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"Arrival at StarBase 118" (Introduce your character here!)

FltAdml. Wolf

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  • 3 weeks later...

"Temporary quarters are that way, Kay-det," the human Chief Petty Officer at the transporter  console explained, pointing to a map temporarily brought up on a nearby control interface, "And the holodeck where ya'll will be taking your final exam is just a couple of turns and turbo ride down. Anyway, all that is accessible on your PADD or from your quarters, or Heck, you can ask directions from anywhere on the base. Don't be shy."


"I appreciate your guidance, Chief," Cadet T'Gan replied somberly.


The Chief Petty Officer grinned broadly. "Well, good luck on your final exam. I'm sure you'll knock him dead." With that pronouncement, the Chief returned his attention back to his transporter controls, leaving T'Gan to make her way to her quarters.


If the dark skinned Vulcan noticed the glances she received as she made her way to her quarters, she didn't show it. Although it wasn't unknown for Vulcans to wear their hair long (T'Gan's dark hair was loosely braided and reached past the middle of her back), most Vulcans serving in Starfleet chose to wear their hair in a "bowl style." Of course, if those she passed had known that T'Gan answered to "Cadet O'Sullivan," or that she spoke with a hint of an accent reminiscent of an Irish brogue, she  might have garnered more than just a few glances.  But since T'Gan walked with the steady pace of "Vulcan purpose," she was quickly forgotten. The number of cadets who had reported to SB 118 for their final exam were so many, that one more cadet got lost in the parade. 


T'Gan quickly found her quarters and got settled in. Setting an alarm with the computer, she found an appropriate place to assume a meditative position.

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Guest Personal Record of R'rraww

Personal Record of R'rraww Hontrú 66756
Currently Marine Major in service to Starfleet

Rank: Marine Major (Lt Commander)
Species: Caitain
Callsign: Tiger
Weight: 90.5kg
Height: 1.98 meter
DOB: Stardate  [-4] 60235.6
Coloring: Dark fur - dark brown to black
Eyes: Golden
Hearing: Extraordinary
Sight: Low Light -20% of human baseline
Current Assignment: USS Mnemosyne NCC-99923

He is a dark coated Caitain from the mountain clan Hontrú. His family name means "Tip of the Claw". He served in the Cait militia before enlisting in Starfleet. He was a ground force Marine in the Dominion War and there he received a field promotion to Marine Capt. (equivalent to full Lt. in the fleet) for taking out a Jem Hadar gun emplacement (alone) that had his squad pinned down.

He doesn't drink alcohol, he doesn't do cat nip. He spends his off time with his canine "kit" or puppy, and his bonzi trees. He also paints landscapes from what he remembers from the mountain of Cait, where he grew up. He studies two forms of Caitain martial arts and one form of Vulcan martial arts. In spirituality he contemplates the workings of The Goddess. (Which is why he loves the name of his current ship, he sees it as a sign that he is doing the right thing in Starfleet.

He can see in the dark, hear high frequency sounds and he can literally smell his enemies. He can run for short periods at about 40km per hour. He can leap up to 6 meters at a stand still. He is as quite as a leaf on the wind and uses all his senses in combat. R'rraww takes pride in keeping his claws sharp as a dagger's edge and clean. He still doesn't understand why some species wear shoes. 

Although he can speak basic, he prefers to speak a dialect of his Homeworld knowing the translator will compensate. The Major also knows how to understand and write in Klingon his best friend and former CO is Kered Nella, (Captain of the USS Stephen Hawking) who has been known to be a part of clan Hontrú because of their blood bond. He doesn't lie, it's not culturally correct and his tail and smell would give that away. So you can count on his honest council.

Some of the more easily noticed body language cues included:
*Tail curling or looping – Laughter or Amusement
*Flicking of tail tip – Frustration or Annoyance
*Ears folding back rapidly – Astonishment or surprise
*Ears folding back and remaining back, widened eyes – Anger or fear
*Gripping own tail and wringing it – Extreme distress (this motion disturbs the balance badly)
*Quivering of ears and whiskers – Excitement and Anticipation
*Stiffening and straightening of tail, bristling of fur – Hostility or Anger
*Whiskers and tail drooping and remaining still – Sadness or Depression

((Real life speaking as player))
#R’rraww speaks with UT for the crew to hear and understand#
Ssspeaking with hiss Caitain accccent with elongated “S's, C's and Z soundssss 
*Movement and actions*

[Fortunately humans and many other species with poor olfactory senses can't detect a Caitain's pheromones which is another method of their communications, one that is much more intimate. This is one reason that Deltains work well with Caitains, they understand each other in subtitle ways that transcend the sexual behavior. It's because they understand pheromone communication. Female Deltains secret a ∞sensual pheromone that can  disturb some human males in an almost carnal manner.]


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  • FltAdml. Wolf changed the title to "Arrival at StarBase 118" (Introduce your character here!)
  • 1 month later...

