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"Arrival at StarBase 118" (Introduce your character here!)

FltAdml. Wolf

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I can't stand shuttles. Flying along at supersonic speeds and understanding what happens to the human body if there was a malfunction… it is terrifying. Don't even get me started on superluminal speeds. However, that aside, the fear I have of shuttle flight is slightly less than transporters, so I put up with them.

Gripping the shoulder strap of my duffle bag tightly, I stepped off of the shuttle and through the docking area, onto the large public area of the starbase. Starbases were the things of nightmares for me: both confined and expansive at the same moment, with huge crowds of people. It was a perfect storm of phobias. I could almost hear my father's voice…

"Suck it up, Buttercup."

…he used to tell me when he got slightly frustrated with my never-ending litany of personal fears. It was about as close to putting me down as he ever got, but it often snapped me back into reality, like a splash of cold water to the face.

Did I mention I'm afraid of being wet, too?


Name: Chloe Mannin

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Height/Weight: 5'4", 110lbs (163cm/50kg)

Chloe is short and petite, with jet-black hair, her father's ice-blue eyes and pale skin. Because of her height and build, she looks more like she should be in high-school rather than graduating from the Academy.

Chloe is defined by her fears… of everything. She isn't able to always handle them, but has developed some coping mechanisms, including meditative exercise and dance. When in her 'zone,' she can be pretty intense, but is just as, if not more often just a shy scared little girl.

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Trel'lis arrived, feeling rushed, as the shuttle was slow in getting to the Academy site. She was alo concerned as to how soon her training class would begin, since she was new to everything Starfleet and wanted to at least seem intelligent. Her appearance was deceiving, given she was mostly Xelarian, due to their DNA infusion/purge process. She was actually centuries old, despite appearing to be just 23. As she walked from the docking area, Trel'lis thought of the varius ways she could incorporate her vast police experience, into her new career, in Security. Trel'lis had been with the New Chicago Police Department, for hundreds of years, but she also knew that Starfleet Security did things differently, as well.

As she made her way along, she glanced at the other, newly arrived cadets, marveling at the variety of species among them. Due to her "advanced" age, she had no current family, to speak of, having outlived all descendants, by more than two centuries, so in some ways, she felt "different", as well as pangs of loneliness. Trel'lis only hoped the other cadets would accept her, regardless of the unusual V-shaped "appendage attached to the base of her skull, which resembled the HSS pipes of the trellis of the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, that once stood at the northeast corner of Millennium Park, in Old Chicago. After a while, Trel'lis located a bench and sat in the space at the end, waiting for word, as to her training assignment, quarters, etc.

Cadet Trel'lis

SB 118 Academy

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Nathan stepped off the shuttle and into the main shuttle bay of Starbase 118; His electric blue eyes scanned the other cadets who chatted as they all headed into the main section of the base. A smile crept over his face as he realized they had time before reporting for their cadet cruise and he wanted to make sure he had a chance to meet a few of the “other” cadets. He watched as a couple of the girls split off from the main group and started looking in some of the shops. He quickly pulled his long blue hair into a pony tail and tied it off with a strip of black leather.

Heading after the others the young man placed his most famous and what some would say rakish grin on his face. He walked up to the three young ladies who giggled as he approached.

“So looks like we will be spending the next year or so together on our cadet cruise, and well I was thinking we should get to know each other a little better.” Nathan could play the shy innocent guy if needed and in this case he nailed it as the three girls blushed.

“Sounds like a good idea.” The petite redhead in the middle said as the other two acted shyly and giggled.

“Would you three care to join me for a drink I understand there is a wonderful place that serves a a real hot chocolate with whip cream.” He offered is hand pointing the way for the three girls to follow.

Again the redhead spoke “Sounds wonderful I love chocolate.” Nathan smiled a knowing smile he knew no mater what race girls loved chocolate. The four of them headed off chatting freely as they walked to the outdoor café.

Cadet Nathan Rey'nld

Starbase 118

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Guest Guest

A young Betazoid couldn't stay still while waiting, his mind running wild on theories or ideas on how the test would be.

Tesse: Computer, where can i have a fast meal?

Computer: Around the corner, there is a food dispenser.

The Betazoid with the completely bald head order a very sugarish sweet called T'soauld.

"That's great for thinking... ugh a few years rushing thru the diciplines and i have to wait just one more hour before the test... what a torture..."

