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[Round 12] Ensign Zonhar: So Close yet so Far Away


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((USS Aurora, Sickbay))

::Upon arriving at sickbay, Zonhar spoke with one of the nurses and learned that Dr. Malcolm was currently busy with an examination so it would be a while before she would have opportunity to see him. Zonhar asked the nurse to inform her that he wanted to speak with her whenever was convenient and not only introduce himself but to undergo his physical examination. He went on to say he would be in the holo deck whenever Dr Malcolm's schedule opened back up to see him and could be reached by comm badge. Thanking the nurse he left and walked to the turbo lift, thinking to himself.::

oOGood to see that Dr. Malcolm is already busy though I certainly hope there wasn't already a medical emergency. Maybe it is other members of the crew doing their physicals. Can't say I am looking forward to my physical anymore than some of the others are to my own counseling sessions, however I will be highly pleased to speak to a fellow colleague of a similar profession. At least while I wait it gives me a little time to play this holo letter before we get too far into our mission.Oo

::Stepping off the turbo lift and rounding corridors towards holodeck 1, Zonhar finally allowed himself for the first time since he received the holo-letter program, to think about his wife. Immediately as he walked, and took time to think about her, a deep emotional longing rose up inside. He could still, even now in the far reaches of space, feel the deep emotional bond he had made with Li'ainea, for it was not something that either time nor distance could ever erase. He cleared his throat a few times as he stood outside the holodeck, seeing that no one as of yet had booked it so it was indeed open for personal use, seeing how most would still be busy at their stations this early on in the mission and the day.

His breathing had already picked up and he had to admit his hands already felt damp and shaky as he remembered in great detail the day he had departed Li'ainea to head back for his final training mission after the short semester break. Their time together had been especially intense, deep, moving, and as always pleasing but overwhelming.::

oO Overwhelming yes, but then again, I wouldn’t have it any other way. As hard as Li’ainea’s outpouring of emotions and pheromones can be, I wouldn't trade one second of it. I am still so surprised she has gotten this here to me in time. I certainly hope it is good news!Oo

::He fished out his PADD and began transmitting the holo program he downloaded earlier to a secure link on the holodeck server, so that it would be able to play his message. He also engaged the security features so he could not be disturbed unless it was by a higher ranking officer or a comm signal.::

Zonhar: Computer: Run Program Li’ainea Letter 1 secure channel. ::He said as he stepped into the room, letting the door slide shut behind him.::

((Holodeck 1, Letter from Li'ainea))

::For an instance, the entire room was dark except for a single bright circle of light coming up from the floor. There was no sound, no movement, only the circle of light. Smiling silently to himself Zonhar knew what to do before he even would be instructed as he was quite well aware of Li’ainea’s ways of thinking, and her intriguing “games.” Stepping into the middle of the brilliantly lit circle of white light, Zonhar stood in the center of what had now appeared to be a large dark room. The temperature was comfortable, a light cool breeze (no doubtedly simulated by the environmental controls) touched his skin, rustled his hair. He turned in circles slowly showing himself, hands open, grinning wide.::

Zonhar: Li’ainea...I am here. ::Just then a light elfin giggle echoed through the room, so fast he almost missed it...then the simulated scent of the xleah flower came wafting on the breeze just under his nose, reminding him of the great bushes of the exotic flower they had had under the window of their house, and how Li’ainea had often teased him with its intoxicating smell, as she was doing now.::

Zonhar: Li’ainea....why do you tease me so? Another one of your games....You know I’m a Ships Counselor by now no doubt, even must have learned my assignment to get it sent here already, so how can expect me to play your games? ::he chuckled:: Very well...I guess I have no choice but to play along...after all...I do love you so.

Li’ainea: ::giggle:: Zonhar....Zonhar.....::Giggle and a flash of color and light out in the distance.:: Wont you come follow me...chase me like you once did by the fountains of Alsaire, past the Gardens of Gentill? ::She giggled again, her voice drifting on the breaze, as footsteps lit up leading directly from the spot of light Zonhar was standing on, out toward a beautiful multi tiered fountain just now visible in the twilight glow , a row of shrubbery snacking away before fading into the darkness.::

::Zonhar blushed remembering their interesting courtship and his younger days when he had felt so young and carefree that he would have chased the real beautiful deltan to the edges of known space and back. Knowing in the back of his mind that no matter how real this appeared it was still a simulated program, but nonetheless one written by the greatest love in his life, he knew his best move was to put aside his dawdling and play the game with Li’ainea...as what waited him at its conclusion would undoubtedly be well worth the wait.::

oO I just really hope that I don’t get walked in on...especially knowing how Li’ainea likes to end her “games.”Oo

::After following the footsteps to the fountain, Zonhar entered an entirely new programed zone of the Hologram, the splendid Towering Fountains of Alsaire: Three twin spires, built with multiple assending layers, water shooting up in spactacular streams, and interweaving here and there in spectacular gravimetric displays which always both defied the laws of physics and also marveled the heart at their beauty. He paused taking in the site, the stone bench he had actually sat and proposed to Li’ainea when it had come time. He had chosen this place as he couldn’t think of any other more beautiful place to ask for her hand, after having had many many fun filled chases and courtly happenings around these particular fountains.::

He walked over to the pool that the fountains were sitting in, and dipped his hand into the simulated water, it was so real and cold to his touch. Here and there there were little ornaments and mementos that other lovers had thrown into the water. He studied them under the surface looking. Wondering to himself.::

oO Could she possibly have programed this to the exact day and time...Oo ::He studied the area around him, as people passed by faceless crowds, lovers and merchants and other folk. Everything looked exactly like he had remembered, the sky the atmosphere, the beauty of it all. Every last little detail that had been etched into his memory, had recounted to her over and over again at her request, knowing it was her favorite “story to be told.”

::Smiling to himself, Zonhar looked to the eastern most corner of the fountains, and as if on cue, there she walked: the young, immensely beautiful, diminutive and graceful deltan that had stolen Zonhar’s heart the very first time he had laid eyes on her...this very selfsame day in fact, playing out in live action before his very eyes.::

::Zonhar’s heart raced, completely reliving the experience all over again. He watched her, just as he had done from that first meeting, spotting her out of the crowd, magnificently dressed, yet with elegantly simple tones (as most deltan’s were in the habit of wearing), her completely bald head so beautiful, her eyes deep and doe like, walking curiously along the edge of the fountain, running her thin delicate fingertips slowly along the surface of the water, making small little furrows in its surface.

He moved along the fountain opposite of her, watching her every movement, taking in the glorious sight of her, singling out the scent of her xleah flower perfume and the holograms simulated scent of her pheromones (which though somewhat appealing could never at all compete with the real thing, neither in potency nor satisfaction).

He waited anxiously for that moment he knew would soon be coming, as he kept his eyes locked on hers, as the both neared the edge of the same side of the fountain. He put his fingers in the water, and mimicked her motions on his side, running them in deep furrows as he made his way slowly up the west facing side of the fountain, heading north, while Li’ainea, still transfixed by the fountains beauty and obviously unaware of her date with possible destiny, walked south toward him, fingers still in the water, the distance between them growing less and less...

Thats when it happened: Li’ainea’s delicate hands touched Zonhars, shocking her to her senses but instead of jerking her hand away, or muttering some obscenity about him keeping his hands to himself, nor even an apology, she had just stood there, her face suddenly turning to a bright blush as she smiled broadly. On their real first meeting Zonhar had remembered that he had been so nervous he had almost pulled his own hand back and broke contact, but though they had both been strangers, and had both even been of very different races, such was the first time curiosity and attraction that both of them had, that it wasn't until several minutes had passed that they had even been aware that they had not only been touching hands as they spoke but that they had fully interlocked their fingers.::

Zonhar: Ah Li’ainea...::Zonhar sighed outloud speaking to the program as though it really were his wife standing before him:: What I sometimes would give to be back in those days with you...You were and still are so beautiful. I should have known you would have done something so sweet as to recreate our first meeting. Your games always were the best.

Li’ainea: Dear one...though our distance may be great, there will not be a day that goes by that I will not be thinking of how proud and how thankful I am to be the wife of such a fine denobulan as yourself. I am so proud of you for your accomplishments. I know you are probably so busy on your new ship, undoubtedly underway on some already epic mission, but I had to at least try to give you some greater piece of home and of my heart to help pass the time. And keep you fond of me. ::Giggle::

Zonhar: I shall forever be fond of you Li’ainea ::Kissing her hand and looking at her lovingly in the eyes.:: Infinitely so. There shall never be one to replace you, no matter what happens. And I can say that you have quite given me something very heart felt to contemplate as I undoubtedly will have many many days and nights filled with work.

Li’ainea: About that Zonhar...::she smiled slyly stepping a tad closer:: There is one thing I have left to offer you, for your cold hard lonely nights aboard your ship...

Zonhar: Oh?...And what is that?

:::Li’ainea only continued to smile that same knowing smile, as she reached behind her deltan dress, and slowly began to undue the ribbons that held it in place. Zonhar swallowed hard, sweat instantly coming to his temples, palms clamy, body surging, as she began to slowly undress until...::

(OOC: Malcolm/Anyone Comm Badge me and interupt if you can)

::Shaken up by the either very ill or very perfect timing, Zonhar cleared his throat and first spoke to the computer.::

Zonhar: Computer end program, save in my secure server, pause checkpoint, encrypt code, beta alpha five nine three.

::Suddenly the holodeck lit up and his wife completely disapeared.::

oOSo close, and yet so far away. Life of a counselor is never done.

Zonhar: =^=Zonhar here, On my way.=^

<br class="yiv1715626764kix-line-break">Ensign Zonhar


USS Aurora

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