Stepped off the shuttle pad and scowled as he looked around. It was obvious by the Ensign pip on his collar that he was a recent Academy Grad just like the wide eyed idiots who were milling around, staring dumbfound in slack jawed wonderment at the environment of their first duty station in the Fleet.

He was immediately discernible from his fellow graduates in that he had to be a good 20 years older than the oldest kid in the group. His jaw had a firm set to it and there was a dull, listless, hard sheen to his gaze. While yes, this man was a recent Academy Graduate, he was by no means new to the hardships and harshness of space. He shouldered his duffel, squared his shoulders and brushed briskly past the other butter bars. He needed a drink and maybe even a cigarette if he should be so lucky.

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  • 2 weeks later...

"The current time is 2118 hours." intoned the robotic voice, echoing through the shuttle.

"This shuttle will arrive at Starbase 118 at precisely 2120 hours, Stardate 239607.15."

Hathur gazed out the window. They were just entering orbit of the station, to prepare for docking: he could see the flashing red lights on the landing bay, inviting them down to finally land, inviting him to begin the adventure ahead.

He still couldn't believe that he had made it into Starfleet Academy, let alone graduated. Too many times, he questioned what he was even doing, whether his parents were right about the horrible things they had said about the Federation during his training. Even many of his teachers questioned his motivations. But, this was right. This had to be right.

Looking back at the window, he took in the Starbase itself. It was an almost otherworldly structure, seeming to rise out of the infinite, inky void that was space, like some kind of heavenly creation. "It's so beautiful." he muttered to himself, forgetting that he was even in a shuttlecraft.

"Hm." he heard somebody say, next to him. Right, he wasn't in space yet. "Oh, I'm sorry." he said, looking over to the person -- a Vulcan, Strol, he believed his name was, one of his classmates in Advanced Applications of Logic -- next to him.

"An apology was unnecessary. I was simply curious as to what, precisely, you find to be 'beautiful' in a standard Federation starbase." Strol spoke, one eyebrow perpetually raised.

"Well.. I suppose it's not so much the structure, but what it holds. From here begins the journey, for all of us in this shuttlecraft. I mean, who knows what's next for all of us?"

The Vulcan nodded. "Ah, I believe I understand. It is not the structure itself, but the emotional value and promise of it that you find beautiful. Highly peculiar, but, understandable for an emotional people such as yours."

But Hathur wasn't paying attention. Docking procedures were beginning, as the ship gently lowered itself into the port. One of the departing words with Professor Ledirs, his xeno-history teacher who was also assigned to Starbase 118 when he graduated, was to not look out the window of the shuttle during docking as it was known to perform some rather.. nauseating moves to align itself properly. Apparently, he had learned the hard way. But, despite the sage advice, Hathur found himself unable to look away. Besides, growing up terraforming, he was used to sharp changes in perspective.

It was all over far too soon. "Docking procedures have been successfully completed. Please wait for the shuttle to come to a complete stop." announced the computer, that same familiar, warm voice (based off of the legendary Starfleet doctor Admiral Chapel, as recognition of her achievements in biotechnology) that had accompanied him since the beginning. A far cry from the harsh, guttural voice of a Cardassian computer.

"The shuttle has come to a complete stop. Please proceed to Deck 14 for assignment of quarters. Welcome to Starbase 118." With this, the door at the side of the shuttle wooshed open. Standing up, he heard Strol begin to speak. "Well, Mr. Ev, may our.." There went that eyebrow, again. "journey.. be a fruitful one." Not allowing time for a response, he quickly disembarked, Hathur closely following him. He was eager to get on the ground as soon as possible in this new area, and he felt that following behind the rather socially uncaring Vulcan was the perfect opportunity to do so quickly.

Stepping out into the cavernous docking bay, he took in a busy scene. Officers of all kinds ran around, Operations people examining ships and punching PADDS, engineering staff looking into engines and carrying tools, and a host of other nervous cadets seemingly shuffling around. Hathur approached these, believing they could hold some kind of answer about where to go.

"Hey, do you guys know where the turbolift is? I need to find where they're assigning quarters."

"That's what we're all trying to figure out!" roared one of the cadets, a Klingon, at the front of the group.

"Please calm yourself, Cadet Jowlw'. We do not want to draw undue attention to ourselves." spoke Strol, walking up next to the group.

"I do not CARE about attention, I must find my quarters!"

Hathur stepped back, suspecting that this would go nowhere fast with how busy it was on the deck. Taking a look around the room, he saw a group of a few other cadets, entering what seemed to be a chamber of some sort. Ah, yes, a turbolift chamber! "Hey guys, it's over here!" he yelled, but it appeared that Strol and the Klingon were having a slight dispute. They didn't even take notice.

And so he went ahead and headed to the room, and, just as suspected, it was a turbolift, now empty. "Deck.." Suddenly, horror now creeping into his mind, he forgot what deck the computer had told him to go to. Four.. deck four, that was it! "Deck four." he spoke confidently. The computer, beeping obediently, ferried him up to Deck 4.

