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"Arrival at StarBase 118" (Introduce your character here!)

FltAdml. Wolf

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"Attention all incoming cadets," the computer spoke up as soon as the transporter beam had completed its reassembling of molecules. "Attention all incoming cadets. Welcome to Starbase 118. Please retrieve any personal belongings from the storage queue, and make your way into the station. Orientation commences at eleven hundred hours in holodeck three, please do not be late."
Meidra Sinir raised a brow and slowly took in her surroundings. She wasn't sure what she'd thought the station would be like, but as she moved along the concourse, she observed how the other arriving cadets eagerly made their way through the long corridors to find their belongings, which had been beamed down earlier in the day to be scanned and stored for their retrieval. 
"So what do you think it will be like, Katravahsu(friend)?" Margo Lemand asked her childhood friend. "Will we have amazing adventures and become legends in our own time?" Meidra half smiled, not caring about her Vulcan half at the moment. Let her stern Vulcan grandfather frown at her show of emotion. It was not logical to close oneself off from emotion if it meant a greater understanding of her situation. In other words, she was going to smile when she wanted to, and people would just have to get over it.
"I believe that it will be all that it should be," she answered, grabbing her bag from the storage unit in front of them. Margo grabbed hers too, and the friends made their way out of the terminal into the Promenade. They would go find the Shi'Kahr district and locate a suitable memento from The I'vish Gallery to add to her collection. Father would say that it was not logical to keep physical reminders of each place she visited, but he would have a certain gleam in his eye while saying it, and she knew that in his own Vulcan way, he was teasing.
Her El Aurian side was enthralled with the sights around them, and the combined energies of everyone on the station swirled through her, making her aware of all possibilities and yet, none. Time awareness was a part of her El Aurian heritage, helping in most cases to make wise decisions. But sometimes, she just wanted to observe. Her long auburn hair was in a high pony tail, as was her friend's strawberry blond hair, and they looked like two tourists, if not for the Starfleet uniforms and their determined gait.
"I am happy that we got to graduate in the same class," Margo said softly. "For awhile, I didn't think I would graduate at all."
"You are a fine engineer, Margo. All you needed was some confidence. You now have it, it is illogical to dwell on matters which have resolved themselves."
"Fine, I'm confident," Margo smirked. "But thank you for helping me pass those last few exams. Look, there is the gallery. Let's go find something cute by T'losha to send back to my mom for her birthday."
The two friends made their way into the gallery, and began browsing. There was a hint of menace in the air, not from the gallery, but - nearby. Meidra would not panic, but she would listen to the voices that always guided her, and make the right plans to safeguard herself and Margo.
Cadet Meidra Sinir 
Vulcan father / El Aurian mother
height 5 feet even
Age 100
Expert at using a lirpa, hand to hand combat is fair for an El Aurian, but barely passable for a Vulcan

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Talar Beck sighed as he felt the transport vessel jolt slightly as it docked with Starbase 118, whoever the pilot of this transport was they were terrible. Once everybody else had finished scrambling to their feet, grabbing their bags and rushing to get out of the transport quicker than everyone else, Beck got up and slung his bag over his shoulder. The bag was light and contained only a few items and a change of clothes, it was everything he owned, and it all fitted into one small bag. 

The transport door opened and the people ahead of him rushed out to go where ever they were heading, Beck walked slowly as he strolled into the docking area of the Starbase. He soon realised that he probably should have listened to his academy instructors and read up about where he'd be spending his cadet cruise. When he saw that he'd been assigned Starbase 118 the first thought was to ask how he's expected to fly a starbase. He thought back to what lead him to this moment, he was one of many Bajorans who now entered starfleet since Bajor's admittance into the Federation nine years ago. Some wanted to share experiences that the Emissary had, and some wanted to experience life off of Bajor. Beck didn't know what he wanted, and frankly he didn't really care, he just lived life day by day seeing wjat would happen. All he wanted to do was fly a ship, it was the only thing he was good at, he just about scrapped through his four years at the academy, a couple instructors had vouched for him when he was nearly kicked out of the academy, they said he could prove himself on his cadet cruise. He said everything he needed to say to make people believe he would prove himself. Beck's problem was that he didn't have purpose, he didn't know what he wanted to do. A small part of him wanted to find that at Starbase 118. 

He walked over to an information terminal and read through, he retrieved his PAD that stated where he needed to be at a specific time for briefing, he found the right holodeck and made his way over. He'd be a few hours early, but he didn't much care about anything else. 

People noticing Beck would see a pretty unremarkable person, short, dark hair, receding despite his young age and just fit enough to barely pass Starfleet's fitness tests, he was a little taller than average and walked with his head down looking at the floor, only ever looking up to check he was going the right direction. 

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Full name: Finnley Quinn Paxton III

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Finnley tied back her medium length blond hair and stuffed her PADD away into her tightly packed duffle as she felt the transport complete the docking sequence.  “We’re here”, she said as she nudged her new found friend Tavish awake.  Finnley was a “Marine brat” as they say and moved around growing up which fostered her ability to make quick friends.  Together they grabbed their duffles and leisurely made their way on to the Starbase.  

Upon entering the main room, Tavish put a hand on his stomach and announced, “ugh, I’m starving”.  

Finnley, who was distracted with all of the new sights and smells of the previously unvisited Starbase, reluctantly turned her gaze to Tavish. “There’s a well rated cafe in the commercial sector on deck 1171.  Let’s grab some grub and see what kind of trouble we can get into before our briefing starts in three hours” she said.

“How do you know where the cafe is? I thought you said you’d never been here” replied Tavish.

“I haven’t,” she said plainly.  Finnley was a planner.  Knowing that they would arrive early, she had chosen to study the Starbase map while they were on the transport and had already identified a couple of places worth checking out.

Tavish shrugged as he concluded he wasn’t going to get a more detailed answer to his question and together they headed to the cafe. 

They picked a table close to the edge of the restaurant so that they could better observe those walking by.  “I’ll have the Denobulan sausage with mac & cheese and a water,” Finnley said, giving her order to the attendant.  She was never super adventurous with food and preferred to stick with what she knew.  Tavish ordered the same.  

“Where are we going after lunch?” asked Tavish as they were finishing up their meal, “since you seem to know where to go”.

“I’d like to check out one of the fusion generators.  I’ve heard that Starbase 118 has one of the most efficiently run sets of fusion generators this side of the Alpha quadrant,” replied Finnley.

Tavish chuckled, he knew that engineering was restricted and that you had to have permission to be there.  Clearly he thought this was a joke.

Finnley smirked, “what’s so funny?  It’s not too far on deck 1327.”  

“It’s restricted, you know that as well as I do.  Besides, I don’t think either of us want to start off our careers by getting caught snooping around in a place we’re not supposed to be.” Tavish said in a stern tone.

“Alright, fine.” Said Finnley, reluctantly.  “Then how about just a little bit of harmless fun while we wait.” She said with a mischievous glint in her bright blue eyes as she held up a small device pulled from her duffle.

Tavish smiled and chuckled as he shook his head.  He had heard the story about Finnley once stealing a high ranking Klingon officer’s Bat’leth and encasing it in jello, so he knew that whatever she had up her sleeve was sure to be entertaining.

“As long as it’s not something that’s going to get us in a bunch of trouble, like sneaking into a restricted area.” He stated.  

“Nah, see this is a device? I engineered it to emit a small circular forcefield about 1mm in size, but it’s invisible to the human (and most other species) eyes.  Basically, it creates a tiny invisible rope.  You can turn it on or off with this remote.” She said, holding up a second even smaller device.  “We just place it on a wall at about ankle height and then have some fun!”

Tavish smirked as he casually sat back, waved his hand and said “OK”. Finnley jumped up, “sweet! I’ll be right back.”

She quickly crossed the walkway to the backside of a building just across from the cafe and then acted as though she had tripped on something and fell to one knee.  She quickly placed the device on the wall at about ankle height before getting up and brushing off her uniform.  There was a slight grin on her face as she hurriedly made her way back to the cafe table where Tavish was still sitting.

