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"Arrival at StarBase 118" (Introduce your character here!)

FltAdml. Wolf

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He leaned his forehead against the viewport of the transport, his right hand subconsciously gripping the arm of his chair as Starbase 118 came within viewing distance. After four years of training, Mil was finally arriving for his Cadet Cruise. He smiled softly, his mind racing with the possibilities that waited ahead.

As the transport slowed, he watched the large inflow of space traffic into the station. Each vessel moved with precision and grace, efficiently into the traffic pattern and then their appropriate docking location. His Kerelian mind couldn't help but embrace the beauty of the precise movements of the vessels. Time seemed to pass quickly as he focused on this seemingly orchestral dance, and before he knew it he saw the light shifting as the transport entered the dock and landed.

He stood, and politely waited as many on the transport seem to be in a huge rush. He ran a hand through his medium length, black hair, instinctively giving a smile and friendly nod as people rushed down the aisle and out the door. As the transport cleared, he retrieved his bags and walked out on the deck.

Looking up, Mil saw the chronometer of the arrival dock and noted there was plenty of time to kill. He made his way up to the promenade, gazing amongst the patrons and stores. Then he spied a large crowd at a place called "The 8X8". Wandering over, he walked over to the entry way and could see the crowd gathered around a chess board.

A woman walked over to Mil and cleared her throat "If you want to watch David play, you'll have to pay."

Mil gave a smirk, his almost melodic voice full of flirtatious sarcasm "And when I come play, you'll pay to watch me, right?"

The woman frowned, clearly not amused and held out a PADD. Mil kept smirking, responding "All business huh?" before pressing his thumb to the device. He wandered in and observed the game, awaiting the start of the cruise.

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Guest Gareth Lightstalker

The shuttle journey from the Galiant was a little rougher than I had hoped for, it left me a little queesy. I left my seat and visited the rest room. I splashed some water on my face to make myself feel better. Looking in the mirror I saw that clean shaven face I always saw. Oh Gareth what have you gotten yourself into now, I thought to myself. You had to intervene in a small issue with some starfleet cadets and a small group of cardassians. Four years later I'm on a shuttle to Starbase 118.

So I have a bit of time to kill before my briefing on the holodeck and decided to grab a coffee. Wondering the corridors of the station I finally found the promanade to the commercial sector. I looked around and found a small little bar named Sacha's. Hoping they served coffee I entered. I was imediaely overwhelmed with negaive emotions from the patrons. The noise was beginning to become to much, I thought I was going to feint but I felt a hand on my shoulder telling me to breath slow and steady. But it was all to much.

I came round in sick bay. Great start to your training assignment. Your probly late and you didn't even get that coffee.

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Both cadets William Nydale and Marrissa Ansell both steeped off the transport together. They had meet years back but only briefly in a class that they both had together about basic warp theory. It wasn't particularly his cup of tea but he did know from the short time that they had known each other during their first year at the academy that Marrissa had a passion for warp drive design. Now almost four years latter had they met again simply just because they had been seated together on the transport. William on the other hand had more of an interest in the starfleet intelligence and counter intelligence departments. More specifically the potential for holographic technology within the intelligence community. Given his vast experience in advanced holographic theory he felt that he could make a large difference to the well being and security of starfleet. Like the old saying went "knowledge is power, and its intelligence that regulates that power."

Marrissa stopped mid sentence and slowly looked around the space station. Her eyes where wide with wonder. "I cant believe how big this station is."

"Its no bigger than any other station I've been on" Will stated with a smirk.

"Oh really now?" Marrissa said putting her fists on her hips. "And just how many space stations have you been on?"

"If i do recall i would have to say this is my..." Will stopped for a moment and pretended to think long and hard. "First time being on any station."

Marrissa laughed and gave William a light and playful shove on the shoulder. "How much time do we have till we have to report?"

"We have about an hour and a half before we need to make our way to the holodeck."

Marrissa sighed with relief. "Thank god, I'm starving. What about you?"

William readjusted his duffel bag onto his shoulder. "I'm not hungry, but if you like i could come with you and help you find a place to eat."

"Sounds good to me. Know of anywhere particular?"

"Yea actually, Orion Risa pub and grill. Its down two levels and then down the walkway on the right."

Marrissa looked at William with a little bit of surprise. "You sure you have never been here before?"

"Positive, i looked over the layout of the station before we left the academy."

Marrissa was smirking herself as the two of them walked to the turbolift. "You know if I didn't know any better I would say you where a vulcan."

William laughed softly. "Oh believe me I'm no vulcan."

Down in the restaurant both William and Marrissa sat at one of the many open side tables. Marrissa had ordered a bowl of chicken alfredo, along with a glass of white wine that William recommended would go well with the dish. He had ordered was a glass of water that he hadn't touched for the entire meal. All he had done was listen to Marrissa talk at length about new advancements in warp technology and warp theory. "As you can see, it would be a huge increase in power output from the power relays."

William smiled and noded his head. "I can see that."

"You didn't understand one word of that entire tangent did you?" She said smiling

"You lost me after "did you hear about the new..." everything after that was almost compleatly over my head."

Marrissa softly laughed and her checks went a little red from embarrassment. "Sorry, some times I just keep talking and talking"

William smiled and chuckled. "Its alright don't worry about it."

After a few moments of silence and of Marrissa finishing the last bite of her meal she broke the silence with a question. "What about you?"

William was a little surprised by the question. "What do you mean?"

"You know what do you think you'll find at starfleet intelligence? And whats this about holograms playing a larger role in gathering intelligence?"

William readjusted in his seat at the table. "It's honestly just a theory that i have about surveillance and gathering more data more reliably."

Marrissa sipped the wine from her glass and smiled. "By how? Sending in a hologram to pose as a person's best friend, or maybe as their prize winning bonsai tree on their desk?

William could see where this was going. He had seen it at least a few dozen times during his training at the academy. "Actually, that's the basic idea yes."

"I hate to burst your bubble Will, but honestly doubt it'll work."

William kept his emotional responses under control. "Oh really, and why is that?"

"Well for one I'm almost certain that they would of tried that and i cant see how it would work."

William kept his face as calm as he could. He even forced a smile. "Please, explain."

Marrissa took another sip from her glass. "Just think about it people that are best friends pick things up about the others habits, about their friends views and thought about particular topics. A hologram wouldn't be able to reproduce all of the small details. Their programing is to limited. People would catch on faster then you would think William."

"Really? You think so?"

"I really do William."

William gave a heavy sigh and looked Marrissa in the eyes. Suddenly his body seemed to for a moment disappear and then it reappeared. But the person that Marrissa had been talking to was no longer the William Rydale she had been talking to at all, it was her. It was like looking into a mirror everything about her was duplicated in perfect detail. Her red hair, her uniform, even the small and faint scar she had on her chin was there. All of it.

After a few moment's of silence William restored his original appearance. Back to his black hair and gray eyes. The slender build that was of Marrissa was back to the lean and muscular man that she had come to know. Still sitting in silence she just looked at William in complete shock and disbelief.