The turbolift opened to a grand promenade, stores dotting every corner of the area. Hathur took a moment, stepping out, to just observe everything. There was a flurry of activity occurring, and with it, a general hum of conversation, some in Federation Standard, some in Klingon, some in Vulcan, some in languages he could not even parse. There were stores all around, one run by fascinating aliens selling memorabilia from the Alpha Quadrant, one a Starfleet-sponsored store carrying tiny ship replicas, one a Ferengi bazaar -- you name it, it was there. Even at Starfleet Academy, there was not such incredible diversity. And, after he fended off a Klingon chef trying to convince him to come to his restaurant to hear his "beautiful" opera, he realized that it was all open to him to explore.

Although this was clearly not where quarters were assigned, Hathur yet again found himself unable to care.

This was it, this was the essence of the Federation. Infinite diversity in infinite combinations, as one of his old Vulcan teachers once said. And he was part of it now.

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  • 1 month later...

Stepping off the transport, Kano Risha reached and undid the clip on the back of her hair, her brown hair fell down to her shoulders as she shook her head. The station smelled much better than the transport, the fresh flowers she saw made her nose, and ridges twitch. She smiled slightly before letting out a stifled sneeze.

"I could with a nice shower." She muttered as she slid the PADD from the bag on her shoulder. She moved with the vibrant crowds of people moving through, her starfleet uniform set her apart from them but no one seemed to bat an eyelid as she passed. 

She checked the PADD in her hand, she had a good half day before she was due to report to the holodeck. Shed already memorized the layout to the starbase and knew the easiest ways to get around. 

She smiled, her grey eyes taking a blueish hue in the lights. She walked taking in the sights, but her always curious mind was taking notice, watching people, assessing them. 

She saw a group of starfleet officers sat around a table, enjoying some food, she could hear them laugh as they spoke and she knew right there and then. Nothing was going to stop her achieving her dreams. This. Right here was were the profits pointed towards and of course where she wanted to be.

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  • 3 weeks later...

((Starbase 118, Main Dome, San Francisco District, Shari’s Cafe))

The Inquiry

Raindrops fell onto the roof of Shari’s Cafe, bathing the intimate meeting place with a pleasant sound, as if a giant cat slept, just outside, purring. A woman as tall as a fashion model, Alastriona De Troyes, looked out a window. A single white dove sat by a fountain while little water droplets fell into the water. 

A cold breeze flew through the cafe. The door had opened. A man entered, wearing a tall black leather coat with the collar turned up. His white hair was cut short and he had piercing blue eyes. He cast his gaze around like a predator and noticed her sitting alone by the window. With a mocking smile on his face, he drifted over to her table. His words were gentle, but not kind. “Bonne après-midi.”

Her response was automatic, but without feeling, “Enchantée.”

The man spoke softly, “Thou from the first wast present, and with mighty wings outspread, dove-like satst brooding on the vast Abyss.”

“What in me is dark, illumine,” she whispered. “You’ve read Milton?”

The man nodded and took off his coat. He wore a Star Fleet uniform underneath with officer pips. He placed his jacket over a chair.“May I sit?”

Alastriona leaned back in her chair and looked out the window. Water dripped down the pane of glass. “Of course.”

Taking a seat, the man raised a hand and a pretty waitress came over. She was chewing bubble gum, which irritated Alastriona. “How can I help you two?”

“Lady’s first.”

Alastriona noticed that he was staring at her. Brushing a strand of long blonde hair out of her eyes, she turned to the waitress. “A cup of hot J’Sli, please.”

The waitress blew a bubble and popped it. “I’ve never heard of that drink.”

A shadow of a smile slipped into Alastriona’s face for a moment. “It’s a Pyelonian beverage. It’s in the database.”

The man didn’t take his eyes off Alastriona as he spoke. “Coffee, black.”

The waitress withdrew. A moment of silence stood between them. At last, she turned to look into his cold blue eyes. 

He had been waiting for her. “Your record states that you were once a Lieutenant on a starship. The U.S.S. Calhoun.”

Alastriona clasped her hands together on the table and nodded.

“What happened?”

“I was demoted, silly.”

“Yes, you were,” he grumbled. “Two times.”

Alastriona raised her eyebrows and let out a long sigh. “So now I’m an ensign.” She looked outside into the rain again. “Doesn’t matter. I’m an astrophysicist. I’m here to conduct research.”

“The first incident’s record was sealed.” He raised his eyebrows, waiting.

“It’s classified,” she stated.

The man crossed his arms. “That isn’t good enough for me, not if you want to continue with your little training cruise.”

Alastriona frowned and shook her head. "I can’t help you. Now if you had a security clear-"

He withdrew a miniature PADD and placed it on the table. "Computer, level ten security clearance. Omega nine alpha two alpha nine omega six. Fiery the angels fell."