Finnley sat back down opposite Tavish, nodded towards the remote and said “now let’s have some fun!”.  As another cadet neared the device, she enabled it and let out a small laugh as they stumbled and then looked around baffled.  This continued for about an hour before they spotted security heading towards the location of the device.  Finnley looked at Tavish, “it’s probably about time we moved on” she said while nodding in the direction of the security officers.  Tavish quickly agreed.  They grabbed their duffles and hurried out of the cafe while giggling over all of the fun they had.

With only one hour left before their briefing, Finnley suggested they stop by Drazoc’s.  It was a Ferengi store that stood out to her when she looked at the map earlier.  Many of the reviews said that the store owner tended to “acquire” lots of interesting pieces of technology from across the galaxy and as an engineer, that seemed appealing.  Finnley categorized some interesting facts about the various technological pieces in the store into her brain for potential use later.  Many of the items she saw could be repurposed for a good prank or could be adapted to certain ships systems to increase efficiency.  Once the Ferengi realized that Finnley & Tavish weren’t going to actually buy anything, they kicked them out.  Which was just as well since they only had about thirty minutes left until their briefing and Finnley didn’t like to be late.

Once out of the store, Finnley turned to Tavish, “I guess we’d better go ahead and get to the holodeck for our briefing” she suggested.  Tavish agreed and they headed to the nearest turbolift.  

They arrived at the holodeck about twenty minutes early and were instructed to wait in the area until their briefing started.  They took a seat nearby and Finnley reflected on the moments that had brought her to this point.  There’s been a long line of engineers in the Paxton family and she knew she had to live up to the family legacy, but she had spent years preparing for this, and she was ready.

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              Slowly approaching on a federation civilian transport, Jesmi Appa quietly contemplates his new life. He quickly finds himself daydreaming about his future in both Starfleet and for himself. He sees himself being a upcoming medical expert renown for his views in the medical field and sought by others. He was living and studying on the french campus of the Starfleet Academy. He developed a small passion for Federation politics while on Earth. and got used to living under Starfleet accommodations. Due to his species physiology Appa prefers to sleep underneath his bed. The top of His bed is filled with boxes of special creams he uses to ensure his skin doesn't dry out or crack under certain circumstances. He does not have any romantic relations of any sort and never had. He got so used to his roommate, Gurgly who is an Ariolo. They both became quite good friends and enjoy each other’s company. Despite both being in different majors: Gurgly is Science while Appa is Medicine.  Appa will miss him as he was assigned his cadet cruise elsewhere. Hopefully one day they will meet again. After a good time reflecting on his past. Appa decides to think of the next five years. 

            Will the next fe years bring him new friends? Will he constantly contribute to the Starfleet Medical Journal? Will he attend a Starfleet Medical conference? Will he finally discover what love and affection are? Will he be deeply involved with researching something he will feel passionate about? Perhaps  cure to a disease or a reament at the least? Or perhaps he will conduct his own Life prolonging research in hopes of extending a lifespan? Will he enjoy his posting or request transfers? What if his work gets him transferred for the better? What if he gets promoted? Will he ask for Shore Leave to leave for either Bajor or Tygaria? How will his relationship with his family be affected? 

            A voice suddenly speaks: "Now Approaching Starbase 318." Appa quickly stopped daydreaming about the future and reflecting on the past. It was time for enjoying the present. He moved to look out the window seeing the Trojan-Class Type Two Spacedock in the deep frontier of Federation space and conviniently placed near Klingons and Romulans. As the transport continue to approach the Starbase it kept growing larger and larger.  His shuttle arrived on Deck 37. Appa grabbed his belongings, mostly skin care products, and decided to head to the Commercial District to first get something to eat and then head to find his posting. Upon arriving he was grabbed by surprise. The place was not only enormous but beautiful. He could see himself getting lost here for years. He walked to a map and decided to head to the Trinity City. As he walked there he could clearly see the Starbase was massive. He decided to enter Sohla. He could see it was a very luxurious fine dining establishment which remind him of those in the french campus on Earth. "It would be so helpful to have a seat, please." Appa told the hostess which grabbed a Menu and led him to a empty table. He requested fresh non saltwater on the meantime while he enjoy looking at the decorations and determined what to order from the acclaimed Andorian chef. It was a beautiful restaurant. He decided to try Krill Beast Steak and for drink he would have Fridd. Two new items he never had before but was looking forward too. He waited for a server to come and give him his water and take his order. 

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Even before his training at Startfleet Academy, Mack had done his fair share of space travel. His uncle, a materials trader, had taken him on many long, slow trips through subspace. His ship, lovingly called Big Brown, took every opportunity to remind its passengers how thin the metal veil between them and the endless eternity of space really was. The transport Mack rode as he approached Starbase 118 was about as far from Big Brown as it got. It could jump to warp 8 and beyond without so much as a tremor, and could fit three Big Browns in its cargo hold. But as majestic as the Miranda-class vessel was, it was nothing compared to the marvel that was Starbase 118. 

Mack knew it was big, but it is one thing to hear about a space station eleven kilometers tall, and quite another to see it for yourself. As Starbase 118 filled his window, he felt more like he was looking at a small moon than a station. It was captivating. He watched as a monolithic Galaxy-class starship gracefully left a docking bay like a letter through a mail slot.

A rough arm crushed down on his shoulders and roused him from his reverie. Hannibal had appeared next to him, with Nidari close behind. “Ooooh!” Hannibal whistled in mock intrigue. “How many warp coils on that puppy?” The weight of his muscular arm made Mack hunch over. Mack wasn’t particularly short, but he looked like a beanpole under Hannibal’s tank-like bulk. Mack brushed the huge arm off him and laughed as he fixed his tousled brown hair. 

"I don’t know if you can count that high, big guy.” 

Hannibal loved poking fun at Mack’s enthusiasm for starship mechanics, and Mack poked back at Hannibal’s caveman-like physique. It was a rivalry that blossomed into an unexpected friendship. Nidari rolled her eyes.

"Come on, you two. We’ll be late.” She strutted briskly to a turbolift and ushered the others inside. “Transporter room,” she commanded.

As the lift departed, Mack realized just how much he would miss these two. Hannibal was destined for a future as a station security officer, and Nidari was already scheduled to lead a research project on planet Vaultera VII. Mack’s vision of the future was filled with warp cores and deflector arrays. Constantly resuscitating the refurbished subsystems on Big Brown had taught him to love the feeling of holding a spacecraft together with his own two hands.

"Almost there,” said Nidari. “These four years have felt like ten.”

"Aww, you’ll miss us,” said Mack. “I can feel it. My grandmother was Betazoid, you know. Still got a little of that empathic blood in me.” He held a hand to her forehead and made an exaggerated face of concentration. “I feel… longing.” he frowned, “I see Hannibal… shirtless…” He had caught the two kissing in a cargo bay once, and vowed never to let them live it down. Nidari gave him a look that could peel paint, and he backed off. “Aaand, now I feel my imminent death. Huh, powers must be on the fritz.”

"You really know how to be a pain, Campbell.” she said. Her anger was quickly betrayed by a thin smirk. “But yeah, I’ll miss you.”

Things moved fast once they reached the transporter room. Several dozen cadets had to be transported to their respective places aboard the station, and the operation was quick and efficient. Mack barely had time for a quick goodbye before getting blasted into atoms. He rematerialized in a high-ceilinged transporter platform. Sunlight streamed through a glass wall, and he could not help but stare at the holographic clouds above. An attendant greeted him with a warm smile and gestured off the platform. “Welcome to Starbase 118!”

With just a couple of hours before his Cadet Cruise, Mack followed directions towards his assigned holodeck. The end of his career at the Academy was bittersweet, but those feelings were already giving way to excitement for what was to come. Soon, he would be a Starfleet ensign. The future felt as bright as the innumerable stars.

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:: The young Trill sat with his duffel bag in his lap in the cramped passenger compartment of the transport shuttle. His hands, resting on top of the bag, held a PADD that displayed a graphic novel. No one had tried to talk with him and he had remained focused on his book the entire journey. However, as the shuttle began to tilt and curve in its approach to their destination, Mirkl looked up from his PADD and took in the sight of the huge, beautiful Trojan-class spacedock.

