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"Arrival at StarBase 118" (Introduce your character here!)

FltAdml. Wolf

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Starbase 118

October 11

One Day before Training Begins

"It's a silly old Earth tradition. But... When on 892-IV, do as the Children of the Son do." Eulalia talked to herself (as she was often wont to do), looking at her reflection in the window of the shuttle. With a delicate touch of her hand, she patted down some stray hairs and felt pleased with the result.

Soon, she found herself stepping aboard the Starbase on Deck 30 in her new Halloween costume. It was no surprise that people looked at her strangely, being that she was now a large, furry creature instead of the diminutive Ullian young woman that people would have seen if it were not for the holiday season. This did not bother her too much, as she just would wave a large paw to show that she was friendly, sometimes bothering to grunt, then going on her merry way toward the turbolift that would take her up 2000 levels to her assigned quarters.

In the turbolift, one haughty humanoid woman scoffed and kept her distance near the door. It sure took a long time. Level 2042. Bing! But when Eulie had to pass her by to exit for her level, the woman would not budge and stuck her elbow in Creature-Eulie's side. As Eulie reached the turbolift door, she paused, turning back to face the woman and declared, "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful," in a gruff voice and then turned with a flourish to exit.

New graduate Eulalia yearned to learn more of the Terran culture, so she made sure to read up on all she could, meticulously marked each holiday on her calendar, and was determined to go along with whatever events and social gatherings she could find. Sometimes overeager, she did believe that the best way to learn it was full immersion, hopefully not offending anyone or embarrassing oneself in the process.

And this was the beginning of the Halloween season. Three weeks til the main event of All Hallow's Eve on October 31st, but the decorations were up, stores were stocked with merchandise and parties and events were already being held. A week ago she researched and learned about this so-called holiday:

Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition. It is thought to have originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honor all saints and martyrs; the holiday, All Saints’ Day, incorporated some of the traditions of Samhain. The evening before was known as All Hallows’ Eve and later Halloween. Over time, Halloween evolved into a secular, community-based event.

Just last week she went to the "Galaxy's Premier Halloween Event" at a movie-making studio. It was the scariest thing she had ever seen! Even walking in the roadways was terrifying, as each section had a theme of types of characters would mingle with the visitors, then get in their face or jump in their way, screaming obscenities until the visitor screamed and the character would move onto the next victim. She was only brave enough to venture into one "haunted house maze", surprised to make it out alive and vowing to never enter another one. After buying some warm churros and a bottle of blue Andorian Ale, she found an open air theatre with a movie showing of the old film, Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein. It was odd, but entertaining, and very humorous. So, she gathered from all of this that Terrans enjoyed being scared out of their wits and then laughing about it. Odd.


The room was cozy, but not very spacious. Immediately, she dropped her 2 rolling luggage and 3 tote bags, very carefully with the last one. Eulie hoped to have time to visit the commercial sector of the station, to see what kind of Halloween stuff they sold. She had no room to bring decorations with her, to spice up this plain room. But for now, it was late and she was tired. There was no map in the room and she wasn't sure where the training would be, but assumed someone would contact her in the morning. She did wonder, though, if they expected her to wear her costume. It would be hard to write words or type into her personal computer with these large furry paws.

Hopping out of one of the tote bags was her pet Teneebian Skunk, who had become accustomed to her scent well enough to not be confused by the costume. Taking off the head piece, she lay on the couch and snuggled her pet until they both fell into a peaceful lull.


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Character Name: Chris Estorian

Nickname / Alias: Chris

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 26

Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom

General Appearance: Stocky build, black short hair with blue eyes. Scars to both his right and left hand.

Height: 5’8

Weight: 156

The anticipation and anxiety of arriving at Starbase 118 was starting to build within the pit of Chris' stomach, the excitement of the unknown had always been a problem for Chris and with his journey coming nearer to an end he was finding hard to contain all the emotions that he had for this new journey within his life. With a massive crunch the doors slid open, a vast array of people were walking around undertaking there daily business, stopping briefly for a glance at the new blood arriving.

He started following the other new recruits, looking around taking in the sites and sounds of this new place he now would call home during his training. He remember his first day at the Academy and how anxious he was to be away from home and now he was even further away and all those anxieties were starting to come back to him.

A thousands thoughts running through his mind, would he cope? Would he be able to complete his role effectively? Would he be able to fit in to this new lifestyle?

These were questions he knew he wouldn't be able to answer until his training began. As they filed through the corridors and past the numerous restaurants and shops he couldn't quite believe what he was seeing, from being a boy in a small town that only had one shop to being on a Starbase that seemed to be inundated with them it was sending Chris into an absolute awe, until his concentration was broken by arriving at his check in desk to be allocated his accommodation.

As he signed all the relevant paperwork, he could only wonder what adventures would lie ahead for him.

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:: The Human male walked into the corridor. He stood 5'11 tall and looked to be in great physical shape. His beard was well groomed and his long black curly hair was tied back. He was dressed in a gold security cadet uniform and had starfleet issued luggage hanging off his right shoulder. In his left hand he was holding a PADD. He raised his left hand closer to his face in order to read what was displayed on the PADD.


By order of Starfleet Academy report to Starbase 118 for Cadet Cruise.......

Before he could continue to read on he was bumped from behind. The busy transport ship was full of activity and the unloading of passengers had begun.::

Bolian Male: Not the best place to stand, cadet.

Kalani: My apologies......

:: As James offered his apology the Bolian Male couldn't care less. He continued on at a fast pace looking to be in somewhat of a hurry. James walked to the side of the corridor letting people pass. His arrival at Starbase 118 was earlier than expected. Since he was not in any hurry he ventured forth at a slow pace.