Restless he spent about 40 minutes walking around the area ultil he saw his own reflection at a decorative mirror.

"Nothing since the lab accident... it's amazing that science made them able to take all the radiation out of my body but not make my hair grow again... i can't find a decent doctor anywhere in the station!"

He arrive at the holodeck door just in time and someone blocked all access to the door by inserting the wrong password more than 4 times.

After observing for a few moments, Tesse type a few comands at a sub-terminal without saying a word.

Academy Collegue: Oh i can tipe in t again? i'm very sure now...

A lot of studants gather at the holodeck to listen to their missions and get instructions...

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And his friends had called him silly for insisting on bringing a pair of sunglasses with him. Richard glanced up, but not directly at, the simulated sun. There was no cloud cover today and as Richard sat outside the small café, sipping on a coke and munching his bagel, he could almost forget that he was on a star base. Yup any minute now Jess would be raising him over the com, probably forgot his data pad somewhere and needing to borrow his.

Except he wouldn’t be, because this was Star Base 118 and he wasn’t here for some way out there field trip. This was it, the Cadet Cruise, and while Richard was actually really excited about it. He found himself wishing he were back at the academy.

“Oh I know that look,” Jess slid into the seat across from him. While he pulled out his burger and fries, he went on. “You got that ‘the hell was I thinking’ look on, or possibly you ‘I just remembered I like to keep my feet on the ground’ look on. Which you know never made any sense to me because you don’t have a fair of heights or flying.”

“Only when you’re the pilot,” Richard snapped, though he hoped the smile that was sneaking across his face softened his words.

“Whatever old man,” Jess took a bite of his burger. “So did you actually take in any of the sites? Or just set around brooding? Not that that isn’t working for you.”

Richard frowned and turned to look where his friend was pointing. Crowds of people, some moving with a purpose, others you could tell were tourists just taking in the sites. A small group of women giggling, and quickly looking away when they caught his eye, oh, he snickered.

“Not this week,”

“Seriously? But, but.” Jess rolled his eyes. “Sometimes I wonder about you man. I mean you’re a good looking guy. Tall, dark, scruffy unshaven, but smexy not unkept.”

“Jess, is this your roundabout way of telling me something that you’ve been afraid to tell me?”

“Shut up man.”

Richard laughed, “Come on hurry up, we don’t want to be late.”

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Hsina sat in the waiting room with the other cadets, though unlike the rest, she didn’t talk to her neighbors or look or feel nervous in any way. Of course, she was more than twice the age of most of them, and was here, perhaps, for different reasons. Even within her branch, science, she was something of a misfit as she was the only member of her year group with advanced degrees in archaeology and anthropology, with physics and warp theory far more popular majors. Lastly, she differed in that her academy itself was abbreviated, as she already had baccalaureate and doctorate degrees in her field, and as such skipped the first two years of the academy entirely, which mostly general education classes that Hsina had long since completed in her civilian education.

Thats not to say that Hsina wasn’t a member of the class. For the last two years she had studied and worked alongside the other cadets in the waiting room. She had learned the fundamentals, like everyone, of military protocol, weapons, computers and everything else required for initial posting as a Starfleet officer. She had completed her branch training in sciences alongside the four other science cadets in the room, consisting of a basic science curriculum and a chosen major, in Hsina’s case Applied Mathematics.

One of the other science cadets, a woman named Jill Engstrom, was also a prior university graduate, with a doctorate in quantum physics, though at 34-years-old, was a dozen years younger than Hsina. There was also young, as in VERY young Minoru Yamada, a prodigy who graduated from high school in Japan at the age of 10, from Tokyo University with a Master of Science in temporal physics at the age of 14 and now sat, waiting for his cadet cruise to begin, 3 weeks short of his 18th birthday. And those were just the humans, as this was a very diverse class.

Still, Hsina felt quite apart. Of course, she had ALWAYS felt quite apart. Of course, any girl who hit 6 feet tall at age 12, and stood a full 6’4” as an adult would naturally feel apart, but to be tall, smart and perhaps most unusual of all, more than slightly crazy would be enough to set anyone outside of the norms of most societies, particularly the conservative muslim society of Iraq where she was raised. Rejecting religion at an early age and beating the tar out of the high school bully only reinforced her pariah status growing up.

Now she sat here waiting for the cadet cruise briefing. She knew she was very smart, but then, so were all of her classmates. She knew that she had unique physical attributes (extreme height and freakish strength), but then, the Vulcan male sitting in the next row was slightly taller and slightly stronger as well. What she doubted (probably incorrectly) was that of everyone present, she was the only one hiding something.

