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[Round 6] JP LtCmdr Fanel and LtJG Teagan: Turbolift Accident

Alexander Matthews

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((Turbolift - USS Constitution-B))

::The turbolift was flowing steadily until one moment when it filled with dust and leaves and suddenly started to fall. The gap opened on the side of it and it was obvious it's not going to stop despite the safeties that should've kept it from this. Suddenly it seem like clutches on the sides finally started to work and the turbolift stopped in place.::

::Jacen tried to see what was going on and tried accessing the lift controls from the panel. He then climbed up through the hole at the top of the lift.::

::But getting up to the hole was not such a good idea since his turbolift wagon was not the only one broken and on loose. Jacen jumped back into it last moment before another wagon hit it and pushed against something. Soon Jacen realized he is stuck, unable to exit on his own.::

::After that horrible experience, he got back up, dusting himself off, more [...]ed than hurt.::

Fanel: =/\= Fanel to anyone. I'm stuck in one of the turbolifts. Can someone get me? =/\=

::Arielle got a message about three turbolift wagons crashing on the intersection between decks 5 and 6 just after horrible discovery that her first candidate managed to destroy her so meticulously done filing system and erase all her reports from the start of her work as Chief Engineer.::

After sending him away, as far away as possible from her office she restored the files from her private backup on the padd and was talking with second candidate when the news came. She grabbed the harness and backpack with tools and rushed toward the place of accident with her possible assistant in tow.::

They managed to reach deck above, deck 4 by turbolift and had to approach the shaft on foot because all turbolifts were disabled on this track to avoid more damage and accidents. Medical team was already waiting in maintenance shaft on the level 5. One engineering team was already there, but all they could do was to say that two wagons are badly crashed and third is less bad, but nobody knew how many people are inside and in what condition.::

Teagan: I'm going in, need one security and one medic with me. ::She turned to the candidate.:: You're coming, too.

::Man turned his eyes and grabbed a harness from one of the other engineers. When all four were ready to descend Arielle moved back through Jefferies tube to turbolift shaft and started to descend. When they reached the first wagon and Arielle cut the hole they found three unconscious people inside.::

Teagan: We have to get them out. Medic, you should go in and check them, to see can we move them. They are all civilians and don't have commbadges. I'm not sure do we have their transporter patterns in database. I wouldn't like to transport them from this mess without it.

::The medic entered and whole structure started to tremble. Arielle's assistant screamed and she turned to him with anger in her eyes till the moment she saw the reason. A piece of garbage passing through the shaft cut his hand and he was bleeding heavily from open wound. Security officer cut the pants and take the wound up.::

Teagan: =/\=We have several unconscious victims in the first wagon and bleeding engineer. Get him out; we'll get the others in a moment. =/\=

::Soon the medic came out holding one of the victims from the wagon.::

Medic: This one is the worst; I'll revive others the moment we pull them out.

::Arielle grabbed the victim from medics hands and handed the body to security officer.::

Teagan: Get up and return as soon as possible.

::With a nod he grabbed the injured man and started tedious climb. Arielle helped Medic get two other people out and when all were out of the wagon and a bit away Medic revived them waiting to get well enough to can climb. When they were ready Arielle and medic each took one and started to climb helping them. Half way up Security officer reached them and Arielle ordered him to take over and returned down to the damaged wagon checking for other life signs.::

Fanel: Hello! Anyone out there!

::Jacen tried to force the lift doors to open, but to no avail. He took out his weapon and thought about melting a hole in the wall. At least that would help get him out.::

::Arielle was descending again. She had a feeling there was somebody else down there, but removing civilians was her primary goal. When returned to the crashed wagons whole construction started to tremble.::

Teagan: Whatever you're doing, STOP. ::Arielle now listened to see will anything change and to her surprise it did.:: Good, now do you hear me when I talk?

::Hearing the sound of Teagan, Jacen stopped and put his lance away.::

Fanel: Alright...what now?

Teagan: Thanks to Four Deities, this whole construction is so unstable, that even loud speech is dangerous and may send you on descend and with this second wagon on yours it would surely squash you.

Fanel: So what is the plan then?

Teagan: ::Sigh.:: You will have to let us get you out.

::Approximately at that time medic and security officer returned.::

Teagan: We have one more person in second wagon. Considering the way he's talking I don't think he's injured, but I need engineering team down here and fast. You stay here, just in case. ::She turned to medic, then faced Security guy.:: Go up and tell them I need double harness, air protector balloons and some antigravs to attach to the wagons till I cut between the wagons.

::Man left and Arielle secured her rope to can enter first wagon without touching it, trying to prevent any pressure on them. When got as close as possible she said in a low voice.::

Teagan: I'm Chief Engineer Arielle Teagan, help is on the way. I'll have a team here in less than 10 minutes. Tell me how do you feel?

Fanel: I know it's you Chief. It's me, Fanel! And I feel fine.

Teagan: Oh, Sir! I'm sorry I didn't recognize you.

Fanel: So what's the situation?

Teagan: To be honest, the situation is not bright. There's badly crushed wagon below yours. It's positioned in a way that approach is a death sentence. I'll strengthen with antigravs the wagon above yours and yours. But if the destroyed one starts falling it's not going to be enough.

Fanel: Alright then.

Teagan: We have to hurry, but with care. I will first make smaller hole and give you harness and protective air bags to cover your head and get tied to me. When that will be in place I'll start with widening the hole.

Fanel: Proceed. I'm not going anywhere.