William rose from his seat at the table and gathered his things. As he was about to leave he looked down to Marrissa and quietly said to her. "Good luck with the last bit of training Marrissa. I'm sure you'll get any of the postings you want, you are a truly gifted engineer."

William walked a few feet away when Marrissa spoke to him "William."

He turned to se her standing at the table. "Yes?"

She was looking for the words in her head. "Good luck to you too. I'm sure your theory will make starfleet proud."

He turned around and walked out the door to the pub and started his walk back to the turbolift. As he did so he smiled. That was the first time anyone had wished him luck

Name: William Rydale

Race: Sentient Hologram

Age of Program: 25 years

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FltAdml. Wolf kindly showed me that my hologram character cant be played. I actually misread/misinterpreted the races that are acceptable in play. My apologies. I hate double posting but hopefully the new character that i have come up with will be just as fun lol. Here it goes

Quilliam, or "Books" as he had become known as, was hardly aware that the transport shuttle was on its final leg of the long trip to the space station. Books was finishing the last few chapters of the new novel his mother had sent him from earth. Not just some PADD with a story on it, but an actual real book. Most if not all of the cadets at the academy had never seen a real book before, and most had just laughed when he would ask the replicators at the academy for a paper bound book containing the course material. There was just something about holding a real book that always reminded him of home. It was more than likely because he had grown up around so many of them when he was younger. Ever since he could remember his lap and hands were filled with some big dusty tome holding story of adventure. His great, great, great, great grandfather had been a publisher for a number of authors during his time, and he would always somehow managed to keep his hands on a first edition copy of their books to add to his library. The library had become in a way, a large heirloom to the family. Each son adding his own books to the now massive collection and as their father passed away his son would inherit the responsibility of caring for them as their son would add books to it. The library was almost in a way, kind of like a family pet. A pet that had now close to nine thousand different limbs to it. As books slowly became old fashioned and where replaced by the use of PADD's the books being added to it had slowed almost to a complete halt. In fact the only reason it had grown at all in recent years was because of him sending his books back home after he was done with them. Sometimes he would chuckle a little to himself that his copy of Basic Warp Design and Theory for First Year Cadets was on the same shelving that held a copy of The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, or The Adventures of Huckleberry Fin and other prized literature.

Most of his family were still publishers for some very prestigious and award winning holo-novelists back on earth. His younger brother Steven was being groomed by his father to take over the business for when he retired in a few years. He was actually kind of surprised at how well his family had taken the news that he had decided to join starfleet. In fact, both his parents were almost overjoyed with the whole idea. When he had asked his father if he was disappointed in him for not taking over the business his father simply said "son, we publish adventures. You'll be living them." Those where the final words of encouragement that he needed to hear, ensuring him that he had made the right choice.

"Hey Books, you've got to see this station. It's HUGE."

Books glanced out the corner of his eyes to the small view port to his left side, then focused back at the page of text he was reading. "Yea I can see, its massive." He muttered lackadaisically.

"Oh come on Books, you didn't even look." Kelly, the female cadet sitting next to him, lightly shoved his shoulder. "Look at the size of that thing."

Knowing how she was, Books quickly found the bookmark he was using and slid it between the pages he was on and put the book back into his duffel bag almost like it was some priceless artifact. "I hope you appreciate this, I was just about to find out who killed the butler."

Kelly looked at him with an odd look. "I thought the butler was the one always responsible in those things?"

Books laughed as he unbuckled and climbed over to the small view port. "Kelly you have warp theory down pact, but you've got a lot to learn when it comes to good literature." He peered out the view port and softly added. "From the looks of it, I'd say we both have a lot more to learn about starfleet."

Kelly's eyes stared out the view port taking in the sheer size of the massive starbase. "I hope there is someplace good to eat on that thing, Im starving."

Books smirked and kept looking out the window. "Here we are standing at the doors to the known universe and all you can think of is where to find a salad?"

Kelly rolled her eyes. "I'll have you know that I don't always get a salad."

This time it was Books that rolled his eyes. "I just hope they have some descent coffee."

They both laughed softly to themselves as the computers voice came over the shuttles intercom. "On finalized approach to starbase 118. All cadets take your seats." As Books climbed back over to his seat and began to re-buckle himself, the words that his father spoke to him echoed in his mind. "Son, we publish adventures, you'll be living them." Those words were the most powerful gift that his father could have ever given him.

As the docking clamps took hold of the shuttle the voice of the helmsman came over the shuttles intercom. "Welcome to starbase 118 cadets, and good luck."

Name: Quilliam "Books" Bardwell

Race: Human

Age: Twenty Five

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Guest selocon

Tyler Morrigan sighed as he stared out at space, he gave up a life of luxury for this. All his life he grew up rich, yet he was willing to quit his father's law firm after only 2 years for an opportunity in star fleet. Three butlers, a personal driver, all the money a person could want. All that came from the joint work of all three of his dad's sibling, the four of them had joined a small lawfirm into an international bussiness. Yet the oldest son of the main owner never wanted to go into being a lawyer, he wanted to explore space.

The shuttle arrived at the star base, and Tyler disembarked, along with three different cadets, he really wanted to find his quaters and settle in, but he knew it wouldn't happen. He managed to find his quarters without getting lost, and he went straight to the mirror. He saw the same face looking back at him, the tan skin of someone who liked working outside, the light blue eyes that looked like they might shatter if he wasn't careful, the light stubble surrounding his face was unbroken, and he knew he would have to shave again soon. His eyes traveled down the image in the mirror to the edge of his collar, where the silver chai of his necklace peeked out. He pulled the necklace out of the hiding place and stared at it, three charms hanging out of it reminded him of his family at home, a wife and two young sons, he said he would come home, and he would.

Hran a hand through his sandy blonde hair, which was long, and nearly touched his collar. "Again! I just cut my hair last week!" He wanted to be the best he could be, expecially after nearly failing out of the academy three times. His parents didn't approve of his carreer choice, especially his father. He knew if it wasn't for starfleet, he might not be here, especially since he would be stuck in a dead-end job of being a lawyer otherwise.

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I arrive at starbase118. I head over to the computer to find the holodeck.

"Computer how do I get to the holodeck?"

"So you're a new cadet..." someone says behind me. I turn startled.

"Yes I am. Can you tell me how to get to the holodeck please."

"I'll show the way."

"Sounds logical... Thank you."

"No problem. So are you a cadet also?"

"No i recently graduated i was headed to the holodeck anyway."


Finally we arrived at the holodeck.

Fast facts:

Species: Vulcan

Sex: Female

Name: Tina

Height: 5ft 2in

Hair color: Black

Eye color: Brown

Mother: Human

Father: Vulcan

Trained in Vulcan ways by her father.

