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"Arrival at StarBase 118" (Introduce your character here!)

FltAdml. Wolf

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Dorsorak strolls out of the transport ship taking his first steps onto StarBase 118 where he will receive further orders for the next step in his Star Fleet career. Being a Vulcan means that he has been trained from a young age to suppress his emotions. The blank stare on his face makes it evident that it has worked. He is excited but refuses to give in to any emotions he feels. Dorsorak is about 6’3” and weighs 210 lbs. He is strong like most Vulcans with pointy ears and green blue eyes.

He catches himself staring at the simulated sun and clouds on the ceiling of the star base and shakes his head to refocus on the job at hand. I must get to the holodeck, he thinks to himself. Even though he is running 15 minutes early, Dorsorak wants to be there early to relax before things get started. He doesn't like to rush and likes to keep his mind unclouded as he goes about his day. Being ahead of schedule helps think things through so that there is a buffer for error.

With all the planning Dorsorak does he is not positive of what the future holds but he knows it is bright. Standing here on StarBase 118 the possibilities are endless. Where will he go? What ship will he end up on? Only time will tell.

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Rustyy Hael wasn't anything impressive to look at, even for a Human. He stood at 5'5" but had broad shoulders and large forearms. No one knew how built he was because he always wore long sleeves to cover his tattoo on his inner arm. Rustyy was clean cut though, his hair shaved on the sides and across the back. His hair on top was thick brown and combed to one side, made it easy to get ready in the morning.

Rustyy was one of seven kids born and raised in old Americas Alaska. He was the oldest one sent out to make a good example for the rest. Not likely though, Rustyy was a problem child, always getting into fights at school. Rustyy was 17 looking at some serious trouble with the law when a local recruiter found him. Gave him a chance of a life time to not see time.

Now here he was, four years later,22 years old, he as far from home as he never wanted to be. About to transport over to his new temporary home till he was a signed to a long term assignment. Rusty hated transporters, and hated large groups. Yet he liked action and being in the middle of a fight.

*The choices I make...* Rustyy thought as transporter took him away. Next thing he knew he was standing on the transporter pad of the Star base. A portly man stood at the console, the kind of man that doesn't like to move around to much.

Rustyy picked up his old american military duffle bag and slung it over his shoulder. The man behind the console gave Rustyy a dirty look dripping with judgment. Rustyy grunted and rolled his eyes.

"Hey," Rustyy said getting the mans attention "What level are the training quarters?"

The man looked Rustyy up and down, shaking his head, "Level four section three."

Rustyy nodded and walked out into the corridor. He had to step back a bit when a group of ensons walked past talking loudly. *To many people already, this is going to be rough.*

He turned down the corridor towards the nearest turbo lift, avoiding as many people as possible. When we made it to the door he reached out to press the button, and nothing happened. *Really? Come on!* He pressed the button a few more times before kicking the door in defeat.

"Uuuuuhg!" Rustyy groaned out, "You have got to be kidding me." He dropped his bag at his side as a Lt. walked up on him.

"Are you lost, cadet?" asked Vulcan female.

"Nope, just standing here like an idiot. Question does this lift work?" he asked with his head tilted back and side looking at her.

She gave him a blank stair, "No it is in process of being repaired."

Rustyy nodded as he threw his bag over his shoulder, "You know, there's nothing wrong with using signs. Not everyone knows what's going on."

The Vulcan female gave him a long look before turning on her heel and walking off.

Rustyy grunted as he pinched his lips together in annoyance. But he trudged onward down a ways to the next turbo lift. He pressed its button, it opened immediately. *Thank goodness!* Inside the lift there where two Tellerites and another Vulcan. Rustyy grunted once again in defeat, squeezing in next to the Vulcan. *At least he won't start talking to me.* Rustyy kept his head down, listening to the conversation taking place inside the lift. The Tellerites were engineers, they were discussing the work needing done on three of the turbolifts. Rustyy sighed.

The lift came to a stop on level four. The Tellerites got off first, now in an argument over where to start and insulting each other. *How do they get anything done?!?* Rustyy shook his head as he disembarked the lift, leaving the Vulcan alone.

Rustyy looked around at the intersection, trying to decide which way to go. There were lots of people to the left and straight ahead, and he didn't want to interact with any of them this early upon arrival. So he turned right, and he got lucky. He walked past the next intersection to see 'SECTION THREE' on the wall. Two doors later and he was at his quarters. *About freaking time.* Rustyy had yet to successively deal with large groups while at the academe. At least there he could go off to the small local bars and blow off steam, here he wouldn't have such luxury.

Rustyy entered his room and tossed his bag onto the floor next to the bed. He flopped onto the bed on his back, boots still on. He threw his arm over his face, unsure if he was just going to lay there or sleep. Minutes pasted by in utter silence. Suddenly, Rustyy sat up propping himself up on his hands. *Stations have bars, bars has booze. Booze puts me in good mood.* He jumped up, walking into the washroom to check his appearance. Looking into the mirror he saw his hair was slightly disheveled but he shrugged it off. *Good enough.*

Rustyy went out of his room and went back down to the working turbo lift, heading towards ten forward.

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The doors opened to allow a young woman in her early twenties to exit the bay; she looked around, her blue eyes scanning the area. Her bleached blond hair pulled back in a braid; she had a good tan showing that she had gotten a lot of sun. She walked over and sat in a chair so that she wouldn't be blocking the door; she continued to scan her surroundings.

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Guest Dorian Grand

Dorian moved at an even pace through the corridors of StarBase 118, his rucksack slung expertly over his shoulder as he headed towards his birth. Although outwardly cool and disconnected from the throng of sentients around him inside Dorian was nearing an anxiety attack. People, of any race, made him uncomfortable but crowds sent him into a near panic. Neuro treatments had offered very marginal relief to his social anxiety, but through discipline and an attitude of detachment he had been able to function well enough to make it through the academy. Between the stresses of graduation and the assignment to his first duty station however Dorian felt completely spent. Getting away from this crowd to the isolation of his birth was all he could think about. He still had several hours before his briefing on the holodeck and he desperately needed that time to pull himself together.

Finally Dorian reached his birth, and as the door slid shut behind him he tossed his rucksack on the small bench that doubled as a bed and flopped down next to it. For the first time in days he was able to experience silence and he closed his eyes for a long time to simply enjoy this temporary respite. Unfortunately the ease was only temporary and soon Dorian felt the familiar anxiety return to clamp down deeply in his chest.

Opening his rucksack Dorian tried to occupy his mind by putting away his uniforms, clothing and few personal items. The last item he removed was a holo picture taken several months earlier at an amusement park of 4 young women grinning triumphantly. The only one that interested him was the girl on the end however. Tarel was one of his best friends at the academy, but that was always the problem. Being friends meant that his feelings for her would never be returned. Dorian chided himself for keeping the picture now that she had joined with another, but he couldn’t quite find the will to dispose of it. In the holo pic she wore her long Bajoran robes and that reminded him of the day they had first met. She was one of the few people at the academy that could break him out of his protective shell. Dorian decided to place the holo pic back into his rucksack. He did not want to deal with those memories now.

Instead Dorian did what he did best. He practiced being a soldier; a Marine. Quickly he set about scrubbing and polishing every inch of his already immaculate uniform in preparation for his first briefing at his first duty station. Then he went on to his body weight strength training exercises until he was soaked with sweat and his muscles screamed with fatigue. And only then did the anxiety in his chest begin to ease back to a dullness that he could live with.

As time was growing short Dorian quickly showered dressed and headed out the door towards the holo deck. The last thing he did before he left was to place the holo pic on his night stand.

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Guest paul sheppard


((StarBase 118, transfer shuttle 02))

Kurt looked out of the observation window in the shuttles side and watched as the USS Yorktown banked around the glow from her impulse drive signaling her departure after transferring her cadets to the authority of StarBase 118.

As her reflection passed the shuttles interior lights allowed a partial mirror to form on the window allow him to see himself run his hand through his short sandy blond hair, and admire his roguishly handsome (even if he had to be the only one to admit it) holovid stars good looks, his average height of 5’11’’ and solid build of 196lb didn’t hurt him that regard.

oO Well here I am, Academy training; 2 weeks full immersion training; scenario testing and operation placements all leading here Oo

:: Turning to look out of the main viewport ::

oO Final cadet posting….i hope Oo

The StarBase hung there in all her glory, several other starships orbited around her or maneuvered for docking.

:: Reaching in to his sea bag Kurt pulled out a small silver flask, and unscrewed the top ::

Noticing the cadet sat next to him nervously fiddling with his kit bag

oO Turning he offered his hand Oo

Logan: Kurt Logan Marine Corp

Hansar: Lormin Hansar operations I hope, what’s that ? :: nodding at the flask ::

Logan: A little tradition when posted to somewhere new :: Lifting the flask to the station ::

Logan: To those before :: He then placed it to his lips and took a mouthful, then offered it to Hansar ::

Hansar:: looking slightly dubious took the flask and tried a mouthful, immediately granted a coughing fit and streaming eyes.

Logan: Kentucky bourbon, it’ll put hair on you, figuratively speaking of course

Logan added noting the cadet bald head.

Exiting the shuttle into the station, Kurt noted the chronograph on a computer panel, several hours till first briefing

oO Yes I recon there’s time Oo

::Turning to Cadet Hansar who has exited beside him, who was still wiping his eyes ::

Logan: Tell me have you heard of the Tea Room, I hear it’s a nice place….


