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[Round 6] Lt. Carrington: The penalty for Mutiny......


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Everyone loves a man of passion, principle and conviction. I loved this take on the situation by our Lt. Carrington.

(USS Thunder/Tactical Analysis Module)

Carrington: :: Will sat in the darkened Analysis module analyzing the mission logs and data on the USS Steadfast trying to gleen some information on the Breen attack when the screen he was reading reset, closing the files he had opened:: Computer open all files relating to the USS Steadfast's last mission.

Computer: Access denied....

Carrington: oO Access what....Oo Computer Access requested file Authorization Carrington Alpha Three Charlie Three Six Alpha Alpha.

Computer: Access Denied file can only be accessed on the Battle Bridge Tactical Console.

Carrington: oO What.....where not at red alert....Oo Computer what is the current ships status, and who set it.

Computer: ::There was a pause as the computer went through its hierarchy of command protocols:: Emergency Boarding Protocols, set by 2nd Liuetentant Isaac Green and Ensign Saveron all controls have been transfered to the Battle Bridge per the Emergency Boarding Protocols.

Carrington: oO Frack....this is oddOo Computer has there been an increase in mass of the Thunder since departing Duronis?

Computer: Negative....Ships Mass has decreased .02%.

Carrington: oO Fuel consumption Oo :: Will stood walked forward to the Torpedo Room spotting Master Chief Rodriguez:: Master Chief How goes it?

Rodrigiuez: Pretty normal, though command of the weapons has been transfered from the bridge to the battle bridge...

Carrington: oO Hmmm.....No mass increase, no boarding...unless they where already here but we are not at red alert either yet...Oo Master chief get the rest of Tactical crew up, quietly...and be prepared to go hard manual on all ships weapons on Commander Tallis's verified orders.

Rodriguez: hard Manual sir are you sure?

Carrington: No but someone set Emergency Boarding Protocols and it is part of it so lets be ready for it that way f it is no one can use them remotely, also post watches at the access to the weapon control, