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Tips and forum features you may find useful

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  • You can mark a forum read just by clicking on its icon on the main forum index. (The icon is to the left of the forum name.) Hover over it, and a tooltip will pop up telling you that clicking on it will mark the forum as read.
  • By clicking the "Follow this Forum" button or the "Follow this Thread" button, you will receive updates whenever someone creates a new thread, or a new post in either.
  • Add your birthday to your profile and you'll probably get a few birthday wishes when your birthday rolls around!
  • Click the "Report" link on a post to report it as inappropriate. A forum moderator will review it and remove it, if necessary.
  • In your Private Message inbox, you can click By clicking on "Edit Storage Folders" in the sidebar menu to add private message folders, allowing you to keep important messages.

Change Your Display Name

Did you know you can change your display name to reflect your character rank and name? Here's how!:

  1. Click on your current username in the box near the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This should drop-down a box with a few options.
  2. Click "My Settings".
  3. On the left-hand menu on the "My Settings" page, click the "Change Display Name" option.
  4. The system will tell you how often you can change your display name, and how many changes you can make today. Enter your new name into the box and click "Save Changes".

Everyone on the forums will now see your new display name. Remember - your login username does not change!

Name Colors

Here's the color key for the different colors you'll see in the "Who's Online" area, at the bottom of the forum index:

  • Green Names: Admins (can moderate every forum and change board settings)
  • Red Names: Global Moderators (can moderate every forum)
  • Blue Names: Training Team Staff
  • Purple Names: Contributing Members (people who have donated to the group)

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