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[Round 16] JP by Lt. Jaxon Mc Ghee and MSPC Majon – Confrontations


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((RIS Bolivia - Engineering section))

::After checking with the Security team watching the visitors, Majon was satisfied that the guests were staying busy enough for him to enter the scout ship without any interference. Scans of the vessel showed no life forms on board and no obvious detection devices. As such, he decided to board the scout ship to follow the directions given to him just a short time before by his boss.::

::Starting on the bridge of the small Romulan ship, Majon examined the consoles finding that many were designed, or perhaps redesigned, for human use. The language and interface composition was one that Majon recognized from dealing with Federation cargo ships in the past. He smiled as he knew that he was on the right track and would win favor with his captain.::

::Majon took the turbolift to the Engineering section. Once inside the main room with the warp core, Majon quickly studied the console for the warp engine. His knowledge of Romulan warp cores was limited, but he knew enough to slow the scout ship. Entering in the commands for a change to the matter and anti-matter intermix ratio, he found that the security overrides were already in place. It was as if someone had made it easier for the crew to access the system. Pressing the commands for a lock down once the ratio reached ten to one, Majon effectively set an upper limit of Warp one for the scout ship once warp speed was initiated. Laughing as he turned to leave to inform Harromad of his success, Majon found himself face to face with one of Gaev’s crew.::

Majon: ::smiling:: You have a beautiful ship. How did you acquire it from the Romulans?

Mc Ghee: A gift from a Romulan Centurion. He no longer needed it. :: remaining in the doorway :: Better said he will no longer require anything. How did you get access to our ship and for what reason?

Majon: ::smiling:: Sounds like he's no longer with us. I was just curious about what the inside of Gaev's ship looked like. I've never seen a Romulan scout ship before.

:: Mc Ghee considered his options. The fact that the man was aboard could well mean that their cover was blown. Maybe he had been sent to tamper with the systems, either way he couldn’t let the man leave unchallenged. However a confrontation might just mean that Jaxon blew their cover. ::

Mc Ghee: Gaev will not be pleased to hear of this. Can you give me a reason not to inform him?

Majon: ::casually:: You may tell him, if you wish. Orions are curious people, especially about things we've never seen before. It's part of the reason we are such good traders.

Mc Ghee: ::Considering this :: Very well, please leave. I am here to retrieve a gift from Gaev for your boss. :: Standing aside. ::

Majon: ::arrogantly:: Perhaps you'll give me a complete tour after our bosses have spoken. I'll make sure to speak with mine also.

:: After the man had left and the door had hissed shut, Jaxon rushed to the console the Orion had just stood at. With a few key strokes he drew up the last commands to be entered, better said saw that entries had been erased. Without hesitation the chief turned and accessed the security screen to his left. Fingers flying over the panel, he activated a subroutine of the program his technicians had written for him. He smiled as he saw that the lock down was in place. ::

::Pausing outside of the door to the Engineering section, Majon waited for a moment to see if the Laudean would exit to contact Gaev. Seconds turned to a full minute, and Majon stepped to the door causing it to open. Seeing the Laudean at the same console where Majon had made changes to the warp core intermix ratio, Majon wasted no time in rushing the man who was of similar height but heavier build. With the handle to the five inch knife in his right hand, Majon closed the distance between the two competitors and lunged with the knife. His opponent sensed his attack and moved to the side, but not before Majon's blade cut across his opponent's middle section of his back and along his right side. When the Laudean turned, it appeared that he too was ready for combat.::

:: Mc Ghee heard footstep’s and turned, crying out in surprise as searing pain burned, blossoming from his lower right side; had the attack been dealt higher then it would have no doubt be warded off through the concealed blades. The chief’s reaction was hardly coordinated, his swinging arm missing his opponent who easily jumped back and out of Jaxon’s reach. Seeing the large blade Jaxon instinctually dodged around the console to bring space between him and his aggressor. Backing away he saw he was trapped and the only exit was past the armed man. ::

:: It appeared that the Syndicate man was aware of this and didn’t want to press home his advantage. Jaxon took the moment to quickly feel his side and questing fingers found blood, warm and sticky flowing freely from a deep wound. The initial shock passing, he felt the flood of adrenaline in his system. His years of training kicked in and Jaxon’s hands disappeared behind his back. The two curved blades slipped silently out of the sheaves, both only half an inch wide and some 9 inches long. The weapons curved along the underside of his forearms, a fact that made it difficult for the opponent to follow their movement. Jaxon breathed in deeply, taking up a fighting stance with both blades held in clenched fists. ::

:: He could have just drawn his disruptor, but Jaxon wasn’t going to make it so easy on him. The man had attacked him sneakily from behind and the fact infuriated him. Jaxon felt his anger rising, anger he otherwise constantly kept in check. Against his normal demeanour didn’t try and suppress it. The man would pay for catching him off guard; This was personal. ::

