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[Round 13] PNPCs Arrhea; Chavek and Herad - And so it ends

FltCapt. Sidney Riley

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((Bilire IV - Around 10:00AM))

::Arrhae watched as things were beginning to get out of hand and

frowned. But the aggressive actions of the Romulan populace was not

her utmost concern. What was was the fact that the Federation

personnel were somehow not being affect as much as her Romulan

counterparts were. Arrhae couldn't understand the logic and wished she

had a tricorder. Something had to be at play here. Test after test

revealed that the disease would be devastating to anyone who had come

into contact with it, but that did not appear to be the case with the

Federation personnel. For them, it appeared the worst case scenario

they had thus far suffered was mild flu-like symptoms.::

::Arrhae's eyes shifted to that of the hospital in the distance. The

shouting by the mob could be heard from quite a distance. Mob rule was

not the Romulan way, and her frown grew deeper. But then she reminded

herself, that these people were not the typical Romulan.::

::Arrhae began heading to the hospital, where the growing mob became

an impossible barrier to enter thorough. She needed a scanning devise

and she knew the Federation had brought a few of those with them. But

how could she enter the hospital? Arrhae was not in any kind of mood

to speak to these Romulan delinquents. She had a higher calling. It

was no wonder, the Romulan government sent these people to this

colony. Their lack of understanding and insight was terrifying. If the

Romulan Empire were to begin anew, it were Romulans like these on this

colony who would be best to be rid of, and she further understood the

logic of her government, or whatever was left of it. Arrhae no longer

saw these colonists as fellow Romulans to aid, but more of a means to

an end. A way to get back to the Federation what they had done to her

people, by standing by and allowing Romulus' destruction, and on a

smaller scale, allowing Arrhae to lose everything she held dear. Her

family and life. No, she thought, as the mob began to strengthen,

these Romulans were very much dispensible.::

::But as Arrhae slowly drew closer to the hospital and mob scene, a

voice called out for her.::

Chavek: Arrhae!

::Arrhae turned to face the carpenter and noticed he was holding

something as he approached.::

Chavek: Arrhae. I'm happy to see you. I think I know what this disease is...

::But Chavek was interrupted when the sounds of the mob became

different. It was as if the mob was now on the interior of the

hospital. Arrhae did a quick visual assessment of those outside of the

hospital, but the numbers of those on the outside remained the same.

The sounds of fighting appeared to be from those on the inside of the

hospital. When one of the doors opened to reveal a previously ill

Romulan, Arrhae turned sharply to Chavek.::

Arrhae: What are you saying?

Chavek: I've seen this disease before, Arrhae. In fact, I'm a carrier.

Or at least, I think I am.

Arrhae: Thats impossible. If you were to have this disease...

Chavek: No Arrhae. I was a military test subject on Annhwi III. I am

certain. I suffered the same ill effects as those in the hospital. I

was eventually given this, ::showing his drug apparatus:: and my

symptoms disappeared. However, the effects of this drug are highly


::Arrhae stood for a moment and stared at Chavek, then at his drug

apparatus, then back to Chavek.::

Arrhae: How long ago?

Chavek: Three, four years.

::Arrhae said nothing for a moment. Arrhae herself worked at the

military labs on Annhwi III, a Romulan world on the far reaches of the

Empire, and its experiments were highly sensitive and were considered

secret. Yes there were rumors, but that was all they were. It was

there where the disease was discovered, and eventually a cure was

found. If Chavek had the cure, and the mist from his apparatus was

blowing into the atmosphere, then this whole mission was in


Arrhae: What is it ::pointing at the apparatus::.

Chavek: ::leaning closer:: Its yek'hhw and maec seeds.

::Arrhae began to anger. Maec seeds were not rare, but yek'hhw was,

and could only be found on Annhwi III. How did this carpenter get a

hold of this is what she thought as she realized the man was indeed

telling the truth. But he wasn't responsible for getting the colonists

sick. He was responsible for curing them, and if not for the crowds

surrounding her, she would kill the carpenter where he stood, as she

traced the outline of the handle of her knife at her waist.::

Chavek: I noticed what they were suffering last night when I entered

the hospital out of curiosity. To help ease their pain, I gave the

patients a few doses of my drug in order to help them. No one noticed

me. You being a Doctor, I figured I'd tell you first.

Arrhae: You fool. You've turned them into addicts! ::pointing to the

mob:: That's what they want. They want more drugs.

::Chavek held the cure, but a very unrefined version of it. The one

that Arrhae had was a much more refined mixture of the two compounds

with no dependency side effects. She also lied about what the mob

wanted, for in fact she had no idea what it was they wanted. But she

needed an excuse to get rid of it. And quickly. With Chavek's mist

running through the atmosphere of this compound, that would explain

the illness not functioning normally. The compounds of the cure were

probably everywhere now, and without a tricorder, could not take

proper readings.::

Arrhae: ::pumping her fists in anger:: Fvadt, fvadt, fvadt!

::Arrhae then grabbed the apparatus from Chavek and threw it away.::

Chavek: NO!!!

::Then Chavek collapsed and Arrhae could see the knife wound in the

man's back. Arrhae looked up and into the face of an Orion trader's


Herad: You failed the Empire Arrhae.

Arrhae: ::without flinching a muscle:: I was set up to fail.

::The Orion said nothing for a moment, then spoke::

Herad: Look around you. This whole colony was set up to fail.

::Looking around and handing the Romulan something hidden.:: The

Romulan Empire is proud of your service. however, your capture could

lead to our discovery. You and I are the only ones left with any

knowledge of what exactly happened here. And you must remain. At

least, that is of your body. But I am leaving it upon you to take it

upon yourself to do what is our way for the Empire. I know you will do

the task. Your service to the Empire is duely noted.

Arrhae: My service to the Empire is what I live and die for.

::Herad nodded slightly before turning to the large crowd gathered in

front of the hospital. He then turned back to Arrhea as she appeared

to swallow something. Harad then returned to his regular, smiling

persona of a lively, smiling, Orion trader and transported away.::

::Arrhea headed to her tent, sat on her cot, and pulled the Felodesine

chip the Orion had just given to her to ingest. But Arrhea had other

plans, and hers was just beginning, as she sat and coyly smiled while

looking at the chip in her hand. The Federation shall pay, she thought

to herself, ad she will be alive to see that it is done. But she had

to go into hiding, and she knew the best place to do that was the

Federation itself. It was time to take a leadership role and welcome

the Federation. All she had to do was change the opinions of those who

want the Federation to leave. She bit her bottom lip as she figured

how this could be accomplished. But she had to be careful. If the

Empire knew she was still alive, an assassin would be sent. Her mind

began to figure this through and she had a plan.::

Arrhea: I am dead to the Empire ::quietly to herself:: but I am still

of use to it. My mission is not yet complete.

-FIN- (For now)

Romulan refugee Arrhae Fethraie Sahen


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