People of all races flew past him as he slowly made his way to an available turbolift. James liked to people watch and would wonder to himself what some people were actually in a hurry for. Sometimes he would give people nicknames too.::

Kalani: oO The Bolting Bolian, Busy Bolian, Blue Bolian........ No they are already blue. Oo

:: A slight grin appeared on James's face as he was lost in his thoughts.::

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There was nothing special about the new cadet arriving on SB118. Another Vulcan in a 'sea' of Vulcans, one might say. The simulated lighting shone on pale skin that had a slight green tint at the cheekbones, the structure feminine, yet had an underlying strength to it. Her hair was kept in the familiar 'straight bang and slight pointed sideburn' style, but the back was not short. Instead it was long, halfway down her back, kept loose and laying down and over her shoulders. Her eyes were brown, and her ears had an almost 'fairy-like' curve and point to them.

She strode with a purpose, the small case in her right hand keeping close to her thigh. She wore no expression on her face, but her body language showed she wanted to be anyplace else than where she was at the moment. Her gaze flicked around the different screens and flashing signs, looking for one in particular. When she found it, her stride took her there.

There to the turbolift and her temporary quarters. She would wait there until they called her.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Nira slowly wiggled her toes in the damp sand, allowing it to fill in the gaps between them, drawing a slow and deep breath in anticipation of the gentle waves of the ocean. She closed her eyes as the sounds of the beach filled her ears, drowning her thoughts and anxiety. The space of a few seconds felt like hours, like time itself had stopped for a brief moment. She would miss the beaches.

The gentle wave quickly rushed over feet and ankles, before receding again into the endless sea in front of her, its energy slightly burying her feet onto the fine white sand. She could almost feel the tiny electrical impulses moving up through her nerves all the way from her toes into her brain, like an giant thunderstorm on a small scale.

It was on moments like these that she felt completely connected to her homeworld. It was like the planet, herself, and every other Deltan on it were joined in a single entity for a split second.

She stood there, eyes closed and feet half-buried on the sand for at least one hour, and perhaps two, until she felt the familiar presence approaching, from somewhere behind her. She had been feeling that presence for the better part of her life, and, in fact, she knew it so well that she could distinguish it faintly, even when it was halfway across the planet. It was Aliria.

Nira and Aliria had been best friends for as long as they both could remember. They had grown up across the street from each other, and while they both had formed many other connections over the years, none had been so strong, so unbreakable as what they shared with one another.

Nira smiled a split second before Aliria’s palm touched her shoulder.

“You’re going to sink into the sand if you stay here for a little longer”, Aliria said, her voice soft and low, but with a hint of the same smile that framed Nira’s face.

“I wish I could stay here forever”, Nira replied, turning around to face her friend and reaching for her hand.

“You can. Whether that will make you happy is another matter entirely.”

Nira had applied to join Starfleet of her own free will. She was just too curious to spend her whole life home, she used to say, but as her departure date for Earth approached, and the reality of roaming the skies in a spaceship with limited real contact with other Deltans sunk in, she almost regretted her decision.

“Don’t”, Aliria said as she felt Nira’s thoughts drifting towards what she was giving up on, “This is you. I remember when we were in school and you’d spend your vacations reading up on quantum mechanics and…what was that, again? The origin of time?”

“I just wonder if I’m making the right decision…I’m going to miss this place so much…You most of all”, Nira said, taking one step towards her friend. “I don’t want to drift apart from you…I don’t want to drift apart from home…I don’t want to be alone”

Nira could feel the tears making their way to her eyes, and she knew Aliria could feel them too. There was no need to hide them.

“You won’t be”, Aliria said, reaching up to her friend’s face with her hands, “Remember when you told me that whole thing about everything in the universe being connected? What was that again? Something about elements…”

“We’re all little pieces of the universe”, Nira replied, wrapping her arms around Aliria and holding her close.

“We’re all little pieces of the universe, yes”, Aliria repeated, running her hands gently through Nira’s hairless head. “How can you be alone if we’re all little pieces of the same thing, genius? I’m never leaving you…And you’re never leaving me.”



Nira stared out into darkness of space, her eyes focused on a distant dim star. No matter where she went, she always knew the way home. She had been to Delta IV a handful of times since she joined Starfleet, but she always felt like the loneliness of outer space was even worse than she feared. Deltans made up a tiny fraction of Starfleet, and now, more than ever, she understood why.

Part of her had always dreamed of roaming the stars. It had been said that there were two kinds of people, the ones who want to be astronomers, and the ones who wanted to be astronauts. The astronomers got to study the mysteries of the universe from the comfort of their laboratories, hardly ever farther than a shuttle ride home. The astronauts, however, weren’t content to just unravel the mysteries, they need to see them, feel them, touch them. Nira was definitely the latter, she had decided long ago. But that knowledge didn’t give her any comfort. Most days she missed home, on a good day she would find something to distract her from that, usually a problem, but on bad days…Well, on bad days she just wanted to steal the fastest shuttle she could find and plot a course home.

Not everything was sadness though. Surprisingly, even on the worst days she managed to find pleasure in the mundane things outside her home world. There was always a new dish to taste, a new sight to see, and that, while not making her feel any less homesick, almost made it up for all the loneliness.

Starbase 118 was a unique opportunity to explore new things. Food, smells, art and people from so many different places, all gathered in one station. The prospects of what she could experience in her two days before her final test began excited her. Perhaps because of that it was hard to keep a low profile in the station. Wherever she went, all eyes turned towards her, but that wasn’t new. She had become accustomed to that during her four years at the Academy. She turned away from the viewport and faced the promenade, ignoring all the glances and stares. Then, the thought struck her, so suddenly that it was almost like it wasn't her own. It felt more like someone else was sharing the thought with her. Nira couldn't hold it back, and thus she smiled widely. She was ready for it. She was ready for Starfleet.

