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[Round 18] Doctor Sampi and Lt Wulfantine 'What's the news the

LtCmdr Alexander Richards

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EDIT Title got cut off - Full title is 'What's the news then Doc?' as noted below as the post header :)

JP: Dr Sampi & Lt. W'tine: What's the news then, Doc?

((Main Sickbay, Deck 7, USS Independence-A))

::Eyas had left Z'leah (and Trebble) in the Security department and ventured to the office of Doctor Sampi for what he hoped would be a swift formality and a resupply of pills, nothing more. Entering the sickbay, he approached Doctor Sampi's office. Eyas hadn't gotten to know the Doctor very well yet but hoped the man would be as understanding and kind as Alahndra Nevarass had been. The Security Chief stood by the open doors of the office before the young chief medical officer took notice of him.::

Sampi: Yes, come in please, lieutenant.

::Charlie was sitting in his office going over PADDs when he saw Lieutenant W'tine by the doorway. The Independence's previous CMO had elected to keep the CMO's office doors open at all times. Although it was a bit unusual, Charlie decided to keep it that way. Besides, he liked not being separated from his staff as much.

Today, however, wasn't going to be the easiest of days. Today was one of the few times when Charlie would need the closed doors of the office.::

Wulfantine: Morning, sir, I've come for my appointment as agreed.

Sampi: Yes, of course. ::Charlie waved for the man to come in and then closed the office doors by remote.:: Please, have a seat.

::There was something in the man's demeanour that made Eyas think that all was not necessarily well, but he buried such assumptions and smiled warmly as he took a seat opposite the Doctor.::

Wulfantine: Thank you for seeing me today. I submitted the blood and tissue samples you asked for to the nurse yesterday.

Sampi: ::nods:: I received the report from Nurse Shah. How are you feeling, Mr. Wulfantine?

Wulfantine: Urm, yes all right. As you know, during the last few days and against orders, I have had to use the transporter to combat the saboteurs we had aboard. This coincided with my medication that Lieutenant Nevarass had formulated for me running out too. Are you able to furnish me with fresh supplies? I believe all my details should be on my medical records.

::Charlie sighed and leaned back slightly as he intertwined his fingers on his desk.::

Sampi: I'm afraid it's not that simple, lieutenant.

Wulfantine: What do you mean? Has the transporter had any further effects? Do you have the results?

::Eyas' mouth felt dry. He was quite nervous about what the Doctor had to say, although the young Pythron did his best to hide his emotions. Under the table, he gripped one hand tightly inside the other.::

Sampi: The results were of some concern to me. ::beat:: The mutation appears to be reaffirming itself.

Wulfantine: oO Oh No! Oo Did... did the transporters have an effect?

Sampi: I'm not sure yet if it was the transporter usage or the mutation's own adaptation to the medication. We would need to take some more samples and run some additional tests. Regardless, you cannot keep taking the medication.

::The security chief paused as he thought about what the doctor had just told him.::

Wulfantine: Can I not just take an increased amount of the medication? ::looking hopeful::

Sampi: There are complications with using more of the drug...

Wulfantine: But, but wouldn't that work in the same way? I mean, can't it still block the parasite?

Sampi: Yes, but at increased amounts, it will work a bit too well. Your latest scans showed signs of intracellular damage in your normal tissue. It appears that in addition to preventing the mutation from taking hold again in your cells, the medication also impairs your normal cell renewal processes. Even if you continue using the medication at your current dosage, your cells will ultimately be unable to undergo normal replication.

::Charlie paused.::

Sampi: If we increased the dosage to that necessary to counter the mutation's effects, this eventual complete impairment will occur even faster.

::Eyas gulped, now showing signs of strain.::

Wulfantine: You mean that the only cure will... kill me?

::Charlie frowned as he paused to think of the best way to comfort the man, but only the simple truth would do.::

Sampi: In short, yes.

::Eyas crunched his hands together under the desk.::

Wulfantine: So, what if I stop taking the medication?

Sampi: The cell samples taken from you earlier have already begun to change in the past few days. I suspect your entire body would follow a similar time course.

Wulfantine: What?! Only a few days at most until I change??!?!

Sampi: ...I'm sorry.

::Eyas put his head in hands for a moment, trying to compose himself. He then looked up at the Doctor, brushing his long yellow hair off his face.::

Wulfantine: And if I keep taking the medication... what will it do to me?

Sampi: Without a way for your body to replenish itself, it would begin to decay as the cells die off. It... would not be pleasant.

::Eyas bit hard on his lower lip.::

Wulfantine: How long before... it all ends?

::Charlie knew he needed to be strong for his patient, but the sadness in his eyes were too hard to get rid of.::

Sampi: ...a few months. Perhaps a bit longer with some additional cell therapy.

::Eyas was floored.::

Wulfantine: Months?! And there is no other way?

::Charlie shook his head silently.::

Wulfantine: ::whispering:: Oh, Z'leah...

Sampi: Lieutenant?

::The man seemed not to have heard the doctor's question. Instead, he had a sudden look of determination as he stood slowly.::

Wulfantine: I'll have the increased dosage of the medication now please, Doctor.

Sampi: Lieutenant, I think you need some time to fully understand the consequences. I'm afraid there's no choice here but to stop taking the drug. Your body will change, but you will be able to continue living.

Wulfantine: I understand, Doctor. I do have a choice... a long lifetime as that thing, or a few snatched weeks as myself...

Sampi: Please, Mr. Wulfantine. Sleep on it at least for one night. If you come back tomorrow determined to take the medication still, I will respect your wishes, but I need to know you've given it considerable thought.

Wulfantine: ::quietly:: I understand Sir, I will be in touch very soon.

::Charlie stood to wish the man farewell.::

Sampi: Thank you, lieutenant. Again, I'm sorry the news couldn't be better.

Wulfantine: Good bye, Sir. Thank you.

::Eyas saluted and walked out of the office. As Charlie watched, he continued looking out to where the man had left, long after the doors to the office slid shut again.::


Lieutenant Eyas Wulfantine

Chief of Security

USS Independence-A


Lt. Commander Charles Sampi

Chief Medical Officer

USS Independence-A

Edited by Ensign Alexander Richards
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