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[Round 15] Lt. JG Ashely Yael and Commander Tallis Rhul


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((RIS Bolivia - Yael's temporary quarters))

::With the unfortunate business of the needless clash with Mc Ghee behind him, Tallis set his sights on the man who he was intent on talking to. Noticing that Saveron was lying on one of the bunks and still thinking clearly enough to know that it would be amiss to ask him to move out when he was trying to get some rest, Tallis swallowed his anger as best he could in an attempt to make amends for the recent disturbance.::

Tallis: Sorry to disturb you, Doctor...

::Although his expression soon dropped once again when he turned back towards the room's other occupant.::

Tallis: ...Counsellor, you're with me.

::He turned his back and made for the door before Yael could respond, leaving him with the expectation that he would follow. Waiting just outside the door, he fought to keep from pacing as he waited for the counsellor to emerge.::

::At that order, Ashley had shrunk somewhat, not wanting to face the music... especially after the altercation between Tallis and Jaxon. The Commander was angry. Not just displeased, but visibly, reactionarilly ANGRY. The fight between them had been completely unnecessary, and now he was left alone in

Tallis's sights. ::

::But he pushed up and tried to ignore the dizzy wave at the sudden motion, moving out the door and finding the rather irate Bajoran in the corridor. The door shut behind him, and he couldn't help looking to it as if it might impede his necessary escape from a mauling. ::

Yael: Commander, I...

::Ashley bit back the rest of whatever he might have had to say, instead allowing Tallis to move forward with what he clearly needed to say. His hands took up residence together behind his back, as they would naturally, but this time more as a defensive reaction. He may look like [...] and already be in the deep, but he still didn't want his tremor showing off. ::

Tallis: You what? Were you about to apologize for the level of danger that we're all in just through your being here? Was that it?

::The first sign that Tallis was, if possible, even angrier now than he thought was that just the sound of Yael's attempt at an explanation had lit the blue touch paper. Stopping at that point was a struggle, but even in this state he knew how important it was to keep control of himself.::

:: A deeper worry bloomed, but Ashley couldn't for the life of him see what Tallis meant byy that. How could his being here make this mission *more* dangerous? Wasn't it just as dangerous as it was, no matter his personal condition? But he wasn't about to question the comment. Recovery. It was all

in the recovery. ::

Yael: I understand your angry, sir, but I...

Tallis: No, that's just the trouble. You don't understand, and even with all of your qualifications in psychology and counselling, I'm riding at one hundred per cent confident that you couldn't even put your finger on exactly what has me contemplating ordering you to climb into an escape pod and shoot yourself off back to the Thunder...

::The corridor, although empty, was certainly not the place for the rest of the discussion. Giving the control panel on the neighbouring set of quarters the same tender, loving approach that the Counsellor's had received moments earlier, Tallis strode inside the empty room and leaned against the back wall, arms folded. Only once Yael was inside and the door was shut did he continue.::

::The prospect of a ride in an escape pod was simultaneously terrifying and desirable, spurring him quickly into the room behind Tallis. ::

Tallis: Do you have any idea at all of the mess we're in now? Do you?

::The heavy silence made Ashley's choice of words seem inadequate, no matter how carefully he chose them. His response was unsure, almost too quiet.::

Yael: I'm... not sure how my being here now makes things any more complicated than it seemed before, sir...

Tallis: Let me explain. We're in enemy territory. We were in over our heads on this mission before we even left the Thunder, and we now have a member of our crew who's now completely reliant on whatever [...]tail of medication that Saveron has put together to stop from crawling into a bottle of Romulan ale? Do you even understand that we might not all make it back to the Thunder at the end of this?

Yael: That was stressed at yesterdays staff meeting... I was aware of the risk, sir.

::The response wasn't snarky at all, more just confirmation that he did understand, that he had understood, when the mission was set before them for volunteers. Yesterday, Tallis had seemed glad he'd volunteered. Now... he was considering a forcible ejection via escape pod. ::

:: His worst nightmare, unfolding before him. Had he lost everything? ::

::Maybe Tallis was being unfair. Maybe being on the end of a dressing down wouldn't be enough to get through to him. Maybe this was one problem that didn't have a quick fix, but either way, there was a report due, and a decision would have to be made about Yael's participation in the mission. A lot of that rode on what the counsellor had to say for himself in the next few minutes.::

Tallis: Then let me open your eyes to something else that you may or may not be aware of. There's someone else who's got some explaining to do now, and that's the man who cleared you to come on this mission in the first place.

