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[Round 13] Ensign Finnegan: Turning Over The Page

FltCapt. Sidney Riley

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((Finnegan's quarters, Deck 4, USS Independence-A))

::Off duty, Donall paced around the cramped quarters, staring in turn at each of the bare walls.:: oO All that traveling, all those places, and everything I own still leaves a space this small looking this empty? I didn't thought I'd ever regret not being the souvenir sort, but this is just sad. If these quarters were any larger, one would just think they were unassigned. Still, at least the Indy isn't one of the ships that bunks junior officers two to a room. Oo

::He moved again to a different wall:: oO A viewport would be nice, though. Still, I was the one wanted penance... I can hardly complain now that the space is too austere. Oo ::He turned towards the small console in one corner.:: oO I've got to take the time one night to transfer my holovid collection, though. I'm going to go stir crazy if all I do is work my shifts and train in the gym. Oo

Riley: =/\=Fleet Captain Riley to Lieutenant W'tine and Ensign Finnegan.=/\=

W'tine:=/\=W'tine here Sir=/\=

Finnegan: =/\=Yes, sir?=/\=

Riley: =/\=I would like you both to meet me in Security gentlemen. I plan on speaking with Mister Handley Page who is in the brig.=/\=

W'tine:=/\=Aye Sir=/\=

Finnegan: =/\=On the way, sir.=/\=

Riley: =/\=Very good, five minutes then, Main Security. Riley out.=/\=

::He smiled.:: oO I'll take that over a vid any day. Oo


((Main Security, USS Independence-A))

::Sidney walked into the room with authority.::

Riley: Lieutenant W'tine. ::She nodded.:: It's good to see you feeling better.

W'tine: Thank you Sir. You too.

::Turning to the new Tactical Officer.::

Riley: And you must be Ensign Finnegan. ::She smiled lightly.:: Fleet Captain Riley. ::She reached out to shake his hand in the Terran fashion.::

Finnegan: ::shaking her hand:: A pleasure, sir.

Riley: Welcome aboard Ensign. It is good to finally meet you. Finnegan is a very good name.

::The Terran/Deltan with the Irish heritage held a smile that brightened.::

Finnegan: ::smiling crookedly as their somewhat similar green gazes met:: As is Riley, Captain. I imagine we both lost some letters somewhere along the way.

Riley: Down to business...I saw in the report Ensign Finnegan does not have his security codes yet. Lieutenant, if you take care of that after this meeting with Mister Page.

W'tine: Aye Sir, I will do the needful.

::Finnegan nodded his appreciation.::

::Sidney looked up to see Commander Clack. Her green eyes sparkled as she looked at the Klingon man.::

Riley: Commander. ::She nodded.::

Clack: Captain. ::nodding to the others:: What is the situation? ::in a low disturbing voice::

Riley: Well, from the reports I've been given it appears Mister Page transported from the surface to a ship in orbit, deserting his duty post and failing to check in with his superior. ::She looked over towards Clack.::

Clack: I am aware of the minor points.

Riley: The ship appears to be unauthorized and they have not been able to provide adequate documentation for the vessel. At least not yet.

W'tine: Their own vessel?

Clack: Not yet? ::looking at W'tine:: Perhaps it is a surveyor ship or some prospector with an invalid license?

W'tine: Maybe Sir, I will have to talk to its crew without delay.

Finnegan: Doesn't that all seem a bit coincidental? The Romulans rioted, the Reapers showed up, took senior officers prisoner, and boarded the ship, and an Ensign somehow fell in with smugglers or surveyors or unlicensed prospectors and they liked him so much they beamed him aboard, knowing the attention that could draw their way from Starfleet?

Riley: ::She took in a deep breath.:: There's also the situation on the planet. It appears Mister Page is directly responsible for at least 10 civilian deaths. ::Sidney's face held a sense of sadness at the mention of the Romulans.:: From witness reports he set his phaser to explode, at least 8 of those people were unarmed.

::Finnegan grimaced and sucked air through his front teeth.:: oO That's a horse of a different colour. Oo

Wtine: Sounds very serious Sir. Who are with him?

Clack: I make it known that I protect those who serve under me. ::break:: What

does Mister Page have to say about the situation?

::Sidney's eyes narrowed. She focused her gaze directly on Clack's eyes.::

Riley: As do I Mister Clack. You and I are just about to get Mister Page's side of the story. Lieutenant W'tine and Ensign Finnegan are going to question the others and get the documentation for that ship.

