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Round 1 T'Lea & Matthews: Shall We Have A Dance?

Alleran Tan

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((Main Holodeck-USS Avandar))

::Alexander walks into the holodeck to create the setting for the evaluation of Lt. Cmd. T’Lea. The last time that he had to be in the this situation he had to kidnap her with the transporter for her phaser evaluation. Alexander was a little bruised and battered after that encounter, but he survived. The question is will T’Lea ever forgive him for that act? Only time will tell.::

::Alexander walked over to the computer thinking that this time he will set the scene in a different aspect. Taking off his comm badge, and rank Alexander is placing himself as an civilian instructor. Programing the computer in a setting of a beach on the island of Guam. The air from the ocean has the smell of salt. The early morning sun is just cresting over the horizon. The wind rips through the palm trees, and small patches of grass. Alexander stands and looks towards the entrance of the holodeck for T’Lea to enter.::

:: A matter of seconds away from ending her shift on the bridge, T’Lea had been looking forward to picking up T’Sara and slipping back into the role of “mom” when a vague message to meet Mr. Matthews in the holodeck popped up on her data padd. Assuming that the request had something to do with running a simulation of the incident in the science lab, she left the bridge behind, and all hope of finishing up a few reports in her office with T’Sara.::

:: Eyes firmly set on her data padd, the Romu-vulc crossed the threshold to the holodeck, sensing but not completely processing the atmospheric change surrounding her.::

T’Lea: Mr. Matthews, what do you have for me?

:: As her boot sunk into the soft sand it finally registered in her brain that something was amiss in her original understanding of this meeting. She lifted an unamused, but curious eyebrow as a follow up to her question.::

Matthews: ::Looking directly in to the eyes of T’Lea.:: Well, ma’am I am currently running the investigation of the accident, but I think this duty should be taken care of as soon as possible.

T’Lea: Then this is business, not pleasure. Very good. For a moment I thought that perhaps you were trying to seduce me with… ::gesturing around:: … sand. ::a small joke:: I am still curious, why are you not wearing pips and communicator?

:: Curious, annoyed, it was hard to tell them apart in T’Lea’s spectrum of emotions at this point.::

Matthews: oO If I was going to seduce you, trust me it would be much more romantic, candles ,a nice dinner.Besides I sure as hell don’t have a death wish. Trust me I am in no way going to mess around with the Captain’s lady.Oo For what I have in mind ma’am it is best that I am not an officer, or for that matter a gentlemen.

T’Lea: Forgive me, Lieutenant, but what “duty” did you call me here for?

Matthews: Your hand to hand evaluation test ma’am.

:: Letting the hand that was holding the data padd fall to her side, the hybrid looked at him with a slanted brow. Her expression was teetering between boredom and temptation. The thought of pummeling a security officer was a delicious one, but to be quite honest with herself, she simply wasn’t in the mood. Oddly, time with T’Sara sounded better than getting into more trouble with the law.::

:: Assaulting a security officer, even if it was for evaluation purposes, wasn’t on her list of things to do today.::

T’Lea: ::Vulcany:: I appreciate the offer, Mr. Matthews, and I understand the need to complete this evaluation, but it would better suit us both if we rescheduled this appointment for a later date. I have more important matters to attend to and do not wish to engage in such activities presently.

:: She was being polite, which meant he was going to let her leave, right? She turned and headed for the exit, fully expecting said politeness to be reciprocated.::

Matthews: ::Walking over to the weapons rack, taking two swords. Throwing one to Lt. Cmd. T’Lea.:: I was nice and polite in that last evaluation. I am a private citizen right now. You defiled my honor and my respect for you. So do you have the frakin stones to face me in combat? Or are you the self serving cry baby that you let everyone think you are?

:: Eye-brow arch.::

:: Self-serving? Most definitely. Add sadistic to that and he was spot on. Cry-baby, though? He had made his intent clear with that one. He was attempting to incite anger in T’Lea. Amusing. Slightly.::

:: With a slow self-controlled turn back to the man, T’Lea [...]ed her head down at the sword laying in the sand. By the Vulcany reaction she gave Mr. Matthews, he may as well have tossed her a loaf of bread.::

T’Lea: ::lifting the sword simply to hand it back to him:: I do not think it is wise for me to engage a security officer in any type of simulated combat.

