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[Round 18] Lt. Jaxson Mc Ghee and M.Capt. Isaac Green


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((USS Thunder: Marine Transporter Room))

:: The events of the last ten minutes, no... the last several hours,

were playing back in Isaac's head. The sudden transport off of the

Bajoran freighter left a lot of questions unanswered, and to be taken

so suddenly without warning, in the middle of a firefight, made things

feel unfinished. The adrenaline surge had yet to subside, and the

natural aggressiveness he felt brought his temper easily to the

surface. He realized what was happening though, and with a

considerable amount of effort he kept his desire to finish the fight

in check. ::

Green: oOWhat the hell was he thinking? What an idiot move! If he went

and got himself hurt, I'm going to kill him!Oo

:: Isaac stormed out of the transporter room, pausing momentarily in

the squad bay to shrug off his body armor and deposit his phaser rifle

in the weapons rack. Heading for transporter room one, Isaac played

the worst case scenarios over and over in his mind. He was concerned

for his friend, and the thought of seeing Jaxon injured further by

these Scarlet Brotherhood creeps made his stomach churn and his blood

boil, all at the same time. ::

:: Before he knew it, he was walking toward the door of the Thunder's

main transporter room. The doors parted as he approached and he

continued without slowing into the room. He saw Mc Ghee standing near

the control console. Isaac had a full head of steam by then, and he

allowed his momentum to carry him into his friend, knocking him

against the wall. ::

((USS Thunder, Main Transporter Room))

:: Jaxon stood checking the Thunder’s system status; the damage was

minor and teams were out already. He had heard the doors hiss part but

didn’t turn until he heard the swift steps. Seeing Isaac he was about

to greet the Marine Captain who stormed up pushing the heavy Welshman

to the wall. ::

Green: What the hell was that?

:: As he hit the wall, Jaxon curtailed the wish to shove Isaac away;

he had seen the anger in Isaac’s eyes and he didn’t want to harm their

friendship. He looked to the Transporter Chief and then met the

Marine’s eye and responded. ::

Mc Ghee: ::dryly:: Chief, you’re dismissed. :: pausing until the doors

closed, Calmly :: Improvisation, Isaac. Act or think about acting.

Green: ::Stepping back:: Those blokes are crazy! They would have

killed you and never thought about it.

Mc Ghee: :: straightening his uniform:: True, but also desperate. They

knew the game was up. Fanatical belief loses its attraction when death

is knocking at the door.

::Isaac felt the adrenaline rush start to subside, and fatigue flushed

over him. Relaxing, he allowed his voice to soften and he looked at

his friend and smiled.::

Green: You keep doing things like that, and I'll have to get you a

green uniform.

Mc Ghee: :: smirking :: Was that a job offer? No I’ll stick to the

things I do best.

Green: That was some crazy stuff, mate. Where'd you come up with that anyway?

:: Jaxon paused for a second wondering whether to tell his friend

about his earlier life. Would Isaac understand it all, all those

years? Those endless nights spent in seedy rooms, waiting for

informants. The hours he sat staring a single sensor screen while his

ship slowly sneaked across forbidden borders. The countless cloak and

dagger actions that sometimes took him a step forward or three steps

back. Isaac was a Marine, he would understand that no one was left

behind; by all things sacred, if Isaac didn’t understand, no one

would. Jaxon had almost made up his mind to confide in his friend when

another voice inside him spoke up, a voice Jaxon almost hated because

it was right far too often. oO He is also a Starfleet Marine. Oo it

warned. Jaxon turned away to avoid Isaac’s eyes for a moment. ::

Mc Ghee: :: to the wall:: I’m a lot older than I look Isaac. I’ve been

around the block often enough and thanks to my Vulcan tuition I’ve

been studying people half my life. After your team had felled so many

of those guys their moral was hardly high. In all my empty words and

fear-filled self confidence just finished a job your men started.

Green: Yeah, but crazy moves like that might keep you from getting any older.

Mc Ghee: :: considering this, quietly :: I know, buddy. It was spur

of the moment. Reacting while the mind was busy elsewhere.

Green: I'm sorry about being [...]ed off. It's just... ::Isaac paused,

dropping his gaze toward the floor:: ...I've buried too many lately.

I'm not willing to stand by and let one of my best friends become one

of them.

:: Jaxon thought briefly about Isaac’s words. It had been years since

anyone had voiced their concern over his recklessness; Deep down in

the kaleidoscope of suppressed thoughts and feelings, Jaxon knew this

was the direct result of him refusing to let anyone getting close

enough to do so. Green was somehow different in a way Jaxon couldn’t

explain and that since the first day he had met him. ::

Mc Ghee: :reassuringly:: Don’t worry, Isaac, I’ll be around for some

time yet. oO If only so that Joel can continue not talking to me. Oo

Green: ::The smile returning to his face:: You better be, [...]it. I'm

going to haunt you to make sure of it.

Mc Ghee: ::seriously:: I hope so Isaac. Someone has to cover my back

on the next mission. :: patting Green’s shoulder :: I have to get to

Engineering and get the damage report ready.

:: Jaxon was about to add ‘I’m sure you’ve things to do’ and stopped

himself just in time. He recalled the figure lying face down on the

deck-plates and Jaxon felt no envy for Isaac’s next task. ::

Green: Yeah... no rest for the wicked, right?

:: Jaxon nodded and patted Isaac’s shoulder, while turning for the

door. As they hissed aside the short heighted Engineer stopped in the

doorway. Without turning around he called back to the Marine. ::

Mc Ghee: Isaac?

Green: Yeah, Mate?

Mc Ghee: :: without turning :: Thanks.

:: Jaxon left the room without waiting for a further reply. ::

::The doors slid closed, and Isaac stood alone in the transporter

room. He was tired, and there was so much left to do. Somewhere in the

back of his mind, he remembered someone telling him he was wanted on

the bridge, so he decided that was the next place he would visit

before he sat down to write the forever dreaded letter. Putting that

out of his mind for the moment, Isaac shook his head and smiled at the

sheer bravery (or stupidity) of his friend.::

JP by

MCpt Isaac Green

Strategic Operations Officer

Duronis II Embassy/USS Thunder NCC 70605


Lieutenant Jaxon Mc Ghee

Chief Engineering Officer

USS Thunder NCC 70605

Edited by Toni
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