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[ROUND 6] Ensign Re'Maru: memories


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(( Sickbay))

::It was quiet for the moment in the sickbay. Her patients were

resting quietly. She tabbed through the collection of recent scans,

mostly to keep her inquisitive mind occupied. She stopped a moment,

and pulled up an image of her husband, and gave a soft smile as the

thought back.::

((flashback: Vulcan Science Academy, Vulcan))

::The young romulan student stood before the deans council with her

hands clasped behind her. She tried to put on her best stoic

expression. Inside, she was trembling. The eldest of the council made

a firm rasp with the gavel onto the top of the desk.::

Dean of the Academy: This inquisition is brought to order as of

stardate 238004.05.

::There was a pause as Re'Maru panned the council members.::

Dean: We are here because of an incident that occurred five days ago

on stardate 238004.01. This incident was initially believed to be an

epidemic outbreak of Bolian Blood Fever, a condition in which the

earliest symptoms are blue tinted urine. This was proven incorrect

when detailed scans were taken.

::Re'Maru was trying her hardest not to burst out in laughter. The

emotionless glares, and the deadpan tone of the Dean was making the

event even funnier than it already was to her.::

Dean: These detailed scans did reveal traces of Urised, an old terran

urinary analgesic that dates back to the 20th century Earth. An

investigation revealed that the water supply for this academy was

contaminated with this medicine, and a device was removed from the

filtration system.

::The Dean held up the device. It taking more and more of her self

discipline to keep her giggling retained.::

Dean: We examined this device and discovered the parts were

requisitioned by you, Freshman Re'Maru. What is your explanation of

this act of sabotage? Are you secretly working with the Romulan Empire

to sabotage this prestigious academy?

::She couldn't help herself anymore and burst out in a fit of

laughter. The Council Members looked at each other in dismay at this

student's outburst. She tried to calm down, and looked at the

councilmen only to burst out further in more laughter. The Dean gave

the gavel a heavy hit to the desk and stood.::

Dean: Freshman Re'Maru!!! Would you restrain your emotions?? This is a

serious situation.

Re'Maru: NO! You are making it serious!! ::trying to contain herself::

Dean: Then explain yourself, Freshman, before we have you expelled.

::The threat of expulsion did help set her straight.::

Re'Maru: Members of the Council ... This was all a joke. A practical

joke, harmless fun.

::The Dean eyed her sharply. She swallowed and continued.::

Re'Maru: Stardate 238004.01 falls upon an old terran holiday known as

"April Fool's Day", a day celebrated by the practicing of Practical

Jokes, and telling of Humorous anecdotes. Medical research has shown

that certain levels of humor is beneficial for the emotional and

psychological healthiness. This was a medical experiment, conducted by

myself and my room mate, who is human medical student, to study first

hand the effects of humor in a vulcan society.

::She tried to keep herself in check, putting on the stoic face once

more, hoping her bluff worked.::

Dean: Did you consult with any of your instructors before carrying out

this .. experiment?

Re'Maru: We felt it was best to maintain a level of secrecy given the

nature of this experiment. If we had told others, it would have lead

to misleading results.

::The Dean looked at the other members of the council, and spoke

silently amongst themselves. Re'Maru stood silently, hoping that they

wouldn't expel her.::

Dean: With this new information, we are going to postpone your

expulsion. However, you and your roommate will both be placed on

academic probation for the duration of one year. After which, you both

will once again face this council. If you show improvement, and follow

proper protocols when conducting abnormal experiments, you will both

be removed from Academic Probation.

::She swallowed and gave a sigh of relief.::

Re'Maru: Thank you, Dean.

::The Dean motioned to a tall handsome Vulcan gentleman.::

Dean: This is S'bien. He is working on his doctrinal thesis, and has

agreed to oversee your activities during your probationary period. You

will report to him each week.

::Re'Maru gave a nod, then looked to S'bien. She had to admit he was

very handsome.::

Re'Maru: Yes, sir.

((end flashback))

((Aurora Sickbay))

::She wasn't sure how long she was day dreaming. The familiar woosh of

the sickbay doors opening brought her back to the present. She tapped

a key to switch the picture back from her husband to the scans she

took earlier.::

anyone: response?


Ensign Re'Maru

Medical Officer

USS Aurora

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