The voice made all the cadets turn round, to see a Lieutenant standing there PADD in hand

Lieutenant: I believe you cadets are supposed to report for quarter assignment and briefing, not loitering

Cadets: Yes sir

Almost as one the cadets answered, and went their own ways

As they headed of Kurt looked over at Hansar

Logan: See you around, next time we could try that tea.

By the time he had reported to the Marine CIC for his billet, been shouted at about being the boot, stowed his belongings in his locker he made it to the holodeck 23 with minutes to spare, with only a cursory glance at the cadets seated in the room noting a fellow marine Kurt took his place the doors opened.

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Guest Alexadana

((Starbase 118, Transfer shuttle 1))

Alexa glanced out the small window to her left side, the imposing structure of the star base looming close by in the distance. She sighed softly as she settled back against her seat, her palms were somewhat clammy and she could feel her heart beating heavily in her chest. She couldn't say she was nervous about the new adventure she was about to embark on, it was more that she was nervous about what was to be expected of her. Sighing once more she felt a slight shudder and glanced out the window once more having been lost in her thoughts she had missed the shuttle craft docking. Reaching forward she grabbed the small rucksack she had with her and slung it over her shoulder as she stood, there was a slight bustle as the rest of the passengers got up as well to make their way to the exit.

((Timeleap 20 min))

Her blue eyes wandered around the promenade desk of the starbase, a smile tugging at the corners of her lips. The sites and sounds of the bustle of people that mulled around coming and going to their various duty posts and places of business made her look on in wander. She couldn't help but feel relaxed and released if one could say this, after all her own planet everyone walked around almost tense and expectant of something to happen at any momement. Perhaps it was one of the reasons she had left the minute she had been accepted to Starfleet Academy.

Dana: Well Alexa this is it.

She said to herself as she began to make her way to her future.

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((Docking bay))

Alexa stretched her back, pulling her shoulders back to aleave herself of the tension of sitting for a few hours in one position had built up. Glancing around she paused her thoughts for a moment collecting herself before letting her train of thought once more continue to what she had to do before reporting for training and duty. Clutching the small duffle she held in her left had a bit tighter, she stepped forward making her way further into the station. After a brief walk, getting lost a few times at that she found herself on the promenade deck, taking a deep breathe she moved to a nearby bench and plopped down a little flustered that she kept taking the wrong turn.

Alexa: oO Get a grip Alex.Oo :: she scolded herself as she tried to get a better grasp of her situation and placement. ::

Finally after a brief moment she stood up feeling a bit more confident she would be more successful this time at find the crew quarters and getting herself somewhat settled before she had to report for training. Stepping forward she did not see the other person walking directly in her path and collided with him in a very comical yet unflattering bottom plop onto the floor. For a moment she didn't look up the embaressement already creeping into her as she heard him speak. Glancing up she saw his hand extended out to her and for a brief hesitated moment she did nothing but look at it before slowly reaching out and taking it...allowing herself to be resettled on her feet. Smiling awakwardly she stammered her apology.

Alexa: So..so sorry...I...well, um wasn't looking.


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Alexander was still getting use to the confines of starships and even a Starbase. The three months of training had had before leaving Magna Roma still had not really prepared him for what he felt was a confining environment.Now add to that his discovery that he suffered from claustrophobia really just made things I guess you would say more interesting.

Stepping off the turbo lift into the main prominade made things some what better. Turning Alex headed off in search of some entertainment.

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Guest Theo Whittaker

* Docking Bay *

Stepping off the gangway, Theo Whittaker found himself more than a little overwhelmed by the sheer size of the terminal that sprawled out in front of him. As far as he could see he saw officers, enlisted personnel and civilians embarking and disembarking. Various tannoys reeled off a variety of messages and LCARS displays threw up safety notices in over a dozen written languages. Behind him, the transport ship Lhasa lay berthed, dwarfed by the Galaxy-Class starship that lay berthed at the next port.

He took several seconds to wrap his head around the scale of 118's docking bay. He shifted his standard issue duffel bag into a more comfortable position and made his first few steps, still looking about with a mixture of confusion and awe. A display caught his eye- all new arrivals from Starfleet Academy were to follow the directions given and report to somewhere called the Tibet Ampitheatre.

Taking a deep breath, Theo Whittaker walked off into the hustle and bustle of one of the Federation's busiest ports.

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((OOC - Here goes... ::Tries not to think about the butterflies in hir stomach from entering a new social situation::))

((Starbase 118, Landing Pad E, Promenade))

Doctor Vanth stepped off the transport shuttle onto the deck plating of Starbase 118. Hir padded feet flexed as the coolness of the metal traveled up hir bare toes. S/he was tall, over two meters and covered in fur. S/he carried a pack on hir back with a few essentials, including a PADD with hir orders. Around hir neck, a collar the color of hir medical department. Other than these items Vanth sported only hir freshly groomed, brilliant sable, fluffy furcoat.