Left Vulcan instead of going to Vulcan Science Academy

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Long gone are the lush green hills of his home, now he is surrounded by the cold sterile metal and plastic of a ship. Honestly he does not care, yes Gabriel loved his home but this was his life, his drive, his desire. He would see his home again So he was not worried. Rnning a hand through his short dark hear he stepped off the shuttle and realized he had plenty of time before his cadet cruse was to to start.

Turning down a hall he headed to the prominade looking to find something to eat. What sounded good was some steack and boiled potatos and he wondered if any of the shops would have what he wanted. Seeing a Starfleet Lt Gabriel Walked up to him.

Gabriel: Excuse me Sir do you happen to know if any of these shops specilize in Earth food?

The Lt. smiles at the cadet.

Lt: Sre thing go down a bot half way and you will find a place called The Earther. Best Earth food around.

Gabriel thanks the Lt and walks down the prominade.

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At the medical exam on the Starbase 118:

Medic : Next, please !

Dade enters the room.

Medic : Dade Triston, right?

Dade: Yes, may I wash my hands before we continue ? I was eating.

Medic: Of course. (let me take a look on his file)

Dade Triston, 25

Attended to Engineering school, specialized on Eletromagnetics

5ft 8 1/2 inch

black hair

Medic: (Is he still washing his hands?)Are you done?

Dade: Sorry, I'm ready.

Medic: (I think he may have some cleanning obsessive) Ok, lay down here.

Dade: (Need to call dad when I get out from here. Hate medics. I think he's table is pretty messy. What's that? an analog watch? I think it's broken. I'll fix it, my father have an antique watches shop on Earth. What time is it? This guy is a little strange. [...], need to take that book to that library. The broken watch is bothering me. I wonder if my father needs help, my brother is lazy. This bed is unconfortable. The watch is really [...]ing me. This is taking a while. Ok, stop thinking ! Man, I have to fix that watch)
Medic: We are done Mr. Triston.

Dade: Ahn, Dr. may I see your watch?

Medic: ?? ... yes, of course.

Dade: It's broken.

Medic: It was my mother's watch, it's broken on a time she saved my life.

Dade: May I fix it?

Medic: No! Mr. Triston, we're done.

Dade:But it's broken.

Medic: Mr. Triston, please, leave it there.

Dade:Ok ! I'm sorry

Medic:(He looks troubled, it's difficult to start out on a place so different from the place he came) Wait, I need to take a break, I'll show you around.

Dade: Ok, Doc !

Medic: Just leave the watch untouched haha

Dade: haha got it.

They both leave the room and start walking and chatting.

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The woods are lovely dark and deep..

djale had rolled off the sleeping mat as quietly as he could so as not to disturb Sada or Inaja, the other two corners of Aja Alon, his triad. The last warm tendrils of The Embrace had been still coiled around the center of his brain, as they always were, as they were for every Deltan. So as a

parting gesture he reached out again from that very private part of his mind and tenderly embraced his ajami, who then responded from that deep comfortable place of semi-consciosuness after the Embrace which every Deltan knew so well. His ajami responded in kind, without

giving any outward sign that their sleep had been interrupted.

That morning it had been very difficult to let go of that embrace,both the physical one and the much closer one which he had just shared yet again with them."No" he caught himself ".. new morning, new beginnings" and chose at least for that moment to not dwell any more on that topic.

He stretched his long muscular frame up to its full 1.9 meter height and filled his lungs with the sweet pre-dawn air. Having taken in his first breath,he immediately dove down to offer the morning postures to the day that lay ahead. In the dim light of the sleeping chamber he had been barely visible, rather he had resembled some sort of smoky ghost or shadow, as only a ghost

or shadow could have moved so effortlessly through such seemingly impossible, physical contortions.

As he had finished, he had looked up at the sky,and realized that he had time to spare.. The sun would have been rising soon and it would break over the jungle forest that lay beneath the stonehouse any minute, but not as of that moment. He paused and looked out at the vast dark shadow that was the guamar Inaj, the Inaj forest. That jungle had always represented an almost religious holiness for Djale. Especially at that time of day in the predawn gloom. Filled with the unknown, both benign and malevolent. Forces both beneficial and destructive, and
not being able to truly see them, only encounter them.

His eyes then tracked up again as they caught a movement up in the sky above the jungle, and he saw the first glimmers of new day light reflect off the obviously artificial object he knew was hanging in orbit above him. It had occurred to him at that moment that this too was another jungle,

waiting for him. He paused for another brief moment, then moved on to prepare for this new day.

But I have promises to keep.....

The official swearing in ceremony for Starfleet cadets had finishedabout an hour ago, about a kilometer away from where djale now sat. He got a tremble down his back and wondered as he glanced around the cool, icy blue of the waiting room how many of the other cadets were aware
of existence of this oath taking ceremony.

He had already taken the verbal oath, that very first day at the Federation recruiting center in ijleati, on Delta. No sooner had he put down his very small, awkward travel bag, then the PADD had been thrust in front of him and he had been directed to repeat those words that would always and indelibly be a part of his shifa, his soul-

"I solemnly swear to abide by the Federation policy for Deltans serving in Starfleet." The words burned like hot coals in his mouth as he began to understand what he was sacrificing to enter this jungle."I do hereby promise to accept the chemical, physical and logistic restrictions that
have been provided as a given necessity to uphold this oath. I do hereby declare that I make this oath voluntarily and without duress." "Those were words, and that moment was now three weeks ago." he had thought to himself as he sat in this unfamiliar room. "Today", he had said to himself quietly as he sat there, "Today I pay for those words"

("djale alon, procedure room 5"), the computer announced in cold,sterile Deltan, which by its description could not be real Deltan at all. If there had indeed been a greater profanity than to hear
the beautiful, flowing, living, breathing, encircling Deltan tongue served up frozen,impersonal and artificial like this room, djale had decided he had no example.

He had then slowly walked down the hall and entered the procedure room.It had been in every way as cold as the waiting room. The only obvious place to sit had been the very large surgical couch in the middle of the room. djale decided he would accept whatever happened, but it was a weak decision.

"You understand then what is involved with the insertion of the bio-suppresive implants?" the slender graceful woman who had silently entered the room asked him. Startled,but having recovered quickly, he had been momentarily at a loss to decide which was the greater crime;

the horrendous voluntary self-mutilation which he was preparing to undergo,or the fact that it was going to be a Deltan woman, this sweet delightful beauty who was now standing before him, who was indeed the individual who would be performing the deed?

"Yes....I....want...", and then Deltan physician had made a quick motion with her arm, and then
placed the anesthetic hypospray down on the procedure table.

Many days later he had opened his eyes and found himself in a very similar room. djale had been completing his xenopathology residency and was preparing another Deltan beauty for her entry into StarFleet academy. He felt the Surge building within him, within her as well as she had

recognized him as a Deltan. And yet as quickly as the pheremones and their minds had been ready to spill, to merge with everything else, he had regained his composure and had turned away to

face his instruments.