She hid it in every psych eval, answering the questions the way she knew they had to be answered to pass, rather than truthfully. She masked her thoughts at every counseling session. She masked her lies by masking the tells she could mask, and duplicating them when telling the truth for those she could not. The truth was, Hsina Amman was damaged goods. Her life, thus far, had been a mixture of great accomplishment and great loss, and every time, she felt herself slip just a bit farther away.

So now she was here, for a new beginning. If she could keep her secrets hidden, hide the flaws, silence the voices that tormented her in the night. If, and only if, she could keep her demons at bay, then perhaps, just maybe, she could finally find peace out there, in the stars, where it all began.

Andrew F.

Cadet Hsina Amman

Science Branch

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Alia’s large brown eyes stared out at the massive structure that laid before the shuttlecraft as it prepared to dock. It was a true testimony to Starfleet’s geniosity - and power - that such a thing could be built and sustain hundreds of thousands of lives from hundreds of different species for an almost indefinite period of time, given proper maintenance was done on routine basis. She smiled for a second, thinking that she was lucky enough to be a part of such an organization. Indeed, she had to leave her home, family and friends behind, but it was a small price to pay to be at the forefront of space exploration. After four years of coursework the time was coming for he final test before she’d receive that coveted golden pip. She wasn’t particularly nervous, to be honest. She knew that she was ready, and, even if she weren’t, there was nothing she could do to change that right now, so she just enjoyed the ride as the craft maneuvered into the station.

As she walked off into the station she realized how huge the place actually was. It was so large, in fact, that one could hardly believe it to be a self-contained station floating in space. In fact, chances were it was probably larger than the city she grew up in, back in Delta IV.

She still had plenty of time before she was supposed to report for her training, so she decided she would explore the place a little, after all there was a chance she would call that place home for the next year or so, if she got herself a posting there. Alia spent her four years at the Academy hoping for a starship posting, thinking it would be her best chance to study the secrets and mysteries of the universe, but she wouldn’t mind having a starbase posting either, with access to even better science facilities.

As a Deltan, Alia was used to drawing attention from other species. This time it was no different, and she could almost feel the dozens of eyes turned to herself as she cruised carefree through the Commercial sector of the station, stopping every now and then to check out an interesting store. She had a particular thing for crafts and other rare trinkets that one could easily find in any commercial hub across the galaxy. She had plenty of small souvenirs herself, most of which given to her by her uncle, which worked in the dilithium mining industry and always ended up travelling to far flung and exotic places.

After a good hour of window shopping, the young cadet found herself a computer terminal and sent a quick message to her parents back home, to update them on her situation. Despite the distance, she liked to keep in touch with and, in as much as the distance and her duties allowed, be part of her family’s life.

Her final stop was a small Terran coffee shop in the Promenade. Ever since she first tasted it, during Academy leave on Earth, she fell in love with the variety of flavors that one could find in Terran coffee. Humans had always been very creative with their food, it seemed. She absolutely loved how much food differed from one region to another, and those differences made eating human food an interesting and surprising experience she tried to enjoy as often as possible. She ordered herself a cup of vanilla-flavored iced coffee and sat at one of the many tables, watching as people went by, carrying out their businesses.

After finishing her coffee, she stood up and headed out, as her report time came close. She was ready for Starfleet, or at least, as ready as she would ever be.

Edited by Alia
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T'Mar stepped off her transport and took a look around. She mentally suppressed all the emotions of the other cadets around her. T'Mar was 5'8" with dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and pointed ears. She had all the appearances of the average Vulcan. In fact she was mostly Vulcan. Her grandmother, however, had been a Betazoid. This left T'Mar with the unfortunate ability of empathy.

T'Mar analyzed the map in front of her and decided to head for the Promade. She had arrived early and determined it was logical to eat before settling in and starting the cruise. She found a replicator. "plomeek soup," she ordered. She sat down and began to eat her soup, watching the wide variety of species walking by. 'This should be fun!' she thought to herself, before finishing her meal and heading to her quarters.

