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[Round 13] Lt.(JG) Saveron & Lt.(JG) Ashley Yael-Cruel to be Kind


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((USS Thunder, Sickbay))

::Tindall was out cold in the HDU bay - not because he was a High Dependency patient but because it was somewhere separate where the lighting could be dimmed without affecting the rest of Sickbay - recovering from his encounter with the effects of the Laudean suns and Saveron was in the CMO's office going through readiness reports when a figure appeared in the doorway.

Saveron: ::Looking up.:: Counsellor Yael. Your timing is exact. ::And he knew this without having to glance at a chronometer.::

:: Ashley smiled down at his Vulcan friend, recalling his sudden dash to make the appointment only minutes before. He had been reviewing the cases of the women who had been rescued from Gaev's clutches days ago, and had managed to lose track of time. In fact he'd been about to nod off at his desk, having rushed from the disasters on planet to the Thunder to more evaluations for the women, to his evaluation now. ::

:: But he felt physically stronger and no longer needed the neuro-muscular supports, so was confident in "flying colors," so to speak. ::

Yael: Doctor, good to see you.

Saveron: Please sit. Computer, privacy lock on the CMO's office.

Yael: ::sitting as requested, making conversation:: You've been kept busy. Did I hear right that Mr. Tindall was under medical care? May I ask if he's alright?

:: He hadn't seen Willie, but the rumor train was well oiled among this crew. ::

Saveron: He will made a full recovery. ::The Vulcan said simply. Then, after a moment's thought:: This is his third self-inflicted injury in the last four months.

Yael: I see. ::pausing:: Stubborn man, that one. Perhaps you should send him to me once he's cured.

:: It was less a request than a professional suggestion. Tindall had injured himself several times recently, surely not always due to his own means... but to his own *lack* of care for himself. It may be time to set some new boundaries for him, psychologically speaking. ::

Saveron: That is a logical suggestion. I will make that recommendation to him.

Yael: Did Saavok remain on Duronis?

:: Partially catching up and making conversation, Ashley was expert at misdirection. Not that he could pull that on Saveron for more than a moment, the man was too sharp for that. Still, it was good to home ones skills when presented with a crafty opponent. ::

Saveron: Affirmative. He is staying at the Ambassador's residence with Vee Turner and Jamie Felton. ::The Vulcan was normally amenable to talking about his family but he was aware that Yael was stalling him.:: I would enquire as to how your recovery is progressing. ::He said, before Yael could ask another question.::

Yael: I've felt quite well. I no longer need the neuro-mobility aids, as you can see. ::from the lack of his wearing them:: There is some shakiness, but it seems to have returned to what I would have called "normal" from before the incident on the shuttle. Consider me pleasantly surprised.

::Saveron was not pleasantly surprised, indeed the length of time required for Yael's recovery was somewhat excessive given his normally mild symptoms.::

Saveron: Will you permit a scan and a blood sample?

Yael: Yes, of course.

::Steeping around his desk, Saveron applied the sampler to Ashley's neck for a moment, then placed it into the analyser socket in the wall, where it would discharge the blood for testing. The he scanned the Counsellor comprehensively with his tricorder before returning to his seat and docking the device.::

::The results began to scroll down his screen, and Saveron read the numbers with the ease of long practice, before lacing his fingers together and regarding Ashley over the top of them.::

Saveron: I think Ashley that I now understand why you were 'pleasantly surprised' with your recovery. Given your less than optimal physical state it could have taken much longer. oO Or not happened at all.Oo

Yael: I'm… sorry, Saveron?

:: It was more a sudden shock than perhaps it should have been, but the Denobulan suddenly felt quite similar to when Tallis had given him a dressing down for missing a drill months before, and for the same issue… the drinking, at least. Trapped uncertainty, and a loss of words. It wasn't often he was unable to find his words, but the "I'm in trouble" moment did just that to him now. ::

Saveron: Your results indicate that you are still neglecting correct nutrition and consuming excessive quantities of ethanol. Your physical state has deteriorated and you currently have traces of the substance in your circulating indicating an ingestion within the last eight hours.

::Grey eyes met purple with a lack of expression, yet there was an air of a trust betrayed.::

Saveron: I find it... personally disagreeable Ashley, that you have not managed to improve your lifestyle, to your own detriment. ::The Vulcan admitted, breaking the uber-efficient doctor image for a moment.::

Yael: The last eight hours… isn't that vague? It's… it's just a drink. It's nothing.