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That was amazing, Nira! I really enjoyed reading it. I hope you enjoy training and simming as much - I look forward to seeing you on the other side! :-D

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Guest DinoKea (Atraz Grehnith)

Atraz Krehnith looked at the ship that had come in. He calmly walked onto the ship although he sensed it was odd for people. He was a Gorn and Gorns aren't often found in Starfleet. He was taller than a lot of the others but was short for his species. As the ship started to take off he had the replicator give him a big leg of some species. As his sharp teeth torn into the meat he ripped a chunk off, tossed it up and swallowed it. He did this again and again not worrying about getting the juices everywhere or catch the others attention. He wasn't good with people and was rather shy although he'd never admit.

When he arrived at the station he went straight to the holodeck hoping he'd make it into Starfleet.

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Augustus Aurelius took a deep breath, and let it out with a smile. He had come a long way since his childhood on Magna Roma, and he was excited to have finally have graduated the Academy. As he walked through StarBase 118, he mused on this new chapter in his life. The massive dome near the middle of the starbase structure loomed large before Aurelius' eyes. He was impressed that it had its own atmosphere, including clouds and an artificial sun. He had been warned to avoid "The Dungeon," which was located directly underneath the ground level of the Commercial Dome. This area was known to be rough, and the newcomer was advised to avoid some of its more unsavory establishments, unless he or she knew how to use their fists. Aurelius smiled to himself as he spotted a particularly dangerous looking "watering hole," and went inside for a drink. "Gods," he said as he looked around at the patrons of the underground bar. "I think I'm going to like this place."

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Guest ChuckEB

Azure stood in the airlock door. He looked around. Star Fleet construction was boring. Especially in star bases. He was pushed from behind as other passengers tried to board the station. He grunted as he moved to the left to let them go by.

The embankment area was full of people. A wave of excitement passed through him as he wondered how many he would be able to get to know before he was assigned. Subconsciously his left hand went up and touched the symbol on his head. The round ja'risia with it's upside down version of the letter Omega from the Human language Greek, with a line underneath it.

With a satisfied smile Azure walked up to the nearest computer and tapped the screen.

Cadet Azure Dawn checking in.”

Acknowledged,” the computer stated. “Azure Dawn, Cadet assigned Star Base 118 for advanced vocational training. Quarters not yet assigned.”

Azure moaned and walked down the cooridore with the others looking for a lounge to relax until quarters could be assigned. Maybe he'd meet someone nice to... relax with for a while.

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  • 3 weeks later...
Guest Ace Vik Sitak

Ace VIk Stak walked around, relieved that she had made it this far. There really wasn't much that she had hoped for in life but StarFleet was one thing she dreamed of.

She hoped that they would accept her in training.....She hoped that she could hold back her Klingon half and only show her Vulcan half......she hoped.... then again.. id hope really illogical?? She walked around taking in the sites with no emotion showing as she simply felt the weight lifted off of her.

She had a thought, what if she met more Vulcans?? She knew that she was a Vulcan in her mind. A Klingon in her will, and quite possibly human in her heart. What will the others think when she reveals the truth??

Just the average half Vulcan Klingon....oh wait....how does that work you may ask?? Well simply. Pon Farr came around and a Vulcan man mated with a Beautiful Klingon woman then left her after the mating season was over. As barbarically cruel as that was Ace thought it was logical.... but immoral.... were morals illogical?? All of these thoughts swirled around in her head as she walked. She was raised by Humans.... So what did this really make her??

The humans she was raised by where cruel.... they told her that she would never make it this far, especially at this age... what did this mean for her. It was time to head back so Ace snapped out of her silly illogical thoughts and focused on equations as she walked. Maybe she would learn...maybe...


Name: Ace Vik Sitak ((Ace is an equal gendered name. Vik and Sitak are both Female Vulcan names))

Reason why she has three names: The humans she was raised by taught her that it was proper and she picked her own names. Vulcan as she dreamed of being one hundered percent Vulcan. Ace has a personal meaning for her that she keeps secret however.

Eye Color: Deep blue. They Sparkle when she gets happy

Facial features: Usually a slight smile if any emotion at all. Some speculate that she has a Klingon forehead under her bangs but no one is sure.

Skin tone: pale pinkish like a White Humans skin. She has chronic blush so is constantly blushing bright green.

Hair: Short boy hair, Emo like bangs on her left but she is NOT emo.

Gender: A girl. she identifies 100% as a female though she dresses and acts more like a male.

Uniform: wears the Male uniform

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Edison Naquin felt the tell tale shake through the floor of the transport, followed promptly by the hiss of an airlock pressurizing. They were docked.

Quickly he grabbed his small case, roughly shoving the pad he’d been idly reading inside, and dodged his way through the passengers.

The transport was packed, commuters were wedged into it’s shaky interior like cattle, crammed between boxes of goods and crates of god knows what. Edison hoped to escape the ensuing stampede as the fatigued group alighted. He’d also seen a few other cadets stuffed awkwardly in the too small seats a few rows aft, and he sought to avoid them recognize him.

He was among the first few to breach, a wave of scurrying insects exploding from the tin-can transport like ants. The other Cadets were not far enough behind for his liking, but they stopped mid track and gaped openly at the expansive interior of the Star Base. It bellowed out like a planet before them, miles of decks stretching above and below, ships looking as tiny as grasshoppers and mosquitoes against it’s behemoth interior. Edison was too nervous to notice. The last thing he needed was one of his soon to be fellows recognizing him at the Hollodeck.

With eyes plastered just north of his clopping foot falls, Edison surged off in the direction of the nearest and largest crowd he could find, while the other Cadets stood dumbfounded, oblivious to the traffic jam forming behind them.

