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"Arrival at StarBase 118" (Introduce your character here!)

FltAdml. Wolf

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Greg walked out of the turbo lift onto the main concourse and was immediately awed by the scale of the starbase's main hub. What had to be over a hundred people milled back and forth across the area where he stood. He soon found himself in the way as people walked brisk to the turbo lift he had just stepped out of. On his shoulders hung his standard issue duffle bag bearing his name "Cadet 1C Gregory Able", on the other shoulder a hard carry case containing his tricorder and more fragile personal effects. He walked slowly, looking around him at the expanse and was suddenly abruptly brought to ground when he almost walked into a Starfleet security officer.

"Woah, watch it Cadet!" said a friendly but slightly alarmed voice that was joined by a smiling Bajoran man as Greg's gaze suddenly snapped forward instead of up.

"Oh, Sorry sir, I was just..." stuttered Greg as he suddenly found himself profoundly embarrassed.

"Relax, most cadets find this place pretty awe inspiring at first. You came in on the shuttle from the USS Trieste I assume?" replied the officer reassuringly.

Greg noted by his pips he was a Lieutenant.

"Yes, sir, I'm here to pickup my final cruise before graduation" said Greg, relaxing a little. "Any idea where I can find the Academy Attaché's office?"

"On deck 4, outer ring, I'll walk you down there if you like, it's way too easy to get lost in this place if you don't know the layout" replied the officer.

"Oh, there's no need, sir, I... you're probably busy and..." said Greg, suddenly, again, embarrassed.

"I just got off duty, it's not problem. C'mon, we better get you signed in." the officer interjected, seeing Greg was feeling a bit overwhelmed.

"Sure, yeah okay." Greg started to walk.

"Er... Cadet? It's this way..." said the officer in a slightly raised voice, pointing the opposite way to where Greg was facing.

"Oh! Yeah, I know that" answered Greg, grinning.

The pair weaved their way through the humanoid traffic on the concourse, swinging by a desk to pickup a PADD. As they walked the officer struck up polite conversation.

"Lieutenant Darrin Shar, Starbase Security, detail Alpha 5, by the way" related the officer.

"Cadet First Class, Gregory Able, sir. Good to meet you" replied Greg, relaxing into the conversation again.

"Likewise. What's your field?" enquired Darrin, continuing the friendly exchange as the entered a turbo lift. "Deck 4" he instructed instinctively.

"Science, Geology and Structural engineering." replied Greg.

"Interesting field, I used to collect fossils back home, I never learnt nearly enough about them though." added Darrin. "I miss home."

"Bajor?" asked Greg.

"Yup." answered Darrin, wistfully.

"I did a 4-month field study in the Janitza Mountains! No fossils up there but the structure and stratigraphic structures up there are amazing! Terrain's pretty rough though" enthused Greg, happy to find a common thread.

"Wow, that's one of the gems of Bajor! You should consider yourself highly privileged to have been allowed there as a Cadet, usually only highly experience expeditions get to hike up there. I bet it was hard work." replied Darrin.

"Sure was. We were walking twelve clicks a day in the sun. Rocks are pretty jagged too, I lost count of the cuts and scrapes I got. We got through a lot of gel packs and dermal regeneration kits! Was amazing though" continued Greg, but then stopped mid-flow to step out of the turbolift as Darrin gestured toward the door and pointed down the hall to the left.

"Yes, it's a truly wonderful place, if you can get there... This is the office here" indicated Darrin.

"Thanks. I appreciate you dragging me down here, I'd probably have taken hours to find this place." said Greg, beaming with a broad smile.

"No problem, if you get lost in future just look for one of the info panels on the wall. They'll get you a route and you can copy if yo a PADD if you have one handy. Enjoy your stay!" replied Darrin.

"Aye, sir!" announced Greg and with that, he saluted his superior officer. In return Darrin flicked out a casual salute and paced off briskly toward the turbolift. Greg turned towards the office and headed to the door.

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((Docking Bay))

::Deklin had only taken a handful of steps before he stopped just out of line of the rest of the passengers disembarking and for the second time in his life just gazed up at the height and width of the Starbase's expanse in every direction inside the bay. Deklin had viewed this the first time with his father when he was just 13yrs old. Nothing seemed changed based on the memory he had just over 10yrs ago.::

::Deklin lifted a small recording device to his mouth.::

Deklin: Recording, Personal Log, stardate 238911.14, just disembarked and She looks wonderful!

::Just as Deklin spoke in the recording an arm draped over Deklin's shoulder. Deklin looked to his left to find the rank of Commander in eye line.::

::Deklin looks up.::

Deklin: Sir

::Deklin nods politely.::

Commander: I do hope that is the ship... you speak of, Cadet.

::The Commander states as he walks into the distance meeting up with his athletic, attractive wife. The Commander nods politely back at Deklin::

((Deklin's Apartment Style Housing Unit))

::Deklin entered to find a spacious lounge area and just fell into the couch.::

::Deklin lived aboard Starbase 118 for 4 months while his father helped install updates and technical upgrades to the Holosuite system in the Holodeck's on the Starbase. His memory with his eyes closed even served him well today when he leaned upward and looked at the Replicator; how it angles, flows with the room.::

::Deklin simply sighs in relief and rests his head again.::

Deklin: Computer, play Antonio Vivaldi's "Summer". Computer, raise the volume...that's perfect!

