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SEP/OCT To go Where no Man has gone Before!

Tal Tel-ar

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To go Where no Man has gone Before

The shuttle slowed as it entered the planets atmosphere. As it did the craft shook due to the slight turbulence that was a recognized part of the transition from empty space to planetary atmosphere. From there it shifted it’s flight path to allow it to land outside the city high up in a sheltered alcove on the side of the mountain that towered over the valley below.

Once it had landed safely and the dust had started to settle the rear hatch popped open and 3 figures stepped out. They were radically different from each other. The first walked with a graceful stride that spoke of agility and restrained power. As he turned to look up at the night sky the light from the interior was absorbed by his short brown fur. His face was a subtly mix of animal characteristics and humanoid intelligence.

The next one out had pale skin and short sandy hair. He was also humanoid, a perfect example of the terran species. Next came the tallest member of the group. He had large compound eyes, antenna and a dull reddish skin tone that resembled well treated leather. His body was abnormally thin for his height but his legs and arms were unusually long and they both had an extra joint in them.

They all moved to where they could look down upon the city. Once there the furry one lifted a set of enhanced night vision binoculars to his face and swiftly adjusted them to the desired setting.

“Don’t you think it’s a little weird that the one member of the team who has perfect night vision has to use night vision binoculars to get the job done?” asked Adam.

“Not really,” replied Cavaarr in his soft fluid voice.“Unfortunately the company that manufactures these for Starfleet happens to be on Earth. Your home world. They were designed with you in mind.”

“Actually over 94% of all species within the Federation lack true night vision capability. Considering those statistics it is only logical that Starfleet uses night vision enhanced binoculars as standard equipment.”The slight clicking of the mandibles around his mouth made it plain that the tall insect like member of the team had spoken.

“Thanks for that little bit of info Kritik. So how does it look Cavaarr?”

“It seems you were successful in bringing the shuttle down undetected.”

“That’s good to know. How about our contact?”

“According to the signal they are in the heart of the city,” replied Kritik.

“So what now?” asked Adam.

“Now we wait. Then tomorrow I will enter the city and see if I can make contact,” replied Cavaarr.

“Why can’t our contact just bring the data out here and hand it over?”

“According to the files I read prior to our leaving the ship,” explained Kritik, “They can not travel anywhere with out an escort. The farther from the Haran, their place of residence the larger the number of guards assigned.”

“OHH. Ok.” Adam replied. He stood and waited with them for a bit but when they did not say anything else he returned to the shuttle. Once inside he double and triple checked all the systems then climbed into one of the bunks and fell asleep.


When Adam woke up he could hear some movement. Sitting up he saw that Kritik was busy checking a number of medical supply cases. Most of the items he could see were beyond his understanding of simple emergency medicine. Fortunately the regal insect was an excellent doctor.

“Where is Cavaarr?”

“He entered the city late last night so as to be able to reach the target at first light.” Having said that he turned and glanced outside before speaking again. “Unless I am mistaken he should be back soon.”

“Good. Something about this place gives me the willies,”Adam replied.

“Willies? I do not remember that subject from the Academy. What is a willies?”

Adam could not help but smile as he responded. “The willies are an irrational fear based on instinct and gut feelings.”

“Ahhh. I see.” He replied as he shook his head.

“It’s a terran thing Kritik,” spoke up Cavaarr as he stepped soundlessly into the shuttle. “Just another example of how far down the evolutionary ladder they still are.”

“Did you get it?” Adam asked eagerly.

“No.” Cavaarr replied. His tail swished as he removed the concealing robes that had hidden his furry alien form. “Our contact is restricted to the Haran. Unfortunately neither me or Kritik may enter there.”

“What about Ensign Borders?”

“With a few slight modifications he should easily be able to pass as both a native and as someone who has the right to enter the Haran.”

“Good. Get to work then Kritik. I will use the replicator to fashion appropriate clothing for him.”

At that the tall slim insectoid turned and spoke to their pilot.“Ensign Borders if you would kindly get undressed.”

“Sure but is that really necessary in order to make me look like one of them?” Adam asked.

“No. However it is necessary in order to make you into a female.”