"You understand then what is involved...what is involved...with the insertion of the bio-suppressive
implants?" he had asked too quickly, stuttered, and had immediately felt sorry for it..
~wait, please wait...~ she had implored at that point. with her heart, with her hands, with her mind. djale for the second time that day, almost nearly lost himself. Instead, he chose to respond in the best way that he could, the most Deltan way that he could, having been unconcerned for the ramifications of what was an obvious breach of his oath. What had helped him regain his composure at that instant was what djale saw in her. He had seen the fear, the apprehension-and
yet saw the character, the courage,the resolve to sacrifice all of what it meant for her to be part of an aja, to be Deltan...for what was being offered to her...to be part of this even bigger ajma, family. to be given the immense black jungle laid out above them.

~hai ajali, yes little lover~ he whispered with his mind, with his shifa, as only one Deltan could to another, regardless of the consequences. "Is it worth it?" she had whispered then with her voice, as if having remembered where she and he were.Part sadness, Part irony, Part hope he had smiled sharing all those emotions at once ,"It's too early to tell",he had then made a quick motion with his arm, and then placed the hypospray down on the table.

And miles to go before I sleep.......

".....four years, several hundred light years and here I am."

djale picked up the tumbler with the dark amber liquid in it and took a slow, measured sip, allowing the slow steady flavor to make its way to the back of his throat. Waiting, anticipating the burn, the chaos of flavor that always came at the end. Which then slowly dissolved into a warmth
that dissipated far too quickly, but for a few moments anyway...... What an absolutely perfect liquid this invention called whiskey!!!.

He glanced around the establishment , having felt very fortunate for his choice of this place which was well off the beaten path in the Hong Kong neighborhood of the commerical sector. The "I Ching" was a very non-assuming looking place from the outside, with perhaps two or three
patrons in total having entered since djale had entered himself some two and a half hours previously.

The Orion bartender, who's name he had been fairly certain was something like Tri'la or Tri'al...well she hadn't moved from the same spot behind the bar for over two hours. It didn't matter that djale had shared very little conversation, that he had mostly sat in silence other than the previous forty minutes or so. She had smiled when he had walked in, and had continued to smile throughout the time he spent in the I Ching. A smile that tried but failed to hide more than a little expectation.

He had glanced in the mirror behind the bar, looking at the face that stared back. His dark , almost ebony skin really had aged very little in four years. The deep amber hazel eyes betrayed very little of the complex emotion that had enwrapped him constantly from the start of this process. that wrapped him even now. that would continue to wrap him. He had looked at the bartender then

as she looked at him, as she smiled at him, and very briefly he had tried to imagine them as just two regular strangers meeting in a bar. As quickly,he was forced, forced himself back to his promise. He remembered though that as long as he remained in Starfleet, that the deeper part of who he was, who he would always be would for very large periods of time be closed to him. His choice, his deep and lovely woods came with promises he had to keep, andthere were still so many miles to go......

She was stunning, as most Orion woman were. He sat looking at her and was for the briefest moment envious of her as an Orion. He could feel the attraction that she generated, and yet there were no restrictions on her in that regard. Perhaps though, he had finally come to the point ,
where he was prepared to at least accept where he was, and be greatful for that.

He smiled then briefly, part sadness, part irony , part hope. A smile that he had shard briefly with another, not so very longbefore this day. The Orion, who came to the conclusion that her unasked question was finally being answered was met with another smile and a shake of his head. "Miles to go before I sleep" he said quietly to her. and picked up his travel bag.

And before he really had another moment to ruminate on this , his PADD alarm was ringing off.

("All Cadets are reminded to arrive at Holodeck 9,Level12/Tower 4 Fleet Operations Command no later than 1600 hours for final briefing and cadet cruise ship assignment.")

djale alon checked his chronometer, ,finished his drink in one swallow, gave the bartender another final smile, and walked out to face the next jungle.

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oO Stardate 239004.02. The first day of the rest of your life. Keep breathing. You’ve made it this far. What could possibly go wrong now? Oo

SHUTTLE PILOT: “How long are you going to wait around here?”

Ryan sat in the same seat he had been sitting in for the last hour now. On the same shuttle that had brought him to StarBase 118 that had already landed twenty minutes ago. He pulled a short brown stray hair off of the shoulder of his cracked brown leather coat before he let his hands fall to his lap, curling together against his black slacks. The coat had been his fathers before him and you could still smell a hint of whiskey that had stained it after years and years of it being practically soaked in the stuff. Not to say his father was an alcoholic. It was more that the coat had been passed down to the first born male of his family line since the early 2000’s if his father had the right of it and if there
was one thing the first born males of his family loved more than that coat it was drinking. Or his father was an alcoholic. In reality it was a
far more likely explanation considering a jacket that old….

SHUTTLE PILOT: “Excuse me? I’m talking to you!”

Ryan looked up, his hazel eyes registering the shuttle pilot as if for the first time. He was about 5ft 11. About fifty to seventy pounds
overweight for a man of his height. His outfit was clearly purchased about twenty pounds ago, making it fit far too tight around his gut. It
was likely a side effect from piloting a shuttle for so long.

Ryan was several inches shorter than the pilot and a healthy weight for his height. He looked fairly average. Soft features, cleanly shaven, not
particularly athletic, not particularly handsome. Just plain. His hair was a touch too long for his liking, the bangs hanging down just
slightly into his line of vision although not blocking his eyes. It was the little individual hairs that crept into view every so slightly. He
brushed them away absently and they immediately fell back into his vision again.

RYAN: “Can I help you?”

The pilot paused for a moment, shocked by the question and attempting some sort of coherent response. Ryan blinked twice and then turned his head slightly to the side.

RYAN: “Look. I’m sorry. Now’s a bad time. Could you come back in maybe an hour?”

The pilot paused again, whatever sentence he had previously prepared to deliver obliterated by the utterly incomprehensible response.

SHUTTLE PILOT: “Come back? What are you..? YOU are on MY shuttle! Now get off before I haul your skinny [...] out of here.”

It was now Ryan’s turn to be taken back. Utterly unable to understand how he found himself on this man’s bad side. It was just another in a series of situations he found himself in that he just couldn’t simply explain. How he graduated from the academy, for instance. How he found himself at odds with his family and their odd customs. How he managed to shatter a wine bottle while uncorking it and inadvertently showering his date in wine the night before….

SHUTTLE PILOT: “Ok. You are getting off. Right now.”

Ryan picked himself up off of the floor as the shuttle doors closed behind him. He looked around at the people swarming the pathways ahead of him. He slowly made his way along with them. He headed towards the holodeck, taking his time and moving deliberately through the crowd. It was always better to be early than to be late. The early bird catches the worm. A good beginning makes a good ending. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Business before….

PEDESTRIAN: “Hey! Watch it!”

…And here we go again.

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Starbase 118 - Full Circle:

Cadet Kydo

Kydo's smile filled her face with the joy, pleasure and ease she had been seeking. She was due, in a couple hours, to visit the Holodeck Briefing for the all important Cadet's Cruise, necessary for her assignment to a fleet posting. Like her fellow classmates, she had felt the burden of this last important exam. An opportunity to explore the entertainment sector had been welcome. She wanted to be around people, people enjoying themselves, and soak in the pleasure of those around her.