::Alexander takes a defensive stance, but standing his ground. He holds the sword in a offensive posture. Watching T’Lea’s movements, standing ready for the attack to come.::

:: Certain to hold the weapon limply in her hand to show that she was not participating, the little tap of his blade against hers was a goading one – one designed to grant his wish, one that resembled an obsessed puppy demanding attention until he was mauled to death.::

Matthews: Your move, cry baby. oO I think, I have lost my mind, but she will be done.Oo ::Holding the sword in both hands over his head.:: By the way, your mama was a Klingon!!!!!

:: Using the data padd in her hand, and not the sword, which dangled loosely at her side, she deflected and redirected his two handed attack away while stepping out of his path. The data padd, unfortunately was obliterated on impact, but the graceful maneuver looked effortless, and also opened up a direct strike to the man’s kidney, which she resisted punching.::

:: It would have been so easy to land a crippling blow to the officer, and it would have given her morbid pleasure to know he’d be urinating blood for a few hours, but T’Lea was really, truly, and honestly trying hard not to fall into what she believed was a trap specifically designed to land her in the brig again.::

:: Watching his kidney pass by unprotected, she lifted her eyes back to the security officer as he spun himself and his kidney around in preparation for an attack that just wasn’t there.::

T’Lea: I will be leaving now, Mr. Matthews.

:: Best to walk away before she did something stupid like stab his wittle neck.::

Matthews: Chicken?

:: And walk away she did, about six steps until his blade grazed the back of her hand. A frown deepened across her smooth brow as she looked down and saw a thin layer of green blood emerge from a shallow one inch cut..::

:: Tilting her head back up at Matthews, her grip tightened around the hilt of her sword, and she curiously blinked at him.::

T’Lea: Did you remove the safeties from this program?

Matthews: Hell yes!!!

:: She heard the sharp clang and felt the vibration travel up the blade of her sword and into her hand as he batted at her weapon – a weapon that was more resistant than it had been.::

T’Lea: ::stepping back:: Mr. Matthews, I do not wish to harm you, but if you persist-

:: “I will be forced to defend myself because you have foolishly placed us in a dangerous situation,” is what she was going to say, but the onslaught of his pointy sword being thrust in her direction forced her to shut up rather quickly.::

:: Defense is how it had all started, and there wasn’t much anger behind T’Lea’s guard as she deflected the in-coming metal. Matthews had very good technique and it was easy to see that he had trained in some form of sword fighting before. His skill with the sword was a higher level than T’Lea’s, but she knew enough to hopefully force a window of opportunity that would put him at a severe disadvantage.::

::Alexander counters her strike with a counter block of her sword, then kicks out her feet from under her with a fast leg sweep. Diving to the left and rolling back to his feet facing her again.::

Matthews: Your better than that, bring it on [...] you!!!

:: Flat on her back is how she’d ended up after playing nice with the delicate Terran. Nice, and defensive was the only thing keeping him from getting injured. That was about to change.::

:: Slowly climbing to her feet and appearing as though she still wanted no part in this exercise, the nasty truth of her intentions suddenly revealed itself in a fist full of sand, which was flung directly into the security officer’s face.::

:: A dirty tactic, sure, but she didn’t care. “Dirty” won fights. Rules and boundaries were for losers. Besides, he was the one that turned off the safeties. A little sand in his eyes wasn’t going to kill him, she mused before rampaging against him with a series of slash cuts.::

:: All she wanted to do was get him out of her way so that she could leave, but eventually it turned into something a little more personal.::

::With sand in his eyes,Alexander avoids the next blow, but takes an elbow to the ribs catching him off guard. Ignoring the pain he becomes cold to fend off the wrath of T’Lea’s anger. Blocking her strike to his face, but not her kick to his left leg. Falling down to the sand on his back he takes his sword with both hands to block the over head slash coming towards him.::

:: Reigning in the part of herself that wanted nothing more than to disembowel the security officer, she leaned over his fallen body, his blade trembling to resist against hers, and she hissed coldly in his face.::

T’Lea: Give up, havam. I won’t tell anyone you quit.