Soon enough he was in the middle of a teeming plaza, formed by a dizzying array of colorful shops. A mouth watering scent lofted on the temperate air and all manner of fashion styles swished past his vision. An overwhelming raucous of conversation made it hard to follow the train of ones inner thoughts.

This ebbing crowd all but assured his anonymity, a thought which allowed him to breath a might easier. His hands, however, were still clammy and he was all to aware of the sweat forming across his brow. Despite reassuring himself how ridiculous his internal mantra was, he could not shake the feeling his mother was somewhere among the shoppers. She was watching him, hunting him, he could just sense it.

Unable to quell the nightmare, Edison half paced, half ran to the nearest rail overlooking the docking bay. Dancing through the swelling hoard of people like a bulldozer, he more than once barged bodily into various individuals quietly shopping in the plaza’s square layout. Meek apologies slipped from his lips after every encounter. He felt exhausted and disoriented when he finally escaped the hoard, reached the rail and began scanning the enormous space which stretched out before it.

He just knew her hauler would be there, it’s sleek metal hull piercing rudely through the throng of space traffic. How could it not, when had luck ever favored his own plans and not hers.

Her ship was no where in sight, still he sat watching the vessels depart and arrive for some time, until his nerves eased a touch and his breathing returned to something akin to normal.

Even after many minutes had past, he could have sworn her forbidding figure would be brooding behind him when he gingerly turned from the rail. Nothing greeted him there but a crowd of strangers, all busily rubbernecking or consumed by their own errands and lives.

He slumped against the rail and tried to recall where he had last told his mother he was. The Lunar Colony? Or was he still claiming to be a load master on that wreck of an Andorian freighter? No, no he said he was piloting shuttles for that civilian outfit in the Vega Colony.

This had to stop, thinking about this was as sure as one way ticket to being cast out of Star Fleet for good. If these jitters did not abate, he’d be certain to make an utter fool of himself straight off the bat. He couldn’t afford that, he needed to distance himself from his failures at the academy, not re-create them here. He had a real shot this time, or at least he had to believe that.

What was required was a strong drink, something with kick, something to help his drastic addiction... Espresso. The Star Base was big enough, if he could find a bazaar he might even be able to get something brewed with real beans.

First he had to change. Being caught in civilian clothes was a great way to sign for his dishonorable discharge. Already he’d be scraping gunk out of filters on some rattly bucket of bolts, but for the grace of one kind-hearted professor at the academy.

“You should be booted out good and proper” The old codger had said. “But you’ve got...”

“Spunk?” Edison had offered helpfully.

“No, a delusional sense of imagination. You’d just be back next year and we’d be going through this all over again.”

“This is true.” It was not, Edison was so tired of Frisco, and the academy, and being the brunt of every joke. He would have taken the first space-fearing job he could if he’d been pulled from yet another department of training. Another year in classes, another year failing to retain the lists of procedures, the how-to’s and why-nots and what-if’s. Using his intellect had never been something he was good it, but he excelled at scraping by on the skin of his teeth.

“Time to let someone else deal with your particular eccentricities. I’m to old for it!” Fine parting words, Edison had thought.

He found a small bathroom and hastily tore off his plain tunic and grubby pants. Now he felt more certain his mother wasn’t here, he could be less worried about wearing a uniform. With little care he donned his now wrinkled cadet outfit, pinning his commbadge on crooked and his pip out of place. His brown hair was a complete disaster, being styled in the image of someone who had repeatedly shoved his hand through a force field, and there was a light smudge of something black on his ruddy cheek.

He gave himself a disapproving glare in the mirror. No matter how he focused, Edison could never straighten out his sheepish look, nor pull himself into that crisp appearance most other officers managed to retain. Sometimes he wished he was a shapeshifter instead of a plain old Terran. Then he could just will himself into the appropriate state.

“Right” He said to his reflection. “Stay below the radar, watch were you put your feet, pay attention to orders, save day dreaming for down time, Don’t think aloud, Don’t think in your head and forget to listen, say nothing at all if possible and above all else” He pointed sternly, looking deeply into his own light azure eyes, “DON’T PUSH ANY BUTTONS UNLESS YOU’RE CERTAIN OF THEIR FUNCTION ”.

Somewhere in his mind a niggling, self effacing, internal voice came swirling from the black. Stay below the radar, easy for you to say, your not 6 foot 4, bulky and cumbersome like a lumberjack who has the co-ordination of a jelly fish in a strong current. Also, if you want to go limiting yourself to the buttons you know, try remembering what procedures you are meant to have down to instinct by now.

Perhaps his inner ponderings were right? Edison sat staring at his image, wondering what impulse he’d followed when he joined Star Fleet to begin with. That reflection looked nothing like how it should, with slightly slumped shoulders and down cast gaze. There was no doubt he was a far-cry from the clean cut officers he had spent the last few years milling among. God, the thought of sitting through yet another lecture on the import of the prime directive, or being drilled on the significance of wiping away hand prints from the console, was enough to make him slip into a coma for good. And what his class mates got all teary eyed over just made him long for the clunks and rattles of those more bare boned vessels he was raised on. He’d take a slide rule over a tricorder any day, and that just was not the ‘Right Stuff’ for a Cadet. He shook away the swelling negative thoughts, he was Star Fleet recruit, and he’d worked [...]ed hard to be one.

Coffee... that’s what he was doing. He pried his sinking gaze from the mirror, shoved his civilian clothes in the nearest recycle drop and headed for the commercial sector. Coffee would fix everything.

Again, as he shuffled as inconspicuously as possible through the various corridors and turbo lifts, the unshakable presence of his mother haunted him. She would love this, seeing him all dressed up, with a polished pip choking of the air to his brain and a commbadge making all his decision. He could only imagine the tongue lashing, although he wished he wouldn’t.