W'tine: Aye Sir. You ready for some detective work Ensign?

Finnegan: Sounds good to me, sir.

W’tine: Good.

Clack: How strong are the witness' against him? I've read Petty Officer Lightfoot's report. At no time did she visually see these civilian deaths.

Riley: There are two officers who saw the exchange. Both have written reports and had a clear view of the situation from where they were working. I have no reason not to trust their judgement at this time. It is extremely clear from their reports that Mister Page set his phaser to explode without regard for civilian lives.

Finnegan: ::half to himself, frowning:: If that's true, dereliction of duty and desertion are the least of the charges he's facing.

W'tine: If it was a riot situation, he may not have had much choice?


Riley: Lieutenant, Ensign if you would question the others at this time.

Finnegan: Aye, sir.

W'tine: Yes Sir, right away.

::Eyas and Finnegan left the two senior officers to discuss the situation further.::

Finnegan: ::as they walked away from Riley and Clack:: Do you know this Page well enough to have opinions you'd feel comfortable sharing, Lieutenant? This all seems really odd.


Finnegan: Hmm.

::They entered the brig, where a small Bardeezan female, a tall, attractive human female, a scruffy humanoid male, and a large Pythron waited.::

W’tine: ::Whispering to Finnegan:: I’ll interview the Pythron and the Bardeezan. You take the human lady and the scruffy man.

Finnegan: Yes, sir. ::He examined the two for a moment before taking the last few steps toward them.:: oO These two really don't seem to belong in the same room. Oo

Lucinda de Havilland: Hello Sweetie.

Kalble: Name’s Kalble, from Byzatium, you got a problem sonny?

Finnegan: ::Donall met Kalble's gaze, unflinching.:: I just have a few questions for you.

de Havilland: You going to pump me for information honey? Aren’t I the lucky lady?

Kalble: We’ve got nothing to hide, so why don’t you and your buddies just let us go?

Finnegan: ::pointedly ignoring Kalble's tone:: What were you doing in this area?

de Havilland: Just escorting a friend to this locale, and also wanted to see my friend Handley. No crime in that?

Finnegan: Can you produce any authorization to be here? Access to this planet is currently restricted.

de Havilland: Sure sweetie, but it’s on my ship. I hope you haven’t left it adrift. Just release me and I can go get for you….

Finnegan: ::monotonously:: Where is your ship registered? And why haven't you produced its documentation?

de Havilland: Would have done if your Captain hadn’t abducted us from our own ship and imprisoned us here. I do so hate being so formal. You look such a sweet man, can’t you let me out? Pwitty Pleeeese…..

Finnegan: ::coolly to de Havilland:: You can stop that now. It's getting you nowhere.

Kalble: ::chuckling:: Yeah, you’ve lost your touch old girl.

de Havilland: I’ll give you *old* girl! ::She stamped a heeled boot into Kalble’s foot.::

Finnegan: You might as well calm down. You're in Starfleet custody. So's your ship. If you're telling the truth, you'll be fine, and if not you're already captured. One way or the other, the outcome here is already decided. So provide proof of what you're saying, otherwise start telling the truth. What you've said 'til now is thin and you've given me no reason to believe a word of it. So, shall we start over?

de Havilland: Ok sweetie, here’s the deal. The Solar Gorgon is my private vessel, I use it for social, domestic and commuting purposes. Me and my friends were en route to deliver that lady over there ::pointing to Namonih:: to meet up with her son who she hasn’t seen in months. She was working for Mr Klable here, but as an act of kindness he has given her leave to return to her family. We thought we’d kill two birds with one stone and meet up with my wonderful Handley, who was on a jolly trip to the planet below. We didn’t realize we needed clearance, we thought that this was all Federation space. I received a distress call from Handley, who was in a spot of bother down stairs. We beamed him back, had a little drink to steady his nerves, poor old dear, then next thing we know is we are all jailed in here. My ship is registered on Venoba Prime, it’s a private star yacht with all taxes and licences up to date. Our only misdemeanor seems to be

entering restricted orbit. I am so very very sorry…… sweetie.

Kalble: Yes, sounds pretty accurate Lucy.

Ensign Donall Finnegan

Tactical Officer

USS Independence-A

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