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Guest Cadet Emilio Bondelleo

For sure way different then Oregon in a danty little town in the middle of mountain hole of nowhere from this thing called space. Who would knew some country boy, lived in the city would make it out into space. The random thoughts that go through the mind while flying at faster then light to some remote place not on some little green and blue ball. How I miss them camp fire out in the woods, but sure do not at all miss the crazy family drama. Even spending time away from home as a young quarter master on an old family ship was experience enough to wonder through the stars, but still didn’t beat the campfires from home. School was no better, even though grades were fine. Maybe Starbase 118 might bring some hope after the academy.

The first step on the base itself was quite different. This was not anything he imagined it would be, and he didn’t bother try to imagined it. For sure there was several things that he had to get done. Absolute was the coffee.

Looking about while walking at a no hurry pace, Emilio wondered about the hallways of the outer areas of the starbase where shuttles and cargo holds. Going through the halls, pad in had with directions on where the more public areas are made it easier to getting around. And the first thing that he wanted to know was where the coffee is located.

“That many decks?…..” Emilio said more to himself, although out loud. “Can’t go wrong with little exercising.”

Finally away from the cargo holds and docking bays, Emilio found some peace in a café. One can never go wrong with a good place for coffee and hopefully here is no different then home. Calmly sitting and waiting patiently, Emilio took the chance to look around at the different people going about. Moved around so much didn’t leave much of an empression from past places.

Machinery was one thing he knew growing up as well as gardening. Shooting the stars was another. But the round headed, thinned brown hair Emilio looked for more.

“Good afternoon, cadet.” A waiter came about with a pleasant smile. “I take it your arriving?”

“Aye, I be.” Emilio said, looked to his bag and then to the waiter. “That obvious?”

“Oh no. Just that your not the only one.” The waiter said and pointed by visual turn towards a young lady, brown hair in a pony tail. “She just came aboard not all that long ago. Perhaps you two might have something in common.”

Blinking and bewildered for a moment. “I see she wears a blue cadet uniform as mine, but I don’t need a matchmaker.”

“Oh no. I like to stay on this side of the air lock.” The waiter said with a laugh. “I’m Jarett. Just thought you two might get a chance to have a conversation without candles. There are many new people coming and going, you two among them, and him and her. At least you would know someone.”

Raised eyebrow, as if there was a need for distraction. If there was, it was thinner then the seal in an airlock. “Perhaps when the time is better. No doubt she’s excited and anxious. I am.”

“Quite true. Well, since I am not at all a matchaker, I can get you something that drink or eat. That I am capable of. Coffee perhaps?”

Taking a moment to ponder the man. “You a Batezed?”

“I’ll leave that up to you. I’ll be right back with your coffee.” He departed, leaving Emilio stumped.

What luck! Coffee bar tender who leaves his customers dazed and confused. Oh well. Who knows? He could be a batezed. So can the young lady with the pony tail or most any human. However, if there was any Batezed’s here, it would have to be the waiter judging by the out going personality, even though humans can have that trait as well. As Emilio waited for his coffee, still stumped, the brown haired girl with the pony tail began to depart.

For a while, Emilio sipped on his coffee, joshing with the waiter here and there when the moment was available between looking over his pad and trying to make since of the whole starbase.

Many decks. A lot of space to walk.

Medical/Science Cadet Emilio Bondelleo

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Guest Devin Harris

Devin walked off the shuttle and into the shuttle bay of Starbase 118. As he entered he marveled at how vast the station was as he thought every other cadet must have. Seeing he had time not wasting another minute he ran as fast as he could to explore the enormous station looking at anything and everything he could, like a child when Christmas time comes.

Looking back 4 years earlier he remembers his time on earth coming from a a middle class family that could support one another very well and had no hard ship with his family, like his father he was very into engineering and but what he really wanted to be was to be an HCO Officer for a ship. Sadly his training in the Academy went sour when he didn't take anything seriously he was issued a warning to be removed. He quickly changed his act and made it through with decent grades to be a real contributer to a ship.

4 years late he is that much closer to his dream, as he walks through the station he looks at the time and quickly hurries so he wouldn't be late as he cannot fail this far from what he has accomplished.

Devin Harris

Starbase 118

Character Summary


Race: Human

Age: 24 Terran years

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Skin Color: Tanned (Hispanic)

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It was a curse, even still Piqui was up for the drama.

He was to report to the cadet holo-suites for training.

oO What deck and what was the training going to include?Oo

:: Starting to flicker in and out of the monitor sheets-

access denied

access denied

information is encrypted

Piqui: Mmmmm ok ok I know, that's what I get for walking out of the embassy awol like they say I did.

