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Hannibal Parker

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(( Core Breach Bar, Starbase 375 ))

It had been four years since the end of the Dominion War, but Hannibal Parker was still fighting. As a member of Starfleet's Special Operations Division, he and his team went places and did things that only an Admiral would know about. his friend and collaborator, T'Sol, sat next to him. The two had known each other almost since boot camp, and their friendship was forged during the blistering heat of endurance training on Vulcan. the two could not have been more opposite of each other. T' Sol was angular, tall, with high cheekbones, dark brown eyes, and a quiet demeanor...but he was also a computer expert and very efficient killer. Parker, on the other hand, was massive, with shaved head, bulging muscles, light brown eyes, a quick smile, and a penchant for making things go boom when needed. Parker was also possessed with an extremely bad temper, which T'Sol attempted to keep in check. Although he did not drink, he most always spent his off hours with Parker...especially after a mission, when Parker was especially in an celebratory mood...

Parker, smoking a cigar and nursing a real whiskey and T'Sol, nursing only orange juice, were seated near the rear of the bar in such a manner as to both be able to cover the door and to watch their backs. Both men never went anywhere unarmed. The bar was dark, filled with known smugglers, assasins, and other beings living on the shady side of the law. Orion slave girls, wearing tantalizing little clothing, worked their way through the crowd, dancing for credits and other favors that could be dealt with in the nearby holosuites. Parker turned to his friend, nearly shouting over the din of the music, to ask him the same question he always asked him when they visited a bar after a mission..

" Exactly how many times have you accompanied me to a bar?", Parker asked. T' Sol turned towards Parker, and in the typical Vulcan dead pan way.." Twenty four, counting tonight." Parker smiled at the Vulcan.." What has happened when we have gone to a bar together? Certainly not a whole bunch." The Vulcan raised a slight eyebrow, never losing his deadpan expression. " Hannibal...I have accompanied you twenty four times. In those twenty four times, you have engaged in physical violence twenty times, threatened violence fourty four times, and engaged in sexual activities nineteen times. Fourteen times you have ended up in the brig due to your violent encounters. Fourteen times you were released with no charges. Eight of those times I was in the brig with you." [...] Vulcan precision, Parker thought. " And you accompany me because..." " I accompany you because General Wright believes that your temper will one day prove to remove you from active duty and place you into an eascape proof penal facility...and you are my friend. I would not wish to go on an operation without your considerable and formidable skills to call upon if and when needed." For T'Sol, that was speaking volumes. Parker had no desire to remove anyone from the quadrant this night..as least not yet.

The two men continued to enjoy the ambiance of the bar...Parker having the Orion girls dance for him, and T'Sol drinking more orange juice. Parker had spied earlier a tall, muscular woman come into the bar. She had long curly blond hair, a beautifully toned body from what he could tell, and was having a drink at the bar. She didn't look like an assasin or smuggler. She didn't have that aura...she ws indeed something else. She had refused offers of drinks from others in the bar, once quite forcefully, performing a perfect wristlock and bouncing him away from the bar. To Parkr, this was a woman he had to know...a woman he had to have. T'Sol, seeing Parker lock onto the woman, knew what his friends' next move would be..

" Are you planning to engage in conversation with that woman?" T'Sol asked. " She has seemed to be quite formidable". Parker wasn't phased one bit. He was drawn to her, and the two had engaged in limited eye contact since she had arrived. " Perhaps fortune is on my side tonight", Parker said. " And I am going to find out." "At least", T'Sol said," if you are engaged in sexual activities with her, you will not be visiting violence on anyone." " True, my friend...very true"

Parker was getting ready to make his move towards the bar when the scourge of the quadrant walked in...four Nauscicans. If the galaxy did indeed have an anus, it most likely would have been these creatures. Big, loud, profane, and known to be mercenaries for anyone who will pay their price. They also had a very nasty habit of killing and maiming Starfleet personnell and taking unwanted liberties with females. T'Sol, also recognizing the possible trouble, was more alert, his eyes locking onto the four as they made their way into the bar. PArker knew that T'Sol had checked his phaser, and Parker had checked his as well. If the balloon went up, T'Sol would go into battle alongside Parker. To him, it was the logical thing to do.

The four Nausicaans bullied their way to the bar...right next to the woman he was persuing. The way things were going, he was going to have to intervene...but he somehow wanted to see how she would react to their close proximity. He and T'Sol, in a well practiced maneuver, slid their chairs back to be ready to strike if needed. The conversation in the dimly lit bar calmed down to a point that he could hear the lead Nausicaan speaking, in their customary loud and boistrous voice...

