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"Arrival at StarBase 118" (Introduce your character here!)

FltAdml. Wolf

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Clev stumbled out of the transport carrying his overstuffed duffel bag. Nearly tripping his feet touched the soil of Terra. The world seemed much more different then Gault. He tried to throw his best smile forward, He set his bag down and opened it. He took out a cloth wrapped pasty that his mother had made for him, He also took out a canteen full of lemonaide. He drank Starfleet Academy in. Inside he was so scared.

He drank in the site of the Golden Gate Bridge, He had made it here. It was time to make a name for himself, He wasn't on Gault any more. he certainly was going to be an addition to the Academy. He heard the announcement on the loudspeaker to go to Admissions for further processing.

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((my character is the Vulcan-like individual))


"I wonder which ship I'll be assigned to."

The fresh-faced man's comment loomed in the thin air of the shuttle. The three newly graduated cadets; Ethan, Mike, and Sekep had been huddled together on the shuttle for what seemed like days. In reality, it had been a mere couple of hours, but only the Vulcan was able to experience time as it really passed; his two human companions were forced to feel as if the trip were dragged out, thanks to the boredom that gripped them.

As the two humans continued to chatter about preferred assignments and making a friendly wager on which of them was promoted first, Sekep merely glanced out into space, clearing his mind of the idle chatter going on behind him. Before he could begin to contemplate the illogical motives of his shipmates, the talk shifted once again. This time, Sekep couldn't just ignore his traveling companions.

"What about you, Doc? Got any preferences?" The question was harmless enough, but the structured mind of an offspring of two Kohlinar Masters would turn it into something entirely different. Sekep turned his head to the two humans and replied, "I have no such preference. It would be a waste of both time and energy to muse the possibilities when we will soon be told of our assignments in a matter of hours. I am confident that we will all be placed where we will do the most good...which is the only thing that should matter."

The two men looked at each other with sideways glances, and smirked. The answer shouldn't have been a surprise to anyone who'd ever spent time with a Vulcan before - but still, it seemed fun to get such a serious answer out of such light-hearted conversation. It would take the shuttle another fifteen minutes to complete docking; time that was spent on the new game the two men had discovered - Vulcan Baiting: posing an innocent or frivolous question and waiting for the dry, overly serious, and way too logical answers.

Sekep knew what they were up to, but he saw no way out of answering them without seeming rude. He breathed a sigh of relief as they finally arrived at the starbase. The only unfortunate thing was, they were quite early...Sekep noted that he had several hours until the scheduled briefing was to being. Unsure what to do with himself, Sekep followed the others - at a safe distance of around ten meters or so - as they toured the station and basically wound themselves down a bit. While his human colleagues were enjoying themselves, Sekep had his nose buried in a text explaining the requirements for new medical officers during the upcoming cruise.

"How old are you, anyway, Doc?", Mike asked.

The question caught Sekep off-guard. He hadn't been part of the conversation up until now, and preferred it to remain that way. He put his text away, and looked up at the pair of young human faces. He thought of the most diplomatic way to answer without giving any figures, "I am considered by my people to be in the earlier stages of adultood."

The reply brought about a bit of a chucklefit before Ethan composed himself long enough to clarify the question. "How about a number, Doc? I'm 22 terran years old, and my partner here is 23. How old are you, in terran years?"

There was really no way around the question at this point. "I am fifty-seven years old." Ethan sucked in air so quick he nearly passed out while Mike laughed and said, "You're older than my pappy, Doc!"

While getting an answer as to what a "pappy" was seemed important at the time, Sekep let it go and pressed on. He had to keep reminding himself that it wouldn't be long before they were at the briefing; the stoic Vulcan doctor and his two Human companions who were ready to tackle whatever the universe - or Starfleet - had to throw at them.

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Journal Entry

My name is Dr. James E. Clay, I just graduated from Starfleet Medical University. My major is in Pharmacy Management. I am going trough Processing and will be assigned to a ship or station soon. I really hope to get assigned to Starbase 118, so I can use the Large Medical Labs to find new medicines to help people overcome illness, also I hear they have a huge pharmacy. I always wished to help others since I was a young boy growing up in Louisiana, Hence my country accent. I also liked mixing different things together and seeing what happened, So I decided that working to save others by giving them the correct amount and type of medicine, and by stocking ships with the needed medicine to make sure they have enough to carry out their missions.

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Damian was talking with a very handsome waitress on the transport carrying himself and several other cadets and personnel to Starbase 118, when the captain announced that they had docked. Damian allowed many of his fellow passengers to pass while he continued chatting. Just as he was getting ready to ask the waitress to meet him for drinks at a local establishment she had mentioned being fond of, a Vulcan cadet he had grown well acquainted with at the Academy interjected himself into the conversation. Unfortunately for Damian, the waitress seemed to take this as an opportunity to excuse herself; a common recurrence in Damian's social life. Damian sighed and turned to disembark, with the Vulcan in tow. “Did I interrupt anything, Cadet Fleming?” he asked. “Apparently not, Sekon, apparently not.” “Intriguing, did you intend to mate with her?” Damian smiled and said, “Just drinks, Sekon.” “Is that not a common initiator in human mating rituals?” “Sometimes it is, but one could say I'm not very good at it.” “I see,” Sekon said with an air of finality. The two cadets walked down the airlock tunnel connecting the transport with the starbase. When they entered the starbase proper, Sekon said, “Well, Cadet Fleming, I believe my quarters are this way,” pointing to the left, “and yours are to our right.” “I'll see ya around, Sekon.” “Indeed,” Sekon replied as he took a step toward his quarters, “I... believe we will meet again, Cadet.” “Indeed,” Damian said in his best approximation of Vulcan tone. Sekon's facial expression flickered for an instant, although Damian couldn't tell exactly what it had been for that brief moment. Then Sekon walked off in the direction of his quarters, and Damian was alone again. “Well,” he thought to himself, “no reason why I can't have a quick drink on my own.” Damian approached a panel looking for directions to a decent watering hole, there were so many to choose from, and he wasn't sure where to go. The promenade seemed like the best place to look, obviously, but even then there was a lot to choose from. He picked one at random, and followed the directions the computer gave. He wasn't entirely sure where he wound up, or what the place's name was, but he found they served a fairly decent synthale.

