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[Round 14] Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar, AC, Sickbay, "Between a Rock and

Nathan Baker

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((Outside Sickbay, 1623 hours, Beta shift))

Medic: Move aside sir. I'll take over.

::Tal moved aside and stood up. His glance showed that a number of the intruders were quickly reaching a more revealing state and that most of the injured crewmembers were either gone from the corridor or were being assisted by either other crewmembers or by medical staff.::

::Tal tapped his comms badge and started to speak.::

Tel-ar: =/\= Computer make this a ship wide broadcast. =/\=

Computer: =/\= Proceed. =/\=

Tel-ar: =/\= This is Cmdr. Tel-ar. I need a situation report from every department head in 10 minutes. If any one has any information they think is important then contact your department head and report it now. All security and marines will continue to remain active until otherwise informed. Tel-ar out. =/\=

::Tal then turned and walked over to the entrance to sickbay where he entered to see just what the butchers bill on this engagement was going to be. As he did his comms badge chirped again. With out thinking Tal activated it. ::

Parker: =/\= Parker to Captain Tel-ar=/\=

Tel-ar: =/\= Proceed Lt. =/\=

Parker: =/\= We are modulating the shields to slow them being able to transport through them. The shrouds look very similar to what the Jem Haddar used, so I've got Engineering to build me a SLUG to detect subspace fields within the hull. Once it's activated, their shrouds will no longer be effective and we will get positive locks on their locations. They have spilled enough of our blood, now it's time to spill much more of theirs.=/\=.

Tel-ar: =/\= While I may agree with the sentiment I need live subjects if we are ever going to extract information from them. Make ever effort to contain and detain as many of them as possible Lt. ::Tal paused for a moment. His antenna were twitching. The smells were confusing and all the screams of pain, moans of agony and whimpers of fear were messing up his enhanced senses. Then he continued.:: How long till your ready to proceed? =/\=

Parker: =/\= It should be ready and installed in ten minutes Captain. Chief Martinez is assisting Ensigns Walker and Zell in the installation. I'm heading back up to Medical to await our guests, unless you have other orders for me, Sir. =/\=

Tel-ar: =/\= No. Not at this time. ::Again Tal paused as he overheard one of the medics pronounce the young man he had been attempting to revive with CPR as dead. So much blood was exposed that it was almost the only thing he could smell.:: Just continue with your efforts Lt. =/\=

Parker:=/\= Aye Sir. Parker out.=/\=

::Tal glanced down the corridor. It was as bad as he had ever seen. With out realizing it he shook his head and turned towards the main entrance to sickbay.::

::Just as he was about to approach the door close enough for the sensor to detect him and open, a medic with a wounded security officer weaved into his path. Tal stopped just in time to avoid bumping into them.::


::The main doors to sickbay exploded leaving a massive hole in the center large enough for someone to walk through. The blast struck the medic and wounded man first, driving them backwards into Tal who also went flying backwards into the wall. ::

::His head was ringing and his body hurt. His side was throbbing and when he tried to move Tal felt a strange sense of unreality to the attempt.::

::Tal shook his head carefully and found blue blood was running down his face. He was also pinned under the two crewmen who had been just in front of him.::

::It took him a few moments to push them aside. He had started to do so carefully until he noticed that the medic was missing half his head. The security officer was also dead.::

::Once Tal had shifted them aside he tried to stand. His balance was shot. With a sudden brief sense of panic Tal lifted one hand up to touch his antenna. One was OK but the other one was half missing. That explained the loss of balance and weird sensation he was feeling as he tried to move.::

::Still he had a ship to run. A crew to care for and a mission that he was determined to finish. So he gritted his teeth and forced himself to stand. It was harder than he had expected. Now to walk.::

::Tal took short careful steps. Both to make sure he did not fall over but to also make sure he did not step on anything that might cause him to fall over as well. ::

::It seemed to take forever for him to reach and enter the gaping hole in what had use to be the main sickbay doors. He had to grab on with both hands in order to be able to step through the hole.::

::Once inside he heard a female suddenly scream. A glance around the wildly spinning and wobbling room showed a number of people staring at him. He managed to look down with out falling over.::

::What he saw explained a lot. He was covered in red blood. Simply plastered with it. Here and there a thin line of blue, his own blood slid down his body to mingle and mix with the red.::

::Then he spotted the jagged white object sticking out of his side. For a moment he did not realize what it was. Then he recognized it. It was a large thick piece of bone shattered to the point it was barely recognizable. ::

::That did not make any sense. Both arms and legs were working ok, if a little unsteady. From the size of that bone it had to be a leg or arm… the two crewmen in front of him. It had to be one of theirs.::

::Suddenly someone was holding his arm and talking to him.::

Someone: respond



Cmdr. Tal Tel-ar

Acting Captain

USS Challenger-A

Edited by Nathan Baker
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