It was classic Federation design. Very similar to Earth Spacedock, though larger. He admired the elegant lines of its hull and the blue lights that lit up key areas of the massive installation. He began to feel anxiety mix with his excitement. He still felt like the young eighteen-year-old who had started at the Academy four years before. One last test and then they would let him serve on a starship as an actual officer--But what if he didn't pass?

He tried to shove his feelings of discomfort and insecurity down, deep down--But what if he did fail? What if he wasn't good enough? What if the other cadets were better than he? What if they didn't like him? He closed his large, watery, brown eyes and took a long deep breath before opening them again to watch the shuttle slip in through the open doors of a massive hanger bay. ::

:: Mirkl hitched the beige bag higher up on his shoulder as he descended the ramp onto the station, looking around for a wall schematic so he could find his way to the holodecks. Training wasn't set to begin for a few more hours, but on such a large station he felt more comfortable heading first to where he needed to be, in case he got lost or delayed. He unconsciously put a hand on his lower abdomen--where no symbiont resided--steeling himself for what was to come... ::

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Stepping off the transporter pad Harper sighed, all those years at the academy had led to this moment, all that studying, all the late and sleepless nights and now it was arms length away. 

So why did feel so....nervous? Watching the people pass by, the mix of starfleet personal and civilians all passing by, interacting, he suddenly felt very....small. 

As he stepped through the gates he was buffeted by the crowds, he felt like an ant in a colony, he managed to slide his way to the edge of the wall, out of the main flow of the crowd and kept there until he stepped into the main atrium. 

He looked over the banister. Still nervous and he smiled, he dropped his duffle bag to the floor looking out and all those people and to his side he could the many starships docked and those in orbit around the station, the shuttles whizzing past as officers and crew were transported between postings, leave and colonies. 

He knew that in a few short days he would be on of those shuttles headed to his first assignment and the thought of that scared him, it terrified him, more that the exams did and he really hated those, but amongst that terror was an excitement, a burning desire to be the best he could be, and be the best in Starfleet. 


Name: Harper Bennett 

Race: Human

Age: 24


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  • 2 months later...


Ensign Jordan Blackwater stepped off the transporter into officially his first posting on Starbase.  He was the only one not in uniform just dark pants, dark shirt, and some messy dark hair he had not shaved down to Starfleet regulations.  Most of those on the transport vessel thought he was a civilian, and it came with usual questions, “why are you this far out?”, “is your parents out here as well?”, “you must be getting ready for Starfleet academy?”  

It was fact non of these.  His parents lived on Vulcan with his grandparents.  Jordan’s grandmother was Vulcan, and his grandfather was human.  Jordan’s dad was half human, half Vulcan, with his mother being full human.  Jordan however was only a quarter Vulcan. His ears were not that pointy but he was smart.  Mathematics and science from the Vulcan side passed on to him along with his fathers physical ability from being in Starfleet Marines for 40 years.  

The academy was a traditional 4 year structure for him.   He trained in astronomical anomalies with a minor in microbiology.  While he was smart, he didn’t flaunt it.  Starfleet saw note of this but his peers did not as they assumed he was just passing the minimum standard.  

It was in his last 6 months he was transferred to French country side.  While he assumed he was being transferred to the French office of lonely Starfleet personnel scrubbing spacial anomalies he was wrong.  

It was in fact in every since a a farm on the outside.   But underground it was a labyrinth of offices and training facilities designed to train Starfleets Intelligence force and Jordan was perfect for it.  

The last 6 months of the academy were spent learning all the ins and outs of integration and spy work.  Jordan who, with a science background found that intelligence and science went hand in hand. The 10 students in his class, only one applied for intelligence.  

As his instructor said “those of you that are here it’s because you didn’t choose to be here. You were selected due to your abilities outside of intelligence, you are all bright but not that bright,  this all means you can blend in anywhere in Starfleet.  You will be the deciding factor in battles, life, and death.”  

For Jordan it meant serving Starfleet without-all the pomp and pageantry.  The first day of class it was said for the work they do in the shadows does not get medals or books written.  There was no promotions to a Captain for heroic valor.  Their was only the since of pride they carried when they would look into the stars and know they made a difference.   Not all people could handle this life. This is why every recruit at the farm was hand selected over a 4 year study of them at the academy. 

Jordan followed the pad.  There was a small bar just outside the entertainment district that looked like a place to get something to eat and a drink after sitting with new cadets for the last 80 hours.  

When arriving to the bar that held relief to his chattering frustration, Jordan was met with a packed bar of cadets drinking and spilling out into the main way.  

“Greaaaatt.” He said under his breath as he walked up to the bar and sat down.  He flagged down the bar keep.   

“Sorry about the mess sir, Starfleet kids ya know!  What will it be?  The bar keep said leaning over the bar, half out of breath. 

“Romulan Whiskey, 3 fingers”. Jordan said holding his right three fingers to the bar keep. 

“Yes sir.” The bar keep walked back from the bar and pulled off the shelf a glowing blue bottle with a curved neck wrapped in leather.  “Here ya go.” 

Jordan grabbed the glass and lifted it up in a sort of salute way.  When he took the first sip before he could put the glass down he was bumped by someone, spilling most of his glass.  

“Oh look eh here.” The cadet said in nicely pressed security uniform.   “I think you owe me a drink.  Hitting a Starfleet Officer is an offense you know.”  

“And who is going to witness this offense might I add?” Jordan knew this would probably not end well.  

“Well you did just assault a Starfleet security officer in front of three other security officers.”  Should get you a month of the brig and some scrubbing of the thrust condenser sludge.”  

“That’s it?  Well you think fighting a Starfleet officer like yourself would result in more punishment, don’t ya think?” Jordan could take all three of them but they were drunk and not worth the d-log in his file. 

The drunken security cadet stood in awe.  Psychology is the best weapon versus a drunken brawl the day before his first day on an actual starship.   The cadet turned toward his friends.  

“He’s not worth my time mates.  Lets go I think there is a nerd bar on deck 25 we can have some fun at.” All the security cadets got up and walked out of the bar.  

Jordan finished his half spilled glass of what he considered cheap whiskey in a fancy bottle and paid the keep.  

Jordan was still not assigned a ship for training  yet.  Most were hoping for the biggest and baddest but next too the transport that he showed up on only two ships were docked at the Starbase.  A Nebula class transport fitted with a fighter bay which probably would house all the cadets and a Nova class, which Jordan would prefer over all.  There was probably close to 300 cadets waiting to get on their first starship. 

Jordan walked through the decks until a found the pods for cadet housing.  He typed in his access code.  At least his pod was enclosed and had a small screen inside.  Most of the enlisted were open with no privacy.   He shut his pod door and laid down.  “Computer, awake me when orders have been assigned.” 

The computer chirped back with acknowledgment. For now Jordan rested, not know what tomorrow would bring.  

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T’Vath stepped out of the reception area of the docking port into the general chaos of the Promenade at Starbase 118. Her acute hearing picked up numerous voices, different languages and tonalities, all rising and falling and blending into . She wished only for a quieter spot to gather her thoughts and decide on her next course of action.

The other cadets passed by her without a word as she stood studying the starbase schematic on her PADD. She did not expect greetings or conversation. As a Vulcan who completed her pre-medical studies at the Vulcan Science Academy, T’Vath had always found it difficult to form social bonds with the other students at Starfleet Medical Academy.  


She looked up at the familiar voice calling her name, and lifted a hand in welcome at the medical cadet approaching her. Ayla Morton, small in stature but powerful in personality. Her friend.   

“You waited for me!” she exclaimed, bouncing on her feet in front of T’Vath with a look of delight on her face. T’Vath decided this was an occasion for, not a lie exactly, but allowing Ayla to believe this would do no harm. 

“How was your transport over?”

“Crowded,” Ayla said, shifting her bag to the opposite shoulder. “Noisy.  And god, it was cold.”

T’vath nodded. “An excellent summation of my experience as well.”  A transport full of new medical cadets, all nervous energy and mindless chatter had quickly overwhelmed her during the trip and even retreating into her thoughts did little to help. 