The computer replied, "Level ten security clearance verified. "

Alastriona sat there, stunned.

A flash of lightning lit the sky outside, followed by rolling thunder. The rain came down, in torrents now. It was all artificial, of course, but the effect was real enough. All of the lights went out in the cafe for an instant. Everyone let out a collective, “Oooh!” and then the lights came back on. 

Alastriona smiled at the simulation and wondered for a moment at the genius of it all. She turned back to the officer and explained, “My sin was the crime of hesitation. The darkness in my soul had consumed me with hate.”

“That isn’t an answer.”

The waitress returned with their drinks, placed them down and departed. Alastriona took a sip of the spicy Pyelonian beverage, feeling warmth creep back into her chest. She admired the china cup for a moment. Little blue flowers went around the rim. At last, she told him. “I discovered an attempt to introduce a genetically advanced retrovirus into the Klingon population, which would have resulted in the extinction of their species, if it had succeeded.”

“You hesitated?” A frown had slipped into his face. “How so?”

“I didn’t report it,” she whispered. “For a small time, I wanted it to succeed.”

“The Klingons are our allies.”

“Not where I come from,” she mumbled.

“Where is that?”

She placed her hands around the rim of the cup, feeling warmth flow into her fingers. Spicy steam drifted in front of her face.“I’m from the French colonial world of Scylanthia. Its 151 light years from Sol in the Hyades star cluster, towards the constellation of Taurus, past Aldebaran.”

“If I let you continue, this will be your eighth assignment,” he said, “though I don’t understand why you’re repeating your training.”

Alastriona put her cup down. “I have suffered the effects of Einsteinian time dilation from an extended interstellar voyage on an alien starship.”


“As you measure time, I was born on March 12th, in the year 2253, a hundred and forty three years ago.” Alastriona smiled. “So, I’m over a hundred years out of date. I can barely run a tricorder.”

For the first time, he looked away. He took a sip of his coffee and put it down again.

Alastriona bit her lip.
~ He doesn’t believe me. They never do. ~
She continued, absentmindedly, “I suppose, chronologically, I’m143 years old. Biologically, I’m 29, by earth’s time standards, but on my world Scylanthia, where we measure time differently, I’m really 87.”

He raised his hand. “Enough.”

Alastriona raised her eyebrows. 

He stood up and put his long jacket back on. 

Alastriona held back a grin. 
~ He’s going outside into that torrential rain. I guess he doesn’t love me anymore.~
“What did I –”

“You can finish your training cruise.”

“Shall I explain further?”

He shook his head. “No.”
He flipped his jacket collar up and turned to leave. Then, hesitating a moment, turned back to face her. “What was the other demotion for?”

Alastriona winced. ~ I was hoping he wouldn’t ask about that. ~
“I killed the son of the Klingon ambassador while I was visiting earth. It was a fair fight, though it nearly started a –” 

He interrupted, “I thought you were going to say something like that.”
Though he didn’t have a hat on, he tipped his hand to his brow. “Adieu.”

As he went outside into the rain, Alastriona realized that he had never mentioned his name. She let out a long sigh. 
~ I suppose it isn’t important. He’s just another officer. ~

* * *

Alastriona De Troyes
Starbase 118

Edited by Alastriona De Troyes
Moved Shari's Cafe to San Francisco District
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  • 4 months later...

“Call me Jeriko”

Dr. Jeriko Eilari smiled as he looked out over Little Risa. Passers-by on one of the busy intersections leading back toward Mak'ala District looked at him in surprise, as he didn’t seem to be addressing anyone in particular. Nothing could have been further from the truth, although the Trill was not speaking to a who, but a what.

Stretching out in front of him was Freedom Beach, a pristine shore with a swell better than any he had seen in the last six years. He had a few hours before having to report to the holodeck for briefing, which would lead to assignment, which would lead off into the darkness of the galaxy. Exploring the unknown did not frighten the doctor: he’d rebelled against his family by not applying to the Symbiosis Commission and joined Strafleet Medical precisely to voyage into the stars. However, the stars had limited white water, and the peeling of holodeck waves never had the right feel.

Apart from his basic supplies, Jeriko had only brought his Risa Powerboard to StarBase 118, which he kicked into action as he reached the water. Some of the more veteran sun-bathers thought that the laughing surfer had the look of a young Benjamin Sisko about him, aside from the dreadlocks. They wondered what the future held for this young cadet, what thrills he had in front of him, and the friends he would love and lose along the way. 

Edited by Jeriko Eilari
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Hello Jeriko,

Welcome to the SB118 community. 
I enjoyed reading your introduction. So much information in a few paragraphs and still a pleasant read. Well done!
Hope you will enjoy your time here.