:: The holosheet was encoded to no avail. ::

Piqui: ::vexed into a corner:: Holosheets, disengage processes to decode transmissions form the future.

Holosheet Computer: The processes were never initiated / there are no transmissions from the future / start a decoding process?

Piqui: :: light hearted:: No Computer, just shut down monitor sheets.

:: Piqui blinked a couple times and the monitors only he could see flickered to off.

Piqui was back on the starbase118 now at home with the blips and the bleeps of bustling people.

It was cadet time for the Piqui person. A much needed encounter in the federation.

Piqui's memory was blanked as his holoform as he was humanized. The holomedics transferred what would make "sense" to him.

Piqui had begun thinking that he would meet his holo-plasma self again somewhere, at-least in passing.

Rubbing his eyes again he stood up on the promenade and walked a few businesses down Piqui entered a trivial-devices and antiques store.

He looked at the merchant and started a conversation::

Piqui: Why are some of these devices trivial?

Merchant: Because, :: pausing :: the greater federation population does not need nor use them.

Piqui: And the wasted workmanship, becomes..?

Merchant: ...Becomes a novelty to someone who never knew about the devices.


Bowrapiquis Jetseen (Piqui)

cadet in training

hologram made human


eyes: shining bronze

skin: a flush pink

hair: blond with reddish streaks and some purple dyes added at the ends

age: about 35 looks 25


A returning character with no memory of past actions (only rumors-and documents).

basic education sufficient for a cadet.

His life was untouched by idiosyncrasies of normal habits.

His previous holo-experience was is like a past life; all documented but not real to him.

Edited by Piqui
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Momma had always been proud of me. Her loving embrace, her warmth kept me going through the years. It was my second beginning. My life as a Starfleet Officer. I knew what it meant but didn't really get it until I saw the Starbase in person for the first time. How the stars dazzled light off it's sleek surface. How it made me feel... happy and sick at the same time.

Poppa would have been proud of me, too. It is sad that he would never make it to see me get this far. He was a Starfleet officer, too, but got sick and was never the same. He passed away twenty years ago.

For the longest time I have resented that but things and time have shown me otherwise.

He watches over me, though. I can feel it. I don't speculate, I know. Momma said it too. They were never married but had a connection like no other. I am an only child, a product of their on again and off again romance during his and her travels.

Years at the Academy.

Years of Medical School.

My Residency.

My MD.

It has all come to this point. My research. My hard work. My second beginning.

This is it.

I'm ready.

Aribelle Tagren

Hair: Auburn, long, loose curls

Eyes: Hazel

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 120 lbs.

Date of Birth: Classified

Species: El-Aurian/Human

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From this vantage point in one of the dozens if not hundreds of lounge spaces aboard Starbase 118 Verana could see everything she could have ever imagined an instillation like this to be like. The massive internal spacedock housed several Starfleet ships undergoing repairs, upgrades, or simple shoreleave for their respective crews. To some extent the vessels resembled birds, with the hull as the body, and those beautiful, wondrous nacelles the wings that allowed the bird not only to fly, but to soar. Just a few hundred years ago on both Earth and Delta IV, faster than light travel seemed impossible, completely outside normal physics. But thanks to a few individuals not limited by linear thought and what couldn't be, decided to overcome the laws of physics to create something that could be. The fact that Verana was standing here on a deep space instillation dozens of light-years from her homeworld proved that they were right, that life could overcome the most challenging obstacles to evolve and endure.

Verana was somewhat fascinated by humans. She had spent most of the last nine, nearly ten years around them and was always surprised by their actions. They had the capacity to commit the most barbaric acts against even their own people but yet they had been the ones to unify this area of space under a common banner. One of Verana's two fathers had often railed against human hegemony over the other races (Or what he perceived to be domination anyway) but if humans were dominating other species, Verana admired the way they did it. Spreading mutual understanding and acceptance versus mere toleration of differences was either the most insidious plan ever devised in the pursuit of interstellar domination or the most beautiful way to bring about utopia on this plane of existence. The Federation may have its faults, but at least they were willing to talk those defects out and evolve, there was no room for caution and conservatism in a society that is constantly evolving and changing if one liked it or not.