“We have a few hours," Ayla said. "And I need to stretch my legs. “Walk with me?” 

T’vath pressed a hand to her stomach. She didn’t know if the churning in her belly and increased heart rate was from her own poorly-controlled emotions or from her experience on the transport shuttle but either way, a walk might ease some of her discomfort. She fell into step beside her friend.

The Promenade seethed with activity, cadets in high spirits milling around, shouting to each other across the space, all the restaurants packed, some with a line out the door.  Ayla took the lead, T’Vath following without question as they edged their way through the crowds in silence. As the noise level receded and the throngs of people dwindled to just a few, they moved to a walking trail that curved along a burbling stream, heavy foliage surrounding them. 

After walking for five minutes, T’Vath finally spoke as she moved an overhanging branch out of their path. “I am curious as to our destination, Ayla.”

“It’s not much farther,” Ayla said, indicating a steeper trail winding up a small rise. “Just at the top of that hill.” 

A spreading greenhouse came into view. 

“There it is,” Ayla said. “The Oasis.”

And it appeared to be an oasis, lush greenery of all types nearly obscuring the entrance, towering trees with their canopies intertwined brushed the top of the building, expansive water gardens with enormous water-lilies and lotus flanking the stone path to the building.  

They entered through a double-glass door, sweeping trailing vines out of their way. The interior was warm and bright and T’Vath took a deep breath, the aromas of the many flowering plants pleasant and subtle. She could admit to a sense of relief of being out of the clamor and noise of the main promenade. 

Ayla smiled at her and continued leading her through the room. The tables were small with seating for only two or three, each table separated by a wall of greenery. Ayla ducked through a smaller doorway and dropped her bag near a low table, sinking to a seat on the floor. T’Vath followed, more slowly, trying to take in all that surrounded her; an induku tree in the center of the space, karanji and kal’ta along the perimeter. 

“What do you think?” her friend asked as T’Vath took the seat on the opposite side.

“It is most pleasing.” 

Ayla reached across the table to give her arm an excited squeeze, then realizing her mistake, lifted her hand quickly. 

“Sorry about that,” she said. “But I knew you’d love it.” 

An attendant approached their table and Ayla spoke a few words in Kressari that T’Vath did not recognize. The tabletop surface shimmered and then displayed a menu with limited fare but a large selection of drinks.

“How did you know about this establishment?” T’Vath asked, after their attendant left with their order. 

Ayla twined a tendril of vine around her finger and the plant purred in response. 

“You remember our Obstetrics clinical last year? I assisted in a complicated delivery of twins to a Kressarian female and I got to know her pretty well during her recovery. The Oasis is her brother’s place.”

T’Vath nodded. Although it was illogical, she could admit to herself a feeling of envy when she considered her friend’s easy way with people. She’d nearly given up on the Medical Academy early in her studies when she failed the Bedside Manner course during her first attempt. 

“So,” Ayla said, changing the subject. “Have you heard from Savahk?”

“No. Not since our graduation. But I should send a message to him, he…”

“..worries about you.” 

T’Vath shrugged. Odd to say about her eldest brother, a full-blooded Vulcan like herself, but her friend knew her well and spoke the truth. He worried. Too much.

“And you worry about him,” Ayla added.

“I think of him often,” she said. “But he is well cared for by our parents. To worry would be illogical.”

Ayla set her cup on the table, crossing her arms in front of her.  “I’m going to miss you and your Vulcan sensibilities, T’Vath.”

T’Vath feigned an interest in the Karanji cactus, if only to quell an emotional reaction bubbling to the surface she wasn’t sure she could control. She was overtired, overstimulated from the trip and the sooner she could meditate to settle her mind the better. 

“I will also miss you.” 




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    Ensign Sarah Phillips was nervous.  This wasn't uncommon for her, though.  Most things made her nervous.  Her shuttle had been disabled by an ion storm, so instead of being early, Phillips was actually a full week late.  Her ensign placement officer assured her this was fine, but she knew she had already made a bad impression with her training program regardless.

    She hiked her duffle strap up higher on her shoulders and stepped out of the shuttle and into the receiving bay of the Promenade.  She would never get over how diverse and… futuristic the Federation was.  Her ‘primitive’ upbringing forced a wide-eyed wonder to most things fed citizens would see as basic.

Growing up on a Luddite colony in the [...]-end of the Beta quadrant, Sarah’s colony had suppressed knowledge of the Federation after their arrival to remove temptation from future generations.  She thought back to her time there, tending to the buffalo beetles and climbing trees to stargaze.

It’d been one of those nights in the trees when the probe had fallen.  She mistook it for a falling star, but now knew it had been an ancient Terran satellite. She had checked every registry at the Academy, but had never been able to find any record of it, or how it had gotten to her little corner of the galaxy.  Nonetheless, with help from an ancient technical manual she had discovered buried behind the community center, she had managed to jury rig a subspace SOS and hail a passing container ship that beamed her aboard.  All she managed to take with her was the potted fungus her parents had planted when she was born.  Its single stinkhorn stuck up from the potted soil, it’s dayglo green lattice shrouding a bright red stem.

Sarah decided to sit on a bench nearby and just people watch.  It was one of her favorite things to do at The Academy.  She always marveled at the vastly different species that moved quickly from place to place, the feet and tentacles and claws and grav-belts so exotic to her.  She did her best to try and remember the species names as they walked by: Bajorans with their earrings, blue hued Andorians, Kazleti with their dorsal arms, and a Pahkwa-thanh and a Galadorian arguing about something.  She chuckled to herself when she assumed it was the best way to wear their respective uniforms.

She glanced at the clock and realized it was almost time to meet her cadet group.  She picked up her bag, cradled her mushroom, and hurried down the Promenade, following the arrows on the ground.  She was already a week late.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Jacque looked at the grandiose starbases dockyard. His dark brown hair and pale skin were luminicing in the bright light of the bay. He was thinking to himself "I've done it. I going to be going on a ship and exploring new worlds." It was Jacques dream ever since he was a little boy to join starfleet. He read about Picard and Janeway; those were his hero's. 

He went onto the turbolift and arrived at the shuttlebay he walked up towards his ship. He saw many different races, all with one goal to preserve the United Federation of Planets, and to explore new worlds. He took out a photo of his family. He knew his family was proud of him. He put the reflected for a little while he picture away, and boarded the shuttle.

He thought about his childhood. How good those years were. How hiked those mountain in the west of america. He loved nature very much. How he fell from a tree and broke his wrist. How his parent scorned him for climbing the tree with thin branches. He could not resist he had to know what was at the top.

He reflected on his academy years, how he helped boothby almost every week with the roses. How he studied on that area of grass with the large tree. How many friends he made, how he lived of caffeine all those late nights of study. How he made friend with a cardassian Ero Gekro. He still contact him on a regular basis. He was going to miss the academy in a way.

He took a seat on the far left side of the shuttle heading towards the cadet cruise. He looked out the window as they flew out of the dockyard and towards the ship. He thought "Wonder what use they will have of a exobiologist that specializes in microbes on this ship."  He was a microbiologist. He got his his exobiology degree with specialization in microbiology. He loved those small little lifeforms. 

Jacque got out his PADD then a small little ensign said to him.

"What are you doing on that cadet"

Jacque replied "Reading up on different lifeforms in the sector."

The Ensign said back "Well not as interesting as I thought"

"What did you think it was"

The ensign said sarcastically "Oh a lament on how much you miss your family. By the way what that giant case you got their."

Jacque said "It my viola" he said very dryly

"I know nothing about music. I better be getting ready for security checks on all of you before you get off. Got to go."

Jacque was ready, the shuttle went into the shuttlebay. He was about to start a whole new adventure in his life.


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As Senior Cadet Beylanesh "Bey" Semu readjusted her grip on one of her traveling bags, a passing Betazoid gave her an odd look. Bey suppressed a smile as she continued on the route that would take her to her temporary quarters. She was used to that reaction from telepathic species she encountered. Her medical file had a polysyllabic description of the genetic gift Bey had received from her Argelian mother and whoever her human father was. Bey herself just referred to it as the "Fry Syndrome," after a character in an early twenty-first century animated comedy.