:: Majon looked at the young Laudean man with a sneer; as if he was impressed by the two curved blades. He himself had been wielding a knife for over 2 decades and this young pup thinks he stands a chance; he’ll first realize his mistake when he was lying in own blood. ::

:: The two men circled each other slowly, looking for an opening. They exchanged a few attacks, testing each others abilities. Mc Ghee’s side ached and he felt his blood slowly running down his back. Parrying another attack, Mc Ghee swiveled away to the left, clumsily feigning a punch with the curved blade in his fist. The Orion man reacted as Jaxon hoped by simply leaning back to avoid the blow and on the Chief’s face a dreadful smile of satisfaction formed as he saw the man’s mistake. Still in flight he changed the position of his clenched fist a little as it zipped past the Orion’s face. Jaxon’s knife followed the punch like a comets trail, only sharper and the blade glided over his enemy’s cheek. ::

:: While jumping back as his opponent cried out, Jaxon watched the lighter man stagger a few steps, swearing heavily. Majon couldn’t believe it! Where the hell had that blade come from? He looked at his blood covered hand, and then back at the young man, his eyes flashing angrily. He would pay for this audacity! ::

Jaxon: ::nodding to his own wound:: Now we’re even.

:: Majon cried loudly as, knife raised, he charged Jaxon, swinging his weapon powerfully. Jaxon raised his left hand, deflecting the oncoming blade with his own. The Engineer tried to bring up his right hand to pull his knife over the Orion’s exposed back, but his opponent spun to the left and using the momentum from the counter attack, bringing his right elbow round, aiming for the Welshman’s neck. The Engineer foresaw the tactic and intentionally reacted too slow to fake inexperience. His opponent however was a lot more agile then he had anticipated and the blow knocked the heavy Engineer down and for a moment Mc Ghee saw stars. Majon pressed home his advantage, lunging onto the fallen Engineer. Metal clashed as Jaxon brought up both weapons to stop Majon’s deadly attack. ::

:: Majon lay on his opponent trying to drive his knife home. He found the young man was surprisingly stronger than he had expected and his blow didn’t seem to have affected the Laudean as much as he had hoped. These people must be tougher. Jaxon’s own weapons were locked with the Orion’s blade that was aimed at his chest and Majon was trying to get up to be able to bring his weight into the effort of driving his blade home. ::

:: As Majon managed to bring his bodyweight to bare, his blade slowly inched its way down. The Welshman let out an angry cry as the silver metal continued its lethargic descent. Jaxon’s arms and shoulders began to burn with the strain, while Majon, panting with effort, clumsily tried to gain more balance to be able to lean fully onto his blade. Jaxon screamed in a kaleidoscope of fury, effort, adrenalin and fear. ::

:: With both men locked in a battle of strength, it was obvious that the Chief was slowly losing. Jaxon closed his eyes, threw back his head, and uttered something unpronounceable as he called on his final reserves of strength, managing to push the blade back a few inches. Anger and fear did their work and Jaxon kicked with his feet trying to upset the Orion’s already weak balance. While the man struggled to remain upright, Jaxon brought up his knee, striking the half standing man in the small of the back. Falling forwards with a surprised cry, Majon toppled over his adversaries right shoulder. The Engineer felt the knife glance into the flesh of his shoulder and he cried out in pain as his competitor fell nosily behind him. ::

:: Ignoring the new waves of pain that now spread out from the new wound, Jaxon grit his teeth, arched his back and flipped back onto his feet. The close call had again sent a flood of adrenalin through his system and he turned angrily on the Orion who was already coming, his knife raised and calling for murder as he ran. Metal clashed as both men, driven by fury, desperately tired to bring their blades to bear. ::

:: Majon was finding his opponent’s technique difficult to follow. The Laudean male definitely had an advantage in having two weapons; The younger man’s fists were free to deliver blows and with a simple twist of his wrists he could easily bring the deadly blades into the fray to either attack himself or to ward one off. At first he thought the man was inexperienced, but no one could have this much luck! He dodged and ducked and his blasted blades constantly fended of his attempts to wound him. The Orion knew he was faster, but this young [...] didn’t need to be fast as he had a second weapon to defend himself with. He fended off an oncoming blade only to be hit by elbow that sent him reeling. ::