::Deklin kicks his feet up and slowly closes his eyes::

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The doors to the shuttle hissed open, passengers spilling into the constant flow of race after race that brought Dafydd to a halt. The suprise and the shock of the mosaic of races almost seemed to paralyse him for a moment and he could feel his hand tighten around the straps of his bag he carried slung over a shoulder. Within seconds, the disgruntled complaints of those trying to pass broke him from the moment of unsurity.

And he'd thought Starfleet Headquarters was a massive world of obscurity.

Six foot two, Dafydd was tall enough to taken in the hustle and bustle of Catians, Andorians, Humans and Klingons as they made their way around their every day life. There was a coffee shop, several Cadets seated and obviously in the same position he was. just across from that was a Salon, named 118 by the looks of things, where several were having their hair styled. Back home, his real home, there wouldn't be this many people in a town centre!

Glancing at the back of his wrist he noticed the time. Way too early. For a second he wondered what is girlfriend was doing back on Earth, how many light years away, and a pang of home sickness [...]ed at him. Still, the heavens were where he wanted to be.

He looked up as a giant Catian strolled past, chatting to a red-headed woman, and was surprised that the lion-like humanoid also wore a cadet uniform. Perhaps they'd bump into each other at the holodecks?

The holodecks! Now might be a good time to find out where they were. Lanky as a young lad he'd broadened slightly since then, but dispite this the bag was beginning to dig into his shoulder. Somewhere to rest would be good to. Spotting a computer interphase, he weaved his way through the crowds and patiently waited behind an evidently short-tempered Klingon. As leather garbed warrior spat a curse and stormed away, Dafydd plonked his bag down and scanned the console.

Let the exploration begin.

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The seat had been a comfortable leather, cushioning and soft against his back; arrangements of a Federation shuttle that now carried Dafydd and several others toward Starbase 118. His years in the Royal Academy flooded back to him as the stars glimmered in the void, like the many sparkling diamonds he had gazed at in his youth.

But it was the awesome expanse of the human made special architecture that made him take a sharp breath in. It was all so…awe inspiring. For a number of years he had lived in London, and that had been a shock to his system. Huge buildings whose sides were smooth to the touch and streets were kempt and faultless; a far cry from his home country.

And yet his career and brought him ever more wondrous sights; San Francisco and Starfleet Headquarters; the massive flickering sight of the cruiser that had brought them here; and now this.

The shuttle swept into an orbit, curving around the mushroom-like structure that floated in the vacuum of space. Hundreds of lights, the embellishment of warren of windows, shone on its surface as if it were some sort of hive. A hive of the Federation, thought Dafydd.

Closer the trajectory took them, the might of its hull sweeping up before them, until the sheer size and magnitude of it could fully be realized. Structures such as this would always astonish him.

“Lady’s and gentlemen we’re five minutes from docking so please can you buckle up and you can say hello to your destination.”

His fingers clasped the belt and slotted it tight over his chest and he saw the others do the same. If the passengers were anything to go by then this base would be quite the mish mash of races; over there a Catian, surprisingly dressed in a Cadet uniform, over there a human in smart dress, obviously on some official business. There were actually a few cadets amongst them but that was to be expected; they were here to do their last few days of training.

As his eyes returned to the window, he realized he could no longer make out anything except the metal expanse that dominated the view point. The shuttle engines slowed, a gradual, barely noticeable change, and then the vessel came to a halt.

“Lady’s and gentlemen, welcome to Starbase 118.”

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Jeepers this place was a far cry from the rural tranquility of Wales. I mean he’d worked in some crowded places, London for one, but in the starbase it felt more…cramped. Perhaps because it was enclosed? Dafydd Passed the a couple of Ferengi who’s eyes eagerly watched a newbie victim but neither chased after him with an offer of sale. In his past he’d only met one Ferengi back in the Academy and every day he’d try and sell Dafydd a cheap watch or state of the art PADD. They were never state of the art.

In the Royal Academy that he’d left four year ago, Dafydd had been a tall lanky figure, nothing to write home about. Now, after everyday physical training at Starfleet Academy he’d broadened out a bit, put on a bit of muscle here and there, and was considerably fitter. At least the height from his old self allowed him to see where he was going.

Turning a corridor, he followed the commands the computer had given him and headed toward the Academy Attache’s office. There was plenty of time to spare but it would be good to know where he had to report. Ahead he could see a lieutenant security officer, chatting to a Cadet who he’d obviously directed to the door. As the lieutenant left, Dafydd finally made it to the door and gave the other Cadet a nod.

“New hear too?” he enquired, wondering just how friendly or nervous the other cadets were. He offered a hand, “Cadet Rhys, Dafydd Rhyd.”

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Dany stepped off the turbolift and out onto the carpeted walkway. The dome of the Commercial Sector rose up and over a giant city, though standing on the walkway it looked less like a dome and more like a blue sky with fluffy clouds. Here and there a cloud would move just right and the metal grid of the dome flitted in and out of view.

Hitching her duffle over her shoulder, Dany walked along the walkway, passing shops and pedestrians (civilians and Starfleet alike) as she made her way to a small park with a fountain about two hundred meters away.