:: Was that why the Commander was so furious? Ashley hadn't thought it was nearly that big a deal, that Saveron could get in trouble. Purple eyes widened as the connection was made... Saveron had made a mistake? A few precious words in that gravely honest, monotone voice came back to him, from only moments ago.::

Saveron: I let you go because it was what you wanted.

::There was a certain amount of horror that came with the realization. Saveron hadn't made a medically professional decision... he'd made the decision because they were *close.* Saveron had made the decision he thought Ashley would *want,* and not necessarily the decision he found medically professional. ::

::Recovery. It wasn't about him. He was more certain as he replied now, as he had to make it clear to Tallis. He had to do a mental flip-flop amid his continuously ill state to quickly find the right words. ::

Yael: It wasn't his fault... it wasn't. I asked him to let me come. I told him I was capable of completing my duties.

::He would admit to manipulating Saveron through their friendship if he had to.::

Tallis: Well, I'd say his defence is out of my hands, being as the captain has already asked for a report from both of us explaining why she's only finding out about this now.

::Whether or not Tallis's position was defensible in Toni's eyes was irrelevant for the time being. The point was that he shouldn't be having to consider it. Temporarily running out of steam, Rhul finally allowed Ashley a chance to speak.::

Yael: There might be something to mention of medical privacy rights...

:: This was said with the utmost care, even pleading. It might not account for much, but it's something he thought he still had, even on an away mission. Clearly he'd mistaken just how wrong he was in this case. He'd gotten Saveron in trouble. It sounded as if Tallis was in trouble, and that the mission had been jeopardized... the way Tallis put it convinced him he'd condemned them all to lengthy and painful dooms, all through his selfish desire to follow through on his volunteered duty and his denial of his medical complications. As if he would be so necessary to a mission...::

::When had he become so selfish? ::

Yael: I have no excuse. My personal choices have been found... wanting. But you have to know I'd never do anything I thought would bring harm to others. I'm just... I'm not... can you expect me to be perfect all the time? ::ouch.:: I wouldn't endanger the mission... but I had already volunteered. I didn't even consider *not* coming, and only wanted to complete my assigned duty. You said yesterday you might...

::He struggled here, to justify himself. Did he dare use Tallis's own words to attempt and explain his presence here now, or would it simply incite more of

his CO's rage? ::

Yael: ... you said you might need my observational skills... sir...

:: Ashley droned off, recalling Tallis's words the day prior. "I can't think of anyone better to be taking along with us. If there's one thing I've learned since I've met you, it's that you're the best person we have at reading the things that people don't say." But it hardly seemed pointed now, in that Tallis made clear he was not what he expected. ::

Tallis: ::Starting to calm down:: I could go on forever about how irresponsible you've been, but you'll learn that lesson in the immediate future, either through your treatment or through whatever the captain decides to do with all of this. Between you, me and Saveron, there have been some abysmal decisions made over the last few months, and each one of us will have to answer for them.

::The phrase "you more than either of us" didn't needed to be added for its meaning to be clear.::

Yael: Understood, sir.

Tallis: And to answer an earlier question, what makes me the most angry about all of this ::the word "angry" was uttered through clenched teeth:: isn't that it happened in the first place, we all have our own flaws and demons, it isn't that you've already caused one conflict between me and Saveron, with some more unpleasant conversations on the horizon. It's not even how sorry I feel that you're going through all of this right now. ::He paused, regret finding its way into his voice when he next spoke.:: It's that I trusted and respected you. I can't put into words how disappointed I am that we're in this situation. All of us. That makes me angriest of all.

::If one's heart could stop by verbal decimation alone, his would have. "I trusted and respected you." Past tense. And sounding rather permanent. ::

::He'd destroyed everything. ::

::There was nothing left to say, except... ::

Yael: Yes, sir.

Tallis: Now if you'll excuse me, I'm needed on the bridge. I believe I have a report to write.

Yael: Aye, sir.

::Rising from his chair, his wrath drained from his system, Tallis found it replaced by regret, and concern. He still respected Ashley, in spite of everything, and while he still felt his words had needed to be said, he wasn't so heartless as to leave the counsellor without a straw to clutch at.::

::As it was, even as Tallis began to move away, Ashley did no more than breathe, and even then only shallowly at that. ::

Tallis: You're a good counsellor Ashley Yael, and what I said to you in sickbay before we left is still true. I suggest you get yourself together and report to the captain. She has the last word on whether or not you're still joining us.

Yael: ::mechanically:: Yes, sir.

::The automated thrum of the door and Tallis's exit brought the conversation to rest. ::


A JP by

Lieutenant (j.g.) Ashely Yael


Federation Embassy Duronis II

USS Thunder NCC-70605


Commander Tallis Rhul

First Officer

Federation Embassy Duronis II

USS Thunder NCC-70605

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