Out of complete instinct, Edison ducked into a negligée store when a group of red-shirts came walking toward him. He idly thumbed soft fabrics, amid the stares of the various employees and customers, until they had past. It was not until he saw his own uniform in wall length mirror, that he remembered there was no need for that. More over, he’d better shake the urge if he was going to last on a ship full to bursting with uniforms like... like his.

He found a Bazaar, one which smelled sweetly of Turkish delights and roughly ground coffee beans. He ordered a strong black cup and gulped it down in one go, scolding the inside of his mouth and burning his tongue. He ordered another to help with the pain.

When it arrived, thanks to his innate sense of tardiness, Edison thought he best check the time.

“Perfect” he gasped when he saw how late the hour was. The shock of this realization tore his concentration from the loaded cup, a nice glop of coffee swooshed overboard, smearing over the front of his uniform. The steaming liquid seared against his chest, singing his light chest hair and staining the fabric.

To late to be concerned, Edison began a mad dash for the assigned meeting area, hoping with all might he would not get lost.

Rounding a corner, another group of officers were sitting at the table of what looked to be Klingon eatery. Old habits die hard, Edison twisted on his heels, tripped over his feet and fell to the ground with a thud; snagging the hem of his pants on a potted plant as he careened to the ground. The sound of tearing fabric nearly broke his heart. Seriously, you should just give in, head for the nearest hauler and beg for a ride to any place other than here. His internal critique offered as he eyes focused on the army of shoes he was now at eye level with.

A passing medic helped him back to his feet.

“You alright?” She inquired as she helped haul Edison’s unwieldy frame into an upright position.

“I think so.” He replied, unable to hide his addled state. “Trying to make it to the Cadet Briefing in time. First Day.”

The Medic looked over his crumpled clothes, with stains and tears and commbadge skewed. Amusement past over her fine features.

“Oh” She seemed bewildered. “Good Luck!”.

“Thanks” Edison said hurriedly, as he once more started his mad dash.

“CADET!” The Medics soft voice followed his flight, Edison turned again, careful this time not to trip over his own feet. A small smile had blossomed on her lips as she pointed in the opposite direction. “You’d want to be headed that way.” She said through a stifled giggle.

Edison sighed, then realizing he had no time to admonish himself, he began running through the throng of people, back the way he had come.

“Thanks” he shouted as the medic blue uniform flashed past.

As he fell into a rhythmic pace, dodging each obstacle as it presented itself, and weaving his way in what he hoped was the general direction he needed to be going, Edison found his mind wandering. This time it was not to thoughts of his mother at least, but rather to the next issue he would have to grapple with. And of course, what else could now consume him, but his crippling fear of hollodecks!

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  • 2 weeks later...

She tried so hard to remember what it was she was doing in that moment. Her head tilted back and forth as she stared down the assignment that her hands held onto with a vice-like grip. Her heart was hammering in the confines of her chest, and her dark hair fell in wisps around her face while sapphire hues peered out from beneath long lashes. Breathe, Katerine, breathe... At least, that's what she tried to tell herself. She'd been working towards this ever since arriving at the academy. She'd gone to school before the academy, just to ensure that she could actually put her skills to use in a place where they were needed. This was not the time for panicking... Was she really even panicking, though?

Yes, she was. She was in full-blown, panic mode. Wait, no... That definitely wasn't panic she was feeling and her hands certainly weren't quivering with fear. This was... This was excitement. Her vision slowly cleared and the dots and darkness ebbed away into nothingness. She was a logical, sensible woman who had been through the ringer on more than one occasion. This was something she could, most certainly, handle.

Certainly, she was only a mere human, but that didn't mean she was any less advanced than the rest of them. Tucking the electronic device away, she got up from her seat and decided to excuse herself for the time being. She needed air before she really did start to panic. Coming into the academy wasn't something she'd planned on initially but after careful consideration, she decided that she wanted to see as many galaxies as she could, as well as help as many people as she could. She wasn't claiming to be perfect. She knew there was a lot of room for improvement, and she wasn't afraid to admit it or try to improve upon herself. The urge to go to The Aquarium for a Bolian tonic water was swiftly becoming an urge she couldn't quite ignore.

After trying to fight the urge, she told herself that she'd go just for the fish. Ever since she was little, fish of all shapes and sizes had amused her to no end. In fact, for a time, she'd owned a few fish of her own. Her mother had been apalled by the mere ideology of it all and threatened to flush them around every corner if she didn't take care of them. Every time her mother had threatened to get rid of the fish, Katerina had only grinned in response. It'd been like a game between the two of them, one pretending to be a prude and the other, ignorant. She missed those days.

Ever since announcing she was going to be training to become part of a medical team on USS whatevertheyassignmeto, her mother had feared the worst. As a result, she'd distanced herself from her daughter, hoping that she'd flunk out of the program. She hadn't cut off contact but mentally and emotionally, Katerina might've well have been a stranger to her own mother. Now, she was about to undergo her Cadet Cruise. Of course, she knew she'd have to briefed first, and she'd also have to put up with total strangers for however long but everything, aside from that, was absolutely, postively perfect. Before she knew what the heck she was doing, she found herself ordering a drink. As if that wasn't bad enough, she'd fallen into old habits by making fishy faces at the fish.

It was highly unprofessional, and most of the people in there were looking at her like she was on something. Realizing what she was doing, she could only smile sheepishly. She hadn't been hurting anyone, had she? After quietly sipping her water in a distant corner, she prepped herself for the worst, watching the fish drift by. What if she somehow messed this up like she had a lot of other things? Her brow furrowed, and she found herself shaking her head. No, she could do this... It was in her blood, so to speak.

