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Round 1 PNPC The Man of No Limitation- A Devil in their Midst

Alleran Tan

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::It was a skeleton crew shift that walked the corridors of the Avandar at the hour that the Man of No Limitation silently and inauspiciously made his way towards the secured computer core of the USS Avandar. Normally, there would be far more officers and workers about, but it had seemed that nothing so exciting could be expected to happen before the nicely new Luna Class made her maiden voyage, and perhaps security was not as up to par as quite it should be. After all, in the rather chaotic moments right toward the end of shore leave and the final sign off for departure...it was quite normal to not recognize new faces, or even old ones, or to really have much suspiscion as to their intentions. After all this was Utopia Planetia...just in Earth’s backyard. This was Federation Domain, certainly no threats lurked about at this late hour::

::But what stalked the halls at this hour was indeed quite a threat. More so than any would ever expect from such a “lumpy” and unassuming individual as he. However he was much much more than his appearances gave away. At his core he was every bit the wolf in sheeps clothing that mothers had warned their children on earth about for generations. And yet to him, he was a man on a mission, an illuminating quest and indeed every act of sacrifical worship he made along the way was his first rites to a greater calling...that few new of but himself.::

::But tonight’s work was not one of death or “liberation of the body through suffering,” but was instead one of atonement, and in a way, mercy. A mercy bent and extended, as was usually the case, to one whom he did not fully feel was deserving of it. Nonetheless it was his duty to bestow the service as it served both his boss, and his Higher Master, whom he would no sooner fail, than smite off his right arm because it itched.::

::As The Man of No Limitation approached the computer core’s secured doors, he kept his head low and his hands fiddling with the data padd that he was pretending to be absentmindedly working on, as he “accidentally” bumped into the guardsman who was protecting the area.::

::The security officer immediately gave out a sound that was half way between a halt there and a whine of pain as The Man of No Limitation had intentionally walked full into him as if he had not been looking where he had been going, but had giving him a taste of the locomotive power that was hidden deep underneath his plastic surgery altered physique.::

The Man Of No Limitation: Oh my word...sir..so sorry...I uhh didn’t see where I was going...I just got so into this new data module and well...I’m sorry....are you alright?

::The guard recovered quickly but with a little less wind in him due to a sore rub where an elbow had been thrown strategically and intentionally to make for a rather unpleasant stitch in his side and a rather out of breath feeling.::

Guard: Yeah you should...watch where...you're walking...[...] I think you just about killed me. Where do you ...think your going? You better have proper clearance....you can’t just walk in there..willy nilly....

::The Man of No Limitation immediately “grew nervous” and tripped all over himself trying to explain in very technical terms, all the while waving his pad before the mans eyes which clearly stated the work order and routine maintenance check on the corp, and since he was an engineer he was not surprised that between the mans aching sides and ringing head, the most cursory glance at the credentials was more than enough for the guard to lower the field and beg him to just hurry and get out of his sight.::

::Pleading amenities and his lowly existence, he quickly shuffled inside just as he caught the guard mumbling under his breath “little twerp...think he broke my rib. The Man of No Limitation smiled to himself as he knew in all actuality he probably had done just that, if not form a nice hair line crack which would addle the guard for quite some time until he wussed up and made his way to sick bay. By then hed be in so much pain he wouldn’t even recall his name, and would more than likely be given bed rest while he mended...meaning, he’d have a fresh guard in case he had to make a repeat visit to the computer core.::

::But the Man Of No Limitation was going to ensure that he would not need to come back to the computer core again. For he was here to grant a grace and a mercy, to yet another undeserving of such, for a grievous error of judgement, but he was not about to let him continue on making mistakes. Ensign Gray had really bungled things, and drawn far to much attention to himself, and was so unaware at how badly he bungled things, that he simply thought it would all blow over.::

::But as He worked swiftly calling up the data and video feeds of “Davies Accident,” and erasing the data and tapes so that they were now only as eternal as footprints in the sand, he knew that that incriminating evidence that could be used against him now could no longer be found. Any probes that would be made of course would turn up empty, but needless to say it would simply be attributed to a glitch or some unforeseen circumstances in the long run.::

::Before he had deleted the files entirely however, he downloaded their full contents into an extra blank padd. This padd, later when Ensign Gray was no where near his room, he would use his skills to infiltrate the mans room and place the padd on his bed with a little message that summed up the totality of his life: “Grace has been given, repentance is required, Much is Expected, You are never Alone.”

::And that is exactly what he did, shortly before the USS Avandar headed off on its maiden voyage, totally unsuspecting that there was a devil in their midst.::


(PNPC) The Man Of No Limitation

as simmed by

Ensign Zonhar


USS Avandar

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