A Saurian mother and daughter had just walked past, on their way back to a more serious world, most likely, but for now they were clearly filled with fresh memories of the joys of an afternoon of fun in the entertainment sector. The little innocent girl's mirth was paticularly intoxicating, as Kydo welcomed the emotions in, empathically. A giggle played accross Kydo like a happy sonnet, arousing the attention of other passerby's... especially one male. She wasn't certain his species, but he was certainly... "checking her out".

Kydo suppressed a grin as she brushed a wave of blonde hair over her shoulders, that held a sizeable bust on her slim figure, contained neatly within her Cadet Medical uniform. She considered herself to be pretty by most Federation standards, the attention she has got in the Academy had made certain of that assumption, and being Argellian had only seemed to reinforce that notion. She was proud of her race's heritage, though that pride came with more than a few entanglements of pain she kept hidden most of the time. Kydo smiled at the gentleman, feeling his interest, but not desiring to lead this anywhere, she sent a silent thank you for the flattered attention, and continued on her way.

The encounter, that had just taken place, if it could be glorified to such a status, reminded her of stories her mother had told her. Her mother and father were native born Argellians, typical of their kind. Unfortunately, Kydo had no recollection of her father. He had died in an accident on Argelius, while her mother was pregnant with her. The short story was that a handsome Starfleet Medical Officer found this pregnant Argelian most attractive, and the gaze they shared, like the one Kydo had just experienced, had went from innocent attraction to the bonds of marriage. When this Starfleeter left the planet, he took his bride with him. Kydo was soon born afterwards, far from her native planet.

Kydo shook her head, intent on keeping pleasant memories in her head and not dwelling, for the time being, on the struggles that followed her development into the adult she was now. The irony however of advancing forward in a career of Starfleet Medical, like her step father - a full circle of sorts, was sufficient to return the mirth to Kydo's spirit, for now.

The time for her exam, was quickly spent in peace and joy. Now for the exam.
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(Shuttle 13)

Deeva was anxiously pushing herself against her seat. She normally doesn't get intimidated by much, but there was a first time for everything. After her finals exams in the Starfleet Academy, she was starting to actually doubt herself and her future career choice - getting the lowest scores she have ever had was definitely not in her plans, specially at the end of her Cadet life.

The slim andorian glazed through the shuttle and noticed that some other cadets looked even more frighten, what brought a smile to her face. Looking through the view hole, she could see Starbase 118 becoming close. After a long breath, she closed her eyes. It was time to put all her recent problems away and focus on finally becoming a Federation Officer.

(Starbase 118 - Docking Bay 21)

As stepping out of shuttle, Deeva was disappointed with the lack of a greeting party. She wasn't expecting banners and baloons, but someone to welcome the new cadets and direct them to the Holodecks would be nice.

oO So I guess we are all on our own Oo she thought while she puller her long white hair to the right side. oO What kind of challenges will we be exposed to? Oo

She saw a group of cadets from her class head all together outside the Docking Bay.

Deeva: "Hey guys! Hey! Wait for me!" - it was impossible to ignore that tall Andorian girl yelling. They looked back.

Liry: "C'mon Deeva. We only have half an hour before the briefing and we really wanna check out The Promenade!"

Liry was the trill that shared an apartment with Deeva during their last year at the Academy. Her eyes were so bright that everyone could see that she would noticed that she was very happy to be there.

Deeva: "Ahmm.. I think I will go straight to the Holodecks area... you know how I am, I might get lost and I really don't wanna be late for the briefing. I will give no reasons for them to not approve me. But you guys have fun!" she replied sounding a bit awkward. When the group left, Deeva walked towards one of the computer systems.

Deeva: "Computer, where are the Holodecks located?"

Computer: "Starbase 118 has Holodecks located from deck 1702 to 1743."

oO Glad I took some extra time to get there..."

Deeva: "Where are the Holodecks designated to Starfleet Academy?"

Computer: "Starfleet Academy Holodecks are located from deck 1735 to 1743."

oO That makes it a little bit easier... Oo

Deeva turned towards the turbolifts at the end of the docking bay. Although she didn't perform well over the last few months, she was now ready to take on her new life. And, this time, no one would influence her.

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The admissions point for the transport from Earth was a bustle of activity. Bryan MacRae cast his eyes over the assembled throng of individuals. He could make out traders, civilians and several Starfleet cadet uniforms – extremely similar to the one he had within his luggage.

He had arrived on Starbase One-One-Eight to attend his cadet cruise but had chosen to arrive a few days earlier to get accustomed to the station – the sights, the sounds and, more importantly, the people...and this was far easier when not dressed as a Starfleet cadet. He was just going to be another average human amongst the crowd.

MacRae approached the security station and handed him the PADD with his travel authorization. “Here you go.”

“Thank you, sir. Please, this way.” The guard directed him to the retina scanner. MacRae placed one of his grey-blue eyes against the unit and saw the rapid flash of the scanner beam. He blinked away the momentary spots in his vision and turned back towards the security officer who was looking at a security console displaying what should be matching identity documents. “Can you confirm your date of birth for me please, sir?”

“Stardate two-three-six-two, zero-one point two-four. Is everything alright?” MacRae asked as the guard handed back his PADD. He stowed it back in his luggage.

“Yeah, it's just you weren't expected for a few days.”

“I thought I'd try and get a feel for the station. I'm told it's quite the hive of activity.”

“That might be understating things a bit, always something going on.” The guard responded.

“Anything you can recommend?”

“Depends what you're after. The Promenade has just about everything you might want...or there's The Dungeon – but I'm sure that wouldn't interest you.”

“Dungeon, huh? Well, I'm sure I'll find my way. Thank you.” MacRae re-shouldered his bag and made his way to the turbolift. He squeezed his way in and began his decent to the commercial sector of the base.


Compared to the promenade the bustle of the docking bay seemed like a morgue. Even compared to some of the busier sections of San Francisco it was incredible - such a melting pot of races, cultures, languages and people.

He noted a bar with seating facing out onto the concourse and took a seat. He sat, resting his elbow on the counter and his chin in his hand, and observed the crowd moving and shifting as if it was one massive organism. There was something about people and the way they behaved that simply fascinated him. So different and yet so very much the same, you just had to look closely and learn the science - and he had learnt the science.

The waitress came over and took his order for a drink, an Andorian ale - maybe it should have been a whisky but he was sure he'd find a nice taste of home somewhere. She returned moments later with the drink and placed it down in front of him. “You're new to the station aren't you?” She enquired.

“Is it that obvious?”

“You're carrying a bag and I don't recognize you.”

He looked down at the bag. “Well spotted. I guess you must do a lot of people watching in your job?”

“It's the only way to really know what's going on.” She said with a wink.

“Amen.” MacRae replied, raising his glass. “Thanks for the drink.”

“You're welcome...welcome to Starbase One-One-Eight.”