Passing through the passageway that lead from the transport to the main corridor, Amiri looked up at the faces greeting the new arrivals. S/he had thought that at least one of them would be someone looking for hir, but
– due to a nap on the shuttle flight – s/he wasn't aware they had docked early.

It wasn't soo bad that no one had greeted hir; it had been soo long since Dr. Vanth had been to such a large port, and on the other side of the galaxy no less. S/he stepped out onto the promenade to a sensual assault of smells, sounds, and sights. Hir nostrils flared, and hir eyes widened as s/he took it all in.

Then, there it was, one scent infiltrated hir nose above all others. Instinctively s/he followed it. It lead hir to what s/he thought looked a lot like hir, only, a quadruped – a female at that – standing near a humanoid woman. Her scent was exquisite and quite provocative. Thanks to Ambassador Neelix taking over diplomatic relations with the Lan`tuan sector, humanoids had been getting used to seeing quadrupeds wander around unescorted, so Vanth thought there was no reason, this might not be one of them.

Vanth went to her, and yipped a happy greeting. In response the female – who was black-n-tan sable too, also known as silver, and with two golden-brown eyes, and a flat coat – reared excitedly, and then pounced the ground, play-bowing, and skittered in a circle. She wanted to play! Vanth excitedly returned the play-bow padding hir knees and wagging hir, reciprocating, yipping again.

The woman, a science officer, whom turned out to have pointed ears,
eyed Vanth curiously. She stroked the silver canine's head. “Hmm? What's that Maggie? Did you find a playmate?” She then looked over at the doctor. “Well, we don't have anywhere in particular to be at the moment. It seems logical to allow you to be yourself for a little while in your 'condition'.”

She unclasped the leash that Vanth was only just now noticing. “You seem to be in good... erm... paws.” Ruffling Maggie's head and ears, the woman with the pointed ears stood again. “Be home in time for dinner. Have fu-”

The pair, bolted together in a flash. They
disappeared into the crowd as they sprang and pounced, and frolicked together, Maggie behaving very flirtatious.

“Hmmm... the results of this experiment could prove interesting if she's fruitful.” The female with the pointy ears said to no one in particular.

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Nuvia walked through the airlock with an air of confidence. She was not very tall, though she carried herself well enough. Her hair was cut short so that she would not have to worry about it. Much easier to wake up in the morning when you don't have to worry too much about your appearance.

One arm at her side, the other helping her shoulder to support her bag, she turned the corner down the hallway to her new quarters. Hopefully not her quarters for long, she was hoping to get an assignment on a starship, rather than be stuck here on the station. If she did end up there it wouldn't be the end of the world, it just seemed like it would be... dull. And Nuvia had gotten enough of dull during her life on Trill. There's really not a whole lot to do there.

She tossed her bag onto the couch and took a look around. They were fairly large, though that would seem to insinuate that she would have a roomate. She was pleased at the thought, she enjoyed the company of others, whoever they were. That's probably why she had decided to become a Starfleet Counselor. She sat down in an armchair, pulled out some light reading, and waited for a while to see if anyone else would walk through the door. After about an hour, someone finally did. They were very surprised to see someone else sitting in the room before they arrived.

"Oh, sorry to barge in. Didn't realize soemone would already be in here." the engineering cadet said.

Nuvia smiled, and stood up. The other cadet was a good quarter-meter taller than her, but there was no awkwardness about it.

"That's fine. My name's Nuvia Oori, how about yours?"

"Jameson. Er, Keyan Jameson." He replied, extending his hand. Nuvia took it happily.

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oO Arden knew that it be the same old thing the formal introductions which he loved but never would care to admit he hated what happens after though the parties such a waste of time I could be working and getting a promotion Oo ::he salutes when the fleet admiral is done with the speech and claps with everyone else:: ::when the ceremony is over he went to his quarters and began working on tactical reports::

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(( SB 118 University ))

:: Cadet Standing Together sat at one of the LCARS consoles for Starbase 118 University and randomly scrolled through the annotated bibliographies of the major cultures in the Serellan Sector. He would periodically tap one to add it to a running reading list for his off-duty time. The list window began to move upward through various book titles. He tapped a command icon allowing the computer to add titles from a pre-determined criteria set. He watched the titles scroll past for a few moments and, then he inputted another command on the interface panel. ::

:: The view screen above reconfigured to display a stellar cartographic map of the Serellan Sector. Several large icons were interspersed in the sector. He immediately recognized the icons for the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire, and the United Federation of Planets. A sub-display window listed the major species: Ameoneian, Kan'da'harian, Klingon, Rekarian, Romulan, and Rothian. Standing Together glanced at the map, lifted his right hand, and extended his index finger just above the Starbase 118 icon. He let it rest there for a few moments and slowly moved it toward the icon representing Sol and the United Federation of Planets. ::

oO The Elders were correct. My path in the Great Circle would carry me to the Great Shores of the Universe. I am far from the rivers of the Western Cherokee... Far from the Paint Clan... Far from my Illinois River home. Here I am sitting at console aboard Starbase 118 on the edge of the Federation. Hmm... Far from- Oo

:: A communication chime sounded. ::

COMMUNICATION OP PERSONNEL: Cadet Standing Together, there is an incoming communique from a... River Trout.

