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MAY/JUN fire of the heart

Hugh Barnes

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Williams walked down the corridor of Starbase 19 in a world of his own. The 29 year old human male had just come back from a date with

Think it still needs a little polish, Mac.

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If you treat the story as complete, it's shockingly existential. ;) The man is introduced and is shown doing normal things- dating, daydreaming, strolling in a world of his own and then... abruptly ends. He and his story are finished. Cut short. Is that... death? The sudden succession of consciousness, with nothing remaining after but a blank page? No resolution. No final, last words. Just... an end.

Are our lives so short and meaningless that, when viewed from an outside perspective, they don't even take up a single line on a page?


Okay, okay. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it too. ;) You've made a good start. :D

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