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[Round 13]Ensign Zonhar and PNPC Dominic Gray: The Gam


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[Round 13] [sb118-aurora] Ensign Zonhar and PNPC Dominic Gray: The Games Some Men Play

((Deck 2, Ships Library))

::Zonhar stepped out of the turbo lift and proceeded to the Ship’s Library, where he was preparing to put in a few good hours of work in researching and analyzing the medical records and previous psyche profiles of the crew members, starting with the officers and working his way down. When he arrived, he found the space mostly unoccupied, and pulled up a table and chair and plopped his PADD down then ambled over to the medical and scientific sections, his limp bothering him slightly due to the amount of walking he had already done.::

oO(Zonhar)Now if I can only find a book on Vulcan and Romulan eating habits.Oo

:: Dominic Gray was in the library looking through the archives for the latest information on genetic engineering when a denobulan in medical uniform walked by. Gray noted the slight limp and followed him, peering over his shoulder to see what he was doing. ::

oO (Gray) A Denobulan. Didn’t their race almost drive a species to extinction? Their battle tactics were highly effective... The Antarans was it? ...Interesting... Oo

::Just as Zonhar had placed his hands on the spline of “7,000 Eating Habits of Highly Effective Intelligent Races,” he was suddenly aware that he was not alone in the room- namely a pair of steely blue eyes were peering over his shoulder. Swallowing and clearing his throat Zonhar gave a small nervous glance over his shoulder.::

oO(Zonhar)Yup...someone’s staring at me.Oo ::He looked again:: oOYup, still looking. hmmOo

::Characteristically of a threatened denobulan, his face uncontrollably swelled, becoming bigger than its normal size.::

:: Gray noticed the denobulan peeking at him uncertainly and thrust out his hand, grabbing the denobulan’s and gripping it with an overly firm handshake. He shook the mans hand vigorously and took a step forward into his personal space, smiling casually all the while, with eyes boring into Zonhars.

Gray: Hello ensign, what brings you here?

Zonhar: Well hello to you to Ensign. ::Zonhar said as he shook the man’s hand...for much longer than he intended or thought wise. Seemingly though it was up to Zonhar to break off the physical contact, so he did so awkwardly. He noticed very acutely that the man was using very dominant tactics in his approach to conversation, what with being very much to close in his personal body space for his liking. He had to fight another facial explosion::

:: Gray said nothing, watching the reaction of the ensign and considering whether the individual was going to be of any use to him. He continued to maintain eye contact, which intensified by a notch. Still he kept his friendly smile, inviting the man to continue. ::

Zonhar: I am here to do a bit of reading...research really. Of course that must sound overly dull...as why else would one come to the library but to read.

:: Gray noted the uncertainty in the mans voice, it was amusing. He continued to observe the man, maintaining his unflinching eye contact. Waiting to see if the ensign would say anything interesting. ::

Zonhar::He cleared his throat:: I am the new ships counselor and I am looking up information to help in getting to know the new crew members. My name is Zonhar...and yours ensign?

:: oO (Gray) A counsellor? They were supposed to be good at finding out things...socially acceptable interrogation one might say...Oo Gray didn’t want to give too much away, and relayed only the basics. ::

Gray: Gray. Dominic Gray. I’m a scientist, my work is mainly based in the chemistry and biolabs.

Zonhar: Simply Fascinating. Ensign Blackwood I believe works in the biology department. I had the...uhh...pleasure to make her acquaintance earlier in the day shortly after setting off. Tell me...what drew you to your particular area of specialization?

Gray: We haven’t crossed paths yet... Blackwood and I. ::frowning::oO She refused my research project. I’ll have to deal with her for that. Oo

::Zonhar began rubbing his chin protrusion as he was in common practice of doing when deep in thought. He continued to study Gray.::

:: Gray mimics Zonhar, rubbing his chin in unison with him. After a moments pause he responds to the counselor’s second question, again revealing only the bare essentials. ::

Gray: I have always had an interest in anatomy and physiology...What happened to your leg?