STANDING TOGETHER: Please display on this console.

COMMUNICATION OP PERSONNEL: Affirmative. Comm Ops out.

:: The current display receded and was replaced by a smaller window with the stander UFOP insignia.He pressed the play icon and leaned back in his seat. ::

:: The image of an elderly Cherokee woman appeared on the screen. In the background was a river about 10 meters across with a lightly forested area in the foreground. She was silent for a few moments and smiled broadly. Standing Together responded with an equally large smile. ::

RIVER TROUT: My Little One, I hope there is river nearby... Wherever Starfleet has taken you on your training cruise. We had a very large catch today...

:: River Trout holds up a string of five trout and moves it closer to the recording camera. The view window fills with the bulging eyes of five trout. They quickly move out of view and reveals and empty river scene. After a few minutes, River Trout comes into view again. ::

RIVER TROUT: These will make for a grand barbecue. We all miss you and a very proud of our Cadet-in-Training. Please send a message to your mother...

:: She looks off-screen and nods. ::

RIVER TROUT: That is all for now. Hope to hear about your adventures soon... With love.

:: The communication window goes blank and then reverts to the UFOP insignia. Standing Together stares at it a few, goes to tap the reply button, and is interrupted by a reminder chime. ::

COMPUTER: Cadet Training in one hour.

:: With a flurry of taps and sidebar slides Standing Together deactivates the console. He begins to move toward the Reading Room exit and comes to a skidding halt. He runs back to the console area and picks up a medium-sized bag full of various items purchased from the Promenade. He checks the time display and starts off at a brisk walk. ::

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As he stepped off his transport to Starbase 118, Garon Silari took in a deep breath. He'd finally made it.

To the casual observer it might appear that the young-looking cadet might have been relishing his first time so far from home, but they'd be wrong. Quite wrong. As a matter of fact this was far from the first time he'd been on a Starbase with quite as large a commercial center as this one had, although it had been quite some time. Almost sixty years if he wasn't mistaken, and he rarely was about time, although his mother had explained that as he got older his sense of time might get a little more fuzzy, even moreso when compared with those of shorter-lived races.

"The joys of the young..." he murmured to himself, a slight smile crossed his face at the recollection of his mother's soft-spoken wisdom when he'd spoken with her on that subject.

And young he was, relatively, at just over 100 years of age. Oh, to some of the shorter-lived species like Humans, that might be quite a long time. To El-Aurians like himself, though, he was still a young adult. The perfect age to have gone to Starfleet Academy and start making his way in the world.

"Now, according to the chronometer, I've got an hour or so to myself before I have to report to the holodeck for training," he mentally reminded himself as he began to prioritize what he wanted to do during his last few truly free moments, "perhaps I'll get myself a nice cup of tea, if I can find a place for it."

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“Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older
Then we wouldn’t have to wait so long
And wouldn’t it be nice to live together
In the kind of world where we belong”

:: Antero was leaning back against the side of the shuttle with his feet up, a young Bolian female cadet resting peacefully against his shoulder with a relaxed smile as he strummed away on a Ukulele and sang casually. He wore a loose fitting outfit with the top two buttons of his shirt undone. The white symbol on his forehead in contrast to his tan skin. He looked up and offered a genuine smile as an Andorian Cadet approached. ::

Antero: Oh, do you have a request?

Andorian: Yes Flynn, I have a request. Please stop playing that infernal thing. You have been at it for over an hour!

Bolian: Oh come on, it’s nice!

Antero: (smiling) You see? The lady likes it. Just relax; it’s been a long trip to the Starbase.

Andorian: Even longer listening to that obnoxious Earth music. Some of us are trying to study you know. Not sure if you heard, but the Cadet cruise is kind of a big deal.

:: Chuckling softly Antero sets the instrument down and leans forward. ::

Antero: If you would rather, I could do some juggling again?

Andorian: Wha…No! No…Flynn I don’t want you to juggle. The last time you hit the replicator console and there was Trixian bubble juice everywhere.

Antero: Well…That was hardly my fault…

Bolian: Oh come on. Were all nervous! There are butterflies in my stomach, can’t you loosen up?

Andorian: I’ll loosen up when I pass our final test and I’m assigned to a vessel. Besides Flynn, shouldn’t you be in uniform???