Starbase 118 was large and sprawling. And it hadn’t changed since the last time Dany had been there, or hadn’t changed all that much. The Andorian gem merchant still sold crystals from the same storefront with the same old sign flashing above it; the Ferengi arms dealer still probably peddled blasters and illegal photon torpedoes from behind his upscale club down in the Dungeon.

He’d sold her a faulty weapon, Dany remembered. Maybe she’d look him up and ask, politely of course, for her money back. Not that he’d give it to her, but now that she had Starfleet backing her maybe he’d see the wisdom of parting with a little bit of latinum.

And wasn’t that something? Dany sat on a stone bench tucked into the corner of the park. She was now a Starfleet cadet and subject to rules and regulations now. Rules and regulations she and her mother had flung behind them when they’d left the Vulcan science colony when Dany was fifteen.

What would her father have to say if he saw her now? Dany stretched out her legs and crossed her feet. Her decision to leave her mother’s devil-may-care lifestyle (as humans would say) and all the problems that came with was only logical. And it was also logical that she, being half Vulcan, would look for something beyond artifacts and stories and the next big adventure. Science was logical. Counseling, with her El-Aurian half trained for listening, was also logical.

Dany smiled. Maybe logic wasn’t such a bad thing (though she’d never say it out right). She tapped her comm-badge. “Computer. Time?”

“Oh-eight-thirty,” the mechanized voice piped.

Dany stood and stretched. As a red ball bounced past followed by a trail of laughing children, she made her way back towards the holodeck where her training was scheduled to begin.


Name: Mandany “Dany” Rose

Species: ½ El-Aurian, ½ Vulcan

Hair: Dark Blonde

Eyes: Dark Green

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 120lbs

Age: 50 yrs

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The USS Raven had been dispatched to drop Will off at Starbase 118 on its way to Qo'nos. The XO had informed Will of their appending arrival so he was now walking down the corridor to the transporter room. He entered the room as the doors parted and the transporter chief looked up and smiled.

"Ready when you are." he said to Will.

Will nodded and stepped up onto the pad.

"Good luck." added the chief.

"Thank you, sir." Will replied just as he felt the beaming effect.

A moment later, he found himself standing in the transporter room of the base.

"Welcome Cadet." said the operator. "If you would just follow Ensign Hunter, she will show you your temporary quarters while you're aboard Starbase 118."

"Thank you, sir." answered Will as he hefted his back and walked toward the door.

"So. Fresh out of the Academy, huh?" asked the young female. "How did you get lucky enough to get this posting?" she added teasingly.

"To be honest, I have no clue. I was looking forward to being assigned to a deep space assignment on a ship. But I'm not going to complain. At least it isn't Earth." Will said.

"Not a fan of Earth?" she asked.

"Just needed a change." came Wills answer.

They walked alone for a few more moments before she spoke again.

"Well. This is it. Welcome aboard. And I hope to see you again." she said with a grin as she turned to leave.

Will entered the room and began unpacking. All he could do now was wait for the next training class to start.

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“Frack!”, David cursed, under his breath as he checked the time. He was late. The blue-eyed cadet quickly jumped off the bed and started putting his uniform on. He was halfway through when a female voice echoed the room.

“Hey...Are you trying to sneak out on me?”

He turned back toward the bed to face the blonde freshman cadet laying there, his eyes wide-open, just as if he had been caught doing something wrong.

“Don't be silly, I just have a transport to get”, he said, as he went back to putting on his boots, “It's my final exercise today. Don't you remember what we were celebrating?”

“I take it you're gonna call me, then?”, she asked, as he finished dressing and headed out fast towards the exit.

“Of course I am!”, he said, quickly looking back, as he walked fast past the turbolift doors. “You can count on it!”

He kept his fast pace for a little while, but then slowed back down. He wasn't really late, but it sure was a good excuse to dodge the wannabe girlfriend bullet. He smiled to himself as he got back to his quarters for a brief sonic shower before heading out to the shuttle terminal.

It was a long ride out to Starbase 118, the place of his final test as a cadet. After four years of hard work he was finally going to a real posting. David was one of those few who joined Starfleet looking for an andrenaline rush. He had applied himself real hard during his Academy years, attaining several Cadet Corps leadership positions along the way, and he wondered if it was going to make any difference now.

“I hope I can get myself into a forward post”, he said to another cadet as the runabout approached the huge engineering marvel that was the starbase. “Maybe something along the Breen border...I heard there's some occasional action going on over there.”

“Are you serious?”, the other cadet asked, “I'd rather go somewhere I can go to sleep and not wonder if someone is gonna come and slid my throat in the middle of the night.”

“Wuss”, David said, making a face at the cadet as the small ship came docked.

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Endless darkness punctuated by the flash of a ship entering warp. It was still a fresh sight for a young cadet who had only left the system of his colony, Lyshan VI - bordering Cardassian space on the edge of the Federation, when he was admitted into the Academy.There was always a planet or a star to see, even the streaks of starlight during warp, but this view was as barren as the dustbowls that punctuated his homeworld. Yet for nearly an hour he had been sat seeming lost in the view, although it probably had more to with other thoughts on his mind.

Ryoma's fingers rested in his hair, tweaking clumps as he ran through his worries.

"How will I make friends? What if they think I'm not good enough? What if they hate me?"