The lead thug slammed down a huge fist on the bar, staring at the barkeeper, who was used to the presence of such ill mannered beings in the establishment.." GIVE ME SAURIAN BRANDY!!!NOW YOU MISERABLE PILE OF WASTE BEFORE I TEACH YOU HOW TO BE A REAL BARTENDER!!!" The bartender moved quickly to get them a bottle of brandy each...such as the way with them. A glass simply would not do. The Nausicaan passed out the bottles to his compatriots, then laid some credits on the bar. The bartender took the money, but it was clearly not enough to pay for four bottles. He glared at the huge aliens, not wishing to be run through by a Nausican blade. The lead thug then turned his attention to the human female sitting at the bar. She showed no fear, no apprehension as the Nauscicaan moved in...

"YOOU...ARE...PREEETY...YOU WILL DRINK WITH US NOW!!" The woman made no move...in fact, gave no reaction to anything the thug said. She continued to sip her drink, even as the Nausicaans surrounded her to the point Parker could not see her. Parker stood up from his chair, and T'Sol stood up with him. No one was paying attention to them...all eyes were on the Nausicaans and the now surrounded human female.

The woman looked up at the lead Nausicaan, and without mising a beat, locked eyes with the lead tormentor, and smiled.. " I would rather drink alone than drink with the likes of you." The woman was now standing,still staring at the Nausicann.."Now go play your games elsewhere." She never raised her voice, but it was sweet but tinged with iron. Parker thought that either this woman is crazy...or knows we will back her play...or...she thinks she can take them. Parker had flipped his coat back to reveal the phaser he had strapped to his thigh...and T' Sol had his ready as well.

The lead Nausicaan was enraged by her rebuff, and he placed a hand on her shoulder.." YOOU WIIIIL DRIINK WITH US! I..INSIST!!!. The woman, with a speed that almost amazed him, planted a palm strike into the lead Nausicaans nose, then mule kicked him across the nearest table. His three compatriots, surprised at the treatment of their leader, began to move in on her..and that was when Parker and T'Sol struck. Parker slammed one in the back of the neck with his fist, while T'Sol neck pinched one of the other attackers. The female dealt with the other Nausicaan by planting a boot square between his legs, then delivering a right cross to his now lowered jaw. The lead Nausicaan, seeing what was happening to his men, pulled out a wicked looking knife withthe intent to stab Parker in the back...but T'Sol was quicker, delivering a quick blow into the Nausicaans' chest then striking him in the throat, dropping him. One remaining Nausicaan tried to stab Parker, but the big human caught the thugs' hand and kicked him in the knee, then delivered his own right cross into the jaw of the attacker. Four Nausicaans now lay on the floor with various injuries, the carnage taking place within a very small area. In fact, only one table had been overturned. Parker garabbed the woman and escorted her away from the downed thugs, while T'Sol, with his now drawn phaser, kept an eye on them as Station Security filed into the bar.

This was Parker's first opportunity to take a good look at the woman he had helped to rescue...and she was a beautiful up close as she was from across the bar. She returned his gaze as he spoke to her..." Are you hurt?" Parker said. She looked back at him,with a hint of mischief and relief." No,I'm allright. It was good fortune that you were here to save me from the bad ole Nausicaans, Starfleet. What's your name?" This caught Parker a little off guard, as he and T'Sol were in civvies and wore no Starfleet insignia. "I'm Hannibal. Hannibal Tiberious Parker. My friend over there talking to Security is T'Sol. Just how did you know we were Starfleet? And what is your name?"

The woman, who did not have to look up into Parkers' eyes too far, as she was a good six feet tall compared to Parkers six feet three.." I am Kamela.Kamela Allison. Pleased to meet you." She shook his hand, but did not leave his side. Security had taken charge of the Nausicaans, and T'Sol walked up next to them..Kamela spoke to the quiet Vulcan.." Thank you for your assistance, T'Sol. Fortune smiled on me having the two of you here. Parker, turning towards Kamela, told her.." Will fortune shine on me again, in your magnificent company?" Giving one look at T'Sol, and looking at Parker, she said," the night is still young, Mr. Parker. Paerhaps it will. T'Sol looked back at his friend, and uttered one word.."Twenty."

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