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[Round 20] Mirror Townson - Just Sit Right Back And You'll Hear A

Alleran Tan

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((Mirror USS Tiger - Jeffries Tube))

::She was not from this place. She came here not of her own accord around

two years previous. Her long, flowing black hair was matted from not

maintaining proper hygiene over the last two years. She was held by the

Alliance for most of her time, for her luck was horrible.::

((Flashback - A Little Over Two Years Previous - Earth Presidential


::Tracey was late. Her meeting that she was to attend where she and her

fellow delegates were to plan the next series of steps to inform the

President of their plans, were to be held at the main complex in less than

twenty minutes. Governor Townson, the leader of the western hemisphere of

Europe, was set to deliver a speech to the rest of the world leaders

concerning the new threat to the planet. The discovery of alien life through

the use of long range telescopes.::

::Tracey was briefed by her scientists that it was inconceivable for

anything to travel faster than the speed of light, and thus, since these

aliens were many light years away, there was absolutely no threat to the

planet. Nevertheless, Tracey knew that some of the Governors and the

President needed to be reassured. She also felt it necessary to reassure the

population of the planet that there was little to fear, not only due to

scientific theory, but also that they would keep a close eye on their new

neighbors in the sky, whatever they looked like.::

::Tracey looked at herself in the mirror in front of her, straightened out

her jacket and then turned towards her assistant.::

Assistant: Are you ready my lord.

::Tracey gave a curt nod.::

Assistant: Due to time constraints, perhaps it would be best if you were to

utilize the new transporter device.

::Tracey smiled at the old woman and nodded slowly.::

Townson: Excellent advise as always. Someone of my stature using such a

device without any problems, may just alleviate some of the fear people have

of it.

Assistant: Very well then, my lord. There is one in the science chamber.

Townson: ::picking up her case with her notes and speech:: Lead the way.

::And with that, the two headed for the science chamber. Once there, Tracey

was briefed on its use, what she expected to feel and how quickly it would

take. Without hesitation, Tracey stepped up onto the platform and nodded to

begin the transporter process. Tracey stood up straight and watched and

waited in anticipation and she was a little anxious, for this was the first

time she had used this new device. She watched as the controller flipped a

few switches and then her world forever changed.::

::The usual transporter shimmer enveloped Tracey, and for a fraction of a

second Tracey felt different. She felt split into thousands... no millions,

uncountable numbers of...herself. Tracey was mixed up and thrown around.

Something was very wrong and there was no control. Then all was gone.::

::Tracey stood there looking at the face of a monster with a beard. The

humanoid had ridges on his forehead and he quickly withdrew a weapon.::

Klingon: IS THIS A JOKE!?

::Tracey started shaking.::

Klingon: We send you back to your people and they quickly return you to us.

::smiling:: Its a bad day for you.

::The Klingon clapped his hands and two others who looked even meaner than

the one who spoke, grabbed Tracey by her arms.::

Klingon: Take her back to her purgatory.

::Without waiting, Tracey was being dragged along the deck in this dark and

smelly place. She could see she was no longer in her normal clothing. In

fact, she had almost no clothing on her. Just a loose gown over her weakened


Klingon: If they say anything, tell the Rebels we lost her in transport.

::Tracey was then thrown into a confined room, where she was beaten and

tortured for around two years, until she finally escaped her torment. During

that time, the Alliance had her right hand chopped off, she was sure,

however, she couldn't recall the incident. She was eventually sold as a

slave to the Orion Syndicate for when her torture was no longer entertaining

to the Alliance crew and shortly after that, she escaped on a Rebel ship

that had passed a few weeks later.::

((Present - Mirror Tiger))

::Tracey scurried into a dark corner of the Jeffries tube and pulled a small

piece of paper from the pocket of her gown with her good hand. Her right

hand didn't exist. There was just a stump at the end of her wrist. With the

skill of someone who has done this many times before, Tracey unwrapped the

paper and took little nibbles of something before wrapping it up quickly and

placing the paper in her pocket again.::

::Through Tracey's light gown, it was easy to see she was very malnourished.

Her cheeks were sunken and her ribcage protruded when the front of her gown

rested against her chest. He backbone was also protruding out.::

::Tracey sniffed and quickly scurried away looking for more crumbs. She had

no idea what ship this was. Her only concept was survival, which meant he

must avoid capture. She wouldn't survive any longer being a prisoner. But

her greatest wish was to just go home. Home to the universe she came from.


((OOC: Anyone see patterns here? ))

Mirror Tracey Townson


USS Tiger

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