:: Jaxon watched the man reel, stumbling back a few metres as he tried to find his balance. The blow had his opponent’s senses momentarily phased and Jaxon took the opportunity to change tactics. Tossing his left blade upwards, he caught it neatly after it had spun 180 degrees; it now curved over the top of his forearm and provided him with a makeshift shield. Seeing the Orion gaining his balance, Jaxon spread both hands away from himself and charged the furious man. Falling into a crouch with a left sided swirl he ducked the under the man’s arm as he made a wild, powerful swing. In a pirouette Jaxon spun on the spot, rising from his crouch and intending to slash the man’s exposed back. Majon however used his continued momentum and turning fast he brought his blade down over the Engineer’s exposed arm. ::

:: Metal screamed as the Orion’s blade glided over the Terran’s until it hit the hilt with a sharp click. As Majon realized that his opponent had switched position of his weapon, he saw the movement and tried to react, however it was too late. The man’s right knife connected with his own, sandwiching it stuck. He pulled hard but his opponents didn’t give by, instead pulling the trapped blades to himself while driving him back against the wall. ::

:: Both men were again locked in a battle of strength and luck was not on Majon’s side as Jaxon could now bring his considerable body strength into the battle. There was hard thud as the Orion hit the wall and he felt the Laudean press his arms against his chest. Both men were breathing hard as they struggled and Majon down into the golden eyes, and saw the hatred pictured there. Had he really underestimated the man? ::

:: Jaxon felt the his enemy’s free hand scrabbling on his arm trying to push it back and the Chief stemmed him self against the wall, tying to press the air out of his lungs. The man leant his head back and with a sharp crack dealt the Engineer a head butt. His head ringing, Jaxon grit his teeth as stars danced before his eyes while his mind seemed to explode. He felt the blood running from a gash over his brow and saw the man incline his head to deal another blow. Grunting angrily Jaxon renewed his efforts, pushing the man up the wall while he braced arms to twist the blades he was holding. ::

:: Majon felt the air being pressed from his lungs while his feet slowly left the floor. Realizing he stood moments from certain defeat, he reached to the side and gripped the man’s wound hard. The Laudean’s scream was satisfying and he felt a sharp jolt as the man arched his body to get away. Coughing as he filled his lungs with air again, he adjusted his weapon and made after his staggering foe, snarling angrily. ::

:: The lieutenant stumbled away; his right side burned the full length of his torso. Jaxon saw the man straighten himself and Jaxon did his best to blind out the pain. He dodged the initial thrust from the Orion feeling a new wave of anger heightening within him. The man didn’t fight fair; there were unwritten rules, a codex. Jaxon followed this as best he could and was proud of that, it showed respect towards your enemy. It seemed that this man wasn’t even worth that. ::

:: His anger gave Jaxon new fuel to power his attacks; he was alone, injured and fighting for his life. He had experienced this before and back then the idea that he might leave his son alone forever made him furious. Inside his head he saw nothing but a red swirl of rage and contempt that kept growing; the Vulcan inside him, never too far away, had awoken. ::

:: The speed of the fight became extreme, both men grunting and snarling while the blades flashed. Mere moments passed before Majon felt the burning touch of steel over his abdomen. Even though he cried out in pain and rage, he still spun to the left, bringing up his left arm to protect his body so he could attack himself. While he felt the Laudean man’s knife slice along the arm he had sacrificed, he used his turning momentum to make a swing for his opponent’s chest. ::

:: The enraged Chief brought his right blade neatly over the left arm of his adversary, raising his own left to fend off the man’s fast moving swing. The angle of his back-held blade was to shallow and the Orion’s weapon glanced off. Jaxon knew what was coming and tried to lean back and to the right to lessen the damage. Due to the tension in his left wrist, his own knife sprung up cutting into the man’s passing triceps as their blades parted. While Majon screamed, his outstretched hand drove his knife over Jaxon’s chest who winced through gritted teeth as the blade sliced through the muscle. The Engineer called on his failing right arm, raising it and swiftly pulling the weapon over the bicep of the already injured arm. While Majon howled, Jaxon drove himself fore practically running the lighter man off his feet, before shoving him away violently, his weapon clattering away. While the man cried out, clutching his wounded arm, Jaxon heard a sound behind him. Not again! No sneaking up from behind!. ::

:: With a furious scream of anger, Jaxon turned on the newcomer bringing both blades round and with powerful swings. His actions were still being dictated by the white hot, mindless fury, while his sub consciousness gave new orders. The two steel blades halted and Jaxon stopped, standing there, his broad shoulders rising and falling as he panted in exhaustion. His anger subdued a little as he saw the familiar face of Chip Bolden standing in the doorway in obvious pain.::


JP by

Lieutenant Jaxon Mc Ghee

Chief Engineering Officer

USS Thunder NCC 70605


MSPC Majon

Orion Lieutenant

Bajoran freighter Pah Krel

as simmed by

Lieutenant Commander Miles Unum

Second Officer

Duronis II Federation Embassy

USS Thunder, NCC-70605

Edited by Toni
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