What was odd that despite looking human, Verana didn't feel at home among them, she was Deltan and she knew if, even if others didn't right away, after all she did have a long flow of hair atop her head, ever changing color to suit her impulses. The hair was a symbol for Verana, it served as a reminder to the mystery of the identity of one of her father's mothers (Thanks to a then revolutionary procedure, Verana's genetic material came from her two fathers without a female to supply an egg, well an egg was supplied but it's genetic material was wiped and tailored with the DNA/RNA of one of her fathers) and how it set her apart from other Deltans. What was worse, was that Verana's co-paternal grandmother's genome was unknown to Starfleet, and it was determined within her first month at the Academy that various recessive traits from this species lay unexpressed within her genome, so Verana's hair and her presumed inheritance of her father's extended lifespan were the only two things that linked Verana to a mysterious ancestress.

So for an intents and purposes, Verana was outwardly human, though the majority of her biological traits were Deltan thankfully. She possessed the incredibly potent pheromones of her species that increased her psionic abilities to a state where a member of another species physically... connecting with Verana might go insane should they separate, their minds unable to fully process the collection of telepathy, empathy, smells and sensations that accompanied Deltan... connections...That was the final nail in the coffin for Verana's sense of isolation and distance from those around her. Unable to connect through sex or communicate telepathically (Well not without some risk to the other person) Verana was limited to simple auditory, vocal and written communication. Inefficient and unlike the way she was raised to connect with those around her on Delta IV.

Verana's life was far from depressing however, she had friends, though she was now distanced from most of them and would be forced to make new ones wherever she was assigned after graduation. She had her work as a resident and paid computer geek in the service of the Federation, and she delighted in the simplistic way humans and most other species interacted socially. No extreme intimacy or passion was involved in simple gatherings of friends or colleagues, and to Verana, this made things both easier and more comfortable both for her and those she worked with. After all humans were rather resigned in their sexuality for the most part, to Deltans, propositioning another was like asking the time of day...

It was only through these long thought processes and meditations that Verana realized how over sexualized her people must seem to the rest of the galaxy. Perhaps it was nice that she couldn't be readily identified as a Deltan and be subjected to constant prodding on her past and present... connections, and through the wonders of not so modern medical science, the strong aroma of Deltan pheromones had been muted when individuals left their homeworld. Though by the sight of a gathering collective of men around her perhaps the dosage of the chemical inhibitor might need to be amped from now on...


Name: Verana Efeildi Tridalii

Species: Deltan Hybrid (3/4 Deltan, 1/4 Unknown)

Hair: Changes constantly, 'Natural Hair Color' on official documents has varied too

Eyes: Blue (Most of the time anyway...)

Height: 6'0''

Weight: 135 LBS

Date of Birth: Stardate 236505.25

A woman of many talents and just as many eccentricities, Verana is a gifted Deltan mathematician and computer scientist currently going through her final weeks of Starfleet Academy.

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Thank you so much! :)

The post is entirely reflection and Verana's thoughts to introduce her as a very cerebral character used to thinking and acting than talking. She's isolated and very much defined by what she thinks, does and looks like versus what she vocalizes. She's eccentric and vibrant but because of the wariness a great many feel around her once learning she is in fact not human but Deltan, she has resigned herself to silence though jumps at the chance to talk to someone and this exuberance can also be off-putting, further limiting her social interactions.

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Guest Oxford Brown

Brown stood in the middle of the main concourse and looked around the shear size of the station made his awe struck, knowing that this was going to be his home for 12 months or more the urge to look around was over whelming.

Walking forward Ox looked for the one place that a Marine would feel at home in the nearest bar. Walking in the noise was like a wall rushing out to ram his into the wall opposite. Walking towards the bar Brown looked around seeing the red of command services, the gold of security and tactical, blue from science and teal from medical, it seemed to him that most of the departments on the station frequented this particular bar.

Taking his drink Brown walked to a reflectively quite corner and listened he'd found during his basic training that the best way to find out anything was to just listen in a bar, the amount of information he'd picked up was incredible. As he listened the words Klingon and Romulan was banded about lot. Not knowing the relevant information Brown could only guess, other the the two races where having a go at each other again.

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As the shuttle passengers begin to move into the corridor, Zerxes stands to the side and allows them to pass. The immediate wash of artificial lighting forces him to increase the tint level in his visor, activated by a sliding mechanism on the discreet control piece behind his ear. For about the one-hundreth time since leaving Earth, Zerxes mentally kicks himself for leaving his lenses at the Academy.

Looking down into the concourse, Zerxes observes the quiet shell of what would become a bustling, vivacious hub of activity once business hours resumed. Most of the station was asleep now, which he didn't mind. It was nice to see his new home in this empty state, as if it was waiting for him to move in.

