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[Round 14] Ensign Blake, SO, Mediplex, "Shore Leave"

Nathan Baker

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(( Mediplex ))

Herrera: Alright, so now that's all sorted I guess you have nothing to worry about for the day, right?

Blake: No. I have a list of things to worry about actually. Being chained to Parker is number four, this "event" number three, Marloy being on board number two, and-

::She cut off there.::

Herrera: ::Insistently:: And?

::Sky pulled up the sleeve of her shirt to show the scar that she had already shown him.::

Blake: The inflictor is now aboard the ship. And he intends to cause as much damage as possible. That's my number one worry. Aperon.

::Diego looked down at the scar, and then back up at Sky.::

Herrera: So I take it you've seen him.

Blake: Ha. Seen him . . .

Herrera: Did he threaten you?

Blake: He did more than just threaten me. ::The slight ache in her cheek where Cynthia had healed proved that. Sky probably had a bruised shoulder as well due to hitting the bulkhead where Aperon pushed her side-on.::

Herrera: It's important that you remember that you're in Starfleet, and there are rules. ::He held up his hands before she could interject.:: They govern him as well as you. He can't go round threatening people. This is the USS Challenger, not some Nausicaan pirate scow. If he threatened you, and you have witnesses, then you need to take this to Parker. As much as you two hate the sight of each other, Parker can't ignore something like that. This 'Aperon' or whatever his name is would probably end up on report, at least.

Blake: Parker would be glad to see me get beat up by someone I know quite well. Actually, half of the senior staff would love it, and that includes the Captain.

Herrera: Why don't you sit down for a second? I'll get a dermal regenerator, and we can say goodbye to that scar.

Blake: That won’t do much.::Regardless of what she said, she did as she was asked.::

Herrera: ::Taking care to keep his tone casual so as not to make this into the big deal it potentially could be.:: Who knows, if Aperon sees you with the scar missing, then maybe that would send him a clear message that you don't intend to be pushed around by him anymore? It's the sort of message he can't do anything about. Any member of the crew reserves the right to have a scar removed, if they want...

Blake: It’s not just that. Aperon . . . Aperon will . . . ::She couldn’t sum it up properly in a way that was “simple”, so she cut straight to the memory.:: When I was in High School, Bailey and I weren’t the only Brekkian hybrids. There were three others. Two of them, Hayra and Cestra, were twins while Jesse was a single child like myself. At that point in time, the students who would have protected us from Aperon had left school. Not because they wanted to, because they really would have done everything they could to protect us, but because they had to. Aperon had gathered crowds, making them think that hybrids weren’t meant to exist. The injuries that were inflicted on us five were . . . cruel. My mentor, Marloy, he wasn’t able to come and protect us anymore either; he was banned from the school grounds, so the only thing he could do is help heal us when we returned to him afterwards. Aperon had absolutely nothing stopping him to try and kill us.

Well, one day, Hayra and Cestra went missing. It had the three of us worried, and I mean it. Marloy was also uncertain. But about a week after their disappearance, they were found dead in Kekorna’s forest. There was a lack of blood, and apparently they were strangled to finally kill them.

Herrera: Response?

Blake: The most suspicious thing about it was that Aperon went missing the same day for three days. Regardless of nearly everything pointing to him, he managed to walk away, because he was such the good student.

Herrera: Response?

Blake: You know how you asked me if he threatened me? Yeah, he attacked me out in the open outside the Mess Hall. Sure, Bailey encouraged it, but if you waited fifteen years to try and inflict a broken arm and nose on the person who did a heap more than that to you, you would have done the same thing.

::Sky’s real fear was Aperon trying to attack her in her sleep, where she would be powerless against him. It scared her badly. Just thinking of what he might try to do to her in the next few days – trying to work out how he might hurt her. She might not be able to sleep for another three days, regardless of the fact that she needed it. It took her a few seconds to work out that there was tears running down her cheeks.::

Herrera: Response?

Blake: No. But I suppose I have to manage. Parker is going to try to give me hell, so I have to be in a mood where I can *not* slice his neck with a knife. But with him stuck with me for the next eight hours, I should be safe. It’s the night that I’m worried about; if Aperon managed to join as an Enlisted officer than he’s bound to work out how to open a locked door from the outside. Aperon doesn’t follow the rules. He cheats . . . *all the time*. He doesn’t care if there’s a bruise on his reputation.

Herrera: Response?

Blake: He isn’t here for StarFleet. ::She jumped off the biobed.:: He’s here for either me, or Bailey and his family. And that’s what concerns me. Bailey’s daughter is *quarter* Brekkian, so she just might be the start to all this.

Herrera: Response?

::Considering that Sky *was* just scared, she took one look at Diego and then at the door.:: Blake: I’ll see you soon – hopefully not *too* soon.

Herrera: Response?

((Outside Mediplex))

::Now, you’d think that with all that worrying, Sky would keep a look out for Aperon’s thoughts. Well, guess again.::

::A hand reached out and grabbed her by the neck. Slowly, it’s grip got tighter on her, and she began to lose the ability to breath. She looked up into the hard brown eyes of Aperon, struggling to even get a small gasp of breath in. Sky would have tapped her comm. Badge – that’s if she hadn’t given it to Tom to make sure that Mando and Parker wouldn’t find her in a hurry. Now she wished that they *did* find her in a hurry, because Aperon wasn’t playing the normal fair-fight game.::

::Sky slid her hand on his wrist, and pressed her thumb into his skin so that it would move past the bone and into the muscle behind it. When he finally let go, Sky took the advantage of the extra time; she quickly breathed, and then punched him – again, in the nose.::

Blake: Haven’t you had enough!? ::She spat.:: Why!? What the hell did I ever do to you!?!

Aperon: Exist.

::He flung himself at her, but Sky didn’t realize that he had a dagger in his hand until it pierced her chest. It stopped her right in her tracks. Aperon pulled it out slowly, more pain adding to the list.::

Aperon: Right in the heart, Skyleena. No blade to stop most of the bleeding.

::Sky fell to the deck underneath her.:: Blake: The-the only thing I . . . care about right now . . . is you . . . hurting . . . others. ::She gasped.::

::Aperon seemed to take joy in that, and his foot collided with Sky’s arm. Sky had to bite her lip in order to stop herself from screaming – he had snapped it, and when someone snaps a Brekkians arm, it takes a *long* time for that arm to heal.::

::But, unusually, a cat strutted itself in between Aperon’s legs. Aperon kicked it away, until it snarled and clawed his leg.:: Aperon: AHHH!! Get off me you mongrel!

Marloy: Excuse me, but I think that’s my cat.

::That’s when Sky’s eyes closed.::

Tbc . . .

Ensign Skyleena Blake


USS Challenger-A

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