:: The protest fell on deaf ears, likely in part because it sounded less than confident in itself. ::

::Saveron was well aware that consuming ethanol in the morning was not considered normal behaviour for most species, not to mention that being under the influence whilst on duty was against Starfleet regulations.::

Saveron: ::Forcing himself to focus on the task at hand.:: I recall that during your previous physical I made your pass conditional upon a review where you showed improvements in both your physical care and consumption of ethanol.

Yael: ::trying to think fast:: There have been extenuating circumstances… the shuttle incident.

:: Referencing the shuttle incident probably wasn't going to help him here, but he had nothing. He could sense Saveron making progressive decisions concerning his state of being, and Saveron's next words proved him right. ::

Saveron: Given that you have not shown the requisite improvements, I can offer you two choices. I can either enter a failure to pass your medical review into your records, which will result in a suspension from duties, or you can agree to undertake a detoxification program. ::Saveron offered. He had a stubborn core and was not going to give up on Ashley as a lost cause.::

:: There was a moment of silence as Purple eyes glanced down at the flat of Saveron's desk. Otherwise he did not move, thinking fast, but coming up with nothing. Saveron was not giving him a choice, not realistically. Accept a blatant failure of a medical review? It would go straight to the Captain and 1st Officer, and they would both want to know why. More questions he didn't want asked, questions he might have to refuse to answer, leading to full professional reprimand on top of a failing evaluation… only deepening the lack of choice in Saveron's stern delivery. ::

:: With a careful recalculation, purple eyes lifted again to match Saverons grey ones. There was a definite lack of mercy there. He understood, of course, but it did put him in a bit of a spot. ::

Yael: And… this detoxification program would entail… what, exactly?

Saveron: As you are no doubt aware, detoxification involves ceasing intake of the addictive substance, until such time as the body has removed all break-down products, repaired the relevant damage and the addictive urge has dissipated.

Yael: I don't think it's necessary… honestly, I think it's a waste of time and effort. If I could only have a little more time to produce results for you…?

:: Absolute denial. He'd fooled so many people before that he had begun to fool himself with his own pretty words. But Saveron proved harder to fool before, much less in the face of medical requirements. ::

Saveron: I think, Ashley, that five months is adequate time. It is more than I had intended. ::He admitted, but missions had got in the way of his follow-ups.:: In that time, despite my assistance, you have not only shown no improvement, but have demonstrated a worsening of your situation. You are not endeavouring to follow my recommendations.

::That was the [...]ing truth. Ashley wasn't even trying, and Saveron was determined to save him from himself.::

:: Truly merciless, this Vulcan friend of his. Ashley had only one more protest, and it wasn't likely to win hearts or minds. ::

Yael: Saveron, I *enjoy* drinking, but I am *not* an alcoholic. There is a difference.

:: He stopped short of proclaiming "I can stop any time I want." He wouldn't accept such an argument as a counselor, much less in his own defense. ::

Saveron: That is correct, as a medical officer I am aware that there is a very distinct difference, however your results indicate that you are an alcoholic Ashley. And what is worse is that you are in denial.

:: The ensuing pause left them at a standstill, but Ashley knew he had nothing left to fight with. Saveron had all the cards. He closed his eyes and sighed, though it was restrained, as he resigned himself to what he had to do. Admittedly, he couldn't keep all the dislike of it out of his tone… he didn't like having power taken from him over his personal life. It reminded him far too much of worse times, but what he disliked didn't matter at this point. ::

Yael: Then I will have to prove it to you. The program it is. How do we begin?

::The distaste in Ashley's voice was... disagreeable, but Saveron felt that he had no alternative, so he suppressed any considerations beyond the professional.::

Saveron: My proposal is simple, and that which I judge to have the highest probability of success. As a Counsellor you are no doubt trained in dealing with addictions and will be familiar with the Eritomab family of pharmaceuticals.

Yael: ::restraining a grimace:: Yes, of course.

:: He was no medic, but the basic knowledge he had of the medication was that it was used to curb the efficiency of an addictive substance, making its effects literally "non-addictive." On this medication, he could drink as much as he liked, but he couldn't achieve the effect desired due to the binding molecules stopping his body from processing the alcohol. It was something he himself had sent addicts to medical for, when other means to curb their addictions failed… and a low blow, that Saveron would suggest it for him. ::

Saveron: I will add an appropriate dose of Eritomab-pro-ethanol to your daily medication regime. ::Saveron's long fingers were already flying over the keypad of his console, making the necessary entries.:: Once your addiction is remedied a reduction in ethanol consumption will be easier for you to maintain.