Before she realized it, the few hours she had to kill were gone. All she'd done was sit there, watch the fish and think about everything that had happened and was going to happen. Talk about time flying. Chuckling quietly to herself, she slowly got up from her perch and exited the establishment. She didn't waste any time, getting to the holodeck. She was many things, both good and bad, and punctual was somewhere at the top of her list. Now, the real test would begin.


Name: Katerine Hellsing

Nickname: Kate

Age: 26

Hair Color: Brunette

Eye Color: Blue

Height: 5′ 8″

Weight: 140 lbs.

Identifying Markings: A feather and the word “Free” on the back of her neck

OOC Note: I wrote this on no sleep, so I apologize for any errors and overall, I apologize for how terrible this is, haha...

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Her arrival on Starbase 118 was heralded by several 'lasts' - last off the shuttle, last through incoming processing, and last to procure quarters. She didn't mind at all. After fifteen years of training - first pre-med then medical school on Betazed, a three-year residency in San Francisco, and then the Academy, Zhaan had long ago learned to enjoy the moments. And this was certainly one to be savored.

She strolled along the Promenade, taking in the ebb and flow of the minds around her, adjusting to the base's own unique voice. A bolt of rich blue-green brocade caught her eye and she stopped for a moment, remembering the wise doctor in San Francisco who, during her first months of residency when she feared she'd lose her mind, had helped her learn to adjust to the din of the undisciplined minds around her. There had been a pair of wing-backed chairs in his office, upholstered in this exact shade, and she had sat in them, more than one night, fighting to subdue the cacaphony in her head.

But that had been seven years ago and now, she was much better at managing the daily ebb and flow of life among the non-telepathic. At 5'5" and 119 pounds, she wasn't by any means physically imposing and her kind, compassionate nature radiated both in the merry sparkle of her black eyes and through her body language which was generally open and relaxed. Her dark hair, typically straight unless she found the time to do something with it, hung to just belong her shoulders and framed a face that had been called lovely by some and kind by others. People sometimes underestimated her, seeing only the gentle Betazoid and completely missing the sharply perceptive intellect.

She continued her walk, moving at a leisurely pace, as she searched for somewhere to eat. Not that she had any problem with replicated food. She was a doctor and that meant she could eat just about anything and when there wasn't time to eat, could exist for many hours on Raktajino alone. No, it was more that she enjoyed the slow pace of eating a meal that someone prepared by hand. It was a treat. Something to be savored in these last hours before the next test, the next hurdle to be jumped on the way to her first goal.

She had wrestled in her mind with the decision. She could work out, as a long-time practitioner of Tassa'Akai, she got a lot more out of the training than just physical exertion. She could reach out to her parents back on Betazed. She could go through the most recent medical journals on her padd. There were many reasonable, needful things she could do but in the end, she chose to spend these moments in quiet. Just eating.

She found a place with seating on the Promenade and sat down. The waittress came over at once and Zhaan waved away the menu. "Just bring me your house specialty," she said and then added, "and a cup of Raktajino."

The waittress nodded and headed back to the kitchen. Zhaan turned her chair so that she could watch the passersby. She was dressed in her Starfleet uniform, Comm Badge in place and her Akai tucked inside her jacket; truth was, she felt naked without a medical tricorder and a data padd near at hand. Because that had been her life. Studying, training, practicing medicine. Getting ready for the great adventure. She put all of that aside and focused instead on the moment, on all the colorful aspects of life surrounding her.

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Guest LtMcFadden

Bailey looked out of the shuttle's viewport by his seat. The star base loomed large and mysterious as the craft made its final approach, and then came to rest in a berth. 'Last year of Academy,' he thought fleetingly as he joined the other cadets on the flight deck. He saw Rebus, a Denebian, and waved. The two had become acquainted over the course of their time, and something about Rebus always made him smile inwardly.

"What do you think of the base?" Rebus queried as the Denebian made his way over to stand beside him.

"We will talk later, Bailey," Rebus pointed ahead of them. "Looks like the tour's begun."

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Carter Hall looked out the window of Starbase 118, and stared at Earth, a place he wouldn't visit for a long time, perhaps never(some Starfleet members never returned to Earth, either dying in the line of duty, or chose to retire to an alien or colony world). Carter pulled out a photograph of his late girlfriend, Jade, and their daughter, Naomi. "Naomi.," Carter thought. "I'll come back... some day." He turned around and made his way out of the hanger with all the other cadets. He stopped when he realized people were starring. How could they not? He had a reputation that wouldn't go away. In his first year at the academy he'd been a bit of a trouble maker, getting in fights, correcting teachers, he was bullied a lot and didn't have any friends. At least, until he met Jade. The start of second year was a bad as the first, he'd been beat to a pulp and thrown in a ditch. Jade was the one who fished him out and patched him up, and that was no easy task. Carter was 6' 1" and 320 lbs(330 now), and she was tiny, 4 ft. barely a hundred pounds. That was one of the things others said was a reason they didn't belong to together. Other things included: Carter was a Security/Engineering Major(he hadn't decided one over the other yet) and Jade was a Medical Major, Carter was very anti-social and Jade was super outgoing. But even those things couldn't stop love. They had Naomi mid-third year during holiday break. It was the best moment of their lives. Then, Carter remembered, the accident. Late 4th year, when Jade took Naomi to visit her grandparents, a drunk driver hit their car head on, and only Naomi survived. Naomi then went to live with Jade's parents in Texas while Carter finished his time at Starfleet Academy. Carter shook the memories from his head and continued walking down the hall to his quarters.

Edited by Carter Hall
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Guest Jaxton Vee
Jaxton smiled innocently at the security officer as he sat across from the desk examining a manifest. The Officer was a tall Terran, a little over six foot. He was doing his best to make a chair a little too small for his frame look comfortable. Jaxton had been introduced to him as Ensign Vance.

