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[Round 7] A Twist in the Tale


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((USS Thunder: Deck 18, Antimatter Injectors))

Computer: Warning! Warp core instability. Automatic shutdown in forty-five seconds.

::Manar couldn’t help but shout out a little victorious cheer as the computer gave the team the desired result. As the computer’s monotone counted down the remaining time till the core powered down, Manar noted the hum of the warp engines slowly dwindling down into silence.::

Unum: ::looking at Anora and Jetseen:: Good work! Although, I have a feeling our chief engineer is going to have a heart attack by the time we've taken back the ship.

Anora: Can we neglect to tell him that most of the damage was my idea? I’m not sure he’ll forgive me, ever.

Jetseen: Response

Unum: ::tapping his combadge:: =/\= Unum to Tallis. =/\=

::Unum’s hail seemed to be successful, as his combadge beeped an affirmative tone. However, no response came from the ::

Unum: Computer, what is Commander Tallis' location?

Computer: Lieutenant Commander Tallis is on the Battle Bridge.

::In answer to Unum’s inquiring look, Manar checked her tricorder in order to confirm the computer’s information.::

Anora: We seem to have transporter control once again, sir. Perhaps we should get over there to help him.

Unum/Jetseen/Tindall/Myrna: responses

::As Anora moved to the nearby computer terminal, she began to feel light-headed once more. Just as she went to touch the controls in order to manipulate the transporter controls, the world turned to white once more, as a familiar warmth spread over her. As the light engulfed her vision, she collapsed to the floor for the second time that day.::

((SIMULTANEOUSLY – USS Thunder, Deck 8: Corridor))

T’Pen: Sir, I advise extreme caution. They may not be expecting us, but they may have something planned, should we breach onto the bridge. Phasers on Stun, Sir?

::Tallis was all too aware that their arrival by any means on the battle bridge could lead to some unpredictable and disastrous results; either of the

mutineers could have created any number of unpredictable countermeasures to incapactitate the entire team once they arrived, or worse. Mentally crossing

everything, Tallis began to pray to the Prophets that they would come out on the right side of T’Pen’s predicted odds.::

Tallis: Make that heavy stun, Doc. If we get one of those officers down, I don’t want them up again unless we make that happen.

:: Ashley wanted to give T'Pen the Evil Eye, but failed, being suited up. Of course they should be set on stun! Could they find out what had happened to

cause all this if they went in and atomized their errant crewmembers? It was bad enough already as they waited to beam into danger, darkness, and the

unknown. ::

T’Pen: Response

::The pull of the transporter beam came more quickly than Tallis expected, and he found himself landing on the battle bridge deck, as if from a jump, as the

artificial gravity took hold of his body once again. The team had less than a second to adjust, and as he visually scanned the bridge, whirling to point his

phaser at the back of the command chair, he noticed other members of the team pointing their rifles at Lieutenant Green.::

Tallis: Am’tra, Nori, keep Green covered.

Am’tra/Nori: Response

Green: Response

::Green was the archetypal marine; well-built, strong and determined, but Am’tra alone would have given him something to seriously think about, without the

addition of Nori and the marine personnel who followed her to make sure Green was neutralized. Tallis followed the action out of the corner of his eye as he

studied the scene before him. Saveron sat in the command chair, facing the very doors that they had been trying to reach just a few moments ago. It seemed that they truly did have the element of surprise, as the methods that had been employed to prevent the crew from beaming into the battle bridge had been powered down unexpectedly. Logically, Saveron should now be surrendering, and yet there was no sign of that…::

Tallis: Ensign Saveron, put your hands where we can see them. That’s an order.

Saveron: Response

((Anora’s Dreamscape: The Celestial Temple, Bajoran Wormhole))

::Once more Manar found herself in what she imagined was the Celestial Temple, surrounded by an endless sea of pure white. Taking a moment to center herself and gather her unconscious mind, Manar seemed to have control of her astral body this time. Turning around she searched for the Prophets in order for guidance. It only took her a few moments before they appeared beside her. The former Kai was the first to appear with Sisko standing by her side.::

Sisko: She has returned to us.

Kai Winn: It is time.

Anora: Time for what exactly?

Kai Winn: To see.

Sisko: To learn.

::The white surrounding them was adruptly replaced by the interior of a cave. The change of scenery was enough to disorient Anora once more. She was unsure where she’d ended up, teetering on the edge of a chasm in some underground cavern. Waves of heat and brilliant flames seemed to leap up at her from the depths. Just as she got used to the new location, her attention was captured once more by the reappearance of the two Prophets.::

Anora: Where am I?

