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Round 1 (PNPC) Christopher Davies - Awaken, from dreary night newly


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OOC: Thanks to Zonhar for coming up with the pretty title

"Awaken, from dreary night newly shaken, and squeeze the hand of

faithful few." -Jason Kelly 2011


((ICU ward, Sickbay))

oO What is that wretched beeping? Oo

:: It had been going on for what seemed like hours, refusing to allow

him to remain sleeping, when that was all he wanted to do. He reached

out in the darkness, aiming for his bedside table to smack his alarm

off. His hand met with nothing but air and he was instead assaulted

by a searing pain shooting through his chest. Lord, his right side was

killing him::

::Voices echoed around him. He caught odd words like ‘ventilator’ and

‘dexalin’ and ‘rexlin’ and wondered if he’d dozed off in one of his

pathology classes again, but that wouldn’t explain the beeping::

::He felt a warm hand on his forehead and it was soon joined by a soft

voice, but it was fuzzy, he couldn’t understand what she was saying,

not that it mattered much. He was being dragged back into sleep and

found no reason to fight it::

::There was that beeping again. And someone had apparently placed a

fifty pound weight on his chest while he’d slept. He was too old for

these pranks. He tired to sit up but found his lack of breath made it

rather difficult. He tried for a deep inhale and was stopped by a

sharp pain. Lord, his right side was killing him. All sorts of pokey

things were pulling at his arm. He scratched at it, the movement

causing him to jerk away in pain. Oh, what was the point? He let his

head sink back into his pillow and he drifted back to sleep::

::That voice was back again. She kept asking for someone – it was a

familiar name.:::

Voice: Davies, do you know where you are?

::He was sleeping soundly in his quarters. Or trying to sleep,

rather. The real question was what she was doing there. He recognized

the voice but couldn’t put a name to it. He knew though, she didn’t

belong in his bedroom. But, since she was there, she could bring him

some water. His throat was on fire::

Voice: Davies, do you remember what happened?

:: What was she on about? He opened his eyes and tried to focus on the

blurry blue figure in front of him. He tried to blink the image into

focus but wasn’t having much luck, and though it was blurry, the room

surrounding her was distinctly NOT his quarters. He squinted at her

and tried to swallow against his dry throat::

::There was that beeping sound again, only now it was faster. He

attempted to sit up but a cough bubbled up in his throat and had him

doubled over in pain. His side was killing him. Hands were on his

shoulders, rubbing gently. Her name suddenly popped into his head::

oO Jen Oo

Malcolm: Davies, it’s all right. You’re in Sickbay.

::No wonder it didn’t look like his room. He laid back against the

pillows and watched as she moved away from him. Panic swelled in his

chest and he reached out, catching her hand in his own::

Davies: Wait. Don’t leave me here.

::She gave his hand a squeeze::

Malcolm: I’m not going anywhere.

::The beeping slowed again and he closed his eyes. He tightened his

hold on her fingers, just incase she forgot to stay::


Ensign Christopher Davies

Medical officer/pathologist

USS Avandar

simmed by Lt. Jen Malcolm

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