He hadn't felt as nervous as this since his first day at the Academy. Ryoma was comfortable with change, he told himself, but the knot in his stomach told a different story. He glanced down at the PADD in his lap, he had read the same paragraph several times over by now, each time losing track of his progress as he lifted his eyes to the depths of space.

"Your father and I met the parents of that lovely little Betazed girl you liked in school, Ritania. Did you know that she was training to be a diplomat?"

"It's no wonder I can't finish reading this thing, Mum..." He muttered as he looked back into space. Somewhere out there, almost uncountable lightyears away, his mother had sat down to write a message for her son but could only fill it mundanity.

Ryoma didn't really miss them. He had spent his childhood with his head pointed skywards, even through the disruption and panic caused by the Dominion War. In fact, the only time he looked down was to read more about the distant worlds, peoples and cultures that he hoped to experience. Starfleet was a logical progression towards his childhood ambitions... but now he was in deep space, the doubts were creeping in. He had fought them before and he would fight them again - he had a dream and wavering confidence could never take that away from him. Tomorrow was a new day, a step in his life, and the universe was his to behold....

... but first he would have to finish his mother's god-awfully dreary letter.

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The diminutive young woman closed her eyes to the low hanging clouds above and lowered the colorfully patterned scarf that covered her sensitive snout. She drank deeply of the Promenade's atmosphere. It was heavenly. Filtered. Sanitized to a mercifully subtle degree, but Heavenly none the less.

She was blissfully overwhelmed with the deliciously competing aromas of several nearby food vendors, the chorus of personal scents (mostly the acrid tang of her Terran cousins) and so many odors still as yet undefined. She opened her eyes reluctantly and gave a bittersweet sniffle. And her with hardly an hour left to explore this wondrously vast market place.

With a decisive grunt she brought out her PADD. She could sulk later. She had business to finish before reporting. Tapping deftly, she wondered if she could make a reasonable argument for voice interfaced PADDs. Probably not, as she envisioned a room full of crew members over talking each other so they might manage their datapads with Ferengi and Vulcan peers falling in pained heaps as they succumbed to sonorous cacophony.

Okay. Maybe not her best idea, then. It didn't matter. She had just found her desired destination!

Ęlopii Azul, or rather Cadet Azul, practically skipped off in a distinctively Tellarite stride, freeing her shoulder length, chestnut hair from it's duty bound bun as she went. No time to waste as she was already considering how swiftly she might make way back to the duty station in one of those dreadfully crowded turbolifts. With a grin, she considered how difficult it would be to talk Security into transporting her there. She had read residents had rations for such purposes and Ęlopii could only hope that cadets received similar consideration.

It hadn't taken her long to dance through the crowds. All it cost were several impactive invasions of personal space, a goodly number of dirty looks and a few choice comments that the Station's Universal Translator didn't deem fit to parse out. When she arrived, the eager cadet deemed the transgressions well invested. The store was simply... divine.

As she walked reverently through the entry arch to Sss'Ra's Fabrics, Ęlopii breathlessly scanned the host of textiles, some familiar as old friends with others unfamiliar, suggesting adventures waiting to happen. She did a slow twirl through the widely spaced racks in an attempt to take it all in. The enchanted cadet reached out for a raven's black swatch to hold against the dull saffron of her uniform top. The tacky yellow was sooo not her color and for the twenty-seventh time since leaving the Academy she wistfully wondered if her new assignment might adopt the less garish grays some crews used. Primary colors, indeed! She snorted derisively at the thought.

“'Ello Sssissst'ra...,” a long-necked saurian of indeterminate species offered obsequiously, “May one be of ssservisss?”

Ęlopii looked...up... with a surprised snort, startled by the abrupt invasion of her own delicate fondling of the shop's merchandise. “Why yes indeed! I half considered this was some fashion of self-service store. I take by your offer that this is not the case. Your prior absence was, no doubt, due to some matter of greater importance than assisting your customers.”

The saurian drew it's angular head back, it's height giving the cadet a moment to reflect on the nature of the liberally vaulted ceilings in a starbase's vendor accommodation. Blinking slowly, it appeared the helpful creature was having some difficulty processing her retort. 'Typical saurian', the cadet snorted.

“Look here, my good vendor! I am seeking a particular sort of fabric. A microporous cloth, such as Vulcan Enabi Silk or Klingon Bloodweave, but in some other color then flat black or that gaudy plum they seem so very, very fond of.” Ęlopii snuffled sadly, sure that the saurian vendor was not up to the challenge. Already wallowing in the despair of defeat, she looked one last time over the beautiful merchandise around her.

“For the purposss, may one asssk? Desss'rt dussst? Ssssporra filtra'ing? Fume abrogating?” The large eyed creature loomed closer again causing the cadet to consider how pretty it's eyes were and if they evolved as some sort of distracting element to gain advantage over their prey... or their customers.”

“The latter,” Ęlopii replied enthusiastically. “Fumes, that is! Noxious, persistent... most unseemly odors.”

A deep throaty cackle escaped from the creature taking time to rumble up it's long neck and finally pass out it's tapered snout like a distant rolling thunder. “Yes, Sssissst'ra. Most undra'ssstood.”

The cadet couldn't help but wonder if the saurian's 'understanding' was in part from the long nasal cavities that lined each side of it's long angular head. “Indeed? Very well then, what do you have?”