(Courtesy had always required that Bey acknowledge retired Senior Chief Specialist Liqa Semu as her father, but she always had her doubts about Senior Chief Semu's status as the "sperm donor").


While she was at Starbase 118, Bey was supposed to visit an establishment in a sector of the station known as Little Risa. Supposedly Bey's aunt and cousin on her mother's side had an Argelian bar there. Or pub or tavern or whatever they called such establishments on Argelius II. Bey's mother swore up and down that Bey's cousin looked just like Bey. Bey didn't know if this was true or not. The petite, dark-skinned senior cadet had never met her cousin, and truth be told, would not be disappointed if she never did.


But Bey's mother wanted Bey to meet more of her family. And even after emancipating herself from her mother and the rest of the commune at the young age of thirteen, Bey still didn't want to (completely) disappoint her mother, even if she was distancing herself from her mother's hedonistic lifestyle.


A curious look from another telepathic sentient being made Bey shake her head to get out of her mental woolgathering. First thing's first, Bey told herself. Get settled in her quarters, report her arrival, and find out when and where she needed to report for her cadet cruise. Then she'd decide if she wanted to go look up long lost relatives or not.


With that decision made, Bey headed toward toward her temporary quarters.





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Starfleet Academy. A place where children enter and Starfleet Officers emerge. That had been the vision set out for him when Freki had attended a science fair on his home world of Cait. The young Caitian had been excited for weeks to attend and talk with representatives from all walks of life and all tracks of Starfleet, from those recruiting for the enlisted track to those specialising in the sciences, engineering and even the command track.

Since he was a small boy, Freki had been interested in how things worked. First, it was an antique watch that was passed to him from his grandfather. His grandfather, Keriid, had bought it on Earth from a pawn shop selling off old human relics. Freki delighted as he took the watch apart piece by piece, examining the springs, the coils and what made it quite literally tick.

He was soon bored of watches and learned of his new passion. People. Every person he met was different. Not only the striking differences like species, but in the way they acted, the things they believed, the social structures they embraced or rejected. He found it fascinating. This curiosity became aspiration a few years later when he met a Betazoid man named Carin. Carin was dating the Caitian’s mother and Freki was oft irritated that his child-like schemes never could go the way he planned. The Betazoid always figuring out what he was up to with his telepathic ability.

He wondered what it would be like to hear others thoughts, to feel things without knowing why or how. The following week, he visited the Cait national library and started to read about everything he could on the subjects of Psychology, Social Dynamics and Anthropology and his career path appeared before him in his minds eye, like the yellow brick road to Oz, only this Emerald City was San Francisco.

Since that day, many things had changed for Freki. In his early academy days, though he was known for being pleasant, confident and kind, the other cadets didn’t see eye to eye with their furry comrade. Why? Because Freki was eager. Not eager like some of the T-boys, (the nickname Freki had given to the jockish cadets who seemed more testosterone than humanoid) in that he wasn’t eager to fly shuttles, or to test weapons. He left that stuff for the red shirt wannabes. No, Freki was eager to learn and learn anything he could.

He read all the required reading, plus more. He stayed after class to ask for extra credit opportunities, he worked hard at any chance he could at networking with officers. His fellow cadets called him a teacher’s pet, a suck-up, a brown noser. He’d heard it all in the three years he’d been on campus and the pain it caused had dulled now to simply an irritating scratch. He had no idea that being eager to learn would be a bad thing to some.

Fast forward to three weeks ago and an announcement that there would be a spot for one lucky medical cadet, to serve their final academy year aboard a starship rather than a medical facility or hospital. Freki jumped at the opportunity, knowing he could meet so many interesting people aboard a ship and get some real experience, not to mention learn from his mistakes and make some real friends. It didn’t take long for him to find out he had been chosen.

He’d counted the days since then until he was due to head off for this amazing opportunity and he spent the entire shuttle ride to Starbase 118 anxiously checking that antique watch. He stared out of the window and as they finally approached the station, he got his first glimpse of the Starbase where his training would begin. Would he be based here or on a Starship? He didn’t know but he was excited to find out.

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Aine made her way to the ships airlock early. She wanted to be one of the first off the ship once it docked. Peering through the portholes she could see the Star Base 118 getting closer. It did not appear so big at first but the closer it got, the more overwhelmed she became by the shear size of it.

The transport pulled into the massive docking bay and attached to one of the gantries. "Shipped docked. Prepare for departure," came over the comms and the airlock door opened before her.

Walking down the long gantry she emerged in a rather busy terminal. Still in awe she walked towards the nearest turbolift looking up in awe. Suddenly brought back to reality, she bumped square into a full two pip lieutenant. "I...I...um...," she stuttered.

"You ok?"

"Yes sir, I'm so sorry."

The young lieutenant smiled, "No worries cadet. Just keep your chin up...or down."

"Thank you sir. I'll take the advice to heart," she said while giving a slight smile.

She watched as the lieutenant walked off before he turned to her and pointed his PADD at her, "Good luck cadet. You're gonna do great."

She waved awkwardly.

Stepping into the turbolift that was near crowded people were spouting off deck numbers and locations. Unsure of the etiquette she stood waiting. Then her second mistake. She wasn't paying enough attention and now the eyes of everyone were on her. After a brief pause of embarrassment she spoke, "Personnel."

The turbolift doors closed and began to hum as it moved along. More than a few stops later the computer informed the passengers they were at the personnel office and Aine excused herself from the lift. Almost no wait when she was waved over to a desk. Seated was a lieutenant junior grade, mid 30's by her best guess. "Welcome to Star Base 118 cadet. Name?" inquired the personnel officer.

"Cadet First Class Aine Olive Sherlock sir," she stated affirmatively.

"Relax a little Cadet. You've made it this far, and I'm not your instructor. We have temporary quarters for you, hopefully you'll find them to your liking," she says cheekily. "Did you bring any belongings with you?"

Swinging her bag around to show the officer, "No, just a few uniforms and a couple change of civvies."

"Good. All of your belongings back on Earth crated and ready for transport?"


"Good. We'll get them where you're going when you've finished. Here's a PADD with your room assignment and it can be used to get you anywhere you need to go on the station. Good luck cadet."

Aine nods and leaves for her new quarters.

Stepping into the small room she sees a desk to her left and a bed to the right. Simple. Full communal bathroom and showers, a reminder of her first year at the academy. She drops her bag on the floor near the back of the room and sits on her bed. Slumping forward slightly she begins to think of the last few years. Starting with her parents hesitation of her choice of career to their final support as they saw her off. How exciting that first year was, the people she met, friends she made, instructors she admired. How it ended so hard. Her second year, questioned why she was even there and if she was going to continue. How she bucked up and redoubled her efforts to go above and beyond her final two years. All hard work that has led to this moment. She lays her head upon the thin pillow and her eyes get heavy. Tomorrow is the beginning of the end of her time in training to join Starfleet. To fulfill a dream that started only 5 years prior.

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  • 2 weeks later...

With her bag over her shoulder, Cassi exited the shuttle. Starbase 118 was massive. Sage immediately felt lost. She knew that she still had a few hours until her final training mission began, so she wasn't too worried about time. In fact, sage revelled in the idea of exploring the station a bit before she had to report.


Cassi, a Bajoran, had long dark hair that fell onto her right shoulder, clear of her left ear where her traditional earring dangled. She had chocolate brown eyes and a longish nose ridged with Bajoran wrinkles that stopped abruptly at her brow. Her teal topped uniform was crisp and well groomed, her comm badge gleaming in the florescent lights off the station. After the long trip from Starfleet Academy, Cassi knew that she should find a quiet place to meditate and center herself, but the thought of finding the promenade and getting some good food, and maybe some shopping, pushed this thought aside. 


Cassi had always struggled with her faith. It wasn't that she didn't believe in the Prophets, far from it. But she never felt truly comfortable in her place as a Bajoran, especially where the Prophets were concerned. This oddity was increased as she studied medicine, a field far separated from religion. Her father had even tried to get her pulled from the Academy with the argument that she couldn't possibly serve the Prophets while engaging in such a deep scientific field.


