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[Round 7] PNPCs Jamie Felton and Vee Turner-West - Pirates, chocolate


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((Turner Home, Embassy, Duronis II))

::When Toni stopped by The Ambassador's house to pick up Jamie Felton, Amilla told her of the plans she had made for starting a school and day care for the Embassy's children, and had introduced her to Hanita, the Laudean woman who would be in charge of the afternoon day care. Toni took an instant liking to the woman and they had come to an agreement that she would take care of Garth in the mornings while the older children were attending school.::

::The only bad news that came up was that half the Laudean staff had walked off the job, and that was going to leave the Embassy grossly under staffed. Hanita, however, offered to talk to some of her Laudean friends and try to assemble a new and more trustworthy staff for various positions that were left open. With that problem solve, Toni took Jamie home with her to spend the afternoon with Vee as she had promised.::

:: Vee evidently had seen them coming, because they had no more entered the front door, when Vee ran halfway down the steps, yelling to Jamie.::

Vee: Jammmmmiiiee! Come on up here, I wantcha see my room!

::Jamie looked up at Toni, as if to ask. "Can I?"

Turner: ::grinning at him:: Go ahead.

Jamie: Alllll right! ::racing up the steps to catch up with her:: Veeeee! What you been doing?

::On their way to her room, Vee excitedly told him about how she got to decorate it herself, but when Jamie walked into the room it was not what he expected.::

Jamie: ::making a discusted face:: Ewwww!

Vee: Yeah, ain't it puddy wif all da sparkly things on the ceiling?

Jamie: Yeah, that's okay but... it's pink!

Vee: Buts I leks pink.

Jamie: It's okay for a girl, I guess, but I want mine to be man colors.

Vee: Da ok for boys. Hey come on, wets play pirate!

Jamie: But we don't have a ship.

Vee: We kin tend we do. Look out dis window. We kin see da ocen.

Jamie: You got funny looking widows like the Ambassador.

Vee: Ain't day great?

Jamie: I guess, but they are not like the Thunders.

Vee: No, day better.::pointing:: See? Tolled ya, we could sees da ocen.

Jamie: It's Ocean.

Vee: Da watt I said. . . ocen. Jamie, sumpin wong wif ya? Ya sick of sumpin?

Jamie: No, just want my daddy to come home so we can find our own house. I miss him.

Vee: ::putting her arm around his shoulder:: I missed my daddy too win he wuz gone. Dont woory, he be bak soon.

Jamie: If we're going to play pirate, we need food.

Vee: ::whispering:: I got chocolate from my room on da Thunder. It hid in da Teddy Bear on my bed.

::Making a running jump onto the bed, Jamie attacked the bear, finding the candy inside. Popping a big piece into his mouth, he laid down putting his hands behind is head, crossing his feet. Vee followed his example, and they both lay looking up at the sparklies.::

Jamie: ::chewing the wad in his mouth.:: You know, Vee, you've got to find a better hiding place.

Vee: How come, Jamie.

Jamie: Cause this chocolate has got bear stuffing all in it.

Vee: But dat watt make it chewy.

PNPCs Jamie Felton and Vee Turner-West

Embassy children

simed by Captain Toni Turner

with permission to sim Jamie by his creator

Lt. Commander Tallis Rhul

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