As Cadet Fleming sat at a lonely table in a lonely corner, he drank his synthale slowly and reflected on the past few years. The academy had been quite the experience. He never exactly stood out, he was mostly a 'B' student, didn't care much for sports, and was by no means a “social butterfly,” but he had made it through. The one thing he had seemed to excel at was piloting. He had even stayed at Starfleet Academy an extra two years in order to become a highly qualified small craft and fighter pilot. He wasn't sure if either of those skills would ever come into use, carriers were still extremely rare in Starfleet, and he wanted to be posted to a ship, and not a starbase with a fighter squadron. He strongly believed that fighter carriers were the future for Starfleet defense, but that could still be a while off. Still, even on a science vessel, well trained pilots were always useful. His instructors had even commented that with his piloting skills, even something as big and bulky as a Galaxy or Sovereign class would be quite a bit more agile with him at the helm. He continued to reflect on his days at the Academy, his many shortcomings both socially and academically, when he realized that another one of his bad habits had crept up on him without him realizing: tardiness. He was going to be late to the briefing on the holodeck, and he wasn't even sure where it was. He found another directory, and then hurried off toward the briefing that would begin his first real experience in Starfleet action: his cadet cruise.

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The shuttle to Starbase 118 was surprisingly quiet, the only noises worth noting being the rhythmic hum of the impulse drive and the occasional sigh of apprehension from a nervous cadet. It wasn't like the shuttle ride to San Francisco, where candidates hooted and hollered, boasted or vomiting from motion sickness. The Academy had tempered all of them, turning them in to something that could be utilized by the Federation. Vance Carter was just another one of the apprehensive Cadets, his right foot tapping the floor panel restlessly, just something to get the nervous energy out, otherwise Vance was quite sure he would burst in to flames. The StarBase had grown from a small speck of metal in the distance to a monolithic structure that dominated all the viewports available to the Cadet. It was most impressive, even to a space-born boy like Vance was. With eyes like chips of blue ice, Vance watched as the shuttle circled the StarBase until their queue for docking came up. With a lurch, the shuttles artificial gravity compensated for the sudden change in speed and direction. The docking process and quick and seamless, the navigational computer handling such a delicate yet menial task.

"This is it, ladies and gentlemen. StarBase 118 - your portage in to the unknown." the pilot spoke with a humorous tone flavoring his voice, obviously taking great joy in his job. Keeping to himself, Vance Carter stood and took up his duffle bag from under his seat. It was light, filled only with necessities like personal hygiene products and memorabilia from home. Other that that, it had a couple extra Cadet uniforms identical to the uniform Vance was currently wearing. Walking with a purposeful pace, Vance took in the sprawling terminal of the StarBase, a venerable city amongst the stars with the population and hustle to boot. There he stood, like a country bumpkin seeing the big city for the first time, turning himself in a slow three-sixty to drink in all of the details. Vance was a healthy example of the human male, standing at a modestly tall six foot-three with a caucasian complexion that said his skin had not seen much natural sunlight. His face was hard and masculine with a strong jaw and chin, rough from forgetting to shave the previous night back at the Academy. Years of hefting cargo and replacement parts gave Vance a powerful physique without being impractical; lean muscle visibly pressing against the tightly pressed Academy uniform.

Contented by the visual exploration of the shuttle terminal, Vance immediately turned about-face, finding a sign that read "lounge" and followed the prompts thereafter. He ran a hand through his shortly cropped hair, the color of antique brass. Checking his schedule, Vance's training vessel wasn't due to arrive for another couple hours. Plenty of time for a drink and a smoke and maybe catch up on whatever sports he missed during his time at the Academy. Finally finding the lounge, Cadet Carter made sure to do exactly that. He quickly found a vacant table and ordered a beer and a smoke, partaking in both with joy, knowing that this would be the closest thing to legitimate shore leave he would get for a long time... but then again, shore leave was not something Vance was all that familiar with, spending the greater majority of his life aboard space-fairing vessels. The mixture of alcohol and tobacco helped ease the tension running through Vance's mind and muscles, calming him to a degree without inhibiting his judgment.

Time passed without notice, Vance Carter just sitting - watching and listening to those who came and went. Many of them wore the uniforms of Starfleet personnel, and it was their stories Vance made sure to spend extra effort eavesdropping on. Some stories were glorious, others were quite terrifying in their scope and scale. Until his training was complete and he was promoted to Ensign, all Vance could do was further his studies and understanding of Starfleet operations and dream of what life in the Federation would be like.


-Character Summary-

Name: Vance Carter

Age: 28 terran years

Race: Human

Birthplace: Space-born; USS Ulysses, military vessel

Personality Profile: Analytical and calculating by nature, having grown up in an environment where one wrong detail or mis-measurement could make the difference between life and death. Having been surrounded by such high stakes, he developed a brand of humor seen by most naval and military personnel.

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Guest Mike Ray

"Ray! Wake up!" Roland shouted shaking Ray's shoulder "We've arrived at SB118!" A smile that spanned from ear to ear was on Rolands face. Roland was Ray's oldest friend, they had grown up together on the mars colony since they where five years old, there parents where researchers there working on the latest and greatest bio mechanical equipment.

"I'm awake, I'm awake!" Ray replied in a fogy tone, swatting at her hands. One look at Rolands face, and Ray found a smile forming on his own, "What time do you have searching for his watch in the empty seat next to him.

"Its exactly 1200 station time, LUNCH!" Roland said as she started to jump up and down excited to check out what places she could eat at here on station.

Ray stood up putting on his jacket nearly missing hitting his head on the over head compartments, being 6 feet tall was never a luxury in space. "Well we have about two hours before we are suppose to in process on the station and get our class assignments. How about we take a stroll in the commercial area and see what we can find?"

"That's exactly what I was thinking, Mike, umm I mean Ray" Roland giggled slightly "Its going to take a little time for me to get use to calling you by your last name."

Ray laughed grabbing his duffel from the over head compartment and exiting the transport craft. Once outside the craft Ray located the nearest control interface panel and approached it. "Computer display directions to the nearest eating establishment."

A chirp was heard then a small map was displayed on the panel showing them a network of corridors and passageways to get there. "Gees I would have thought they would make this process a little simpler huh?" Ray said out loud taking a mental note of all the turns he needed to make.

"Ready, Ashley?" Ray asked.

"Don't call me that its Cadet Roland Mister!" Roland replied with a smirk.

"We don't have to be to formal with each other yet, we only arrived and there is no brass around here, for the moment we are still best friends, at least for..." Mike looked down at his watched and smiled "1 hour and 45 minutes."

"Alright, Mike lets hurry up and eat I bet every new cadet will be at the commercial district by now!" Roland said as she started walking.

"wait up!" Ray grinned and proceeded to follow her.

What a cute butt she has, If only we had more time at home before shipping out... Ray thought to himself admiring how the uniform complemented Roland's finer points.

"You know Mike, I want to thank you"

"For what?" Ray put on a confused look.