" Mr. Vee. It says here that upon arrival you declared to our customs officer three strips of counterfeit gold pressed latinum" His voice was deep and full of hidden accusations.

"Dr. Vee" Jaxton corrected out of habit. It was an easy gaff for anyone not familiar with Jaxton to make. He was so use to the display of disrespect. It only annoyed him that he would have to explain his situation yet again to another stranger.

Ensign Vance's hazel eyes widened slightly as he rocked back in his chair. He was obviously stalling, giving himself time to re-examine his first impressions of Jaxton. Jaxton knew what he was seeing. Jaxton only stood five foot nine. The seventeen year old face of a boy leaving puberty. His ice blue eyes still full of wonder from the academy accented with pale white skin and short black hair losely brushed. He was sure the security officer did not believe him.

"You have not looked at my personnel file yet have you?" Jaxton sighed shaking his head this time allowing his annoyance to show slightly. "I am young for my species but El-Aurians do not show their true age well" He let that sink in for a moment."I received the strips of latinum as payment for services rendered during my transport here. I immediately recognized them as counterfeit but it would of been rude to point that out at the time."

"What services where those Doctor", Vance's eyes narrowed slightly. He was a suspicious sort Jaxton surmised.

"That is between me and my patient." he countered. Jaxton did not know why he was being so obstinant. Something annoyed him with the situation and he was having difficulty 'listening' to this particular human. "let us just say i gave a Farengi some free advice he would not follow up on unless he believed he had purchased quality services. To a Farengi free advice from strangers is as suspect as criminals knocking at your door" A lesson he had learned from his first year room mate at the Academy.

"He offered you three strips?" Vance asked

"Actually he offered me one strip. I haggled him up to three." Jaxton stated. "I might have given him the impression that his situation was dire."

a slight grin crossed the officers face as he took it all in. "Was it.. dire?" his curiosity peaked.

"only if untreated." Jaxton explained. "especially if his girlfriends find out about it" He added under his breath.

The security officer placed the manifest down on the table. His fingers straightening it out as he thought about his next course of action. Or, perhaps to suppress a grin. Jaxton might of made his last statement loud enough for him to hear. it was unclear to the El-Aurian.

"Thank you Doctor Vee for you're time. We will of course detain the counterfeit latinum and dispose of it properly. All you're other belongings will be delivered to you're quarters. Welcome to Starbase 118" He stood and held out a hand to officially welcome Jaxton to the base.


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 Area: main promenade - docking area: USS Bremen to Starbase 118.

Stepping out of the airlock that linked his transport, the Oberth class USS Bremen, with the Starbase 118, Han looked with awe at the large assembly hall bustling with life as Starfleet personnel, civilians and visitors went about their business. The bustling activity and noises almost overwhelmed him as he ran his hand true his short black hair trying to take it all in.

Been born in a small rural village on Septum IV, a quiet and peaceful agricultural planetthe cultural shock after being accepted at Starfleet Academy was already overwhelming but this took the cake. 

"Next!" The brisk voice of the security officer holding a PADD at the airlock exit said. Startled he quickly step forward only to fall down, face first, down to the ground as he tripped over the slight height difference between the airlock exit and floor.

One moment you are looking at your new posting, the new experiences and adventures that were bound to appear... and then you find yourself on the floor. 

Great start of your cruise cadet Han Yamaki thought nervously, the stinging feeling of the new bruise forming on his forehead making him feel even more nervous. Stumbling up he rubbed his forehead before taking a dazed look around to see where his luggage had landedWith a sigh of relief he noticed that the contents of his bags were not scattered all over the place. Picking up his bags he looked at the patiently waiting security officer, a large Bolian man with a friendly look.  

“Welcome to Starbase 118”He said with an encouraging grin.

Grateful he was not being made fun of Han stood at attention. “Cadet Han Yamaki reporting for duty, sir.” The Bolion security officer briefly checked his padd and made some notes before adding. “It seems you are to report at holodeck 3... good luck!”


"Thanks sir!"

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Stepping off the transport, Amuro check his padd for any updates. He was supposed to report in for training. Scrolling through the list of things to do, names of people to report to, etc. He looked up to behold the base from the nearby window.

"Big station." He said to himself, then pulling up a map of the area to see where he needs to go. "But first, lunch."

He changed course to the nearest restaurant to grab a bite to eat before starting his training op.

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Paul frowned. In his rush to be early for the transport's departure he'd forgotten arrival would be two hours before briefing. The base was brimming with tiring activity, he observed. He quickly fell into step - and, he hoped, anonymity - with the endless motion of persons.

He missed India's crowds. India never 'brimmed', he thought. It thronged. It crawled, swarmed. Starfleet, instead, has this practiced, antiseptic, exuberant ... brimming. After four years at the Academy, he felt too old for this.

Yet Paul Scudder was clearly only a fresh from the Academy twenty-something Terran. It was true that Paul's dark hair combined with his pointed ears misled some - the ears a vestige of Vulcan blood two generations back - but Paul's perpetually pensive expression was so easily a sad pensive that one could dismiss the ears. Paul Scudder was a moody human.

As Paul found himself making eye contact with fast-passing officers - and maybe other cadets? - he reminded himself he may see these faces again in training. Or even on assignment. He forced a smile and made his way to the commercial district where he was sure he could find a bar to hole-up in.

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  • 3 weeks later...

(Starbase 118 - Docking area))

It wasn´t like the young man stood out in the crowd. He was just another young face in a Starfleet uniform. Another human might have noticed the two large antique leather suitcases with straps and buckles that he carried around but on most other species such historic details were mostly lost.

"Take that stinkin´ rod out of my face! Now!"

So there was something special about the young man, a corn cob pipe as antiqued as his suitcases hung from the corner of his mouth. Apparently the fresh smell of burning menthol and herbs did not sit well with a big hairy Klingon who pushed his way through the crowd.