Cadet Bryan MacRae

Currently Aboard Starbase 118

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Guest Guest

Exiting the shuttle craft via the airlock Burn quickly jumped out of the way to avoid the rush of passengers disembarking. Checking his wrist unit he quickly realized he now had several hours to burn before holo-training was set to begin. Burn experimented by jumping up and down. He quickly realized that even after four years on Earth at tbe Academy he still was'nt used to the heavier grlooked avity. Almost preternaturaly tall and gaunt, cadet Washburn,if not for a rosy coloring wpuld look cadaverish. A short mop of black hair covered a head slowly losing the battle to baldness. Uncaring of such vain issues Burn looked up the nearest replmat and made a beeline for a hot cup of martian blend, and if lucky a Boston cream pie pastry. Definetly the one thing he was gonna miss from his time on Earth. After only a few minutes he realized that the chairs in at least this areq werecnot made fot tall humans from the artificial gravity of Mars. Standing clear he decided the best way to make an impression was to be early for the tests. . Lord knows there's nothing better to do with his time remaining.

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Finn rubbed the undersides of his hands on the back of his freshly pressed uniform from a mixture of anxiety and excitement. He had made it through the, 'Yes Sir's,' and, 'No Sirs' accompanied by the stringent studies of what it took to be a StarFleet officer. God, he couldn't believe he was doing this. Finn flicked his tongue out across his lower and upper lips to moisten them feeling the scar that he had received in a small training incident that didn't heal quite right and caused him to look into the shiny metallic reflection of himself from a nearby shuttle.

Staring back at him was a man he didn’t recognize, as his face had squared out a bit more, having matured, and he now had a strong jaw. Even his medium cut and lightly tousled dark blond hair seemed different as he gazed into his almond shaped, grey colored eyes. Determinedly seeking that semblance of his prior self that still remained under all the training that he had under gone to join the ranks of StarFleet... all of it, to impress and simultaneously gain the admiration and possible love of Nathaniel Thatcher. A great friend who inspired him to go with him and together left to join the Marines. God they were such great friends, he could only wonder if they would be stationed aboard the same vessel now as their transport pulled up in front of them and came to a halt, his peers clamored excitedly about him as they stepped into their ride and began filling the empty seats. However, the person he was, if he was still there, was being elusive.

Truth be told, he didn’t opt in for the same courses, and instead applied himself towards Tactical and Operations leaving him with a toned and athletic physique and the boy that had entered the academy four years ago had vanished.

Murphy, Murphy,” bellowed a big voice from the crowd, “hey!” Suddenly a large hand landed on his right shoulder and turned him about from the foggy reflection of the person that stood behind him, “Hey man. Didn’t you hear us calling you?”

It was Lowery, another cadet that he had become acquainted with during their training at the academy, “I was thinking.” Out from behind Lowery in the boisterous crowd stepped Wallin and Rice, “Come on or we will miss the best seats!” With a slight shrug of his shoulders, Finn dismissed their excitement, “Even so; you really want to sit in a pill box, packed shoulder to shoulder, waiting a few hours before heading out,” Finn quirked his right eyebrow for extra emphasis as he looked about one eighteen.

Besides, this could be the last time in a while that we have to relax.”

Edited by Finn Murphy
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*Sahara walks in she being fascinated by her new life looks around, her inner-child instinct somewhat emerging from inside and she shimmers a bright smile of excitement. She sets her backpack, lacrosse stick, and vera-bradley duffel bag down and speaks aloud to herself.* "Wow, so this is my new adulthood?! This is just an amazing lifestyle, I won't be able to do all I want in a couple of hours! Oh I'm just thankful that I'll have like a lifetime to explore this place." *She then blinks and composes herself.*

*Sahara being fresh from under Captain Kirk's wings then gathers her luggage and begins to walk. Her lacrosse stick in one hand, her duffel bag on a shoulder, and her backpack being supported by both shoulders. She wonders, keeping to herself, and she comes across the small desk with the cabin assignments. She opens the unsupervised 5" binder and finds her name.* "Higarashi, Sahara...Cabin 137...." *Sahara then looks up towards the long halls and then speaks aloud to herself once more. "Okay, so it shouldn't be that hard....maybe..." *Her hazel(green-gold and blue mixed) eyes grow only wider and she walks down the hallway with the sign of "Cabins 100-200" on the right side of the wall. She finally finds her cabin after what seems to be hours, but are only minutes of looking, and she then enters, putting her things neatly away.*

*After her things are neat, she grabs the cabin key and leaves to go scavenging for a place to snack at. She wonders through the main area in search for a place that could catch her eye. The place that did catch her eye was a cute little lunch place with a salad and pasta bar. She smiles walking towards it. When she walks up into the line, she stands behind a young man, Cadet Landon Briggs. This cadet has a dark, sandy blonde, almost full brunette hair color/texture, and beautiful blue eyes. His smile is a white pearly smile, and he turns towards Sahara and speaks.*

"Are you new too?"

*Sahara nods confused but she speaks anyways.* "Yes, what about you? Any rank?"

*Landon chuckles* "Calm down, I am new as well. But I must hurry, you know the briefing thing...Good luck, and talk soon."

*The cadet gathers his food, and then journeys off into the crowd of people and it was then Sahara turns back towards the sales counter to pay for her tray of plain noodles with the topping option of powdered Parmesan cheese, and a side cup of butter along with a water to drink. She pays the cashier and then gathers her food, returning to her cabin to eat in peace.*

*Later that evening, Sahara prepares herself for the reporting to the holodeck for the briefing. She stands in front of her mirror curling her hair and she applies natural, earth toned make up. She smiles once more and once she is fully ready, she leaves her cabin heading for the briefing.*

~ Cadet Sahara E. Higarashi

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::Kevin ducked to avoid bumping his head on the low hatch. He was glad to get out of that cramped shuttlecraft and into the open corridors of the star base.::

oO Thank the Gods! I thought I'd neve get out of that thing. Oo

::He looked around.::

oO Amazing, it's exactly the same as I remember it. Oo

::Several other officers were pushing to get past, and Kevin realized he was standing in the mddle of a mainstream walkway. He gathered his belongings and looked for the quickest way to the quartermaster's office.::

MARKS: Excuse me, could you direct me to-

::The person he was trying to speak with kept walking. He found someone else.::

MARKS: Pardon me, I'm looking for the-

::Again he was ignored.::

oO Seems like a busy day... Oo

::Abandonng his queast for assistance, Kevin picked up his belongings and explored a bit. He had no doubt he'd find his way eventually, and after all he wasn't in any hurry.::

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((Docking Bay))

The last part of the journey had been quite pleasant, but maybe Gors fellow passenger had another opinion about it. The Andorian medic turned quiet at the end of their conversation, which actually was a dispute about the location of StarBase 118. The Andorian had noticed that the location of the starbase was well chosen and although Gor actually agreed with it, he started pointing out how unstable this region was and how dangerous it was to be stationed here. As any Tellarite, Gor liked a good argument.