::The team was there and first cutting tools were descended to her almost startling her. She checked cutting tools and took a deep breath.::

Teagan: Commander, I need you to get slowly on the floor or ceiling of the wagon, whatever is easier to access and whatever happens try to keep immovable and there.

Fanel: Ok.

::Arielle started to cut and the moment she did, the construction started trembling violently. She stopped and looked up. ::

Teagan: Did you put the antigravs on the wagons?

Engineer: Yes ma'am. Four on each wagon. We can't reach third one, I'm sorry.

::With a heavy sigh Arielle proceeded with cutting and after a minute first piece was removed and in same bag tools arrived to her was pulled up. Harness was then descended and she pushed it slowly through the hall.::

Teagan: Put it on, Commander, and buckle. I'll continue with cutting when you do it.

::Jacen attached the harness and waited.::

Fanel: Why can't we just transport myself out of here?

Teagan: Now that you asked it... ::She facepalmed.:: I couldn't do it with civilians because we don't have their patterns in database, but you may pass. Wait for just a moment

::Arielle pulled out of the wagon and instructed engineering to try and get a lock on Fanel and transport him out. She then returned to the first wagon.::

Teagan: Chief transport officer will try and get a lock on you, but due to this strange anomalies he may not make it, so since the time is of essence I'll continue with cutting.

Fanel: What about the rest of the ship?

Teagan: I had over 12 reports this morning. This accident is the worst occurrence.

Fanel: Do you know the cause of all this mess?

Teagan: I have an idea, but it's even less than a theory. ::Arielle cut another, now bigger chunk and it was going up, good thinking from someone outside brought another safety cable for Fanel, so they were not hanging on the same one.:: Here, buckle this one, now you don't depend on me.

::It also gave her more security and Arielle started to cut faster, removing bigger chunks. But faster was not safer and Arielle realized it when pulled one piece she believed is cut out, but was not completely loose and construction started to screech.::

Fanel: Easy now, Teagan.

Teagan: I'm sorry, I'll be more careful. ::While that chunk was going up as many before, Arielle started to feel the pressure in her head from hanging upside down for so long. Also the pain was starting to get less bearable.::

Fanel: Are you good?

Teagan: I'm sorry, I'll proceed. Not really feeling good, but that's not a novelty this days.

::She was cutting one piece which seem like good choice to remove. If removed next one should be just pushed away and Fanel could exit. But when she started to cut into it construction again started to tremble violently.::

Fanel: That's not a good sound. I think you better hurry up.

Teagan: Honestly I don't think anything else is better choice. I'll continue. You come close to me, here by the hole.

::Jacen walked closer to the hole.::

Teagan: That's good, now put the pillow on you, it will activate if get hit.

Fanel: Alright then. ::He took the pillow.:: You seem very nervous. Just relax. Everything's going to be alright...heh, here I am in the dire situation and I'm calming down my rescuer.

::Arielle continued cutting, construction was so unstable she was trembling in fear almost as much as construction did, what made it hard to cut. To calm down a little she started to talk. It helped so she gratefully proceeded.::

Teagan: I'm coming of age. It's my .. how to explain that. My time of .. time to procreate, you know what I mean. For you Humans it's coming at the start of puberty. Vulcans have something similar to puberty and it's for them the end of it. Betazoids are somewhere in the middle. ::Arielle faced him.:: oOGezelle is right, he's really cute. Nice body, too. Looks strong for a human.Oo ::Arielle shook her head.:: oOConcentrate or he will be more like a squashed bug if you don't.Oo

Fanel: Almost done. Keep it up. oO Why is she telling me this like she is in heat? Perhaps her logical side is seeking a suitable mate? She is pretty, though a bit naive Oo

::Arielle cut through the last part of the chunk and pulled it out, revealing that she was right. After removing that one only one bulkhead should be get loose and Fanel will be able to get out.::

Teagan: You can come here, now. I'll cut through this bulkhead and when you see it can be moved do it fast and.

:: The previous piece was ascending toward the hole in upper wagon, but was too big for safe passage and got stuck. The stress was too much for the construction which started to fall. Arielle grabbed Fanel and pulled toward her, actually, she managed to pull herself toward him, rather.::

Fanel: Do you have me?

Teagan: Just hold me tight.

::Whole construction was hanging on the two ropes. Arielle was cutting frantically. The distraction of having him in her embrace was getting from bad to stressful.::

oOHe smells great.Oo ::Still cutting meticulously she leaned her chin on his and the touch was electric. Her heart racing at lightspeed and so hard, Jacen could feel it. He could practically taste her. Suddenly she realized he is responding to her cuddle and without any wiling reaction their lips touched. but the rope that broke awoke them from the spell.::

::Arielle took a deep breath and biting the cutter she pulled the bulkhead away. Whole construction let loose and they were out, hanging on one rope. Arielle realized it was his rope that broke so grabbed him tight and their faces were close again, and their lips were touching. They almost kissed, but transporter finally got a lock on them and next moment they were standing in transporter room watching each other in awe. Jacen lets go first, still looking in her eyes.::

Teagan: I'm sorry, Sir. I'll explain. ::She was trembling and moving away from him.:: ..but now you should report to sickbay. You may be injured and not to know it.

::Jacen brushed away a bit of Teagan's hair and smiled to her, nodding.::

Fanel: Good job.

Teagan: Please go.

::Nodding, Jacen walked away and headed towards sickbay. Arielle fell to the stair trembling.::


Lieutenant Commander Jacen Fanel

Second Officer

USS Constitution-B


Lt.J.G. Arielle Teagan

Chief Engineer

USS Constitution-B


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