"For being there for me through the last few months it was hard breaking up with Charley after being with him for so long" Roland stopped then turned to look at Ray, staring into his green eyes, stepped closer taking her hand and running it through his short blond hair.

Ray started to blush "It was the least I could do, your my best friend! Although sometimes I wish"

"Cadets there will be none of that in public! Keep moving to your destination!" Yelled a Lt. from down the hall giving them the evil eye.

With that being said both Ray and Roland starting walking briskly past the Lt. "Apologise sir"

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Guest Rob Taylor

Name: Rob Taylor

Age: 23

Species: Human

Rob sighed as the bustle of other cadets walk past him; concentrating on his medical studies rather than socialising at the academy hadn't earnt him a lot of friends but he was doing what he loved. He stood at the window for some time staring at the ships which could take him on a great adventure. His parents had always wanted him to join starfleet as a doctor and he was anxious about whether he would get the position, as a backup he had applied for security as he was no stranger to the gym, had great accuracy with a phaser and had once disarmed a klingon swordmaster of his Bat'Leth which he keeps to this day. Trusty medical tricorder and Bat'leth on his back he headed for the training session.

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Joran shook his head as he watched the other cadets around him begin to disembark from their shuttle. Was it really so long ago that he had shown a similiar sense of ebullience? He had been as wide-eyed as them once, years ago when he had graduated from Gideon Security Force training. Everything had seemed so new and wonderful then, his whole life ahead of him in a new career. He had, of course, eventually grown tired of it, an unwelcome side-effect to being so long-lived a race with such a long period of maturity.

He grabbed his duffel bag and threw it over his shoulder as his turn to exit the shuttle came. He stepped out and looked around at the docking area as he began following the queue out. He caught his reflection in a viewport and sighed at the realization of what he saw- Very little of him had changed since the day he entered GidSec. Oh, his dark brown hair was a little longer, his need for keeping it crew-cut short no longer there. The worry lines at the corners of his pale blue eyes hadn't been there either. Aside from that, though, he could very likely pass for any late 20's human if need be, a far cry from his actual age. He was still in fine physical condition, as he made it a habit to go running every day he could. He wasn't overly strong, but he had found that in the long run, quickness and stamina were usually more important in his line of work than brute strength.

The longevity of his race was considered a blessing by others, but his people knew that pendulum swung both ways and that it was also a terrible curse. Joran had long since abandoned his attempts at deciding on which side of the argument he was on. He wasn't depressed or anything of the sort, but he was realistic. He had grown tired of the routine back home and had felt a wanderlust that most didn't. That had led him to resign his commission and seek out something different, which in turn had led him to Starfleet. Most of his fellow cadets had at first believed him to be a human coming late to a party they had entered right out of high school. Upon learning his story though, he found he had been the subject of more curiosity than anything else. He had made a few close friends at the Academy, and they had lumped on him the annoying yet endearing nickname of "Grandpa". He smlied to himself at the memory of "Grandpa" drinking the other cadets under the table the night before they had shipped out for their cadet cruise. That led to his memories of the suitably impressed waitress that night as well...

He shook his head to clear his mind of that particuliar memory. Not the time, or the place.

"And now here I am," he mumbled to himself, taking in the station.

A couple of the nearby cadets turned to look at him oddly and he ignored their glances. That was all he needed: Rumours that "Grandpa" was starting to talk to himself too...

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  • 2 weeks later...

"Joseph what did you get yourself into?" He whispered to himself as he looked at the interstellar city get bigger and bigger in the port window. The transport craft was making it's approach towards the station and as it did the academy was moving further away as the real world was coming closer. He stared out the port window until the ship was well inside the station and docked.

"All heading ashore to Starbase 118 report to the docking bay" The voice said as the thud of the locking clamps was felt through the ship.

'Hope to see you again boys.' He thought to himself as he moved through the corridors to the docking bay. He was thinking about friends he left behind on Earth, home. He had left the games, the parties, the fun. Even during his days at the Academy he still managed to sneak away back to Canada. Then he thought about his uncle, the Starfleet Admiral, he wanted to be like him. That's all he wanted ever since he put on his uncle's tunic and looked at himself in the mirror.

He wasn't the most academic student the Academy had seen, nor the most athletic. Being a heavy set individual, not exactly over weight but not exactly muscular, he was definitely built for strength not speed.

"Ensign Dubeau." The boarding officer said.

"Sir." He said replied as he came to attention.

"This isn't the academy Ensign, just show me your orders."

He handed the officer the pad and held his breath. 'This is it.' He thought to himself. 'This is where my childhood ends and my adult hood begins.' He continued as he rubbed his balding head.

"Go ahead Ensign."

He took back the pad and walked through the porthole into the long shaft to the station. He began to think about his mentor at the academy. One of the hand to hand instructors, he was an ex security officer who began teaching. Because Joseph wanted to get into security or tactical he gravitated to this person. The instructor was a martial arts expert who instructed Joseph on his off hours, which brought Joseph great pleasure. He loved being on the mats, he liked it better then the classroom, but even that was over with. 'Time for reality.' he thought.

He held his breath as the otherside got closer. He could hear the sounds of activity coming closer.

This was it, pack on back, ruck sack in hand, the last step towards the beginning.

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Jorus Cogud emerged from the airlock, he breathed in the air and looked around Starbase 118, it was the real thing, he was becoming a true member of Starfleet. He originated from Trill, he was roughly 6ft tall with a trimmed beard his eyes where a deep shade of green and his hair well groomed. His spots running down the side of him made him feel extremely proud of his heritage, he was the first member of his family to join Starfleet and felt an obligation to do well and give his family a name that would be recognized throughout the Federation.

After much consideration Jorus decided to go and look around the vast station he was in, his flawless uniform seemed to glisten in the hustle and bustle of the station. Jorus looked around and noticed something immediately, a Ferengi Merchant was trying to sell fake Rubies to a Cadet, he knew they where fake because his uncle was a conman and taught Jorus many things about the trade. He slowly closed in on the Merchant and the Cadet.

"Pardon me but, are those rubies real?" Jorus questioned the Ferengi.

"Real, these rubies are as real as my lobes" The Merchant replied quickly.

"Then your lobes must be fake, these aren't rubies, they are salt crystals died red." Jorus informed the Cadet, picking one up and crushing it with ease in his hands. Jorus was about to say something else to the Merchant but he had gone.

"Thanks, you saved me alot there." The cadet said to Jorus, he was human and looked very fresh out of the academy, he was the only person with a more flawless uniform than Jorus

"No problem, the names Jorus Cogud, and you?"

"I'm James Aubery Stark"

"What brings you to Starbase 118?" Jorus asked

"I am assigned here for some hands on experience in a station, you?" James asked

"I am preparing for my first assignment via the training program" Jorus explained

"Good luck, I gotta go the Commander wants to see me" James said

"Nice to meet you Mr. Stark"

"You to Mr.Cogud and thanks again"

James Stark stood up, entering the traffic of the station. Jorus looked around the station and caught a glimpse of a clock. It was time.

Name - Jorus Cogud

Species - Trill

Height - 6ft

Eye Colour - Green

Hair Colour - Dark Brown

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Guest Guest

Alex sat on the the transport shuttle just about to dock at starbase 118, watching as the base began to take develop from just another dot among the thousands, to a structure 13 thousand meters tall. As the shuttle began its approach, the shear size of the base kept him awestruck. Despite seeing, and being aboard numerous different structures during the academy, this was the first time he was able to appreciate the view from the front of a shuttle, and it was just as big as he imagined, and then some.

After a few minutes of flight towards the open drydock doors, the shuttle finally entered, and was now completely engulfed by the station, then soon after the familiar bump of the shuttle docking with the station. After a couple minutes of waiting for all the checks to be completed, this hiss of the pressure between the shuttle, airlock, and station equaling each other occurs, then Alex picks up his duffle bag and walks through the airlock and onto the starbase for the first time.

After stopping on the other side of the airlock, taking in the view, he walks over to one of clerks at a desk near the airlock. “Ensign Alex Nori, reporting as ordered sir.”

Without saying anything, the clerk, a enlisted petty officer, runs the name into the computer, simply nods then finally speaks “Welcome aboard cadet. You already have your orders, and are a few days early. Fell free to take in the station. Questions?”

Alex, still trying to take in the station looks around, “Yea, which way to a map. I will give it 5 minutes before I get lost.” He said with a chuckle.

“Any one of the panels on the wall. Enjoy your stay cadet.” The clerk said, obviously not in that much of a talking mood.

Alex quickly walks away, still in awe of the station, and already getting lost.

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Guest Rob Severson

It was the last "exam" that this cadet took at the famous Earth Academy in San Francisco that still kept him thinking about whether or not his natural abilities would be a stellar advatage in his career in Starfleet, or if the would be the cause of an undoing so spectacular that all of Medara would forget the Dominion occupation... and that would be saying something.

The exercize was easy enough, Rennon had been assigned to command an away team which was beaming down to what was a colonized planet. On arrival, he would find the local area has been abandoned. Using the discipline he was to be applying for (in Rennon's case, Ops, Command, or Tactical Officer), show the collected Acedemics and leaders how he would handle the situation. Then things got tricky. They make the simulations so REAL ... even for the "readers" these days.

The first shimmering view, courtesy of (albeit simulated) ship-to-surface transport of any new vista was cause for Cadet Vesole to be filled with wonder, even momentarily. The question always was, in situations such as these, would wonder be joined by relief, or supplanted by gall?

Even as a child when his archaeologist parents would travel from world to world in the alpha quadrant searching for the machines, social fetishes and other remnants of lost civilizations, upon arrival of their "new home", Rennon would sense the glories and the tragedies of cultures that had flourished and given way sometimes to natural entropy ("evolution can be a bitter Imzadi, my son") or rarely to the more immediate and sometimes bloody end born of violent destruction.

It did not take Cadet Vesole's empathetic abilities, honed sharply both by private school in his youth and by a very recent and misguided (but thankfully brief) attempt to follow the path so many of his people took in Starfleet; that of becoming a counselor...to realize that a once thriving colony had been marauded; no RAPED by a force both brutal and malevolent.

In the few seconds it took from the completion of transport from the (simulated) USS Mercury to the first intake of breath the cadet drew into his lungs, the echoes of lives lost to equal measures of cruelty and lust told him all he needed to know without so much as ordering tricorder scans by his away-team of security and medical staff.

Before another second had passed, Cadet Rennon Vesole tapped the communicator on his chest and uttered the words that no Cadet or Commander of a merely moderately armed Oracle-class Starship ever wishes himself to ever hear himself say, "Vesole to Mercury, Captain Rhul... the colony has been destroyed, sir. The mental echoes of the Breen, to say nothing of evidence of their methods are everywhere. I am ordering Medical and Security forces to look for quantifiable evidence as well as survivors, but where I believe we will find abundant evidence, I am equally certain that survivors will not be so easily found. I feel nothing, Sir. Only their endings...and the glee of the Breen who caused it. I suggest going to red alert. I will leave my comm-signal open."

Yes, it was certainly true that empathy and psionics aid field command and tactical operations, in ways both compelling and elegant; but today compelling and elegant were being traded rather shabbily for horrifying and astonishing. The Cadet sent his team of six out(4 security/2 medics), pattern Beta, with orders to check in every 2 minutes, or whenever a survivor or combatant was discovered. He himself was going to search the bodies in this, the colony's command center for the most Senior command member he could find. There were things, should a corpse be fresh enough, that he personally could do, that his landing party could not do to find answers...

In the end, he was told that his command decisions were good ones, that the trap the designers of the simulation had set for him were created to teach him to not be so reliant on his truly compelling psionic prowess. That a would-be commander in Star Fleet must rely not only on his intrinsic, universe given talents...but also his TRAINING. While he had been reading the death knells and endings of the colony commanders, he heard the warning by his security detail too late. Cadet Rennon, "Reny" Vesole was Breen-paste.

Worse, he lost a bet with his Andorian Roomate, Gareb Shran.

Station 118 was filled with possibilities and things to learn. Rennon Vesole intends to learn them ALL.


Height 5'11

Weight 185

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Age: 22

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I am no longer a mere guest. Apperently, my files have made it through security and Jalen Vesole is offcically accepted on Starbase 118.

First things first:

1) Find that one place where not EVERYONE goes to relax. That place where the music is like the people.. Smoky and ecclectic. A place where Cadet Vesole wont be regret sharing (read confirming or denying) the nickname he earned 20 solar days hence on a cliche pre-assignment gift from his elder Brother Lexxor... that's right... a trip to Riza! THE place for artists, debators, and people of good humor. WHERE SHOULD a young cadet from Betazed go?

2) Enjoy some music. Hopefully find some new cadets like himself.

3) Find his quarters.

4) Mediatate

5) Create personal Log for the days activities

6) Sleep Hopefully!!!!