Gor grabbed his bag once the shuttle craft landed, greeted the Andorian friendly as if they haven't been arguing the last hour and he took his own road. Because his arrival was early, he could spend a couple hours exploring the starbase. He had checked the schematics before, so he knew there were 2765 decks and although he were a stranger on this starbase, he went resolutely to the turbolifts.

The Tellarite was smaller than most starfleet personal, so he never really liked crowds. His bag was more than half his own size and filled with his personal stuff, mainly electronics, but he carried it like it weren't heavy at all. Gor liked sports like velocity and Parisses squares, however he didn't played the last one anymore. He was almost thirty, time to slow down and play some less dangerous sport. But he tried to retain his current state of body.

His destination were the holodekcs, a thousand meter trip with the turbolifts with their average speed... Gor calculated it would take him six minutes to get there. The doors of the turbolift closed and the man was on his way to his fifth year and his final tests.

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((Docking bay))

::Cadet Alden Cuthbert stepped off the ramp of his shuttle and took his first breath of space. Clean, almost nauseatingly clean, the interior of the space-station yawned before him, like a beast with open maw, waiting to consume the young cadet. He had wanted to join Starfleet all his life--and now he was finally here. His mother was a doctor in a human colony--formerly Starfleet personnel, now retired and a civilian. His father, on the other hand, had never been a military man--he never had the dedication it would take. He had left after Alden's birth, hitching a ride on the next passing cruiser, unwilling to have the responsibility of a child, and his son had never met him. His mother, heartbroken, had dropped out of the service after her husband's departure, and settled in a colony to raise her child. Alden would make her proud.::

::He was a cadet now, he reminded himself, standing alone in the docking bay as the shuttle rose into the air to return to space--four years in Starfleet Academy, training to go into Security, minoring in Engineering, just in case.::

oO Starfleet always needs engineers. Oo

::Security was his dream, but it'd be better to join as an engineer than to not get in at all. He took an unsteady few steps out towards the door that marked the entrance into a new life--one lived fully in space. His breath hitched--he had studied all the manuals, all the prep books, and read all the reports on the usual Cadet cruises, from the Leian to the Altaris. He knew the basic scenarios of each, but he knew that they would change with each group--no retelling of the story would be exactly the same. Still, he was prepared, or as prepared as he could be. He wouldn't fail now. He wouldn't.::

Cadet Alden Cuthbert

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"Yes, Mother"

"Dren, don't you 'Yes Mother' me!"

"No, Mother…"

"You could have had an outstanding career here at home. I am well connected."

"Indeed you are, mother, but I'm going to have an outstanding career in Starfleet instead."

"Oh.. Starfleet! And a counselor! A therapist? I'm going to need one thanks to you. Everything you could possibly want is here on Azati. It's that Denobulan woman, isn't it!? She put you up to this!"

"My grandmother you mean? She has a name actually; Fora, and no, she didn't influence this decision at all."

"If you say so. Well, enough about you. I have new neighbors. Bugs!"

"Please don't call them that"

"But they ARE, aren't they?"

"And we are 'monkeys'?"

"Well, you most certainly are. I thing they have a hatchery in the basement. It smells funny, and do they never sleep? I hear those crackles all night through. I had to put up with you never sleeping all those years, but my tribulations are without end. I wonder if I should bake a cake and bring over to them."

"A cake? You do know that they will spew up digestive fluids on the cake and… "

"Oh, be quite! Haven't you arrived at that Starbase yet?"

"I have been here for half an hour. Listening to you."

"Well, then don't let me keep you. Excuse me for disturbing.."

She hang up on me. For the best I guess. She was more than usually high on whatever Orion designer drugs she could get her hands on. I lied to her. We were just docking at the Starbase. The otherwise enormous Aquatic cruiser I had managed to hitch a ride with seemed like a small tadpole, dwarfed by this monster of a Starbase. Only Federation architects and engineers can take a children's peg-top toy, blow it up and make it look overwhelming and almost ominous.

I just have to sit down. The Aquatics have become slightly more forthcoming when it comes to transporting the rest of us but would it kill them to install some chairs, or at least a bench? I spent most of the voyage discussing metaphysics with one of the crewmen through a huge wall of transparent except He was off duty so he could take delight in just floating around and devote himself to, well not so much. When an Aquatic is relaxed it shows. For a while a thought he was dead even. As we arrived I asked him if it didn't offend him that aquatic species were unable to visit most Federation installations including this base? "Why would I want to see such a place?" he gently sang. Well - I could have told him that now, sitting under this dome. It's enormous. All the people. A big board informs me, in at least 20 different languages, that I am on something called the 'Promenade'. A somewhat understated name for what looks like an entire city center.It pleases me somewhat that I actually know, in various degrees, all those languages except three. Must be local idioms. One of them looks like archaic Federation Standard. I guess I could crack it if I had the time. The two others? Not a chance.

Something is tugging in my clothes. I turn around. Nothing. I look down. Someone. "Who are you?" Such an adorable little face. Looks a little like an Arboreal baby.

"I'm Dren. To whom do I have the honour of talking?"

"I'm 'Hu!"

"Nice to meet you." The child inspects me from head to toe.

"You look strange. Are you a Klingon?"

"I am most certainly not." i answer smiling. He's so cute in his little teal robe. I explain;

"I'm Xindi."

"I never heard of 'Shindi'" I refrain from correcting him.

"Now you have. What is your people called? He almost snaps to attention and the pride in his high pitched voice is not to be missed.

"I am a Cart'henian!"

"I am honored to make First Contact with you." I bow exaggerated. He giggles. However, he is not done reviewing me.

"You have funny hair!"

"You mean my tufts? They are supposed to be there. Xindi hairline is the best hairline in the galaxy." 'Hu laughs.

I think he saved the best to last:

"Dren! What is that between you eyes?"

"That is a piercing I got from a good friend."

"What friend?"

"You really are full of questions. His name was Enning. He is a Vorta."

"What's a 'Forta'??"

"They live far away, have funny ears, blue eyes and are very beautiful."

He really was, Enning, and was more than a friend. At least until Alyce came in to the picture. Black eyed Alyce; Daughter of the Second House of Betazed, and Holder of the Golden Scepter of Good Hope. I'm uncompromisingly monogamous. I totally lack the Denobulan polyamorous disposition. I have two extra grandfathers of sorts. Quite confusing. Now Alyce is just a friend as well and I hear from her now and then. Enning is somewhere on Kurill Prime. I think.

What I suspect is 'Hu's father is approaching over the plaza. He is not happy.

"There you are!" He scolds poor 'Hu, apologizes and thanks me for keeping an eye on the kid.

"My pleasure, Sir" I have a feeling I'll see that little rascal again.

