, His wings were cramped in the small shuttle made for wingless creatures. Creatures shorter than himself.

Thankfully, his suit fit well and was not very uncomfortable. The shuttle landed in one of the StarBase's many bays, and the back door of the while, sterile shuttle opened. He walked out of the shuttle and shook his wings a bit.

He found himself in a mass of people as he entered the Commercial Sector. He had some time to kill and wanted to acquaint himself with Federation culture this far away from Earth.

Suddenly his size meant nothing as he was in the company of creatures that came in all different shapes, sizes and colors. He was in no way unusual, and blended in with the masses quite well.

This is the Federation at its best, he thought to himself.

Infinite diversity in infinite combinations.

That, it truly was.

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Cadet Arnold Ambrose remembered the password. It was given to him by Astrid, the last girl he had kissed on Earth. She had gone her way, he had gone his. But the universe was small enough for two people to find each other again one day.

Ambrose entered the area known as the Dungeon with time to kill. His brown eyes looked more rested than they had since he left the Florida beaches for the Academy. The resort was a perfect place for a retired Starfleet officer to open up shop, which is exactly what his grandfather had done. His father followed next after his own tour of the galaxy and made it a true family business. One day, it would be Arnie Ambrose's business to run. One day.

Ambrose's brown hair was slicked back in a way that Astrid said gave him a "haughty" look. It was the right look for now. Later on, he would change it something more military, more Starfleet.

He followed the instructions to the letter. Third door on the right. Four knocks, pause, four knocks. A slit opened to reveal inquisitive eyes.

"The fat man flies at midnight," said Ambrose in a plain tone.

The slit slammed shut and the door slid open. Ambrose walked in, a pile of poker winnings from the Academy in his satchel. He smiled at getting to play in the legendary StarBase 118 "underground" game. There was plenty of time to embrace the future; the present could not be ignored.

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The Vulcan male gazed impassively out of the window, barely registering the sparse traffic of shuttles and the occasional freighter making and leaving dock. His mind was fixed on his singular situation - the impending meeting with the anonymous contact, who had used a heavily encrypted subspace frequency to reach him. The message, in text format, had simply read:

Starbase 234

Stardate: 90582.27

1800 hours.

We have a proposition for you.

A mixture of logic, intrigue and lack of better things to do had led him here. He had arrived an hour ahead of time, as was his custom. His expansive mind raced with possible explanations, but with so little to go on his theories were spurious at best. This irked him - he did not like being unsure of anything.

There was one minute to go until the appointment was due to start. He continued to stare out into space, hands clasped behind his back and legs apart at shoulder width, finding calm solace in the infinite expanse before him.

He was of average height for a Vulcanoid and of slender build. Piercing obsidian eyes lay shadowed beneath the exaggerated brow of his species and his immaculate Auburn hair seemed to aid in drawing attention to them. A simple long tunic hung over his modest frame. His size belied an inexplicable strength of presence and power however, something which even the elders at the ShiKahr Academy had made note of.

You have a most curious effect on those around you, Sahriv.

It is both fascinating and concerning.

Setting aside that memory, the ever-present calculator in him mind told him that the time was now 1800 hours. He turned to face the door of the private lounge that had been set aside for him.

At that instant, the door slid open and a Vulcan female walked in.


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"I can't believe you aren't nervous", said the young man with the dark, curly hair with a measure of awe in his voice.

"Are you kidding?", questioned the dark haired beauty with a slight Russian accent. "I am a mess. I am just not going to let you see it." She laughed ever so slightly and

lowered her gaze.

"I know I am nervouse. Since the day I heard I was going to 118.", replied Suvi Ila.

"It's just another duty assignment", said the young man whom they had learned was from Tarsus IV. Generations ago, most of the population of his planet had been wiped out,

and apparently, the governor, who had been a distant relative of his, had played some part in it. His family had overcome alot of hurdles just to be able to move back to

their home world, and Charles had endured alot. He was a little hardened, but seemed to be phased by nothing.

"What are your plans for the last night on the Edison?"

Suvi smiled at the dark haired Betazoid. He was certainly friendly, and attractive, and funny, and apparently smart, and apparently the object of Tatiana's affection. They

had not said as much, but Suvi could sense that Tatiana had been trying to get Katon's attention for a while. There would be plenty of time to see how that developed since

they would all be on Starbase 118 for at least a year.

Suvi Ila just smiled. "I am going to bed early."

"Sounds like a plan", said Katon with a mock lecherous smile. Tatiana slapped the back of his head.

"Don't you ever stop?"

"Goodnight guys", said Suvi, rising to a chorus of goodnights.


"Lights", said Suvi Ila as she entered her quarters aboard the USS Edison, en route to Starbase 118 after four years in Star Fleet academy. The spartan guest crew quarters

bore no snese of familiarity. A backpack lying on a chair beside the bed was the only indication the room was occupied. Even though she had been on the Edison for two days

now, it wasn't evident in the room. The bed was perfectly made. There were no dishes left lying about. The PADD she had been reading was neatly back in her luggage.

She opened her pack and got her pajamas and her PADD. She would read some more before bed. First, however, she would call her Mother. She retrieved her brush from her

luggage and sat cross legged on the bed. She deftly tapped the PADD, and opened a communication channel to Suvi Marain Ila.

"Good evening, mother.", said Suvi with a smile.

"Dear", said her mother is reply, "I see you are going to bed early."

"I have to. I am so nervous. Katon wanted to do something, but I wouldn't have been able to focus on anything. We arrive in the morning and I want to be my best. Besides,

I think Tatiana likes him"

"You told me of Tatiana, but who is this Katon?"

"Katon Seraph. Betazoid cadet on his way to 118. I have actually some friends in the few days I have been on the Edison. Katon seems nice, but I don't want to step on Tat's


"That's wise, my dear. You have alot of time. And you are so young."

"How's father?"

"He sends his love. He is trying his hand at fiction again, and is off interviewing a doctor for background on his story."

"Mother, his archaeological writings are so well recieved. Why does he still want to write fiction?"

"He wants some exitement", laughed Marain.

Suvi laughed as she switched her brush to the other hand and began the slow stroked through her long auburn hair. It didn't surprise her mother that Suvi brushed her hair as

they spoke. It was their (almost) nightly ritual. Since her childhood, her mother had brushed Suvi's hair with the same long gentle strokes that Suvi now used on herself and

which she would undoubtedely use on her own daughter someday.

"Have you heard from Soberbia and Centello?"

"Your brother and sister have their own families now. We don't speak nearly as often as you and I do."

"I know. It just seems we are rarely all together anymore."

"We all have our own paths."

"Good night, mother."

"Good night, dear. Do well tomorrow."


"Amare", said Ila as she tapped the PADD off and continued to brush her hair. It was her nightly ritual.

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Greetings everyone,

This is my first post, but I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Udas and I'm an Andorian with a specialty in biological studies and small arm weaponry. I have my first training session tomorrow to begin the process of joining Starfleet, but I'm looking forward to meeting all of you.

Let me know what I need to know!

Best regards,


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Hey Udas! I'm Ed, I play Fleet Captain Diego Herrera and my main PNPC is an Andorian. :) I love the race and I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a copy of the Andorian 'episode' of the Star Trek relaunch novels (from the Star Trek: The Fall series) later in the year!

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