Antero: What? We’re not even there yet…

:: The Andorian cadet responded with a simple point to the view screen. A small station quickly growing in size as the distance gap is closed. Antero stands slowly and gazes at their destination with wonder. What adventure lay in wait? What unknown species might he encounter? What new friendships might he forge? After a deep breath he turns with a dreamy expression and begins to unbutton his shirt. A small fist to the back of his leg snaps him back to reality. ::

Bolian: Not here!

Antero: What? Oh right….I guess I should change in the back.

:: With that he throws his bag over his shoulder and heads to the private area of the shuttle to change. A small giggle from behind him. ::

-------Flash Forward: Starbase 118---------

:: After bidding good luck to his friends, Antero departed the shuttle warily and made his way down the corridor toward the pavilion. Walking slowly and taking in his surroundings. He enjoyed how wide open the station was, but felt a small chill as he looked around. Since the very first time leaving his home world, he always felt a bit cold in an artificial atmosphere. He would always miss the warmth of a real sun. As he walked he saw more than a couple of unfamiliar races cross his path and he did his best to act naturally. Alien species and cultures were always his passion and many he had only read about, even being from Risa. ::

:: Antero looked at the time and his stomach began to turn at the gravity of his upcoming trials. He stood by a viewport and gazed out at a runabout coming in to dock. He knew that the best way to overcome his nerves was to perform with everything he had, and prove he was cut out to be a Starfleet officer. A Jumja stick probably wouldn’t hurt either…::

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Iniko sat on a bench outside the Federation embassy. They held their pad and a stylus on their lap and doodled nervously, glancing up through their short black curls at the door. Their foot tapped nervously, jiggling the stylus and ruining the doodle. This is the last chance to give up this crazy idea. Just go back home, invite Mel and Oni over for dinner, and nothing will have to change. Nothing will change at all. No, that is not an acceptable option. Iniko stood abruptly and shoved the pad in their pocket. They stepped purposefully toward the door, before swinging back around and hunching down on the bench again. What if this doesn’t work? What if I wash out of training and have to come back home and face them all? Is this really worth the risk? A runabout lifted off behind the embassy and they watched it fly up through the clouds. That is what I want. I am going to be up there someday. I can’t be stuck here forever. Alright, then, no more hesitating. Iniko stood up once again and walked toward the door. This time they didn’t look back. It was time for a new beginning.

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Mirra sat in the semi empty shuttle compartment with her hands folded in her lap. She rested her head against the window and looked out to the to the stars. She was enjoying the quiet. She expected it would be a much different environment once she reached the Starbase. Her last shuttle ride was a bit more intense. The very angry Klingon in the seat across from her was broadcasting like a long range radio tower and although she had experience with what she called "Open book broadcasters" and plenty of Betazoid training to tune out background thoughts, Even a low level telepath would be on edge.

Mirra tucked a errant strand of her auburn hair behind her ear and smoothed a non existent wrinkle out of her shirt. She thought back on what brought her here. Her childhood friend, Melora. Her best friend on Betazoid. They were born two minutes apart and that was the longest they were ever separated. But that all changed when Melora turned 10 and started having daily headaches. Everyone assumed it was just an early onset of her telepathic abilities, then the coughing, shortness of breath, and fatigue came. It wasn't long before she saw her best friend slip away. Darnay's disease. Terminal, and devastating. The loss of her friend still stung, but the helplessness she felt at the time awoke in her a new purpose. She was going to become a doctor, she would help people, she would do everything in her power to heal.

The gentle bump of the shuttle docking brought her back to the present. She was eager to begin her new assignment.

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  • 3 weeks later...
Guest Cassandra Ezi

Cassandra stepped through the doors, onto the Star Base. Her spin tickled and she took a breath. As she walked she seemed to exude confidence but on the inside she was going between squealing for joy like a twelve year old and feeling like she would just fall to ground out of fear. She straightened her posture and walked quickly, trying hard not to hurry.

She knew she had no reason to be worried, she had prepared for this almost her entire life. She'd been seven years old when she walked up to her mother and announced that she was going to be a Starfleet Captain and hadn't wavered from that since. She worked hard and the day she turned sixteen she applied for the academy. It was young and she knew it but that didn't stop her. She was accepted into the academy to everyone's amazement. Luckily she was tall for her age, and still was, so she didn't have trouble fitting in with the students there. Getting along with them, well that was a different story. Sure she had friends but she wasn't exactly...social and had many of her own opinions that she held to no matter the situation.

As Cassandra walked she pulled up her mess of brown curls into a ponytail, hoping they would decide to cooperate with her, though she knew that was just wishful thinking. The place was bustling with people of every kind but she was used to it. Betazoids didn't believe in privacy, neither did her human mother, what was probably why her parents had fallen in love in the first place. It was true she'd grown up in San Francisco but she had traveled with her father to his home planet a few times on his business as an Ambassador. She was sure that at this point she could handle anything.