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Guest Meredith Lahmann

The marine guard directed the new cadets from the shuttle to the exit of the docking station with the ennui of a man who had seen at least a thousand too many of these anxious hopefuls. They were all so young, eager and sure that they would be the one to find the ultimate secrets of the universe. His gaze turned from bored to lecherous as one young cadet dropped her small case and bent to pick it up. Tall and slightly built with an up swept hair style, the view of her slim but shapely hips was the most stimulating thing he had seen all week. The stirrings of a rather bawdy fantasy were just forming in his mind as she straightened and looked up at him with a smile of such sweetness that it made him ashamed of the images fading in his mind. A short bang of raven's wing hair framed wide eyes like large ebony almonds that contrasted with her fair, ivory complexion.

“I'm so sorry,” she said in a modulated voice with just a hint of some kind of accent. “I didn't mean to block the way. I'm just so excited that it's made me clumsy!”

Sgt. Gardiner had heard lines like that thousands of times, but they sounded both sincere and merry coming from the ethereal sprite before him. The perfect oval of her face seemed to float before him. Were the eyes a trifle too large? The dark arched brows too defined? Were the bangs a bit too sculpted? They were precise but softer than the sharpness of a Vulcan cut. The eyes told him she must be a Betazoid, but there was a delicacy about her that was something else. “You could never be clumsy,” he found himself saying gently with a grin like a devoted Labrador retriever. “Let me help you!”

She protested gently but allowed him to pick up the few items that had fallen out of her standard issue fleet valise. “I'm afraid that I just had to bring some of my equipment with me, you see. I didn't trust it to regular transport. My case was overloaded.”

Gardiner wished he had a tail to wag as he found himself smiling back at two enchanting dimples. “Are you a engineer then? They always seem to want their own tools.”

She shook her head and gave a laugh that broadened Gardiner's smile. “Oh, no! I just graduated from Star Fleet medical school. I couldn't separate myself from my tricorder and surgical set. They were graduation presents from my....”

Gardiner, old enough to be her father, found himself irrationally resentful of some young beau who had provided her treasured equipment.

“...my parents,” she concluded. “My father was astounded that I wanted to study medicine, but he was so generous with these gifts.” She looked around with the same wide eyed wonder that had seemed so irritating in the others but which Gardiner now found enchanting. “Thank you, so much Sergeant,” she said as extricated her tricorder from his hand. She suddenly blinked and a slight blush warmed her face.

Oh, God, she's a Betazoid! She just read my thoughts!

Pretending that she hadn't felt his desire for her, she said, “Wish me luck!”

“Good luck, Cadet...?”

“Fallah Ootan,” she replied.

“Ootan?” he said. “That's not a Betazoid name. It's Mari isn't it?” He hadn't thought there were any Mari in Starfleet. After their thought police had outlawed violent thoughts, Maris were forced to “bank them” to avoid punishment, but when some unscrupulous dealers began to sell the thoughts so curious people could experience them, the planet of gentle telepaths had erupted into the very violence, the Mari had tried to outlaw. So innocent of the raw, turbulent emotions, they had no idea how to control them. He'd been a cadet himself when he'd learned of the tragedy on their world. He'd been on his first voyage.

Her brows rose in surprise as she replied, “Yes, my father left our world during ...it's troubles. He settled on Betazed where he met my mother. You must have been there during the dark times to know our name.”

“Ootan was an important name in the Mari culture.”

“Everyone is important, Sergeant. Thank you for your help. I hope I see you again,” Fallah replied. She turned and walked to the exit spinning around like a ballerina for smiling wave goodbye.

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yay! more cadets from betazed!

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Vareth Kio had never set foot on a Starbase before. Unlike many of this classmates at the Academy, he did not come from a long line of officers who were as familiar with the bases as he was with the cities on his homeworld. The sheer size of the structure already surpassed any expectations which he may have had. But upon seeing the great dome of the Commercial Sector, he was overwhelmed with awe. The entire edifice appeared so sleek and modern... not at all like the buildings at home. Although advances in architecture were made many centuries ago, Kanarians still prefered the look of "organic" construction. While buildings such as skyscrapers may be comprised of alloy frameworks, the outside is typically covered in white stone bricks. Combined with the large areas of unspoiled nature, cities on Kanaria often appear as large stone monuments scattered throughout a field of green.

The young counselor had a few hours to spare, so he decided on making his way over to a cafe he spotted on the promenade. Being mid-afternoon, the shop did not appear swamped with customers, though it was still relatively lively. He ordered a simple black coffee, arabica beans: his favorite beverage. His Terran mother refused to give up coffee upon moving to Kanaria, and so he had grown up with the enticing liquid. He found a table overlooking the promenade and took a sip from his mug. As if the smell of roasting beans wasn't good enough, the taste was even better.

Vareth had brought a PADD with him. He had no quarters here, no friends... it was sensible to bring something to help pass the time. Just when he was about to turn the device on, he heard a pleasant female voice behind him.

"Mind if I sit down?"

"Please..." he responded, moving the PADD out of the way. The woman was not in uniform, but her posture and structured movements conveyed a sense of authority. Her dark brown curls bounced ever so slightly as she took a seat.

"I don't see too many Kanarians around here," she stated calmly before taking a sip of her own coffee blend.

Although he would typically have been puzzled (after all, how does one keep track of SO MANY faces?), this was not the first time Vareth had heard such a sentiment upon moving away from Kanaria. His species could have probably been considered endangered when it first joined the Federation, and the homeworld's population still didn't get any higher than 1 billion individuals. As far as many people were concerned, he was part of a rare breed, so it was not surprising that people pointed it out... those who even recognized a Kanarian anyway. Would they have found it surprising that Kanaria's population had been that way for thousand's of years?

"I wouldn't think so... I didn't see more than an handful during my years at the Academy," he answered politely.

"Science or Medical?" the woman asked, indicating the color on his uniform.

"Medical. Counseling to be exact. Doctor Vareth Kio," he held out a lean arm and shook the woman's hand.

"Clara Decanteur. I'm a teacher here. So you're a bit older than most new graduates, huh?"

"28," he answered simply, his violet eyes surveying the multitude of people on the promenade before him. "I was graduated a semester later than I anticipated since I originally entered Santiv University with a Linguistics major. Didn't switch until my second year."

"Santiv?" Clara asked "Where's that?"

"Sorry... that's the capital of Kanaria. I assumed you had been there before."

"Oh, okay. No... it's not too hard to spot a Kanarian. Not too many species have hair on their heads but none on their eyebrows. And the violet eyes give it away too."

Vareth laughed. "It's funny to think of myself as a compilation of characteristics, but I guess we all do it. I'm only half Kanarian though. Hence the facial hair."

"What's the other half? Human?"

Vareth nodded. "My mother is from Earth."

