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The Picard Song


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Picard is my favourite captain and "

" is my favourite Picard clip (to date) I am sure you've all seen it many eons ago, but I was watching it again tonight for a giggle and decided it was to good to keep to myself. If anyone else has some fav trek vids i'd love to hear about it.
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We never did get those vids in the end. *sadface*

Had my sister over yesterday, digging up some ancient favourites on you-tube and sharing some laughs. I actually never use you-tube except when she comes over. So here is another old favourite, though many of you may be challenged to understand it. Favourite line: "Set phasers to Malky" LOL. This was a sketch on a program called "Chewin the fat" btw. You've probably all seen it, but if not - well, have fun...

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