"Oh, I´m sorry sir."

Cadet Lincoln Calder stepped aside, inevitably bumping right into another pedestrian here in the densely packed corridors of Starbase 118s docking area. The red-faced humanoid growled something Lincoln could not understand but it did not sound friendly.

The place was bustling with life every square meter of it and everyone was busy - too busy to have any time or patience with a snot-nosed Starfleet cadet.

A snot-nosed doctor actually. That meant much more to Lincoln than being called a cadet even if it was a cadet in perhaps the most prestigious organization humans had ever participated in.

With ink barely dry on his medical diploma Lincoln was here for Starfleet´s final examination. After that...

Ad Astra Lincoln Calder...



NAME: Lincoln Calder



DATE OF BIRTH: 236605.15

AGE: 26

PLACE OF BIRTH: Murfreesboro Tennessee, USA, Terra


HEIGHT: 5'10


HAIR STYLE: Short, light brown, already slightly thinning despite his youth



BIRTHMARKS, SCARS: two parallel scars on left forearm from a harvester.

BUILD: light to average

FACE: clean shaven


Hobbies & Pastimes

* Folk Medicine and Herbs

* Reading (Mark Twain and Medical Journals)

* Corn Cob pipes


* Strengths

o adept with "primitive" medicine and living conditions

o farm boy

o animal handling


* Flaws

o Inexperienced and a bit timid outside of his job

o Young head full of ideas about adventure and honor

o crush for (beautiful) Vulcan


CURRENT ASSIGNMENT: SB 118 Cadet Graduation Exercise

By all accounts Lincoln Calder should have become a farmer. For four-hundred years his family had harvested anything from tobacco over corn to grapes and vegetables in Tennessee. For the first fifteen years of his life it looked like Lincoln would follow the family tradition just like his older brother Grant.

Fate took a turn when the family pooch Chuck got caught with his hind leg in an automated harvester. Lincoln managed to free the dog not without cutting himself too and Chuck´s leg was one bloody mess. Lincoln wanted to call a vet when Hawk stepped in. hawk was a farmhand well in his eighties and still working. Lincoln watched in fascination how Hawk stopped the bleeding and bandaged Chuck´s leg using just a piece of wood, his shirt and herbs he always carried around.

The young Lincoln talked to the old man now much more than he ever had. Hawk was a Cherokee, some of his forebears had been medicine men, healers of body and soul and he had retained some of the old knowledge that had been around before starships and transporters and even before wooden ships.

Lincoln leaned from him and made up his mind. He would not be running the farm later. Instead he went to Medical College and then he reached for the stars - for real.




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  • 4 weeks later...

Lera allowed herself a small smile as she stepped off the transporter padd. For her this was like a dream that was finally coming true. Ever since she was a little girl she wanted to be among the stars, exploring strange new worlds and going where no one has gone before. Perhaps her human grandmother had to much influence on the young girl's mind, at least that's what her mother thought. But she enjoyed listening to her stories, they were fun and gave her more fulfillment than her Vulcan studies ever had.

While she was a Vulcan, she wasn't nearly as beholden to cold reason. She believed in logic, but it didn't dominate her every waking moment. Along with her were the other equally wide eyed cadets, all appeared to be various degrees of nervous. In truth so was she, but like most Vulcans she didn't let it show. Putting on her best serene Vulcan face she quietly listen to the Lieutenant who was coordinating the gaggle of cadets. 

"Alright does everyone have their ID's?" The Lieutenant asked looking around to study the cadets.

"Yes sir," said the cadets in unison.

After checking over everyone's identification, the young woman smiled. "Okay looks like everything is in order. Follow me and I'll help you get used to this place. Welcome to Starbase 118."

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Stardate 239304.04

Aartemus Vadan closed his eyes, and prepared to die with a smile on his face.
Things had been so simple, he thought, all those years ago, before he learned about star travel. Before star charts and politics and wars. Before the Borg. And before transporter technology.
"Energize," he said to the young technician, who stood ready to disintegrate Vadan's body, digitize it, and re-assemble it hundreds of kilometers away. Vadan thought that the Petty Officer at the transporter controls looked barely old enough to shave. Vadan reminded himself that Star Fleet took only the best and brightest, and that this starry-eyed adolescent technician was probably the smartest person in whatever one-shuttle mining colony he hailed from. The young technician manipulated the controls, and Vadan felt a pleasant tingle as his body was destroyed.
Cadet Vadan had been 'beamed' hundreds of times in his very long lifetime. Each time he had been transported, he had been re-assembled perfectly; not one dark-brown hair out of place, every neuron-chain preserved, every cell replicated with perfect precision.
And yet, Vadan could not shake the belief that the person that emerged onto the platform at Starbase 118 was not the man he had once been. Every time he used the transporter, he felt re-born, seeing the universe with new eyes in the most literal sense.
And Vadan's eyes had seen wonders. He had been born centuries prior, at a time when humanity was still exploring their own planet in wooden ships. On the El-Aurian homeworld, he had been a simple farmer; an artisan, a poet, a husband, a father. He had lived a quiet, bucolic life for countless years, spinning stories for his grand-children, and sitting on his rocking chair, quietly smoking his pipe, looking up at the stars and wondering who else might live up there.

Then the Borg had come. Like a hurricane, they scattered his people to the winds. Fleeing the oncoming storm, Vadan's damaged escape vessel had been rescued by a Vulcan freighter, and as he was transported for the first time, the old man he had been passed quietly away, and a new man had been born.

Many years, and many transports later, Vadan found himself once again re-imagined as a Starfleet Officer, his blue eyes twinkling, as eager and enthusiastic as the day he first looked up at the stars with awe and wonder. He stepped down from the transporter pad with a smile, ready to begin his new life.

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