Clara smiled and nodded. She was about to speak when her own PADD began to chirp. "Oh no, I'm sorry. I was supposed to get this to-go," she indicated the mug in her hand. "I have an appointment a few doors down. It was a pleasure meeting you, Doctor. I hope we can do it again sometime."

Vareth took the woman's hand. "Likewise," he smiled back.

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S'Kai tapped on his PADD, ignoring the others around him as he checked and double-checked his math. They should be docking right-now, he thought as there came a shudder on the floor. He got up as quick as the straps released, tugging a worn backpack off the upper rack that was filled with different PADDs. His other belongings had already been sent ahead.

He swept long, inky bangs out of his shining blue eyes. 'Must cut them again, I suppose,' he thought as he filed out behind the other cadets. He waited patiently, his eyes, peering around whenever he grew tired-not bored-of looking forward. His hair, grown far enough to exceed standards, tickled his neck. 'Yes, a cut is in order.'

He stepped out of the transport, a breath exhaling at how...huge the Starbase was. The Academy must be bigger, his mind concluded, but his sight told a different story. The launching pad he had gotten off of lead into a huge room filled with hurrying people, decked in blue, yellow, and most commonly red.

He jerked as someone crashed into him, before righting himself instantly. A young girl, no older than himself at 26, bowed her head at him. "Oh! Sorry sir, wasn't looking where I was going."

S'Kai merely stared at her. "If you were not looking, then how could you see me?" She blinked before noticing his ears and stance, then she merely said, "Sorry." With an, "Apologies are illogical," he nodded at her and walked off, headless of her once more.

He found a small alcove off to the side, settling in it so as to have some time to himself to strengthen his shields and check over his PADD again. He had a while before he was needed. He decided to fetch his belongings and, perhaps, relax enough to quiet the subtle headache forming behind his eyes.

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Joe Clark has travelled around quite a bit before joining starfleet. After leaving earth at the age of 18 he's been to many planets all over the quadrent. There are still many planets he has yet to visit, however, which is why he went to the acadamy. After being told that he was going to be assigned to starbase 118 he was ecstatic. There should be quite a bit of action there, he thought.

Although he has never been to a starbase he was looking forward to the change of scenery. He's not used to staying in one place very long and it seems, to him, that he's been at that acadamy forever. Now 30 years old he will be one of the oldest ensigns in starfleet, but he is (by far) the most energetic.

Joe Clark's plan is to meet new races of people and encounter new life forms, he would also like to explore more of the planets that he hasn't been to before. He will adhere to starfleet policies and rules, and he will stick with his fellow teammates till the end for his loyalty is strong.

His loyalty has gotten him into trouble before, though, once on Risa he refused to step out of the way of a phaser that was trained on who was his best friend at the time. The perp chose to shoot them both, but before he could Risa authorities showed up and arrested him. Joe Clark and that friend have since gone seperate ways but that memory still lingers in Joe's head. What if he had pulled the triger? He keeps thinking. What if.........?

Joe Clark is a loyal friend to have by your side always and he is also real kind and gentle once you get to know him.

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Nervous. That was the one word Jalana could be described with right now. Since she had set foot into the transport she was a wreck and everything had started so good. The morning at the Academy had been sunny and her mood splendid. But now being on the way made her aware of what was to come. And four years of training had not been able to prepare her for that, she still wanted to turn around, head into the next shuttle and fly back to rather do those four years again.

In those moments she wished that she already had this Symbiont but she was still in the program, waiting and hoping. Maybe it would never come true, that dream of her's. Maybe she would have to wait years. Who knew what would happen? The Trill took a deep breath as she finally realized that she was here, on StarBase 118.

Her green eyes wandered over the people around her. So many different species, even more than at the Academy, which did not surprise her since they were far out and of course she had read the specs to know what she might have to expect. About twohundredthousand inhabitants. Of course the number was huge, but just now, seeing all the buzzing, the different people, the masses passing she really understood what it meant.

Shouldering her bag she took a deep breath. 'Get yourself together Jal'. She thought to herself. She was trained to be a Doctor, to become - if she was lucky - a Chief Medical Officer at some point in her career. She still had a lot to learn of course, but she was not 18 anymore. She had to get through this and calm down.

With a nervous flick of her hand she pushed a strand of black hair behind her ear. It had an advantage that she was only 1,65m tall. Not that she could see much from above, but she could slip through the masses more easily. And that was what she wanted to do right now, the only problem with that was her bag. It got stuck, punched people, pushed them around followed by a lot of "Sorry", "Ooops", "Ou, I'm so sorry", "Really I did not want to challenge you with that, Sir" and other excuses coming over the Trill's lips.

After a seemingly endless series of those 'conversations' she finally had reached a lift and made her way to the commercial sector. When the door opened she blinked. She certainly did not expect it that quiet. Carefully she bent forward through the opened doors and peeked left and right. The section was unusual dark, she saw a few people, mostly they looked as if they had to hide something. Wearing hoods or capes, some looked around for a moment before entering a room, others did not seem to care too much. Raising an eyebrow Jalana straightend up again and stepped back. She certainly did not want to go here. "Promenade." she mumbled and the door closed.

The next halt was more what she had been expecting. So many people. Again she noticed that with a shake of her head and dragged her bag behind her, trying to not hit anyone again. She certainly did not intend to start a war though 'bag attack'. The establishments where crowded, but still she found one that had an empty table. As quickly as her bag allowed she snaked through the crowd and dropped on the chair, closing her eyes for a moment to take a deep breath.

After she successfully ordered a nice hot cup of tea she allowed herself to relax. Only a few hours left. Working herself up would be the last thing she should do, so the tea would help her to calm down her nerves. Hopefully.

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The trip to Starbase 118 had been uneventful, thankfully, affording Xerissa a chance to continue her studying in preparation for the upcoming training cruise. Now that the shuttle had touched down, she needed to acclimate to the Starbase and find a place for herself to settle until training began.

Standing just a hair below 2 meters in height, the tall muscular Gorn female stepped out onto the hanger deck of the Starbase. As she expected, her body didn't like the enviornment at first. It was cold and bright, and the gravity was lower than what she was built for. Also as expected, more than a few eyes turned to look at her. In both cases, though, she would adjust.

I wonder what they are thinking, she thought to herself and becoming self-conscious for a brief moment. She had been on Earth in Starfleet Academy and had gotten used to being stared at, but this was a new environment and she found the odd shyness she had felt during her academy days beginning to creep back in to her mind.

“Do not let yourself become an introvert again,” she said to herself. “They are silly and strange, but they will be your crew.” With a new training coming and a crew to be a part of, she needed to keep herself outgoing. Once it was out of the way, things would settle in to a normal rhythm...as normal as Starfleet is for her, anyway. She gathered up her pack and slung it over her shoulder, then stepped out towards the lift.