"Pardon me, can you direct me to the promenade?" Cassi asked a uniformed passerby. 


"There's a visitor console over there." He said, pointing at a bank of terminals. "Welcome to Starbase 118."


"Thanks." She said.


After reviewing a detailed map of the station, Cassi made her way to the promenade. She had noted the location of the Bajoran Temple, in the Ashalla sector, and promised herself to visit later, pushing aside a pang of guilt. 


She suddenly pulled up short as she spotted a Cardassian walking toward her. Cassi had never experienced the occupation of Bajor, as she hadn't been born yet. But her father, a formal resistance fighter, had frequented her with take after take off the atrocities. Cassi had never developed a strong hatred for the Cardassians, but she had never really been allowed to mingle with them either. Cassi's mother had been much more forgiving when the Cardassians turned a new leaf, and had played the angel on Cassi's shoulder opposite her father the devil. 


She smiled brightly at the Cardassian as he passed, and was happy that he returned it with a nod. Feeling that she had made some strange form of social progress that would surely send her father into cardiac arrest, Cassi continued on into the promenade. 




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The lounge is packed with people from various species. Some wear casual clothing but most of them are still in their standard Starfleet uniforms. Everyone seems to be relaxed and enjoying their time off. Through the windows we have a splendid view of the inner space dock. We see about half a dozen Starfleet vessels docked while small workbee shuttles fly crisscross through the docking bay area.

We start to move through the jungle of people until finally arriving at a small table in one of the far corners of the lounge. Here we find cadet JOHN KENDRICK and his closest friend from the Academy, Gabriella MORIENTES, both sipping their multi-colored [...]tail. John is in his early twenties, athletically built and still blessed with a boyish look. Wearing his Hawaiian shirt, he looks like he is about to head out for a summer vacation on Risa.

His drinking partner Morientes, still in her cadet uniform, seems to be around the same age. As her left hand glides through her beautiful long red hair, we jump right in the middle of their conversation.

MORIENTES: ::playfully serious:: And you’re sure they didn’t make a mistake? Maybe they mixed up names or something?

KENDRICK: ::going along:: Now that’s just jealousy speaking.

MORIENTES: ::faking disappointment:: No! ::As she smiles:: Well maybe. ::beat:: You know, just a tiny little bit. ::more serious:: But… you should be proud of yourself, John. Only a handful of cadets get the opportunity to join Starfleet’s prestigious Command Training Program for Cadets.  

KENDRICK: Can’t believe it myself to tell you the truth. When Admiral Nelson summoned me to his office I swear to you; I almost [...] my pants.

MORIENTES:  Now that wouldn’t be the first time.

KENDRICK: ::playing disappointed:: Really, you’re still bringing that up, huh? I was a freshman at the Academy. Locked up with 5 other cadets in a cramped Type 7 shuttle for 10 days. Accidents were bound to happen.

MORIENTES: I would have loved to see the look on your instructor’s face when she opened those shuttle doors after two weeks. ::dryly:: She probably ordered you to follow an extra potty training course.

They both burst out laughing. As they stop, wiping their tears from laughter:

MORIENTES: ::sadness:: I’m going to miss this, you know.

KENDRICK: Getting all sentimental now are we? ::comforting:: Don’t worry. You’ll find another drinking buddy on the Columbia.

MORIENTES: Yeah, maybe. But this is our cadet cruise. Everyone will be so stressed out, afraid to blunder, there won’t even be time for fun. Our posting here could break our career before it even started. It’s serious businesses.

As Morientes finishes her drink and holds up her empty glass, signaling a nearby waiter to their table:

MORIENTES: Guess we’d better order another drink then, right? It could be our last for a very, very long time.

John smiles, but there is a sadness in his eyes. A new adventure lies ahead of him. But it will be without one of his closest friends.

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Runabout Wolga, nearing Starbase 118

The runabout felt cramped after being on the Sovereign for over two weeks. It had been a rather unusual way to transport a class of new cadets, but Captain Frovegh had apparently offered to shuttle them as she was heading out here anyway. While on the bridge of the starship, he’d felt the urge to be at the helm, but of course that was not allowed. He had not been commissioned yet, so he wasn’t allowed to be on active duty. Instead he’d spent as much time as he could on the holodeck simulating various ships and manoeuvres. Now the time was finally here. The Captain had decided that instead of docking, the cadets would take a runabout to the station while the ship continued on its course, and Taban had relished the idea of getting to steer something, even if it was just a transport.

But after six hours being confined to such small quarters with a dozen others, he was starting to wish he was back n the ship. Starbase 118 came into view, and he was immediately struck by the sheer size of the station. Easily bigger than the McKinley facility in Sol, or DS9 orbiting his native Bajor. He docked the runabout, and then waited for his former classmates to leave. Despite having spent the last four years at the academy with them, Taban had never really been considered one of them. He’d been introverted, a loner. Spending most of his free time reading books, preferring actual paper copies over digital whenever he could find them, he hadn’t made many friends. And the two friends he had made had been sent to K7 for their final training.

He stepped onto the station and he felt as small as he head that first day at the academy. He looked around and soon made his way to the central hub, from there heading up towards the administrative area to get his next orders.

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Looking out over the replica of the Golden Gate Bridge, Dr. Cassie Mason took in a deep breath as she twirled the end of one of her twin braids around her finger. Where to begin. This section of the base might look and feel like San Francisco, but it just wasn’t the same was it.

Squaring her shoulders, Cassie looked down at the PADD in her hands, a map of the area staring back at her. Definitely not the same. She’d promised herself she wouldn’t let her nerves get the best of her. Afterall, adventure was why she’d joined Starfleet. The old her would have taken her time walking to the holodeck and gotten there way earlier than she needed to. Then she probably would have sat quietly somewhere and read. And right now the desire to pick a bench and just focus on her PADD was overwhelming. 

Swallowing hard and forcing her hand to stop playing with her braid, Cassie set a timer on her PADD to remind her when it was time to show up to the holodeck. This time she would let herself get lost. And maybe grab some lunch before the briefing.

Now if only getting lost wasn’t such a daunting task. 

She had no idea that starbases felt this massive on the inside. Sure, most ships were big enough to act as self-sufficient cities on their own. But this. This was awe-inspiring; the exact thing she’d been hoping to get from travelling in space. And it was only the first day.

If only her moms and siblings could see her now. On a starbase and at the beginning of her career.

Picking a direction, Cassie made her way down the streets of the San Francisco District. With her shoulders tense, she moved through the small crowd of people. If she was used to crowds would she be that good at weaving her way in and out past people? Or did that come with living somewhere where every person had somewhere important to be? Was that what her ship would be like?

Shaking her head, Cassie focused on the shops around her, all of them unique and eye-catching in their own way. Hm...she had wanted lunch. 

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M’rrirr’s tail lashed involuntarily as he materialized on the transporter pad. No matter how many times he did this, he could never get used to the feeling of being deconstructed and rematerialized miles away. It always left a faint buzzing through his body, as if he was full of bees. Of course, the anxiety rushing through him wasn’t helping either. It was his first day here, and starting his career was no small step. 

He stepped out of the transporter room and onto the Promenade. It was packed, but through the crowd, it looked just like he had expected it to. He had been on Federation starbases before, on his journey to Earth - and the Academy - four years ago.

Thank goodness for that, he thought, bolstered by the small comfort of familiarity. At least he would know his way around a little bit. Grabbing his bag, he made his way through the noisy throng of new cadets toward the turbolift. Shockingly, it was empty. As the turbolift doors closed behind him and started transporting him to his temporary quarters, he relished the brief silence in his little sanctuary. 

M’rrirr fidgeted, a combination of impatience and nervousness. It had been a long, cramped ride in the shuttlecraft to get here. He had tried to sleep, but alas, the anticipatory chatter of the other cadets had kept him wide awake the entire time. All he had to do now was drop his bag off in his quarters, freshen up a little, and make it through his first briefing in the holodeck. Then he could finally rest.

