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Tags & Prefixes

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A few weeks ago we had the forums upgraded to the latest version. As a result, we now have two new features: Tags & Prefixes. Here's some information about each:


You've likely noticed the "Topic Tags" box below the "Topic Title" box when you've created a new thread. This allows you to create a tag, or category-word for each thread. These make it easier to find a thread later because you can specify tags on the search form. As such, I've gone through and added tags to many forums and threads, so that many forums will automatically insert tags into the threads for you.

This will be particularly useful for threads that have been moved to the Shipyards, which is where old threads go when they become inactive. Up until now, we had no way of knowing where the threads came from before going there, but tags allows us to keep better track of that.

We suggest that you use tags sparingly, and only in ways that will help you find the thread again later.

If you'd like me to tag a forum that hasn't been tagged, reply here to let me know which one.


These are easier to show than tell, so check out the 2011 Writing Challenge Hall of Fame/Archive. See those purple tags before each thread name, showing the round of the writing challenge that they were submitted for, i.e.- "JAN/FEB"? Those are prefixes, and they help differentiate or categorize threads while making them quickly identifiable.

If you participate in the Writing Challenges or Top Sims Contest, they'll be used a lot in those forums. You can set your prefixes directly below the "Topic Tags" box, if they're allowed in that forum. If they're not allowed, you won't see the Prefix Code drop-down box at all.

If you have a need for prefix codes in a forum you frequent, reply here and let me know which one, what you need the code to say, and what color you'd like.


Post 'em below and I'll answer them ASAP!

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