::Zonhar flustered at the question, suddenly taken off guard as he was not used to most people even being aware of his slight limp, let alone being asked to explain why it had occurred. The man seemed very direct, inquisitive, bold even, yet still Zonhar was not keen to open up his deepest wounds to total strangers, or possible patients.

oO(Zonhar) I shouldn't’t lie to him, but it would be best to keep things brief and not in much detail. After all as the old terran saying goes, “Do not cast your pearls to the swine.” Though in fairness he doesn't seem like such a lowly sort at all, just don’t need to be getting my own dirty laundry aired so completely, this soon anyway.Oo

:: Gray noticed the question made the denobulan uncomfortable, and it amused him. His eyes flashed and his smile twitched into a slight grin. His ears [...]ed as he waited for the answer. ::

Zonhar: Oh..that. ::He nervously chuckled.:: Well that is a rather personal matter I am afraid. An old wound I sustained in my twenties. Mostly healed now of course, except for the very slight limp, which you undoubtedly observed today as I have done an exceptional amount of walking for my first day aboard ship. A bit tired I am afraid. ::He paused, his own inquisitive tone and authority rising to the surface:: Tell me Dominic...are you always this inquisitive?

Gray: ::wry smile:: I am a scientist...

Zonhar: Indeed you are. And a rather acute observer of human behavior I might add to pick up on something like that. A keen eye must serve you well in your post. ::Eying the PADD in Gray’s hand he spoke again.:: I also have noticed you are in the mood for a little “lite reading...” Genetic Augmentation and the Advancement of the Human Race by Arik Soong.” Certainly no book for children. Keen on the subject of biotic augmentation? I thought that had been outlawed, effectively, as it were. Soong was imprisoned and much of his work destroyed no less. A marvel that you have a copy, as it were.

:: Though most people would have blushed, spluttered, or overall reacted poorly to such an obvious inquisition, the only emotion that Gray felt was one of irritation and annoyance. It wasn’t even the question... He had been playing a game, and winning but this.... this little “pawn” changed things and he didn’t like that one bit. ::

::Just then the ship went into yellow alert, interrupting the grand inquisition that Zonhar and Gray had been engaged in. Zonhar momentarily forgot about his line of questioning and looked around as out in the hall other crew members rushed to their posts.::

Zonhar: Looks like we have trouble of some kind. I better contact the bridge and see if they are in need of any...assistance.

Gray: A counselor? Perhaps you have an inflated sense of self importance? What aid could you possibly provide on the bridge? Suffering from mother hen syndrome? Going to take care of all your little chicks?

::Zonhar’s face colored over slightly but he refused to give the terran the satisfaction of seeing it double in size at his frustration. Sizing up the man before him now, he realized there was something much more going on under the surface of Dominic Gray. So far there were several telling signs of something with a slightly darker tinge to it behind Gray, but he could not figure it out quite yet. For now he supposed prudence, and a large helping of self control would pay off much more in the long run, than loosing his cool and strangling one of his first patients.::

oO(Zonhar) Oh but how I’d like too. Then we could see if we could make HIS face swell. Like a balloon.Oo

Zonhar ::looked the man square in the eyes.:: Perhaps some “little chicks” would be wise to remember what the pecking order is.

Zonhar: =^= Zonhar to Captain Vetri. I am reporting in. What is the situation on the bridge?=^=

::Zonhar was troubled to hear of conversation between the Captain and the Orion vessel. It smelled funny to him, like rancid tea. He knew he needed to get on the bridge and look these orions in the faces and determine their body language, as well as cross references it with the known historical and psychological profiles of the orion race.::

Vetri: response

Zonhar: =^= Is there any assistance or service I can be of on the bridge? Perhaps I could be of use in helping with negotiations and so forth, reading body language, and using my counseling techniques to try to judge their trustworthiness?=^=

Vetri: response

Zonhar: =^= Aye, Aye Captain. I will be en route to the bridge presently =^=

:: As Zonhar moves to leave Gray steps in front of him, blocking his path. Gray placed his hands on his hips and pushed his chest out. ::

Zonhar: Ensign...is there...anything “pressing” you needed to say? As you have heard, I am quite well needed on the bridge.

Gray: :: Cold, calculating eyes meet Zonhar’s with an intense piercing stare.:: You’ve made your move counselor... Know this: The next move is mine.

Zonhar: what move? what game?

Gray: This little “game” of ours.

Zonhar: I dont have time for games ::And with that he brushes past him and began making his way to the bridge.::

oO(Grey)You will zonhar. You will.Oo

Ensign Zonhar


USS Aurora


PNPC Ensign Dominic Gray

Science Officer

USS Aurora

(As simmed by Evanna Blackwood/Aims)

Edited by Zonhar
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