Yael: Understood.

:: The answer was short and a bit terse, though still restrained. ::

Saveron: A series of Counselling sessions are also a mandatory part of a detoxification program. ::The Vulcan stated, as though this were not impossible with Ashley being the only Counsellor aboard.::

:: To this Ashley had no verbal response, but his purple eyes settled on Saveron, a single eyebrow raising slowly to allow his annoyance into his expression, as the Vulcan focused on his medical review. He was sending the Head Counselor into counseling. It would have been hilarious in any other context. But there was more to ask about. ::

Yael: Does this program require command staff notification?

:: Basically, he needed to know if the 1st or 2nd officer required notification, since they often handled the personnel matters. And if they were notified, the Captain would be next on the list. He didn't want inconvenient facts spreading about like locusts… once they were out, it was difficult to control them. ::

Saveron: As your situation has the potential to impact your duties I am required to note this in your review report, which will be copied to Commander Tallis. However in the interest of maintaining your privacy, unless the Commander requires it to be forwarded elsewhere, he will be the only one informed.

Yael: I'd prefer if this were kept quiet. I can set up the requisite counseling with a peer off planet, through video-communiqué. Unless you insist my own staff is involved…?

:: The last thing he wanted was to lose face with his own staff. How could he lead them if he seemed unstable himself? ::

Saveron: I would not require you to be counselled by your own staff, that would create issues of authority. ::Whatever Yael's personal self-disreguard, Saveron was more than careful to extend to him the same consideration and privacy with which he treated all his patients.:: Permit me to make some discrete enquiries, and I will arrange a suitably private counselling session for you.

:: Ashley simply nodded again, taking Saveron's word as law. He was in his hands, so to speak… and even though he knew deep down that Saveron was right, even though his distaste for having the power taken from him was apparent, he couldn't help but feel… watched out for, just a little. Saveron wasn't going to give him his way, but it was *for* him. There was the underlying guilt for having ignored Saveron's medical advice… but these were underlying impulses themselves, carefully masked and camouflaged even to himself. ::

:: He was so good at it he'd begun to fool himself. A mark of failure he still failed to accept as he held his posture up and expression Vulcan-reserved, his typical patient Denobulan smile gone. ::

::Taking the silence following Ashley's nod as all the answer that he was going to get, Saveron ordered a vial of Eritomab-pro-ethanol and loaded it into his hypospray.::

Saveron: With your permission I will administer the first dose now, as you will have already self-administered your Proprenalol does today.

:: The doctor prepared the medication, and Ashley didn't move as the hypo was applied to his neck in the proper place. If nothing else, he could maintain his dignity. ::

Yael: I'll remain on duty during the course of this treatment?

Saveron: Affirmative. While you are undergoing treatment you will be marked as conditionally fit for duty. ::As before.:: As you are no doubt aware, the Eritomab pharmaceuticals cause harmless but unpleasant symptoms in the presence of their target chemicals. I trust that it will not be necessary, but notify me if you experience severe symptoms or any side-effects.

Yael: I will notify you in the case of any severe symptoms.

:: "Severe" being the likely requirement for him to admit his fault. Perhaps he was too proud. ::

Saveron: Then I have nothing further to add. Is there anything else you wish to discuss?

:: Pausing as he stood, Ashley contemplated the question, trying to think beyond his discomfort for the current situation. ::

Yael: I… still think it unnecessary. But I understand *you* think it is necessary, and that you will act on your best judgment and intention. I expect no less from you… even if I believe you are wrong.

:: He tried not to bludgeon his friend with the comment, but wanted to be clear that he did understand, even if he disagreed or wasn't *happy* about it. ::

::Whatever reaction Saveron might have had to Ashley's words were hidden behind the usual stoic Vulcan demeanor.::

Saveron: I would find it preferable Ashley, if you were to prove me wrong. ::He said simply.::

:: Turning, the doors unlatching at his presence, Ashley assumed that would be all and strode out of the room and sickbay without another word. As if that wasn't enough. Tallis would be notified, and one misstep would mean the loss of his reputation. And all he really wanted at the moment was to relax and have a good drink. ::

Lieutenant (JG) Saveron

Chief Medical Officer

Embassy Duronis II

USS Thunder NCC - 70605


Lt. JG Ashley Deneve Yael

Head Counselor

Embassy Duronis II

USS Thunder NCC - 70605

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