Suddenly, a loud voice erupts from Zerxes' side! It is accompanied for a firm, but friendly, slap to the back of his shoulder. "Welcome aboard, son!"

Turning to the man, Zerxes forces a smile while trying to ignore the impact of the crewman's greeting on his hearing. As an Al-Leyan, Zerxes' hearing was greatly amplified. It had its drawbacks, such as right now.

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Although having walked away from StarFleet to try to settle with his wife. It seemed fate had other ideas. When news broke of the rising tensions with the Klingons over their declaration of war on the Romulans, Alexander Richards saw he had no choice but to re-apply to Star Fleet Accademy for a refresher course before going out to what could possibly be yet another Universal conflict.

This time, there were no protests from his wife. She knew, for the sake of their two year old son John, that he had to return. She also knew that as a man of peace, he wiould try his utmost to uphold the values of the Federation and try to prevent what many saw as the inevitable. The collapse of the Khitomer Accords and a prolonged war with the Empire.

Edited by Ensign Alexander Richards
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Sir, we have arrived at Starbase 118... Cadet Bradon?!

Somewhat sheepishly, Jeff Bradon woke from the knap he had apparently, unwittingly

fallen in to.

Oh thank you, I'm sorry, I must of dozed off, it's been a long trip from Earth, and all the layovers, I've

never been able to sleep in a wait terminal.

Jeff unlike most people had no issue sleeping in a moving vehicle, or for that matter anywhere else really. Jeff considered sleeping something of a past time, a lost art he was happy to try and reinvigorate. His mother and grandmother had always chided him for "sleeping until noon, wasting the day away!". In his mind it wasn't a waste, he was a bit of a night owl after all, a bit of a loaner, but one that didn't dislike people or social gatherings, he just preferred to observe humanity, well not just humanity, in this day and age there are huge numbers of things to be fascinated with and observe. Observation.. that is likely why he was ranked highly in sciences and engineering, observation and taking things apart, wonderful skills.

Cadet Bradon disembarked the cramped but somewhat comfortable shuttle he and a few other Starfleet personnel had been on. Everything is getting smaller again he thought, we need

b i g g e r.... stopping in mid-thought, Cadet Bradon stepped into the docking area of Starbase 118, mouth slightly ajar in awe of the site before him. A huge alumiplex window and half dozen amazing, graceful, Federation Starships suspended in it's huge docking facility... bigger, that is definitely bigger, finishing his broken thought!

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Shepherd stands tall in the airlock, waiting for the pressure between the two hatches to equalize. The faint hiss of air flowing into the room reminds him of the time he and his friend Kyle Marks tore a hole in the moon bounce at some kids birthday party. A smile crosses his face as the image of Kyle laughing his [...] off, hands over his mouth, fills his mind. He chuckles, thinking about how mad everyone had been, and how look it took to get all the other kids out of the mound of rubberized plastic.

The computer chimed, indicating that the equalization cycle was complete. Shepherd composed himself as the doors slid open. He slung his duffel over his shoulder and strode into the busy corridor. The entire station was alive with activity. Conversations mixing with the occasional chirps of wall consoles, Officers and Cadets moving about, some in a rush, others taking their sweet time. Michael moved against the wall as a small group of Marines ran by. Nice to see people moving with a purpose. He turned and accessed the console behind him, looking for his assignment. After a few moments of searching without finding anything he logged off, withdrew a PADD from his duffel, and looked for the nearest instructor. The title on the screen said "Personnel Profile"


NAME: Shepherd, Michael A.



HAIR: Blond

EYES: Blue

HEIGHT: 5'11''

WEIGHT: 180lbs

Biographical data available in Starfleet Personnel Database...


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::Will continued polishing his boots until they bore a perfect reflection. He could see his grin staring back at himself.

Today was the first day of training for the cadet cruise; the final stage of Starfleet training, and he was psyched. He placed his boots down and stared forward out the view port. The stars seemed to shine brightly today, as if calling him to join them. For many years he had struggled through the academy, learning so many things that were completely foreign and new to him. His entrance to engineering courses had definitely challenged him, (to not only pass, but to not electrocute himself at the same time).