“Callo'sssium Wool,” the saurian barked softly in it's raspy fashion and reached over to present a bolt of the very same fabric. A shimmering rust colored cloth rife with curious shadows in the incandescence of store's muted lighting. It fell like a exquisitely, delicate suede, the young woman considered.

Draping the thick, velvety, dark russet weave over her face, Ęlopii drew in a slow, purposeful breadth. She shook her head in sincere disappointment, “Might as well be a fine shamy...” Sniffling curiously, she asked lamentably, “Does this come in a thinner weave?”

“Sssuch can be ordra'ed, Sssisst'ra.”

Immediately brightening, Ęlopii almost squealed in delight as she hopped happily in place. It really was a lovely material. Her momentary pleasure was vaporized when the alarm went off on her PADD. She had fifteen minutes to report to her new assignment.

“Oh... stars,” the cadet nearly cursed from her ever increasing lexicon of interstellar expletives.

Again the saurian let loose a gentle thunder of throaty cackling, “Sssissst'ra's Duty callasss to her.”

Ęlopii snorted in amusement as she looked at the saurian with the rise of an impressed brow. Perhaps the creature was far more savvy then she had guessed. “Indeed.”

“Thisss One'sss catalog isss lissst'da,” the creature helpfully rasped. “Bessst to fly Sssissst'ra. Your Massst'rasss are not renown for pay'shunsss.”

At that point, Ęlopii couldn't help but laugh in the human way, a response she normally reserved for special occasions and trusted company. The sound trickled so much more lightly then her normal snorts and snuffles. She actually covered her mouth, embarrassed at the frivolity it. Such an unintended display made her feel quite vulnerable.

She thought in quick passing that were she Klingon, she would have to dispatch the kind vendor for witnessing such weakness. If Romulan or Cardassian, a simple poisoning might suffice. Instead she took a page from her seldom used Terran Playbook and just pretended like it never happened. Simply no time for the application of a good, distracting disputation.

“Your quite right of course,” Ęlopii demurred making a sudden (albeit reluctant) departure. With a final glance back, she added, “I shall return to discuss more equitable pricing, Vender Sss'raa. May you profit well til then.” It was half warning, half kindness and entirely sincere.

As the young cadet rushed out, she almost missed the saurian drawing back, rapidly blinking and seemingly pondering the girl's final words with a puzzled tilt of the head. Rather then risk a potentially time consuming argument with local Security for transporter usage, Ęlopii darted in her distinctively Tellarite fashion to one of the large turbolifts conveniently available. She tried not to breath too deeply as she approached the small anxiously waiting crowd already present.

She sidled away from a small Andorian child of indeterminate gender that smelled suspiciously sticky only to almost bump into a bloated Ktarian female(?) who had the aroma of needing desperate medical attention. In the brief, interminable wait, the cadet noted her own appearance in the shiny access panel before them and deftly respun her previously unleashed hair back into a passingly professional bun. Maybe she should just get it cut short she snuffled woefully.

As the panel opened and purged itself of the steaming stew of occupants within, the young cadet gave a disgruntled snort and rolled her eyes. Gathering her scarf across her face she entered, closed her eyes and tried to find her 'happy place'. Maybe she she could argue for an added ration of transporter use... strictly for medicinal reasons, of course.

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Debra as eager to get going she wandered going, for her it was the start of the next part of her life. After stowing her gear she looked at the time, she had nearly two hours to waist; she knew the best thing was to do was relax and get over her shuttle trip. It was not that the trip was bad it was just that she had a fear of shuttles and spend most of the time fixed to her seat.

She found a quite bar and settled down with a glass of water, she thought about trying to get up a quick game but did not want to be late so instead she pulled a PADD out of her bag and loaded up a cribbage game, she enjoyed in more than poker as it was more of a thinking game but it was not played as often and good cribbage opponents where even harder to find. She did find out that one of the academy instructors did enjoy it but the game was not the same to her without at least a friendly bet.

The time passed quickly and before she realised it was time to get on her way.

= Outside training Holodeck =

Debra wanted to show the best impression she double checked her uniform, it was perfect as usual. She had a lot of discipline from her up brining and it shower in her presentation. She was a couple of minutes early she pressed the chime and the door opened. The room was laid out as a breathing room. Debra could see the back who she thought was her instructor near the pulpit. She move hath way to the person and stood smartly to attention. “Cadet Cross. Reporting for training Curse.”

He turned around. "You don't get anything for getting her early cadet Cross........... Any relation to Colonel Jack Cross?"

Debra stayed at attention, the last thing she wanted was to be already in her fathers shadow but she knew that it would happen sooner or later. "Yes, Sir. My father."

The man smiled back at Debra "He is a good man, even saved my neck ones. I have to keep an eye on you. Take a seat Cadet."

She turned and took a seat in the front and waited of the others to arrive.

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It had been an unusual shuttle ride, or at least that is what the pilot had told him. Because of his 'unorthodox' graduation celebrations, his flight to StarBase 118 had been delayed some 16 hours. His former classmates were probably already settled in and causing chaos at the first bar they came across. The pilot was all the company James Fox had. He was an amiable sort, for the most part, though he didn't take kindly to critiques of his flying.

"So they found the tribble where...? And your clothes were....?"

Fox grimaced at the question. Partly in rememberance, partly because his head was still throbbing. One of his junior classmen had managed to sneak a bottle of Scotch from shoreleave on New Scotland. Such contraband was immediately seized, of course, by the more senior cadets.