The main business section of the Starbase was abuzz with activity. So many people crammed in to such a space made foot traffic hazardous, and for one so large it was difficult to get out of the way. Xerissa looked at her PADD detailing the location of the Cadet check-in and followed the path to a small office space. Situated at the desk was a dark haired human male going over the various paperwork he had in front of him. When he looked up, there was a brief pause as it seemed his mind needed to register what he was seeing.

“Um....ID, please?” He said to her. She chuckled a bit at his reaction and turned her PADD over to her cadet orders, which she passed to him. “Ok, let's see,” he continued as he went over the paperwork, looking for any discrepancies that might flag it. “Sorry, sir, security says I need to go over everything with a fine tooth comb. Never know when someone posing as a cadet might try to get on board.” As he continued to scan the orders his eyes finally hit on one spot on her orders. “Oh....female...I'm sorry.”

“It is quite alright, sir,” she said to him. “You are not the first to make that error.” She managed a smile. She was right, though. He wasn't the first. She had thought programming her translator with a feminine voice would help, but apparently not. True, she was large and muscular as most of her reptilian species was. Not as bulky as the males, though. She had narrower shoulders and wider hips, and the structure of her face wasn't half so angular as a male Gorn's, but she was lacking a few of the more obvious traits of a mammalian female. Idly, she wondered if wearing a stuffed bra would avoid the confusion in the future, but she pushed the thought aside with a bit of a smirk.

“Ok,” the human said sheepishly to her. “65 years old? A little old for a cadet,” he added, making some small talk as he worked to finish filing her paperwork.

“Benefits of a long lifespan,” Xerissa said to him with a smile on her face. “I already have a long enlisted career in the Gorn Navy behind me, and some time to get a higher education, but I am just barely even middle aged.”

“Oh?” He asked her. “What did you study?”

“Quantum Physics,” Xerissa said, grinning as he was tracking on to one of the more enjoyable topics for her. Despite being a big lizard, she was such a nerd at heart. “I graduated from MIT with a doctorate,” she added as she started to launch in to a bit of a babble. “I did my doctoral thesis on the application of Quantum String Theory in other-universe observation, all about how to read the fluctuations of a quantum string in our reality to gather knowledge from another universe and how all of them are interconnected on a quantum level, but then you have to overcome the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal, which I have not yet been able to do. Heisenberg Compensators from a Transporter are not quite fine enough yet for the job and...” She stopped as she noticed the blank stare from him. “Apologies,” she said. “I babble sometimes.”

“No worries, Cadet,” he said to her with a smirk then passed back her PADD. “You're all set. Just find a place to sit and relax for a while and they'll contact you when the training cruise is ready to start. Welcome to Starbase 118.” Xerissa nodded and took back her PADD, smiling once more.

“Thank you,” she said to him as she hefted her pack and made her way from the office. Now it was only a matter of time. A few hours, then the rest of her life.

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The first thing James noticed about the base was the noise. Great and everywhere, not at all like the peaceful grounds on the Academy. His brow wrinkles with displeasure, for just a moment, before he managed to regain his control. The second thing he noticed, is that the shuttle he was on, had a slightly lower frame than he expected. Leaving the shuttle, gently cursing in Klingon - mentally of course - he decided to go find the holodeck he was meant to go to for his cruise.

On arriving at the holodeck, James noticed that he was far to early. "A particularly, bad habit of mine." he mused "At least this area is less crowded". While walking to a nearby seating area, he happened to catch a glimpse of himself on a large metal panel. Usually, his face was fairly average, slightly chubby, with large blue eyes slightly covered by dark black hair and large rectangular glasses. Unlike, most Vulcans his features where. almost human, dilution from his Human side no doubt. Today however there was a red welt, peaking out under his hair. For not the first time, he cursed the fact that he was tall.

After a few minutes of sitting in the holodecks lounge, a person came up to him. Based on his clothing, he was also waiting for the cruise. "Hi" remarked the stranger "I'm Steve and I'm waiting for this cruise too".

Despite James' disdain for social interactions, he concluded it was only logical that he interact with his fellow classmates on some level. "My name is James and I am too waiting for the cruise" James stated in a level voice. "Nice to meet you" he added as a after thought.

"James eh?" remarked Steve "unless those points are false, that's quite a odd name for a Vulcan"

"I am indeed Vulcan, although my Mother is Human and my Father half-Vulcan." James stated in the same tone "I was named after my Grandfather Commander James Nakamura"

"Oh" states Steve then precedes to sit down. In the process, he somehow manages to cut himself on probably the only exposed edge on the entire base. The wound is clean and insubstantial however, there is a lot of blood. "[...]" exclaims Steve causing James to turn and see what happened.

"Fvadt" James loudly exclaims, before fainting.

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Human Telice Shagan looked over her shoulder as yet another shuttle landed in an excited symphony of clicks and gratings before releasing a new outpour of recently graduated cadets, their boots thudding on metal. They quickly joined the mainstream towards the mandatory check up rooms. Telice herself was waiting in the queue for her identity and health to be checked for the second time today by one of the doctors assigned to what she privately referred to as 'the rookie check up'. She bit back a smile and took a step forward when the cadet at the front of her line was released to the ensign guiding groups of up to ten people to StarBase 118 main building so they could be assigned rooms.

Letting her gaze wander, she wondered idly if the medical officer would make a remark on her hair. They usually did. It was blazing red, almost like flames runing down her shoulders, admitedly an unusual colour for humans, while her eyes were a regular uninteresting brown and her complexion neither tanned like a southerner nor pale like Helen, her Norwegian friend. All in all, she was happy for the unusual hair, it was a real conversation starter, not to mention a great opening for boys... This time Telice couldn't help her smile. She had had her fair share of offers, but she had rarely taken her fellow cadets up on them. There had been too much to do at the academy to really enjoy the parties and the numerous bars and cafes surrounding the students area. Besides, she sort of had a reputation, possibly because of this one time she met with Scott Hale - every inch the popular guy because of his mixed inheritance, Orian and human - and ended up describing in painful details how the components of a phaser made it possible for the handheld weapon to have a stuning mode. She remembered that evening fondly, but she understood how Scott may or may not have thought of a few ways of disposing of her body if he decided to kill her before the end of their date.

There was nothing exceptional about her features, but she was an easy enough kind of pearson. It wasn't her fault almost every single cadet at the academy put their social life before their carrier. She did have a few friends though, mostly people she had met via her roommate Helen, a blue eyed blond with a very busy social calendar who had done her best to drag Telice to parties the entire first year through, then stopped shortly after Telice explained to her - loudly - that she wouldn't go even if the party was taking place on the moon

Although she would totally have gone if it had been on the moon.

