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[Round 20] Lt. (jg) Tegan "Life Worth Fighting For."

Alexander Matthews

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((USS Aurora: Teagan’s Quarters))

::She felt powerless. There was that weird sensation everything is ruined and whatever life she had is now gone forever. Arielle tried to get up, but her hands were to small and too weak to support her rise.::

::The water was falling on her face almost choking her and it was easier to slow her breathing and control the need for oxygen than to move from the flush. With time it was harder and harder to keep consciousness.::

oODo I care to stay awake? Do I care to stay alive?Oo

::Arielle was falling into the bliss of unconsciousness and toward certain death…. Then she saw Askade calling her and she felt warmth of her own tears beside the almost cold water. She saw her parents and grandparents asking why and more tears warmed her face… her life. She saw Gezelle and could feel the emptiness she would feel without her twin.::

::Arielle cried silently. She knew she has to move, they need her and don’t want to lose her… but she lost them with one stupid move, did she? Then behind all those people another face appeared. Small face, sad and broken, one she promised to care for and never abandon.::

::Arielle gasped and screamed crying. All the will left in her body was invested in this one move and she was finally sitting away from the flush of water.::

Teagan: Computer, dry air. ::After a moment or two, or maybe whole life.:: End it.

::Arielle crawled out the shower. She watched the bed, but couldn’t make herself climbing on it. She will never again lay into that one, no way.::

::Sitting on the floor still partially wet Arielle was trembling. Last evening she lowered the temperature in her quarters to make it more comfortable for Matthews and it was far too cold for her Vulcan blood. She wanted it warmer, but couldn’t talk, talking was too much of an effort. She just squeezed into fetal position on the floor and fell asleep.::

::Arielle awoke not because she slept enough, but because her body needed some warmth. At least she slept long enough to be able to rise to her feet and put some clothes on. After replicating new blanket she squeezed on the couch and slept some more.::

::Arielle awoke to alarm from the computer terminal in living room which was also set as a small office. Arielle rose and opened the important message and reading it felt a sting of pain in her stomach.::

oOWas it absolutely necessary? Poor man, I have to go and visit him.Oo

::Arielle walked to small bathroom and washed her face. The image in the mirror was so bad she figured she can’t leave the Quarters till get some work on herself. Worse, Dickens is telepathic, she had to collect herself as hard as it may be.::

::Arielle watched the bed and moved out to office sitting on the floor.::

Teagan: Computer, rise the temperature in this room for 6 degrees.

::It was hard to get into the meditative state, but thinking of her family and people who need her as a Counsellor helped her to calm enough to reach it after half an hour of attempts. Arielle was hurt, her whole body was in pain she couldn’t understand. She was hurt before, she was ill before, but this was different and seem too much to cope with.::

::She knew she needs calm point to hang on and main task of this meditation was to focus on something that will help her stay calm and close her tortured mind for those who can sense the pain if she don’t hide it.::

::Several times during meditation she felt tears fall down her cheeks, but in the end she managed to cool down and be able to calmly rise into a new tasks ahead.::

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