"Well, it's not how it sounds. We were playing pin the tail on the Klingon and..."

Thankfully, docking procedures interrupted Fox. After a fruitless argument over switching to manual flight controls and letting Fox helm the shuttle, which was refused, the young cadet collected his belongings and took his assigned seat. He looked quite ridiculous, he thought, sat alone in this sea of plush chairs. The thought didn't hold him for long; mere moments later the shuttlecraft doors opened with aplomb and huge crowds outside burst into applause, welcoming his grand arrival.

Except they didn't. In fact, it seemed like there was absolutely no-one here to greet him. A look of irritation, or perhaps disgust, from the pilot was all Fox had in way of a goodbye as he stepped out of the shuttle. So where to now?

"Hey, do you know which floor the holode...." The shuttle door closed, interrupting Fox's question.

It seemed he was on his own. A quick glance at his watch told him he still had a few hours to spare. But how to spend them? A flight sim in the holodeck would be a great way to pass the time...but then, the holodecks were presumably being used for training. A bar? He nearly vomited at the thought. Throwing his rucksack over his shoulder, he determined just to wander to the holodecks now. Couldn't hurt to be early.

A few turbolifts and wrong turns later, and he had arrived on the correct floor. He could see other cadets in the area. For the most part, they all looked smart and attentive. Uniforms neatly pressed, not a single hair out of place. Suddenly self-conscious, Fox decided a detour to the nearest restroom was in order. The restroom itself was a simple affair but it contained that which he sought. A mirror! Faced with his reflection, Fox sighed. His dark hair was unruly but short enough that it didn't matter. No, it was his uniform that perturbed him. A dark green stain on his left shoulder, roughly the size and shape of a fingerprint. There was little to be done at this stage, other than try and hide it with his rucksack handle and hope for bad lighting.

With growing nerves, he rejoined the waiting cadets. Idle chit-chat helped him pass an hour or so but boredom overtook him. Taking an empty bench for himself, Fox lay down and placed his rucksack behind his head. Stain be darned, it made a comfortable pillow. Surely an hour or so's sleep couldn't hurt.

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Mara shifted her weight to her right leg nervously. As she took in her surroundings with cautious glances she didn't pay mind to her left hand unconsciously fiddling with her right sleeve. Her wide blue-green eyes flicked from one scene to another as if she was trying to memorize every detail. After what may have been three minutes, she really couldn't say, she began walking away from the hustle and bustle and towards, well she didn't really know where she was headed. She just began walking, messenger bag of necessities thumping against her leg in a soothing rhythm. Honestly Mara believed she had never been as nervous as she was right then. Even when she started at the Academy she had been completely calm, having worked herself into a mind-set that allowed her to only think on one thing. It was a trick she had perfected over the years but now she was too jumpy to attempt it.

The brunette woman was a bit taller than average but managed to pull it off somehow, not being overly thin nor chubby in any sense. Her athletic build came from nights spent working off the extra energy that stemmed from hours reading or studying. Her arms were lightly tanned with darker freckles adorning them in random patterns. She was in her most comfortable clothes that were acceptable for going out in public, that being a pair of broken-in dark washed denim jeans and a soft long sleeved white cotton shirt under a black vest. Mara normally wouldn't have worn the ensemble but it gave her a sense of home that she hadn't felt in years. Eventually she'd settle in to her new position and all thoughts of her former life in Arizona would be gone, her parents pushed to the back of her mind again, but at the moment she needed to be sentimental.

She couldn't really remember when she'd gotten the news. The news saying she was to graduate and move on to her cadet cruise. But time and place didn't matter, it only mattered that her hard work had paid off. The relentless hours pouring over study material and more than one night crying from stress. Not exactly her finest moment but it was in the past and she needed to dwell in the present and look forward to the future. Her mind went back to her kindly old grandmother smiling gently at her and saying those exact words. She shook her head and stopped suddenly. She found herself in front of a library. At the sight of it a Cheshire cat smile appeared on her face and she stepped inside. Suddenly she was much more calm and at home in this foreign place.

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“... and welcome to Starbase 118.” The automated greeting finished playing on the screen in the shuttle’s passenger compartment, as the station’s logo faded out. The hatch chime sounded over the hiss of its seals releasing. People stood up and started gathering their stuff.

Given the long trip from Earth, Dueld hadn’t been thrilled that he had to shuttle to the starbase, rather than ‘port over. But the Platuk had received new orders after it passed Japori, and it could barely afford to slow to impulse long enough to boot them off its hangar deck. Since the shuttle was going to have to park at 118 anyway (until the Platuk could arrange to get it back), they all ended up taking the scenic approach with it.

And that turned out to be okay, because it was a pretty awe-inspiring sight. This, _this_ was why Dueld had entered Starfleet. Trojan-II spacedocks were among the most staggeringly massive engineering achievements the Federation could boast-- the size of small moons, every cubic centimeter intricate and integrated and active. As they’d curved gently in toward one of the small craft decks, Dueld had allowed himself a moment’s hope that he’d be posted here, rather than out on some ship in this sector. Ships were cool, no doubt, and they had their own engineering attractions, but this-- this was where he wanted to be. He wanted to help design _these_.