Kai Winn: Where you need to be, child.

Anora: But where is that?

Sisko: You are here.

::Unsure what approach to take with the Prophets in order to get any useful information, Anora sighed.::

Kai Winn: It is time.

Sisko: The battle is nigh.

::Anora smiled, finally believing she understood what the Prophets were talking about. They’d come to her just as the team were about to join Tallis on the

Battle Bridge to confront Doctor Saveron. They must be warning her that she was needed there.::

Anora: Then let me get back, so I can help.

Kai Winn: In time, child

Sisko: Once you understand, our warning.

Anora: I do understand, I’m needed to help the battle.

::The Prophet Kai smiled sadly at her, shaking her head. ::

Kai Winn: We cannot keep her any longer.

Sisko: The Reckoning has come.

Kai Winn: She must face the battle.

::The Sisko Prophet extended his towards Anora.::

Sisko: Take my hand, let us help you.

::Anora reached out and took the Sisko Prophet’s hand, shattering the vision around her.::

(( USS Thunder: Deck 8, Battle Bridge ))

::Tallis hadn’t really expected him to comply. There was something strange about the Vulcan, something he couldn’t quite place. Glancing briefly across to Yael, he motioned him forward.::

Yael: Response

Tallis: ::Whispering:: Talk to him. See if you can make any headway in finding out what’s going on. Maybe he’ll be more likely to talk to a friend.

Yael: Response

Saveron: Response

Tallis: ::Whispering once more:: T’Pen, can you run a medical scan?

T’Pen: Response

::Tallis watched nervously as Counsellor Yael attempted to make a breakthrough, and T’Pen ran his scan. Just why did Saveron’s presence fill him with such a feeling of foreboding? What exactly was different about him? As the scene continued to play out, the room was filled with the sensation of the inertial dampers catching up with a sudden deceleration.::

Tallis: oO They did it…we’re out of warp…Oo ::Looking to Mc Ghee, but keeping his phaser trained on Saveron:: Jaxon, see if one of those consoles will tell

you what just happened. Did the engines just go offline?

Mc Ghee: Response

((Anora’s Dreamscape: Forests of Ashalla, Bajor))

::Manar awoke to find herself on a lush green hill overlooking a vast wasteland. Where once there had been life and beauty, all that remained was a

scarred land covered in ash and dust. For miles and miles, all she could see was the devastation wrought by the invaders’ fiery wrath. Not a plant had

survived the onslaught, and the only animals who remained were those carrion birds who fed on death and decay.::

::Sitting atop her trusted zhom mount, Manar stared out into the distance, searching for her targets. So in sync with its rider, the lupine beast seemed

to be doing likewise. The hill gave them an uninterrupted view of the desolation in all directions. Off to the east, she found what she was looking for. Freshly scorched earth surrounded the great fortress of Tor Xundera, known as the Thunder Keep as it’s spires reached so high into the heavens that it

was constantly hidden by the storms which plagued the land. It was said that the echo of thunder bouncing off the keep could be heard on the other side of

the continent.::

Anora: Warriors, we ride east!

::With a light tap of Chyro’s flank, Manar’s mount leapt into motion. They bounded down the side of the hill in seconds, covering tessipate after tessipate at lightning speeds. As one, the rest of Manar’s army moved behind her. Each belonged to the Sern'apad’jarra, the chosen warriors of the gods of the Bajora. Each was a skilled warrior, unparalleled in their conviction to the preservation of Bajora.::

::As they approached Tor Xundera, Manar felt Chyro tense. Sensing his unease, she looked about for its cause. She found the invaders’ army surrounding the fortress’ walls as expected, but something seemed a little out of place. They didn’t seem to be besieging the fortress, but fighting outside its walls. It

took her a moment to realize that she was not witnessing them fighting amongst themselves, but fighting another army. Where the invading army of the Fallen wore armour of red and gold, they faced an army glad in silver and blue. Unsure exactly who this other army was, Manar nonetheless knew that her warriors would fight alongside them against the Fallen.::

Anora: Warriors, to arms!

::Chyro’s speed increased at her cry, the Sem’apa surging forward after their leader to join those fighting against the Fallen army. Within moments, they

would join the battle alongside the mysterious silver and blue warriors who opposed the Fallen army. Something inside Manar told her this was the fight she had trained for all her life, the path the gods had chosen for her...::

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