But today, the classroom instruction was over. Today, he would finally get to practice what he learned in class and apply it on the cadet cruise. Today, he would feel one step closer to what he and others had spent their last few years working hard to achieve. Today... Will looked at the time..::

Will: “Oh no! I’m going to be late!!!” ::muttered to himself out loud ::

::Will grabbed his boots and threw them on, shaking his head at himself. How could he let himself be late on the first day? What if he missed the transport? Standing up he ran out of his temporary quarters towards the turbo lift. His hand excitedly mashed the call button and the doors swooshed open before him::

Will: “StarFleet Academy Training Centre”

::The doors shut, and the turbo lift whined as it accelerated away. Moments later he stepped forth from the doors toward the small gathering of cadets and looked for the commanding officer to report to. Spotting someone sporting a LT. Commander’s rank in the crowd, Will approached them and introduced himself::

Will: “Cadet Will Stead reporting for training Sir! Very excited to be here, sir!”

:: His commander officer raised their eyebrows and grinned slightly... At that time Will realized that several of the cadets were giggling quite a bit as well. He looked around and realized they were actually snickering at him, often casting quick looks in his direction.::

oO What is everyone laughing at? Oo

::Will looked down at his uniform and –


::Suddenly Will sat abruptly forward, snapping awake. He was in his quarters once more::

oO Thank gosh, it was only a dream! Oo

:: He grinned to himself, and continued to polish his boots until they bore a perfect reflection. Today was the first day of training.........::

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The loud bustle of the hew-mons and other species on this Federation Star base was music to Neg lobs. Not that they were all that big, in fact his moggie often called them human ears and his brother said that he couldn't hear a deal if it was broadcast over a loud speaker strapped to his head. But he as a Ferengi has managed to acquire exclusive rights to test and develop his device but he must first take the same voyage the federation cadets get when they graduate. So Neg walked out of the shuttle docking bay and took a good look around.

“Neg of Ferenginar?” a voice bolted out. “I'm Jason, the Engineer assigned to help you while your on station.”

Neg raised his device towards Jason and pushed a button, then brought it back down. Looked at the reading it gave, and smiled.

“What was that about” Jason asked curiously

“Rule of ACQUISITION # 208 Sometimes the only thing more dangerous than a question is an answer. Now take me to the promenade.”

“But I was supposed to help you with your device in engineering before your cruise”

Neg stopped, and sighed. Its bad enough that other Ferengi treat him like he is lob-less now this hew-mon is going to question him.

“Do you know why I'm here jay-sawn of Federation?”

“I was told that..”

“You were told to help me with my device, there was no mention of going to engineering or any nonsense of that matter. Just to help me. Am I right?”

Jason paused, looked away then replied “Yes sir this way”

Neg couldn't believe his luck. Not only was he able to get this hew-mon to adjust his attitude, but he also had managed to convince the entire Federation High Command that his device was a profit-engine. Capable of selecting the best course of action in order to make the highest profits. Of course he told them it being a proprietary device he would not allow the Star-fleet engineers to analyze it. But when testing was finished he would allow them to purchase the design. The Federation all he had to do was never complete the device that didn't exist and he would have a free ride for as long as he could live. Or maybe he could sell them a fake, and get enough Gold Pressed Lanthanum to buy his own ship. Then every other Ferengi would know that Neg was the Ferengi who swindled the Federation.

“Security to Ensign Jason” The Ensigns comm badge chirped

“Go ahead”

“Please bring our guest Neg and his Device to Security”

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Cadet Grigoriy stepped off his shuttle with a smile on his face. His Father had told him he would never graduate the academy, And here he was aboard Station 118. He could still see the expression on his fathers face a couple of days ago when he tole him he graduated Eleventh in his class. He took a couple steps forward and fell to to the ground smashing his nose on the bulkhead. "Are you all right sir?"Grigoriy looked up to see an elderly shopkeeper standing over him.

"Yeah im fine," he said as he stood up took a bad step."

"Are you sure?" He asked again. Grigoriy felt his face and winced and pain.

"I think i broke my nose." he said as he looked at the blood on his hand.

The old gentleman pointed, "sickbays that way"

"Thank you sir, first minute here and I've smashed my face,"


Name:Grigoriy Davis



Place of birth:Russia

(Did i do this right? And are there any peregrine class fighters?

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Just another day like any other day. Only difference is today is Rekkr's first day as a cadet getting ready for his cadet cruise.

Rekkr is an average height, stocky fellow with a halfway decent trimmed beard and a short fuse. he walks up to the counter...

"I'll have a juice please"

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