Once the passengers in the seats closest to the door had cleared the aisle, Dueld bent over to haul his carryall out from under his seat and sling its strap over his head, slipping the tightly-bound club of his hair out of the way. ‘Silver grape candy floss,’ that’s what Zanyo from first-year Astronomy had called Dueld’s hair. Zanyo was from Risa, and he was blitzed out of his mind at the time, and there were at least two other Catullans at that house party. But somehow everybody heard about Zanyo’s comment, and Dueld got stuck with the nickname ‘Floss.’

Whatever. It was always going to look a little weird with gold Engineering uniforms, but if four years of being greeted with “FLOSS!” didn’t make him shave his head, a little aesthetic dissonance wasn’t going to do it either.

At least not immediately.

And hey, maybe the gold wouldn’t last forever. He could get it changed. He wasn’t huge, he’d only just passed his Academy close combat training and he’d never be the muscle on any mission, so intimidation was out. But there was probably a petition or something. Or once he’d rebuilt a couple of floors on this place and people moved more freely and breathed more easily, he could mention it to somebody grateful. Let Sciences wear gold for a while. That could happen, right?

He stepped out of the shuttle, checked his PADD for the way out of the hangar, and got going. First he’d go remind himself that grass and clouds and trees existed, and then he’d check out traffic flow in the commercial sector. Overcrowding brought out the worst in most humanoid cultures-- time to see how they were handling it here.

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Kahmar just stepped off the transport ship and surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the space dock. Kahmar was experienced to new places as he was trained as a traditional Klingon on a warship and was very experienced at both exploration and battle. As Kahmar was taking in his surrounds a short fiesty ferengi scurries up

"Name", the stout Klingon looked at the ferengi with distrust>

"I said name sir" the short Ferengi said again.

"Kahmar, House of Tumek" replied the klingon,

"Set your bags down over" , the ferengi said pointing to a s secured area, "and follow me"

Kahmar dropped off his bags and trailed behind the ferengi not pleased that the first person he meets happens to be a ferengi. Kahmar was known to make the best of any situation and in his attempt to do so he was qucik to ask where they were going and if there way anything he could do to speed up the process he was going thru. The ferngi knew all to well what the Klingon was trying to do as it was not his first encounter on the starbase with klingons.

"This will be a fast process and I assure you your time until you are processed in will be quick" replied the ferengi.

The two males arrived to the security office where Kahmar would be in processed in and able to get his room assigned and be part of the ship manifest. As the ferengi stated the process was short lived and Kahmar was free from the escort he had encountered and was told to report in 2 hours to the holodeck.

Walking the corridors Kahmar was focused on the layout of the starbase. He had been brought up in the close confinements of a warship and for a Klingon of his size it was no easy task but the broad openness of the starbase was indeed a newer element for Kahmar. However he did enjoy it and was very eager to get on with his training and bring honor to the house of Tumek.

Kahmar was a very disciplined klingon and was always focused on the task at hand. Arriving at the holodeck it was empty though there was still some time before he was to report. Kahmar took a position of parade rest and awaited his next set of orders.

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Marz didn't know whever he was to faint due to space sickness..or to throw up. He had never been in a starbase before, he was thinking about it as a child. It was WAAY Bigger then he expected it to be. He walked off the transport vessel and looked around at his surroundings. He was a few hours early so he had time to to have a look around, he then spots a machine on a table with a sign saying ''Free go on this machine!'' He walks over to it and stands on this little yellow circular pad. A holographic screen appeared infront of his eyes withdetails about himself. This was what it said :

Name : Marz

Species : Human

Age : 25 earth years

Appearance : A medium sized fairly muscled man. Short Black hair and blue eyes, white pale skin with a oval head.

Height : 6ft 4

Interests : Vulcan history, Engineering, Warp cores, The Borg (in pieces)

Marz then slowly walked off the pad ''What a weird machine'' He continue walking around as a woman on a speaker said ''Could all star fleet security report to deck 16 for maitenence report'' Marz then comes to a stop and looks outside a window looking at the stars sparkling and ships passing by.

He continues to walk around, exploring the decks, studying different species as he walks past them. Suddenly a man flys past him landing on his back and is then grabbed by a klingon and is punched several times, as Marz walks back slowly starfleet guards try to grab the klingon. That had failed so they then phasered the klingon..Well I should really say stunned the klingon but anyways the klingon is then dragged away. Marz then just walks away pretending nothing happens and then decides to get to the holo deck for training.

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In the cold dark reaches of Space, a long lost Vulcan science vessel, slides between the Federation and Romunlan border. Its dark journey, unknown to all except for Star Fleet Adminstration and Federation Presidency lost gone. A voice breaks thru the subspace using an old security protocol.

"StarFleet, this is the VSS Imagine. Request permission to return home.

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A lonely ragged Science vessel pulls into port and launches a shuttlecraft. With a slow sputtering it slides into shuttle bay 9 and unloads one passenger. A young Vulcan with a odd grin on his face. Not in a way to be sinister, but logic dictated that all Vulcans were known to suppress their emotions. Hence the reason why it was odd. His long lanky frame on streched up to about 1.75 meters. Brown hair placed in a ponytail and wearing an outdated cadet uniform, he stood admiring the bay area.