She bent to the right and counted four cadets left before her. Probably half an hour at best. With a sigh, she settled back and tapped her foot to the rhythm of the shuttles coming and going, the transmissions and calls shouted through the speakers above their heads. She was tired, and the excitement that had carried her through so far was starting to wan. All she could see from her position were large grey doors and red uniforms. Behind the white curtains she had a sudden glimpse of flesh, a muscular arm and shoulder. She observed her own arms critically. She was fit, but not as much as she should be. She had barely passed her last physical. It was definitely something she would have to work on now she was hoping to get assigned to a ship.

Any ship would do, as long it would get her off the ground.


Cadet Telice Shagan

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Ben was relieved that the feeling he had as he stepped onto the Starbase 118 hangar deck was one of silent affirmation. That's one small step for a man ... he thought, but then shooed away the oft-quoted phrase, embarrassed at having made the comparison. He had been waiting for that step for four years; the arrival for his cadet cruise from the San Francisco campus signaled, in his view, the start of a new life.

For such a level-headed person, this "step" superstition was something of an anomaly in Ben's personality. Perhaps it was an outlet for the repressed nonsense, squeezed out of his consciousness by years of learning discipline at the Academy, Power Storage Solutions, and an overly-regimented upbringing; perhaps it was a last link to the world of gut reactions and trusted instinct. The idiosyncrasy remained, though, exactly as it had been six years ago, when he graduated top ten percent from engineering school. At least, the experience was the same in the pull to feel for it, waiting with breath held back until it came. Different -- a complex conjugate pair -- in reaction. Walking into the building on his first day as a design engineer, his first step left him thinking he couldn't be there his whole life. It wasn't intimidation or the thought of being unable to handle it. He had been prepared, but the bewildering fog of boredom loomed on the horizon, even that first day.

In deference to the step, here he was: a man more fully developed and more committed to himself than before. Ben looked around the hangar bay at the new cadets in perfect uniforms and noted their general amazement at their surroundings. From tight corridors and manned duty posts, doubtful gazes of hardened crewmen and officers sized up the compatriots upon whom they would depend, for better or for worse. It occurred to Ben that he was among those being evaluated. He smiled. An officer approached. Ben picked up his bag and took a second step; the feelings of the first resounded within him again, echoing off the walls and engulfing him in assurance. "Cadet Benjamin Harold Livingston," he informed the officer, "ready and reporting for duty."

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The cargo ship arrived to the Starbase 118 port in the scheduled time, as always, giving me about three free hours until I have to present myself to the holodeck for briefing. Of course, I knew that beforehand so I called an old friend of mine who was working in the Promenade as some kind of client manager for the local companies.

It took me less than 20 minutes to reach the meeting point and only five seconds to spot her, sitting in a table in one of the restaurants of the area, always messing around with her hand held device, touching the screen and talking to the air.

As I approach to the table she notices me and with a wide smile in her face she gets up and hugs me. “Aaron! It's been so long!” Said her in a soft voice. The truth is that it's been almost two years since the last time I saw her, in a shore leave during the academy, and she was still as beautiful as always.

“Oh my, Aaron! You have changed a lot since the last time we meet!”

Yeah, I was barely 21 years old when I went to the academy and now, four years later, here I am, ready to take the next step in the military career. Between hugs and nice words we sat down and as she turns to call for the waiter, I grab her hand held device and try to discover something about that technology. As Sandra notices it she laughs softly. “What are you trying to do?” I look back at her. “How does this work?” I reply. She stretches her arm and I give her the device. “Still technologically impaired, do you?” Said Sandra with a smile. The truth be said, I've never been any good with the computers.

She spent the next minutes trying to teach me how that, for me, magic device worked, but as always, I didn't understood anything. “See, here you can configure the interface... Are you even listening to me?” Said Sandra.

“Sorry, I'm trying, I swear, but I just can't understand!” Both of us laughed. After some seconds of silence she looked at the hand held device and asked me how much time do I had before having to left again. “About two hours”

She got up and whispered something to my ear, but I just understood room and near. Enough to know what she wanted. She payed the drinks and gently pushed me outside the bar and trough the wide streets to a near modest hotel. Once we were in the room she tossed me onto the bed. “I'm going to make sure you don't forget about me” Said Sandra taking of her clothes.

What happened there is for me and Sandra only.

“[...]! I'm late!” I dressed my self as fast as I could and rushed out of the room. I checked my pockets, [...]! Where is the... “Aaron! Here.” From inside the room she trowed at me my Id's. As I was running trough the hallways of the hotel Sandra could be heard yelling from the door of the room. “Don't take two years to come back again!”

I ran as fast as I could, and luckily, made it in time to the holodeck in time, and with everything I needed to continue my journey. Catching my breath again a image of Sandra appeared in my mind, and a unconscious smile was drawn in my face.

Aaron Riley Sanderson


Character summary

Name: Aaron Riley Sanderson

Race: Human, Male

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 79 kg

Young and brave, of unbreakable will and courage. Known as “Tritsteel”, his methods are usually reckless and excessive, but he gets the things done and always respects the chain of command. His inability with computers and high end technologies caused him some troubles in the past, but nothing he wasn't able to solve with, and I quote: “Enough explosives”

Extremely good working with people, his leadership skills appear to noticeably affect the people around him. Contrary to what the people may think, he is a very logical person, he will never refuse a fight, but he will know when to retreat and he will accept a defeat as a way to improve his skills, so he will not repeat the same mistakes again.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Amy was being shepherded of the transport ship by the crowd of people her mind elsewhere. Before she had left Earth she had gone back to visit her parents.

She was reliving those finally moments; as she stepped onto transporter pad, the look of fear on her mothers face and tears dripping down her face as her father hugged her. She played the scene over and over in her mind.

“You don’t have to go,” she’d said.

“I do,” Amy had responded she did want to have this argument again.

“There are other ways to explore the galaxy”

“I know, but this is what I want”

It was the same old argument every since she’d said she wanted to join the academy at the age of 15. She wanted to see other places than this small town, this planet that she’d spent all her life. Her parents’ particularly her mother didn’t understand her desire and really didn’t understand her desire to do it through Starfleet.

She shook of the thought she was 22, outside the solar system and about to start her first training mission why did she care what her parent’s thought. She’d made it, all that hard work had paid off and she was here. She was ready to serve, ready to explore, ready to see what the galaxy had to hold. Or so she thought, she was young and naïve, not aware of the dark reality of the galaxy outside Earth and that small town where she had been raised.

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