~ Romyana Casparian


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A human male in his mid-twenties who just stepped out of a random shuttle makes his way across the end of the gangway. A duffel bag over his shoulder and a wide smile on his face he meets the officer on the other side to finish his arrival.
“Tobias Steiger. Science Department. Fresh from the academy. I’m here for the Cadet Cruise.” A short but informational introduction. Moving into the commercial section, he runs a hand through his short brown hair in amazement. So much going on around here.

He takes a long and good look around the place, grinning to himself and figuring out what to do next. Before he needs to present himself at the holodeck, he’s free to explore the station and get used to the unfamiliar smell around here.
Taking that opportunity, he uses the last few hours walking around the sector. Writing down a few notes and generally get a feeling for the place. Setting himself up with a temporary accommodation.
With nothing but curiosity in mind and a bag over his shoulder, Steiger strolled along  – starting his own little adventure.

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  • 1 month later...

Hello Tobias,

Welcome to the SB118 community.
Your character introduction is like reading the start of an exiting sci-fi adventure novel. I can't wait to read the rest of the chapters!
(And lucky me, since you are now also stationed on Ops, my character gets to be in those chapters from time to time.) 

Happy simming!

~ Rebecca

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Josh Sutton is a human male, standing at 188cm tall and weighing 90kg, and was normally an impressive sight.  But today, amidst the hustle and bustle of the largest star base Josh had ever imagined, he was barely noticeable. He disembarked from the shuttle with his duffle slung over his shoulder along with several other newly graduated cadets.  Most of them were younger than him, since he had spent 6 years as a marine grunt before getting into the Academy. They each headed off in different directions.

Josh had done a good bit of growing up in his 6 years with the Corp.  Seeing more than he had ever expected to and living through things he was not sure he would at the time.  Most of the cadets thought of him as a dumb jarhead.  But some started to see he was more than that.  He managed to make good grades and even a few friends.  

He felt a twinge of loss and hoped that they were doing well with their cruise and that he would see them again before too much longer.  That made him think of the friend that he knew he would never see again.  He quickly pushed that thought to the back of his mind. He had planned on trying to find the Shaolin temple in the Honk Kong district.  But he was suddenly in the mood for a drink.  

The first place he saw, Granny’s Place, looked far too docile.  He needed a bit more rowdiness.  He soon spotted a suitable facility nearby, called Keal’s Pub.  “This looks like my kind of place,” he thought.  He really had a craving for his favorite, Johnny Walker Black Label, but he doubted they would have anything real - that he could afford anyway.  

Josh took a deep breath and headed into the pub.  He made note of the pool tables in the back for future reference, but the dart boards really caught his eye.  He could throw a pretty mean dagger.  How hard could darts be?  But first, a drink.
He sat down at the bar and put his duffle between his feet. The bartender came over and before Josh could order, she said with a smile, “You look like you could use a drink.  Whiskey?”.

Josh thought to himself as he nodded to the lady, “I’m really going to like it here.”

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  • 2 weeks later...

Gazing at the impressive expanse floating in a vacuum of space, Airik Tierney had to admit it was much bigger than he envisioned in his mind. Having primarily been a land-dweller, the cadet was less accustomed to starbases as he was to planetary stations. The awe still caught him each time he came upon one of the feats of scientific and engineering minds.

Cadet Tierney blinked with interruption by a glimpse of his face reflecting on the side panel of the transport’s vessels window. The image of his pale face and shocking white hair made him appear almost like a specter, old or ill. It was most common on the world of Deneb IV where his people, the Bandi, called home, but not as common in the broader communities of the Federation.

Unfortunate for most Bandi their species is most known because a small group of unscrupulous leaders held a space dwelling being under enslavement during the construction of the Federation’s Farpoint Station. The Bandi’s leader, Zorn, was particularly insensitive to the realities of his poor leadership. Groppler Zorn was impeached and a new government elected by the people of Deneb IV. Since then the planet gained entrance into the Federation. Farpoint Station was rebuilt using advanced technology with particular sensitivity to the impact of design on culture and life.

It was in his early childhood Airik felt an odd calling to help ease the emotional turbulence experienced by others. Living near Farpoint Station allowed him interactions with species from across the cosmos. With his Bandi’s inherent ability to sense the needs and emotions of others, he easily gained friendships with members of Starfleet. It greatly influenced his decision to join.

Prior to formal entrance into the Academy, Airik began training in psychology and psychiatry. This course of study followed him through his Academy training. In the end Airik settled on psychiatry with specialization in psychopharmacology. His scientific mind found interest in the interactions of substances – be they food, herbal, or pharmaceutical – on the human mind. Technically trained in the methods of talk therapy, he has introduced alternative methods of healing the mind beyond talk.

As the transport vessel docked and opened the hatch allowing passengers to disembark, Airik made his way onto the Starbase. He made attempts to learn what he could about the specifications prior to his arrival. The engineering feats employed in the construction were truly exceptional. The Starbase hosted a myriad of sub-communities connected via a large commercial sector. It was a large city itself and with that full of culture and opportunity.