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Jack stepped out of the turbo lift, a slight tension in his stomach as he was the first person in his family to join Starfleet and he wasn't sure what to expect over the next few weeks. He had longed for this opportunity and now that it was finally here, he wasn't sure whether this was right for him or not but being the person he is, a sense of determination took over and Jack was going to give this his best shot and make something of himself. He hadn't nothing left back home to go to.

As he straightened out his uniform, took a second to take a look around and gather his thoughts he decided he would have a walk around to familiarize himself with his new environment that he would be spending time on for the foreseeable future. As he walked through the corridors, various thoughts were popping into his head.

oO What a fantastic place, all this technology and space. Hopefully everyone is friendly Oo

As he continued to walk along the vast corridors, taking in all the various rooms off and what they were, he could tell he was going to settle in well here. As he passed people they smiled at him and said "Hello". This took Jack back as back home no one spoke to anyone and it wasn't a friendly or nice place. As Jack continued he smiled to himself as he reached his final destination, his quarters, he pressed for access, spoke his name and the doors slid open and Jack walked inside.

oO This isn't something I expected oO Jack thought as he surveyed his new living environment.

Jack started to unpack and now it was just a wait for training to begin and for his career to start developing.

Jack Burns (Cadet)

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I stepped off of the platform and felt the cool wind breeze through my long chestnut hair. I looked around me at the other cadets who looked as anxious and excited as I was feeling.

I was one of the only females in my group, and though most of us were human, there were a few that stood out amongst us.

Behind me, a male human, about 15 years old, was tormenting a smaller girl. He had her pinned against a wall, and the other cadets had left to explore before we started the Cadet Cruise.

"Look what we have here... The runt of the pack! Aren't you a little young to be here? Shouldn't you be at home with your mommy and playing with your dolls?" Snickered the boy.

I rolled my eyes and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around, stunned. "Wh-What?" He stuttered.

I cleared my throat and stage-whispered, "Should you really be talking about dolls? Or should I tell your mother what you do in your free time. Or better yet.. The lieutenants." I said, smirking.

The boy looked at me with growing shock, "Link??" He questioned.

I nodded. "Hello once again Eugene."

The little girl giggled a bit when she heard his name, and had already crawled away from his entrapment.

Eugene glared at me, "I'll see you at the Cadet Cruise." He said flatly, walking down a long corridor towards what looked like a main hall.

The little girl smiled at me, she couldn't have been younger than 11, which was still very young to be in a Cadet program.

"Thanks, he sure was freaky. Even if he was an idiot." She said shyly.

I looked at her seriously, "Don't be fooled. The idiots are the most dangerous."

I looked at this girl and was reminded a bit of myself. She even had the same trademark mischievous emerald green eyes that I did.

She announced her name as 'Katarina' and we walked off together down the same corridor and to our Cadet Cruise, which I had lost all anxiety for.

There was no reason for me to be nervous.

I was Link Savian, and I was determined to be the best cadet in the entire StarBase.

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As Cyor, a 75% human 25% Vulcan, medical cadet of the United Federation of Planets sat on a bench awaiting her transport to the Cadet Cruise was reading up on Andorian Shingles in her medical textbook when her personal communicator beeped. Bookmarking her place, she pulled it out, flipped it open, and answered, "Heasinddare."

"Good, I didn't miss you yet!" a male voice said calmly.

"It's nice of you to contact me before I depart, father."

"You have made your mother and I very proud, Cyor." the man responded as the transport pulled up.

"Thank you, father. I need to go, my ride is here." and with that she closed her communicator, collected her bags, boarded the trasport, and left for the Cadet Cruise.

When she arrived, Cyor was nearly run over by a group of cadets that were backing away from someone that appeared to be suffering from an infection of Cardassian Mud Fleas!! Acting quickly, Cyor ran to the cadet's side, rolled him onto his back, pulled out her medical kit that she always carried with her for just such an occassion, prepared a hypo to calm the patient while she prepared the correct syrum, administered the hypo, and moved with the speed of an experienced doctor as she measured and mixed the substances together. Creating another hypo full of her vaccine, the medical officer in training administered it to her unconscious patient who moaned in agony then relaxed as the welps on his face and neck reduced in swelling and slowly disappeared. Not too much later did real medical officers come upoon the scene and take over.

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As the transport ship docked in the docking bay, Sundassa played with the end of her long, lilac, braid. Her hair, braided, barely reached her thigh while sitting. She was nervious and excited, yesterday she was a student at the academy, today she is a Cadet on a StarBase. She wanted to give a good impression to her colleagues and her Commanding Officers. After the ship docked, she thanked the pilot and disembarked the ship.

Walking through the corridors, she noticed that she was on par with some of the taller humans at 1.8 meters in height. There were many different races of people walking past, the variety was on a much larger scale than what she saw at the Academy.

She wandered the corridors, and used the turbo lift to go to the medical facilities, only exploring the Administrative Center on Deck 500 before she decided to go to the Promenade in the Commercial Sector. She wanted to make note of the restaurants that served real food, and not the diluted versions the replicator served. She had learned to tolerate the food from the replicator, and could stomach it. But she found it was much like taking a great beverage, and pouring water in it, the flavor left was diluted. She heard some talk of 'The Twilight's Edge' and 'Granny's Place.'

After exploring the Promenade a bit, she moved towards the turbo lift again to report to the holodeck she was assigned to for training.
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