He tapped his right temple. He had turned off his ocular implant on his way here, trying to avoid getting a headache on his first day. It was time to turn it back on now that he was likely to meet people. He didn’t want to have one creepy, dead-looking eye staring back at anyone he tried to make a good impression on. The implant reinitialized as the turbolift doors opened. Everything was suddenly twice as bright. Even after four years of daily use his brain still hadn’t completely adjusted to the foreign input. M’rrirr was used to this brief sensory overload by now, though. It’s why he always made sure he was alone when he booted up the implant. To any onlookers, he would appear to be reacting suddenly to absolutely nothing at all.

    Finally finding his way to his quarters, M’rrirr tossed his bag on the bed. He stared longingly at it. It was more than tempting to lay down and take a short nap, but he knew that if he went to sleep now he’d likely stay that way for more than a few hours, missing his briefing entirely. He dragged his feet to the bathroom and splashed cold water on his face to try to wake himself up. I really should just replicate myself some coffee. 

    He looked into the mirror, water dripping from his dark brown fur. His eyes stared back at him; one golden, the other the bright blue of his implant. He ran his wet hands through the dark mane on his head, trying to coax it into something resembling a professional hairstyle.

    Satisfied with his stylings, he headed for the replicator. “Coffee, hot. Two cream, two sugar.” The mug materialized in front of him, and he took it, taking a satisfying gulp. Surely this wouldn’t help his anxiety, but it was better to be a little nervous than to show up to his briefing dead tired.

    M’rrirr decided that when he was a little more alert, he would go explore the commercial sector. He had heard about it, its impressive size and holographic sky. Apparently, it was truly an amazing sight to see.




((I’ve written some other stuff about M’rrirr as well, some backstory and personality information. I tried to fit as much of it into this as I could, but I thought I would include this as well as a summary of his character.))




Name: M’rrirr

Gender: Male (Transgender, FtM)

Pronouns: He/him or they/them

Race: Caitian

Age: 24 (human years)

Appearance: His fur is brown, with a lighter underbelly and darker stripes on his lower back, tail, and legs. His left eye is yellow-orange, and he has an ocular implant in his right eye due to a birth defect that resulted in him being blind in one eye for most of his childhood. He got the implant just before entering Starfleet Academy.


Personality info:


M'rrirr's thirst for knowledge has gotten him into trouble on numerous occasions. Determined to learn more, especially when that knowledge is forbidden, he has a tendency to pry when he thinks someone else has a personal secret. Due to his prying nature, he generally assumes others are prying too, and so he tries to hide his true feelings to the best of his ability behind a veneer of professionalism. People see him as taciturn, but in reality, he feels things incredibly strongly and has a lot of pent-up angst. The boy needs therapy, y'all, or else someday he's going to have a meltdown. It's happened before when he was a kit, and it can and will happen again.



Having grown up on Cait, M'rrirr is used to tropical climates. He prefers humid air and open spaces. Pretty much the opposite of a starship, but satiating the feeling of adventure calling to him from other worlds is worth it. To cope with the dry, stuffy nature of his starship quarters, he has a humidifier and an air purifier set up, and he visits the holodeck as much as physically possible, even if it just means it's a quiet place to work. M'rrirr is usually quite timid and anxious, but his thirst for knowledge and sense of adventure are his biggest motivators, and on occasion if something scary happens while he is engrossed enough in his research he is able to ignore his anxiety and power through. He just wants to get his research done, and this alien attacking him is distracting him.



M'rrirr can have all the book smarts he wants, but his street smarts are sorely lacking. He grew up sheltered by his parents and his Clan, and as a result, his social skills are a bit underdeveloped. He can be naive, gullible, and a little immature. He is impulsive and tends not to think things through a whole lot.



- He is a science officer specializing in geology and meteorology.

- Heightened hearing, sense of smell, and vision. Because he’s a cat. As such he can often be a lot more observant than human counterparts, but he also has a lower tolerance for unpleasant/unexpected stimulus.

- Super repressed/“emotionally constipated”. Feels things really strongly but masks it a LOT. His tail and ears are his biggest giveaways. 

- Hates the physical sensation of transporters.

- When in zero-G, he has to repress the urge to right himself like a falling cat. This was his least favourite part of his time at Starfleet Academy.

- Doesn’t have much of a brain-to-mouth filter. He blurts a lot.



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I woke up in the morning at the academy, knowing it was the day I was leaving for Starbase 118. After taking an quick shower and shaving, I went down to the departures section of Starfleet Academy, where my parents were going to meet me before I left. After saying my goodbyes to my parents on Earth, I embarked the shuttle to leave for Starbase 118. My dad was proud as I was continuing the family line of joining Starfleet, My mom was a bit scared as she would not see me again for a many years. Me and brother did out signature handshake and told him that I always will keep in contact with him. 

After some time passed on the shuttle, I noticed that we were starting to slow down. As the shuttle started to slow down, an PA announcement came over the shuttle intercom.

"Welcome to Starbase 118 cadets. We are next in line to dock, please start to gather your belongings and follow the instructions of the crew on board. Be Bold, Be Brave, this is Starfleet. " 

I thought to myself, finally have 4 years at the academy, I have finally joined Starfleet. As the shuttle completed its docking procedure, I gathered my things and walked off the shuttle craft into the Starbase 118. The first thing I noticed was how busy the station was. People walking everywhere talking. All the people were in Starfleet uniforms. I still had few hours before my training started. I decided lets do some exploring to kill the time. The station was so big, I had no clue on which direction to go. I saw an passerby in uniform and I asked him 

"Excuse me, do you know where the lounge is? " I asked

"Please use the visitor console over on the left. That will provide you with a map. Welcome to Starbase 118 Cadet." said the officer 

"Thanks" I replied back. 

I walked over to the visitor console, and chose the map. I selected my destination as "Lounge". The computer responded, follow the green trail markings on the floor, and take the turbolift to deck 12. I proceed to follow green trail markings. I finally got to the turbolift, where I saw a bunch of people waiting. I saw someone to my left, I thought I introduce myself. 


"Hello, I am Cadet Scotty." I said 

"Hello, I am Cadet Nirval, I am posted in Operations. What is your assignment?" he replied 

"I am in engineering, I am following my dad's footsteps." I replied 

"Oh, that is really cool. What ship did your dad serve on?" he replied 

"He was stationed on the USS Columbia, as the Chief Engineer", he retired 10 years ago from Starfleet. I am hoping one day I can become an Chief Engineer on a vessel."

"You look like a person that can." he replied enthusiastically. 

I just nodded back to him, as we walked into the turbolift. I thought to myself, I have some big shoes to fill, If I want to be like my dad. We continued to chat in the lounge, about how we decided to join Starfleet. After a hour or two of us all chatting, we decided to explore the station a bit more.  We decided to go on a tour of the station. Finally the time began to begin out cadet training, we said our goodbyes and met on the holodeck.


Cadet Scotty Reade


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As Jala stepped off the transport she ran her hands through her, slightly willy black hair, although usually confident she felt somewhat shy standing here. 

4 years at the academy, even there she felt out of place, however here she definitely did, in a sea of starfleet uniforms and civilians. She caught the odd glance from people as she strolled through.

"Guessing they don't get too many Orions here?" She muttered as she passed through the arrivals area into the main hub. 

Starbase 118, she slung her pack over her shoulder and headed to the balcony and watched the swams of people on the floor below go about their day.

"New arrival?" The voice made her jump as she turned to face a starfleet officer, she glanced at his pips, he was a Lieutenant and stood to attention. 

"Cadet Jala O'connor, here for my Cadet cruise sir." He smiled. "At ease." He stood next to Jala "Its my favourite place here, watching the new cadets and people come and go, not this much traffic on a starship." 

Jala smiled and lent with her back against the balcony.

"Anywhere the action is, that's were I'll go." 

She smiled as she imagined what laid out infront of her, all the wonders that awaited, all the adventures and heartbreak. 

"Well, best be off, see you around Cadet. Look forward to seeing you out there." 

With a smile he started to walk away. 

"What's your name?" Jala called out, he looked back smiling. 

"What kind of name is O'connor?" He called back asking.

"Not my mother's." 

He laughed gave and wave and disappeared into the massing crowd. She sighed, "should of asked earlier." She turned around and looked back over the balcony. 