Matthews: I love you too, you mean monster. ::Moving his head around the blades to kiss her on the cheek.:: oO I might have opened a big can of whoop [...].Oo ::Pushing back the sword from his face, knocking her off balance.::

:: It looked like Mr. Matthews had a few dirty tactics of his own. The kiss was enough to make T’Lea recoil and allow the security officer enough momentum to disengage her dominant position over him. Not only had he surprised the Romu-vulc but he’d finally and successfully [...]ed her off. And he was going to pay for it. Slowly.::

::Alexander rolls to the right, getting on his feet. Moving in a circle watching each and every move T’Lea makes. He knows that she could end this with just a nerve pinch, but he does not want to make it that easy for her. Deep inside Alexander has respect for T’Lea, she is his superior, but right now she is the enemy and for her to pass he has to give her his best.::

Matthews: Let it all out now, Cmd. I don’t have all frakin night. oO That’s for sure. [...] she’s fast.Oo ::Slowly moving to his left in a circle.

:: Stripping off her jacket, she held on to the collar with one hand, using the material as a distraction by flicking it in his face whenever the opportunity presented itself. Once he got wise to that irritation she spun the fabric around her arm as protection to block a rather rude thrust of his blade. With a bit of luck she would be able to grab and maneuver his blade away, forcing his body into an open stance, if she got the chance.::

:: After a moment more of lunge and dodge he seemed to hesitate, or perhaps he was adjusting his plan of attack.::

T’Lea: Second thoughts? Last requests? Plea bargains?

::Alexander looked to her feet, then deep into her eyes. He does not want to over estimate her at this point, she could pick him up and throw him across the room. He could see that she is ready to explode with an attack. He takes a deep breath, then attacks with a side slash to the left and to the right.::

Matthews: Well played Cmd. What else have you got? ::Watching her eyes for the slightest movement.::

:: What happened next was a violent whirlwind of limbs connecting to exposed body parts, and the sound of metal challenging metal. Blissfully brutal best described T’Lea’s mode, and mood. Little did Matthews know just how much T’Lea was restraining herself from actually overpowering him and killing him. Instead, she chose to wear him down the hard way.::

:: Beating him into unconsciousness wasn’t as fun as ending him with a climactic last breath and watching his eyes glaze-over into nothingness, but it would have to do.::

::Alexander defended himself with all of the skill and training that he has ever been taught. After about thirty more minutes his body could take no more. His side hurting from a cracked rib, his face cut from T’Lea’s blade. He ended the program.::

Matthews: ::Holding his side with one hand and the sword in the other, he bowed to T’Lea. Putting back on his comm badge and his pips.:: Ma’am, you have passed you hand to hand and the bladed weapons test. It has been my pleasure to be with you this evening. ::Breathing heavily.:: Computer end program.

Computer: Program complete, you may exit when ready. Have a good evening.

Matthews: ::Looked to the computer terminal.:: FRAK YOU!!!!!

Computer: Unable to comply

::Alexander walked out the holodeck to the turbolift taking to the deck where sickbay is located.::

:: Out of breath herself, T’Lea stood there in the grid of the holodeck looking around the empty room, feeling like she had been wined, dined, and brought back to his place for the grand finale, only to be left very *not* satisfied.::

:: [...] didn’t even pass out, she thought….::

:: Either he was tougher than he looked, or he chickened out at the very last second.::

T’Lea: Frak. ::glancing around:: Now what…?

:: Back to her office? Back to work? How was she supposed to dispose of all that emotional baggage he’d dredged up from her graveyard?::

T’Lea: Computer, run program T’Lea – Heghba’.

:: The tiny smile on T’Lea’s lips welcomed the holograms of nine Klingons as they appeared in full battle armor along with six snarling and snapping targs.::

:: Heghba’ meant ritual suicide, and this would be theirs.::

Lt. Cmd. T’Lea

Chief Science Officer

USS Avandar




Lt.jg Alexander J. Matthews

Tactical/Security Officer

USS Avandar

((OOC He is a little mood music to go along with this scene.))


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