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[ROUND 7] Lt. Cmdr Townson - The work of an Operations Officer

Alleran Tan

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((Operations Office - USS Independence-A))

::Picking up her standard uniform, yellow colored beret from her desk, she ran it through her dark hair until it was in place. Tracey then looked back at her desk, just beyond where her beret was lying just a few moments ago, and saw the pile of PADDs that screamed for her attention. Tracey frowned as she tried to figure out how to tackle this mess. So she figured she'd start with the top PADD first.::

::Using her prosthetic hand, Tracey slipped the top PADD off the pile and it fell to the desk. She then slid it towards herself and began to read the contents. It appeared to be a backorder for a shipment of something called "posthoduric remodulators". Apparently the Independence needed thirty of these things. Tracey had no idea what they were, nor what they were used for, but she signed for it and fed the information into her computer terminal.::

::For most of the day, Tracey performed this type of task, while taking minor breaks to the replicator for coffee and snacks. When she reached the final PADD on her desk, Tracey paused and looked over its contents carefully. It was a list of those lost on the previous mission. The name of Gary Mahlor stood out. The man whose life Tracey tried in vain to save and led to Tracey loosing her hand. The names of a few others whom Tracey had never met were also on that list. Now Tracey had to write to the immediate families of those lost, get those letters signed by the Captain and First Officer, and send them out. It was a part of her job Tracey did not like at the best of times, but Tracey recalled the letter she sent to Gary Mahlor's family over two years previous. Now without hesitation, Tracey recalled what she wrote that day with perfect clarity, and began to write almost an exact replica.::

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Mahlor

We regret to inform you of your son’s death. We know it comes as striking news to you, your family and loved ones. How tragic that men, and women alike, must depart from this life at such a young age. Our deepest sympathies and affections are extended to you and your family. We – and I especially – cannot begin to comprehend the grief and sorrow that you’ll experience within the next few days.

In this vocation lives of good men, like your son, are put on the line to save others, and to better the society in which we must live. This means any small error can be costly. Our team failed to protect your son, and together we will forever regret it.

We honored and revered your son – our brother – in life; we wish to bequeath his memory in death. May He remain with you and comfort you in your trials and loneliness.

We extend to you our deepest regrets and most sincere apologies.

Respectfully yours,

Lt. Commander Tracey Townson

Chief of Operatons

USS Independence-A

::Tracey looked over the letter. It seemed cold and without care, and she wanted to tell these people just what kind of officer he could have become. The Gary Mahlor Tracey remembered from her universe was a warrior and had saved Tracey's life on more than one occasion on the battlefields. He not only swore to protect the Federation and the Alpha-Beta quadrants from the Dominion, but those around him as well. And he did so with distinction. But Tracey did not know the Gary Mahlor from this universe. But one thing was clear. Once again, Tracey felt personally responsible for the man's death, and both time due to her acting before thinking.::

Townson: ::while commiting the letter to be sent for signing by the Catain and First Officer:: I'll never forget you Seargent.

::Tracey then wrote the rest in much the same fashion, posted them, leaned back in her chair, closed her eyes and sighed wishing she could go back in time and change all kinds of things.::


Lt. Commander Tracey Townson

Chief of Operatons

USS Independence-A

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