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Guest Guest

"Kapla star fleet!" I said to the first cadet who meet my eyes. He responded,

"You're star fleet now too Ka'dra".

I knew this.. It brought me great honor to hear that and to know I had been chosen by the high counsel for this highly important task.

"Indeed justin and it is good to be here" I replyed

We proceeded to the nearest bar justin and I had known each other from the academy and spent the last year together as roommates. Part of me hopes to be stationed with him but with the duties the high counsel has entrusted me with I'm not sure that would be wise.

At the bar justin tries his way with the ladies. I don't waste my time as I know no woman besides a Klingon can stand up to my... Prowess.

I look foward to honoring my duty and my future assignment and before I know it it's time to report for said duty. Justin and I leave the bar and unfortunately for Justin his.. Prowess leaves much to be desired.

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Guest Alex Trevayin

Alex wrinkled his nose a little as he stepped off the shuttle into the docking bay. He always disliked the smell of space stations. Most people didn't notice the difference between ships and stations, but Alex did. He grew up on starships and he could always tell the difference. The air on a station smelled a little more stale. He understood it was probably due to the volume of air on a station versus a ship and that it took longer for all of it to make it through the recyclers, but that didn't mean he had to like it.

But that was a minor thing in the back of his mind. He was an academy graduate, ready for his career to start. He had no preference as to which ship he was assigned, his parents had served on 7 different ships throughout his childhood so he was comfortable on pretty much anything, and he knew he could prove himself anywhere.

The young cadet realized he was staring out of a viewport at the myriad ships outside. He could faintly see his reflection staring back at him. His wavy brown hair always looking just this side of unkempt. He had his father's jawline, strong but not exaggerated. His blue eyes looked black in the reflection. He was always told how pretty his eyes were, and along with his wide shoulders and 6'1" build ensured he was never rejected too often. But romance was always second to his training, so it didn't matter to him very much.

He had come a long way since his first days at the academy, and now he was anxious to get started. He turned around and viewed the corridor and the people walking by. People always fascinated him. You could study tactics and plans and layouts until you were old and gray, but you could never truly anticipate people. Alex prided himself on being able to read people, on being able to anticipate their actions and reactions with surprising accuracy, but they could never be truly predicted.

He smiled to himself as he walked towards the holodeck, content to just watch the people and wonder how many plans they threw into chaos with the simplest choice.

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Korras calmly looked out the viewport. so many youngsters around him looked nervous, some even homesick. he had long decided that he was never going back home. there no longer was a home for him. he had been disgraced, and cast out. even if he had been innocent of what he was being acused of. if he had challenged it, it would have brought his entire House down. no. better to suffer it alone.

but that was the past. he had settled down on a quiet planet, and flew transportation shuttles there. a rare sight, a klingon flying, instead of fighting. in the aftermath of the war, the planet became part of the Fedaration, and he a citizen of the same. eventually, he became restless, and joined starfleet. there, it was as rare as anywhere else when he signed up for flight school, though he never had much trouble with his felow cadets. they did not much look forward to fighting the big brooding klingon, apparently.

after basic training, he had been sent here, to Starbase 118, to complete his training, and eventually be assigned to a ship. he did not much mind which one that would be. he liked flying, and hopefully a starship would provide more of a challenge then a cargo shuttle.

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The shuttle bay door hissed open. The many people who filled the transport hurriedly made their way out onto the Promenade, making their way to their chosen destinations. Last out, and unhurried by anything at the present, Daniel Cain walked out onto the Promenade. Duffle bag slung over one shoulder, he looked about wondering what to do next. As far as he knew he had a few hours to kill before he had to be anywhere. "Definitely bigger than home" he said aloud and turned to tour the entire Promenade and to get a general feeling of life here, as he was apt to be here for a while.

Standing at over 6ft he could more or less see over most peoples heads who were milling about. No one species was dominant here but on a Starbase within the Federation, he expected nothing less. His eyes did keep drifting, however, to the more, shall we say, excitable races among the inhabitants. He couldn't help it though.

His training at the academy was pretty standard, middle of his class in pretty much everything except for Security and Tactics. He wasn't first in his class for that but certainly had a keen mind for anything remotely linked to it. Back on Earth, he always had an eye for the trouble makers in his village, and was normally the one to deal with any incidents. Hence his chosen career path of Security and Tactical.

Nothing happened on his wander, not that he thought it would. There was a definite security presence on the Starbase. Probably due to the proximity of the Starbase to Romulan and Klingon Space.

"At least I wont be bored here, no matter where I go".

With this in mind he aimed for the Holodeck, and the start of his career.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Bren stepped off of the transporter pad. Lighting in the room was just off enough from what he was accustomed to sting his eyes. He squinted as his green cat's eyes adjusted to the new input. He looked at the officer running the transporter and saw that he was a lieutenant and said, "Lieutenant, the lighting in here is about to start to malfunction. I believe that it is that bank right there." Pointing to a panel of lights off center to the right. "As I have two days to wait until my cadet cruise starts, would you be able to direct me to the holodeck? I am in need of time for meditation and then food." The Lt. pointed at the panel and said, "The station's computer will be able to direct you much better than I can. And thanks for the advise about the lights. I was wondering why my eyes were hurting."