It was all so new, so different and Airik caught himself wishing time moved faster.

-Cadet Airik Tierney

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Martin looked around as he got closer to the academy. He was nervous but keen to finally get started on this big adventure. Standing at around 6ft 4 with a slender but firm build he had traveled all the way from Australia for this moment.

As he walked he carefully studied the crowd around him, he could tell who the other “newbies” were they all had that wide open expression on their face that he probably had as well.

”Well Martin” he thought to himself “Straighten your back, look presentable and maintain calm... and hope and pray like anything that a helm position is available at the end of this”.

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As the shuttle stopped before the destination, Hayley stepped off the transport. A bustle of activity became apparent soon as she entered through the airlock. Several communications went off on several com-badges. Though, none were for her. Starbase 118 at the moment stood as a huge place for her. It made her feel tiny even if she wasn't by any standards small. She trained hard for this. The workouts she endured made her into the woman she wanted to be. Growing up off the beaches of the Scottish isles, Hayley enjoyed exploring and surfing. It molded her into a strong, athletic body. However, she kept her fiery personality.

Standing only five feet seven inches, the twenty something young girl stared at the crowd forming. Being bit of an introvert, Hayley shied away from the large group and followed a small line toward a window. Being the introvert had kept her cautious. She wasn't sure who she was supposed to meet or introduce herself. All she knew was she finished her classes and her next step was just a few doors away. Taking a moment to breathe, Hayley exhaled. If her father were here to see her, he'd be proud. 

Somewhere beyond the stars was a ship of her own choosing. For the moment, she'd take a smaller one for now. All the training she took at the academy had brought her up to this point. All her engineering skills checked. Her ability to learn fast in ship's operations kept her smart. Her agility and endurance by the academy kept her stabilized. All that was left to her was her first training in the real thing to begin her position in HCO which was a combination of Helm, Communications and Operations. All she had to do was wait for her instructor, whoever that would be.


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"I haven't seen Aadan arrive yet." said Molly, a fresh faced Starfleet graduate.  

"And who is Aadan?  Another crush of yours?" asked Luke, rolling his eyes as he carried his bags down the ramp off of the transport vessel.

"So what if he is?  You had your opportunity." Molly said, a hint of hurt and frustration in her false polite tone.  "Ah, there he is now.  They say he can read your mind before you even had a thought.”

Aadan made his way down the platform carrying one steel container which held his belongings.  He had short brown hair and the common black irises of a Betazoid.  He blushed slightly as he felt the thoughts of Molly but quickly regained his composure.  “We finally made it.  We are about to set out on the journey of a lifetime.” He said with a smile, and then furrowed his brow when he felt the jealousy coming from Luke.

Sometimes it was difficult being around humans, feeling their thoughts and seeing past the false words that many so commonly spoke.  But Aadan knew he was going to have to get used to hearing their thoughts and he also knew that he couldn’t be as open and honest with them at all times as he would have with other Betazoids back home.  Humans tended to not take unfiltered honesty like Betazoids did, but sometimes Aadan’s honesty just slipped out.

“I have no plans of being in a relationship, my full attention will be on being a great Starfleet officer.” He said, like that was a normal part of the conversation.

The other graduates looked at him confused, as if what he had said came out of nowhere, but he could feel the disappointment from Molly and the relief from Luke.

“It is almost time, we should head toward the holodeck.” Aadan said with a soft smile, trying to make up for his awkward social fo paux.

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Keeping himself from grinning from ear to ear was a supremely difficult affair for the sprightly-framed, lightly tanned Bajoran as he stepped off the transport onto the cool metal deck plates of his destination: Starbase 118, at long last! The beeping of the base's equipment, the ever-present bustle of the starbase's crew, soon-to-be crew and his fellow cadets, people of a veritable plethora of species just waiting to be met and talked to (preferrably over a good glass of spring wine.) It was every young explorer's dream - and he was living that dream here and now. Some lesser folk might have crumbled a little at the enormity of the realization that here, their life was about to change forever, but he was damned ready. 

First things first, though. Shouldering his cadet's travel bag, he reached with slender fingers into his right pocket, and out came a PADD with instructions as to where to go. First things first: quarters on the lower decks. Good. Golden time to settle in, stretch out a little, all six feet and two inches of spry muscle that he was, and probably annoy whichever unlucky sod had the fortune of being put with him by talking his ear off and remaining completely unruffled throughout at the other person's protests. Then, to the holodeck at 1900 for formal introductions. He was so looking forward to showing off his tracking skills and prowess with a phaser rifle to the rest of his fellow cadets. Maybe he'd challenge one of them to a target shootoff someday for fun, just harmless competition with no stakes. 