She was going to enjoy this, very much. 

Jala O'connor 


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Note on the use of ungendered pronouns: as J’naii are a predominantly-ungendered society, most do not use gendered pronouns for themselves. As such, I will use the ‘ne/nem/nir’ pronoun set, in accordance with the precedent set by Ensign Kteer and Admiral Renos’ wiki entries.


Kivik sat at the corner table alone save for a duffel bag of belongings, one hand fidgeting with nir glass. In the other, ne held a datapad full of overwhelming but riveting information. StarBase 118, its Command and Crew compliment, its various segments - along with their businesses and technical specifications, recently docked Federation vessels. Ne triple-checked the directions to reach the holodeck, where nir final training session would take place.

A blue humanoid entered the establishment with an easy smile, greeted by a friendly chorus from their waiting friends. Kivik thought for a moment and finally settled on nir guess. Ne switched the view to a database of alien species - a cheat sheet for the J’naii who, despite nir best efforts, still felt ne had much to learn about the myriad races that filled Federation space.

‘Bolian,’ ne thought to nirself. ‘I’m pretty sure that’s-’

“Is this seat taken?”

Kivik was so startled to have nir thoughts interrupted, ne lost nir grip on the glass and it tumbled to the floor. The jubilant group with the Bolian turned to look at the commotion and Kivik felt nirself blush to have caused a scene - and potentially caught ‘observing’ the other patrons. Ne immediately reached down to grab the glass. Rising up, ne saw the speaker who had startled nem - a young human.

‘Male,’ Kivik judged, by his manner of dress and traces of facial hair. ‘Another Cadet, probably, given his youth. Ops, by his uniform.’

“Is this seat taken?” the young man asked again with an amused smile.

“Oh... no,” Kivik answered, finally realizing ne hadn’t yet given a response. “You can have it.”

“Actually, I was wondering if I could sit here. Would that be alright? I’m just waiting for my training to start.’

Kivik gave a nod towards the seat and tucked nir datapad away in nir bag. The young man sat, opposite nem.

“My names Jack. Jack Innison. What’s yours?”

“I’m Kivik. I’m a cadet here - fresh out of the Academy, same as you. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Yeah, I noticed you were sitting all alone and, well I’m alone too. I thought maybe you’d like a little company.”

“Sure, I like company,” ne said. “In fact, I haven’t really had a friendly conversation since graduation. Everyone I’ve seen since then has been a new face. A lot of my friends ended up shipping out to planetary installations.”

“Not you?” Jack asked, motioning to the server for a glass of the same.

Kivik shook nir head. “I’ve spent most of my life on one planet, experiencing one culture, and knowing only one way to be. I want to see what the universe has to offer.”

“Wow,” Jack answered, leaning back in his chair. “That’s big. I think I get you, though. I’m just happy to be put somewhere - anywhere that’ll have me. I just needed to get my feet off the ground, you know what I mean?”

“I think so, yes.”

There was a silence for a minute and Kivik felt the other cadet eyeing nem, trying to figure something out.

“I’m J’naii,” ne said. “In case you were wondering.”

“J’naii,” he replied, the unfamiliarity apparent in his intonation. “Forgive me. I don’t think that’s a Federation world..?”

“That’s true. There are not many of us who have chosen to leave - at least not yet. We’re an isolated and, truth be told, repressed people. Rear Admiral Renos is J’naii - but very few of us aspire to explore beyond the limits of our society and, of those of us who do, even fewer have the option to do so.”

“What makes you different, then?”

Kivik considered nir answer, unsure of how much to share. “I was… difficult. I was vocal in my opinions, which did not align with social norms. My government and family were happy to see me go.”

Jack raised his eyebrows. “A rebel, then? And you came to Starfleet?”

“I’m not a rebel,” answered Kivik, perhaps more sharply than ne intended. “I’m a scientist. I care more about what the facts tell me than what tradition dictates and that does not sit will with many on my world. We have a strict social order based on widely-accepted pseudoscience that allows innocent people to be prosecuted for…” Kivik stopped when ne saw the look on the other cadet’s face.

“I’m sorry. You didn’t know what you were getting into when you sat here,” ne said, apologetically. “You see, I’m incessantly opinionated. At least when it comes to my field.”

Jack chuckled. “No, it’s okay. Don’t apologise.” He pointed to nir uniform. “I see you’re in Science. What’s your field?”

An announcement interrupted their conversation, summoning Kivik’s group to the holodecks for the beginning of their training.

“Ethnology,” ne replied, standing and grabbing ner duffel bag. “The interdisciplinary study of biology, archaeology, and social dynamics.”

“Sounds interesting.”

Jack stood as well, perhaps out of custom, Kivik noted, as he did not grab his belongings.

“Maybe I’ll see you later,” he said, smiling again. “We could get a drink or something?”

Kivik smiled back, kindly, though ne was beginning to sense that Jack may have motivations outside of mere friendship. Over four years at the Academy, Kivik had experienced several interactions not unlike this one - young humans, men more often than women, who seemed at first to be interested in friendship, only for it to become awkward later when romantic feelings were unveiled. Feelings that Kivik could not reciprocate.

Kivik had been informed by a close friend that, to those from sexually-binary cultures, ne may be perceived as ‘female’, or at least ‘feminine’ - though this confused nem, as ne did not believe ne exhibited any gendered fashion choices or physical characteristics, male or female. Still, the data seemed to support this hypothesis.

“Maybe,” ne answered, avoiding committing to anything specific. “Perhaps, if we survive our training. I hear it is a unique experience.”

Jack raised his glass. “I’ll see you around.”

Kivik nodded and left the cafe, heading towards the nearest turbolift.

Even for a scientist who had spent most of nir life studying social customs and relationships, and who had just spent four years in Starfleet academy amongst countless men and women, humans were still confusing.

Edited by Kivik
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Guest Mutantkeyboard

Kryn stepped through the doors into the arrivals lounge, he was finally here, Starbase 118. He stopped for a moment to take it all in before being ushered along by a number of other cadets coming through the doors behind him.

"Outta the way Samuels!" accompanied a strong nudge in the back almost knocking him to the ground. Kryn turned to see who it was that thought a decent "excuse me" would suffice, but he didn't need to. He looked up to see the enormous grin of Alexander. Alex joined the Academy on the same day as Kryn, they met in the queue, instantly hit it off and have been lucky enough to be placed together right through all four years of the initial education.

Kryn wished he was slightly bigger then Alex wouldn't be able to get away with shoving him like that, although there was no malice in it. Alex was clearly taller than Kryns modest height. Not quite making the six foot tall his Grandma used to promise he'd make. He can still hear her voice.

"My goodness, you're getting so big. You're going to be six foot tall, I guarantee it".

 "God, I miss her!" Kryn thought to himself before being jolted back to the here and now by Alex throwing his arm around Kryns neck and pulling him in close.

"We made it buddy, look at this place!"

Kryn took another moment to look around and noticed people, so many people. Starfleet uniforms, civilians and individuals of so many different species, some of which were 'alien' to an untraveled young man from Earth. Before joining the Academy, Kryn had never left Earth. He was born in a working class part of England. The sort of place that is far enough away from the richer capitals to almost be forgotten by politicians until they needed something from them. In this case, ships. The town where he grew up has a big shipbuilding history going back centuries with ships and submarines before evolving into building some of the first starships but mostly now builds smaller transports and shuttles. Both parents died in an accident in the ship yard when he was only young and he was raised by his Grandma until the age of 11. He then lost her to an aggressive illness and was placed in 'the system'. He bounced around from care home to foster family to care home, his education suffered, he had his fair share of scrapes with the law and one day when he found some of his friends starting to get into Narcotics he decided enough was enough. He wasn't going to live like that. So he headed to his nearest Starfleet recruitment centre. He was 19 then. He's allowed his dark brown hair to grow out a little bit, still keeping it neat but no longer looking like the "thug" his Grandma used to call him.

Kryn wrestled himself free from Alex's bear like grip, picked up his bag and took a deep breath.

"Four hours before we need to report Alex, should we get some food?"

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