Half an hour until I have to report - to some Holodeck if I understand correctly. I regard my reflection in a shop window across the passageway where I'm sitting. A new Dren. He looks the same; the clear green eyes, his rather handsome "Hybrid Forehead", the little Denobulan fold on the chin. The changes are in his mind; shedding the racism and xenophobia he grew up with and was a victim of. No more rigid Xindi culture. No more being a victim to anything. Dren tries to imagine himself in a few years; on a Starship somewhere far beyond what has been. A snappy blue uniform. Maybe working as a Counselor. That was the path I choose at the Academy. Maybe some extra assignments in the field of linguistics.

A Dren less sad. Less alone. A Dren at peace.
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::As Croton stepped off the transport he felt just like his father who was a Ensign who died in battle. Croton was a Risian and was very brave and creative. Croton was wearing his cadet uniform when he stepped off. He headed to sign in and he hoped that he could do the best as his father did.::

Receptionist: "Oh hello, you must be Croton right?"

Croton: "Yes, that's me."

Receptionist: "Oh good, I just need you to sign here and here"


::As Croton began to head for where the cadets sleep he ran into another cadet which was a Vulcan named Valen.::

Valen: "Hello my name is Valen and I'm a Vulcan."

Croton: "Hello Valen, my name is Croton and I'm a Risian."

Valen: "A Risian? I've never seen a Risian join the Federation before."

Croton: "Well my father was a Risian and joined the Federation"

Valen: "How interesting, Well I must report for training now. Farewell."

Croton: "Goodbye."

::As Croton and Valen parted ways Croton didn't know that in the future they would be best friends because Valen and Croton have met before once when they were kids. Croton was ready to train and find out what ship he was going to be assigned to.::


((Character Looks))

Name: Croton

Age: 23

Race: Risian

Rank: Cadet

Appearance: Brown short hair, 5"9" tall, green eyes, weighs 135 pounds, wearing cadet clothing

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Talia Kaji glanced at the clock on the wall. She had arrived two hours early and decided to camp out in the hall near the holodeck. Her tendency to get lost made her wary of exploring the station. Propping her 72-hour-bag against the wall and leaning against it herself, she closed her eyes and focused on her mental shield. Four years at the Academy had certainly helped train her to block out the thoughts of others, but stress made it difficult to concentrate.

"Hey, cutie!" The voice broke through her concentration. Kaji opened her eyes and glanced over at the flirty ensign passing by. The young man visibly flinched when he saw her dark-flooded Rodulan eyes. He gave a small nod and hurried off on his way.

Kaji sighed and rested her head back against the wall. Human-looking in all other respects, her eyes off-put most people at first. With her short, dark hair, pale skin and almond-shaped eyes, she could have passed easily as an Asian human. Many Rodulans who joined Starfleet took to wearing contacts, but Kaji liked her eyes the way they were.

An hour passed. A young woman came around the corner, furiously studying a map of the starbase.

"Please tell me this is the holodeck!" When Kaji nodded, the girl breathed a sigh and sat down hard against the wall. "I can't believe I found it so quickly! Hey, you were on my shuttle, right

? My name’s Eliss. Are you a cadet too? How old are you? What section are you in?” She paused and looked expectantly at Kaji.

“Uhm, 97. I’m in Medical.”

“Oh, wow, you look so young! Hey, you’re a Rodulan, right? One time I...” Eliss began a long story.

Kaji put her hand in her pocket and rubbed the little blue stone there. Eliss’s cheerfulness made her miss her small son who had given it to her before she left. I’m doing this for you Ben. Kaji turned back to listen to Eliss’s story.

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Roay arrived to the station whole day before Tya, hired the apartment and after preparing everything for his next expedition, went to the quarters and arranged everything to the likings of his future wife to be.

He couldn’t say he loves Tya as he should, but he definitely could feel the connection. They were chosen because they fit together and he knew that no matter where his life takes him and where her life takes her, they will be husband and wife when the time for them to settle down comes.

The room was full of lowers, he chose scent of the room to resemble the woods of their home district and he bought some relaxing bath salts. ‘Will that say too obviously how much I missed sex with her? It will, but who cares, I do want it.’ Alarm told him it’s time to go.

He was now standing nervous by the exit from the docking ring. He felt her before seeing his beautiful bondmate. Tya felt him the moment they entered the system, still approaching the station. She could feel his desires and emotions and those made her tremble in anticipation. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. “Roay Te’Amal, what are you doing here?”

“Waiting for my imzadi.” He held her in his arms and kissed her warm lips. “Come, I rented an apartment for you. I will organize everything for the Family gathering tomorrow, you just relax and be ready for the final exam. I know you’ll excel. She let him carry her bag and lead her to the housing he prepared. Everything was perfect, though she expected nothing less. They grew up together and he knew her too well.

While she was preparing her uniform for the exam tomorrow, he was preparing her the bath. He entered the bedroom from bathroom and slowly took off her clothes from her. She loved when he was doing that. When she was all naked he carried her to the bathroom and put into the bath tub prepared with salts and oils, massaging her till Tya relaxed completely. She was ready for him and he could sense it, so he carried her in the bedroom.

As always, sex with him was fantastic. “Why you don’t marry me?” She asked for who knows which time. “We are not ready and I will not force you into it because your grandma wants it. You know it’s our destiny and we will do that, but I want to succeed in my work and you want to experience the Galaxy. Have those years of freedom and then return to me.” He was cuddling with her, still giving her a pleasure.

In the morning, Roay helped her to put the clothes on, set everything in exactly perfect place on her uniform and tie her hair to the bun which will not contain dangerous pins but will be held tight up. After a kiss Tya went to the Holodeck for the exam, while Roay stayed in the apartment to prepare everything for the friends and the family who will arrive to congratulate new Ensign. He ordered variety of foods and drinks, since not everyone will be Betazoids and he was well versed in traditions. Though not the head of the family, his mother was still the respected Lady.

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Personel Log

So here I am, graduated from the academy and the first thing I'm shoved upon is a shuttle to a star base. Where's the excitement my long lost cousin Moses mentioned about and the reason I left Bajor to join the academy?"

Pontus lay in his bunk aboard his transport ship heading to the star base. He ruffled his brown hair and sniffed his nose which made the ridges upon his nose seem even more pronounced than they appear usually. The room was silent aside from the monotonous hum of the climate control and the ball bouncing around the room that Pontus was throwing around to pass the time. He caught the ball one last time and placed it carefully in his pocket. He was always aware of the chance of obsessive compulsive tendencies to flair up by things such as the ball not sitting right in his pocket. Once he was satisfied it was in his pocket he lay to his side and tried to get to sleep.

Suddenly and sharply Pontus woke up to the familiar chime that was standard in most quarters. It was the chime of the buzzer to be let in.

"Enter" Pontus said, his voice still croaky from the sleepy nature he was in. In entered a broad shouldered fellow cadet.

"Hey man!" he stated over confidently. Pontus sighed, he always sighed when people were overly friendly as he considered himself a bit of a loner but could step it up in social situations if he felt it worthy.

"Long shot but can we please speak after I've slept" Pontus said abruptly.

"Jeez man!"

and with that Pontus small 5"8 frame lay back and dreamt of adventure.

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