Bren stepped up to the panel and quickly typed in her inquiry. The panel lit up and started to point the way to the holodeck. The Worene, a large humanoid cat covered in midnight black fur, followed the flashing lights to the turbolift and then out of the lift to the holodeck. As he stepped toward the large set of doors, another officer stepped out. Bren looked at the pips on the officers collar and noted quickly that they were a commander's rank. He stood quickly at attention and said, "Commander. How is the holodeck running today?" "Oh, cadet, it's working just fine. Go on in. I have been called to the command deck." , the red haired human replied. "Thank you Commander, have a good day." Bren said to the commander's back as he rushed off to whatever called him out of his diversion.

The cadet stepped through the doors and up to the console on the arch. "Computer, Fescon jungle environment. Just after dawn. Appropriate fauna. Level 3 adversary, species: Porava." Time for some hunting and then a nap. Food later. Holodeck prey never tastes right and I am unable to get back to Fescon to use one of my 10 remaining hunting permits. "Computer, lock the door except in emergency."

The felinoid took off his uniform and went down to his underwear. A loin cloth or naked would be preferable, but if there was an emergency, it would be unseemly. He set them at the door, neatly folded, and took off on all fours toward the nearest tree. He climbed quickly to the top of the canopy to find his prey.

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"Well...here I am."

Jake Sjet had come a long way in four years, five if you counted the extra stint at Starfleet medical but Jake liked to think of it as adding on a decade to that time. In that time he had learned more than he thought he could know, seen some pretty impressive and memorable sights, and had crossed a distance to Starbase 118 from Earth that was just shy of staggering. It was amazing that any mind, human or otherwise, could conceptualise the crossing of so many light years so casually.

From Mars, to Earth, and then to Starbase 118: it was a long trek and no doubt about it. But it was also just the first step in that journey.

And he was lost.

He stood on the Starbase's commercial promenade, main drag, or whatever it wanted to call itself. Back home on Mars the crush of people and businesses would have been called a bizaar. But unlike a Martian bazaar, with its spice laden air and call of traders, there was just a seemingly efficient bustle of people going from one shop to another. He thought he could even see patterns in those waves, swilling about from boutique to replicator cafe. It seemed as soulless as the sign he stood before, which like himself proudly proclaimed 'You are here' with a blinking icon on a map of someone's lower intestines.

No, wait, not intestines: the GI track doesn't have a House of Quarks at the end of it.

"I am not lost." he said, eyeing the map again, and then looking around for a land mark "I am a Starfleet officer, a trained doctor, and a dust rat from the Rust Works. I cannot be lost."

But he was, and no matter how much he looked at the sign, willing it telepathically to give him the answers he sought, the sign stubbornly refused. Well if the worst came to the worst and he had to rough it on the promenade, he could fashion a tent from a coat stand and make a fire pit from a pair of decorative planters. Maybe even given enough time he could learn his way free of the concourse and find civilisation again?

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Starbase 118 - 15:28

The young ensign stepped through the shuttle bay door, finally setting foot on the starbase. It had taken quite awhile to get here. The trip was fairly long and he was apprehensive, eager, and nervous the whole way. He wondered what sort of duty station awaited him. It kept him from sleeping, thinking about it. Four years at the academy had built up to this moment. Mason Quinn, science ensign, couldn't wait.

Upon first glance, on-lookers might assume the ensign was Betazoid. They would only be half right, however. He lugged his bag with him as he stepped onto the main promenade. He was well aware how new he looked. The stereotypical fresh-faced ensign with stars in his eyes and dreams in his heart. However, he had less of the stars in his eyes. He was still quite nervous.

He stood around, indecisive, not sure what to do first. Should he check in? Should he explore the promenade a bit? Should he get something to eat? However, while he stood around trying to make his decision, the sound of his stomach growling made up his mind for him. It had been quite a long trip, and he felt too nervous to eat while he was on the starship. Now, however, he was quite hungry. He looked in all directions, trying to find a public directory. "There's one." He gravitated to it, checking for the nearest replimat. It seemed to be just down the way. Good, that served him well enough. He made his way there, deciding on what he wanted to eat.

Upon arriving, he had made his decision. "Computer, one uttaberry crepe with chocolate sauce." One of his favorite dishes. He wanted something sweet to help calm his nerves. Taking the crepe after it had materialized, he sat down and took a bite. Perfect. Well, he learned one thing. The replicators here were good. He would enjoy that, at least. Whatever he would face in the future, at least he had this delicious crepe.


Mason Quinn

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