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[Round 13] Ensign Lucien Landau -=- Damage Control


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((USS Aurora - Near Engineering))

::After turning on his heel and heading back to Engineering, Lucien was suddenly glad he'd spent so much time lately checking and testing the repairs.::

oO I'm sure none of the crew expected to be at yellow alert so soon after leaving the Starbase, but at least nobody can say we're not prepared... Oo

~ Hah, and what do you know about engineering anyway, brother? ~

::Lucien sighed audibly, and turned to pretend to check a power conduit before relieving the crewman manning the master console.::

oO Ah, there you are Ju-Shen. I thought it was too good to be true. Where've you been? Oo

~ I just thought with this new engineering assignment you'd need time to think about what you were doing without any distractions. ~

oO How very kind of you. So... why don't I need to think now? Oo

~ Oh, you do. You just need some brains to think with. That's where I come in. ~

::Lucien rolled his eyes, and continued on to the main engineering console, relieving the veteran terran woman who'd been left in charge. Moments later, his padd beeped to indicate an incoming message. Reading it, he relayed it's contents to the engineers: Priority is shielding. Ignore the demands of the science department unless ordered by Lt. Tali. Simple enough request.::

::Landau relaxed, and glanced around the department. To be honest, there wasn't a great deal to be done down here at the moment. Needless to say, things would soon pick up.::

(( Timewarp - Approx. Ten Minutes ))

~ You'd better hope it stays like this, brother. Wouldn't want to actually have to touch anything down here, would you? ~

oO Ah, but that's where you come in, right? Oo

~ Eh, I could... but why should I? ~

oO Because if I get killed, you can't annoy me any more? Oo

~ ... a good point, well made... ~

::Lucien's internal victory dance was to be short-lived, as his commbadge chirped.::

Tali: =/\= Tali to Ensign Lucien. Meet the first officer in the transporter room and brush up on repairing Orion technology. You're going over with a team to make some repairs. =/\=

Landau: =/\= Acknowleged, Lieutenant. On my way. =/\=

~ Ooh, an away mission. You might get to shoot something. You'd like that, wouldn't you? ~

oO Sounds like we're going there to fix things, brother. Not break them. Oo

::Landau signalled to the woman from before to resume her post, as he left the console and grabbed a bag from a locker by the door. Checking through it - diagnostic tricorder, various tools to fit Federation standard panels and fittings - he headed for the turbolift up to deck 2.::

((USS Aurora - Transporter Room 1))

::Stepping into the room, Landau set his bag on the floor, and accepted a phaser from Barnes, the tactical chief, and strapped it to his hip. It felt good to be armed with more than a tricorder again.::

Landau: Commander, what's going on out there? I hear we're going to repair an Orion ship?

Dickens/Barnes: ?

::Landau raised an eyebrow at the news.::

Landau: We're going to repair damage we caused ourself? How very Starfleet of us...



Ensign Lucien Landau

Engineering Officer

USS Aurora

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