At that Adam stepped back. Both of his hands dropped down to unconsciously cover up and protect certain physical characteristics that he was very attached to as he replied in a startled and abnormally high tone. “WHAT!!! Are you two nuts!”

“Not that I know of,” replied Kritik. “In fact I have passed all my mental exams.”

“There is no way I am letting you two turn me into a female. There has to be another way. There just has to.” He pleaded.

“Unfortunately this is the only way. Only females are allowed into the Haran Ensign Borders,” explained Cavaarr in a soft tone.“Even all the guards are female.”

“But I like being a guy,” Adam mumbled.

“Do not worry Ensign Borders. With the current level of technology it is fairly simple for me to make the necessary adjustments to make you look and scan as a female of this particular species.”

“Well I am not doing it. No way. Not a chance.”

“This is important Ensign Borders. As such I am giving you a direct order. Let Kritik perform the alterations or else.” As he finished speaking Cavaarr let out a low sinister growl that left his fangs exposed and the full deadly potential of his species shine from with in his eyes.

Adam stepped back and bumped into the bulkhead. He almost fell down but managed to recover. It was the low purr like rumble of soft laughter that let him know he had never been in danger. With his cheeks red and feeling like an idiot he started to get undressed.

As he did he had to ask the question. “You can change me back right?”

“Yes. Ensign Borders. Otherwise I would not perform this procedure.”

“All right then. Lets do this before I chicken out.” As he said it Adam pulled off his pants and tossed them aside with the rest of his clothes. Right now he wanted to be anywhere but here.

“Excellent Ensign. Just lie down here and I will get started.”

In response Adam did as he was told. Seconds later a mask was slipped over his face and he drifted off to sleep.


He woke up feeling no different than always. That is until he sat up and saw what they had done to him. “Did you have to make them so big?” Adam asked as he stared at his chest.

“Actually Ensign they are average size for this species,”replied Kritik from where he stood examining the data on his tricorder.

“If this is average then I got to come back here sometime for shore leave,” Adam responded.

“That will be enough of that Ensign. You have a job to do,”said Cavaarr as he stepped forward with the alien clothes.

Adam took them and just stared at them for a moment. He had no idea how they should be worn. It took Cavaarr stepping forward to help him before he even started.


“Well how do I look?” asked Adam.

“Are you sure he is still male?” responded Cavaarr.“He sounded an awful lot like my mate just then.”

“Thanks a lot Cavaarr. Just what I needed to hear right now.”

“I assure you Lt. Ensign Borders may appear to be female but his mental and biological essence is still fundamentally male.”

“I will take your word for it Kritik. Anyway you better get going Ensign. You need to be back before nightfall as no females are allowed into or out of the city after dark.”

“Understood Lt. Wish me luck,” Adam said as he turned and left the shuttle.

“What do you think his chances of success are Kritik?”

“Honestly Lt. I believe it is a good thing that my species do not gamble.”

“That’s what I thought…” With that said Cavaarr moved to the open hatch and looked out. His mind was a whirl as he considered the mission that Ensign Borders had to perform. He should be ok as long as he remembered that he was suppose to be a female. Simple really. At least he hoped so.


Adam scrambled up the last few feet and rolled over the edge onto the ledge that was not very far from where he had parked the shuttle the previous day. He was exhausted, dirty, sweaty and covered in grime. Just as he was scrambling to his feet he heard the low purring voice of Lt. Cavaarr.

“Did you get it Ensign?”

“Yeah.” Adam responded as he struggled to his feet. “I got it.”

“Good lets get out of here.”

“Leave now? What about this?” Adam asked as he pointed down at his barely covered form.

“What about it?” responded Cavaarr.

“What do you mean, what about it. Look at me. I’ve got breasts!

“I noticed Ensign. Your not my type. However if you ask really nicely maybe Kritik will let you keep them as a souvenir after he changes you back. In the mean time we need to get off this planet and back to the Captain as fast as possible.”

“”All right.” Adam responded as he stomped past heading towards the shuttle. Soon the shuttle took off, its engines a silent roar that propelled the small craft up, up and away.

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