Ever the extrovert, he opted to join the larger stream of cadets heading into the starbase, smiling, talking and laughing to them whenever appropriate. Little bit of lightheartedness never failed to ease tension. One of his fellow cadets, a Bajoran woman by the name of Minna, however, looked utterly terrified - green eyes darted around at the people around her and the expansiveness of the hangar bay, pale-skinned hands clutching the straps of her bag like a lifeline. Every so often her hand reached up to her earring and twisted the crescent that hung from the end; a habit he himself had picked up whenever he felt nervous. 

"Hey there," He greeted in his usual level tone. "It's okay. We're all here for you, no need to be afraid..." 

"I'm scared. The place is so big and everything is so new and everyone is so new and I'm probably gonna screw up sometime and get sent home or blow up an EPS conduit or or or-" Yep, at this point she looked fit to burst into tears, the poor thing. 

"All is as the Prophets will," He said gently, laid a comforting hand on her shoulder for a second and a half, maybe, before pulling away. One wondered how exactly he stayed so relaxed in circumstances such as these. "They've got a plan for us, just you see! Work hard, give of yourself all that you can, and you'll be rewarded. Everything, including failure, happens for a reason." 

Her trembling calmed somewhat as she gave him a nod of confirmation. Seeing that, he chuckled and looked ahead as they stepped through the airlock, into the start of their new lives, he and all his fellow cadets. Their journey was just beginning. 


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R'Ariel waved at the transport pilot, as she stepped out into one of Starbase 118's many shuttle bays.  The trip from Starfleet Academy had been uneventful, but enjoyable.  The transport had brought more than a Cadet passenger fresh from the Academy who was (mostly) eager for her Cadet Cruise, but it had also included a young pilot, unsure of himself in his new marriage, and ended with a more confident, self-assured, slightly-counseled Pilot, who had enjoyed his unofficial session with R'Ariel during the trip.

"I know you will do great, look at all you have accomplished so far", R'Ariel remarked.

The pilot nodded, waved, and departed with the shuttle and a smile.  Truth be told, she was having some confidence doubts herself.  Counseling the newly married shuttle pilot had helped boost her own confidence (not that she had any experience being married, or likely ever would).  She had enjoyed the Academy, they were more accepting of her hybrid nature, than most prior-to-Academy experiences, and now the Academy was behind her.

R'Ariel looked at the Padd containing her orders, and realized how much time she actually had before reporting in.  With a few basic navigational inquiries of the station computer, she found her feet and made a mild-mannered entrance into one of the social establishments.

Taking a seat near a window, she deliberated on her choice of drink.  Would she go with one of her old favorites, or on such an occasion as this, try something new?

What can I get you Cadet? inquired a friendly, but tired waiter.

R'Ariel smiled at the waiter, seeing her own reflection in the window behind him, a reflection of herself disappointed in herself for not having decided just yet.

"Maybe you should get some milk, just be careful not to get it all over all that hair you have, you don't want to be a mess for your Cadet Cruise." the Deltan side of her reflection seemed to say, silently chiding at her half-Caitian heritage.

She closed her eyes, and shook her head, before opening them again, intent on replying to the waiter.  Her reflection had changed in the window this time.

"You wish getting milk on your fur was a problem, you don't even have a single wisp of hair or fur on your entire face" her Caitian heritage silently rebuffed.

R'Ariel looked up at the waiter, with an apologetic look.  She half wanted to ask the waiter if he agreed she was an ugly Deltan for having all that hair, or an ugly Caitian for having no hair on her face, or if perhaps, as she endeavored so arduously -if her meticulous attention to style, makeup, and the like, sufficiently covered her unappealing features...

"You know what they say about the psychiatric field... it starts with the person wearing your own shoes." R'Ariel quipped with a well rehearsed chuckle.

A confused waiter replied, "Which drink was that?"


-Cadet R'Ariel

Caitian/Deltan Hybrid

Academy Counseling Major

Edited by R'Ariel
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The young cadet stepped from the transporter onto the deck of the Starbase. His blue eyes looked around taking in everything he saw as his hand scratched at the dark start of a beard on his face. A rakish smile crossed his lips as he grabbed his bag and headed toward the promenade. Liam was excited to finally start his Cadet Cruse and to fly an actual Starship and it was visible in the way he walked and the smile still plastered to his face.


As he entered the main level of the Starbase he realized he had a few hours before he had to report in so he looked around for a place to eat. Spotting a small cafe with some seats outside he headed over.


Waitress: “Hello luv, oh well looks like another fresh new Starfleet Cadet, killing time before you leave luv?”


The robust human woman behind the counter smiled a warm motherly smile at Liam which of course made his smile grow.  


MacLeod: “ Ahh yes Ma’am I am and just thought I would grab a bite to eat.”


The woman smiled and winked at him.


Waitress: “Well well of course my luv, Mabel loves making sure you young cadets have a good meal before you head out. So tell me what I can make you?”


Liam knew what he was craving and was hoping Mabel knew how to make it.


MacLeod: “Well Mabel that sounds perfect and I was wondering if you could make me a bacon cheeseburger with some crunchy fresh french fries?”


This was one of his favorite meals and back at the academy there was a small place he would visit on late nights when he had to study that made the best Burger. 


Mabel: “ Well luv you have come to the right place, why don’t you go take a seat and I will bring it out to you shortly.”


Liam nodded and headed to a spot just outside the entrance. While he waited he reached in his bag and pulled out a book. The worn pages showed that this book had been read over and over again.

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It was too earlier in the morning, or whatever you want to call morning on that massive artificial-made environment. The whole starbase was much larger and well-defended than the district village where Jana was born thirty-five years ago, on Melthusians’ home planet. An astonishing achievement that could impress anybody who had dedicated itself to building something. And yet it was not perfect, it was not complete… and maybe it would never be. 


It is said that the Universe was designed to be like an unfinished masterpiece. Something that we have to care about,  to be constantly vigilant, otherwise the entropy prevails. The sages proclaim that the very intrinsic nature of the Universe is the unstoppable urge to move, transform, renew itself. 


And indeed that happened. During her first months on Earth, she learned about an ancient Roman myth that talked about a deity who shared some philosophical aspects with her ancestries. That being was considered responsible by the beginnings, transitions, time, duality, doorways, and endings. Funnily enough, he was called Janus and closely resembled Jana. It was a fascinating coincidence and her intuition perceived as if the Universe was approving her tenacity and boldness to enlist on Starfleet Academy. Until that moment she was not sure if it was the best option. 


Well, four years later Jana was arriving on Starbase 118 to start the final steps toward her graduation. Those had been difficult times, but plenty of uplift moments too. She made a couple of good friends and expanded her scientific knowledge even further. In the end, the long years had helped to ease her sorrow at the loss of two stillborn babies and to handle the intense grief of her divorce. The hope had returned to her heart.


But that morning she was worried about another thing as well. A gift for her mother. She was wandering by the promenade, trying to figure out what to buy. But so far nothing had come to mind which instead was busy recollecting the facts of her life until that moment. At the home planet, there was even a special section in her mother’s living room to display Janas’ collection of weird stuff. 


“Wait a minute”, she stopped walking with a smile spreading to her face. 


She suddenly figured out that the most bizarre thing at all she could bring back home would be a model of the first starship she was commissioned as a science officer for. Thrilling with the brilliant idea she decided that it was time to return to her quarters. She would have to rest and be well prepared for the next tasks ahead. 


Cadet Jana Zicv
Melthusian Female

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T'Suran stepped off the transport, looking down on the heads of the cadets in front of them. They fidgeted, adjusting their uniform, and pulling the strap of their bag higher up on their shoulder. They walked onward, moving aside to avoid blocking the doorway, then made their way to a group of cadets sitting around a table. As they slid into a seat and placed a covered hand on the shoulder of the Betazoid cadet beside them, the conversation stopped. 

“Nolli.” they greeted softly 

“T'Suran! Hi! These are Ukod, Rusee, Bolal, and Carjed.” She said as she gestured around the table. T'Suran nodded in acknowledgment, noting the Betazoid, Saurian, Andorian, and Trill men. 

She continued speaking “Boys this is T'Suran. They helped me graduate.” The men seemed unimpressed. “Vulcan?” Bolal grunted curiously. They inclined their head minutely. “Mostly. Greetings.” they refocused their attention on Nolli. “Shall we go sign in? You had requested I accompany you.” She jumped up and replied happily. “Yep! Let's go!” 

She seized their hand and hauled them off towards the sign-in booth. T'Suran found themselves grateful for the gloves they wore. As the two approached the table, T'Suran paused to take their PADD out and gestured for Nolli to do the same. 

“Thanks, T'Suran.” 

“It was not a problem.” 

They reached the table and moved handed their PADD to the officer seated behind. “Cadet T'Suran? Half-Vulcan? 5'10" and 24 years of age?” T'Suran nodded at each question. “Look at this Bill, another Doctor. We just had a Caitian Doctor come through.” 

T'Suran stood formally while the officer finished reading through their information, frequently making comments. “All right Doctor you're all set. Run and get some food or something, you have around three hours.” 

T'Suran acknowledged and thanked him before moving to where Nolli was waiting. “So you want to go to get some food?” “If you wish” they acquiesced.

The two moved towards the Turbolift, loading inside with several others. T'Suran observed that, despite the human majority, many of the rarer races could be found. They spotted a few who may be Vulcan judging by the pale skin and straight posture mirrored on their own body. 
As they stepped out into the commercial area they looked down at Nolli, noticing she was pulling on their sleeve. They tilted their head softly, asking what she wanted. 

"T'Suran? Can I braid your hair? It's so long and... Well, you know. It's blonde."

They smiled softly at the excitable girl. "Of course you may. Thank you Nolli." They closed their pale brown eyes. The girl was much kinder than others who pointed out the features that made them so clearly hybrid.

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