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"The Captains"


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I just finished a screening of The Captains and I highly recommend it. Say what you will about Shatner, the guy can conduct a hell of an interview. He draws out so much from the other actors it's pretty remarkable.

If you get a chance, definitely check it out.

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I was duly impressed watching this. It really gave you a much different look at Shatner as well. I think he kind of showed why maybe he's had the attitude that really turned a lot of people off. Avery Brooks...umm, yeah.

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Warning: Spoilers

After reading about it here, I watched it today and I downright impressed. It was intriguing to hear the actors' thoughts about their parts in the cultural phenomenon, and in the case of Avery Brooks, strings of incoherencies peppered with jazz piano.

It was almost as if Shatner acted as confessor for the other five, but particularly for Patrick Stewart and Kate Mulgrew, to get everything off their chests at last. After all, who better to open up to about how being a Star Trek captain has affected your life—both positively and negatively—than William Shatner himself? For his part, he was a great interviewer, and didn't let the actors get away with stock replies or half-answers to his questions. Because of his own experience, he and each of the five actors had a dialogue that was (to a viewer and fan) very satisfying.

I thought the most compelling parts of the documentary were the exchanges between Shatner and Patrick Stewart, especially Stewart's remark that all the years of classical theater and Shakespeare was what ultimately prepared him to play Captain Picard, and the discussion that followed. Shatner's admission that studying Stewart's career and portrayal of Picard ultimately helped him accept and embrace his own role of Kirk was surprising, and a great moment.

Equally surprising was Kate Mulgrew's admission that she let her ego dictate her actions when choosing whether to funnel her energy into her performance as Janeway or her role as a mother. Scott Bakula's interview led me to believe I underrated him as an actor, so I think I may have to rewatch Enterprise from the beginning and judge it again.

I tried so hard to give Avery Brooks the benefit of the doubt, but he seemed to be operating on a whole different plane than the rest of us. It was kind of like watching Benny Russell in the psych ward. I did notice, however, that he was listed as "Music Supervisor" in the closing credits.

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Having just recently rewatched the entire DS9 series, I felt many times that Avery went way over the top in his acting. After seeing this, I really have to wonder if over the years he poured so much of himself into his various roles that he quite literally lost himself in them and what we saw is what is left. Of course, one has to wonder if what we saw was really him, or just another act. Hmmm, something to contemplate.

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I've only seen snippets of it on YouTube, but will try and see the whole thing. I am a big fan of Shatner and will always defend him, and I'm glad to see he does his best in this.

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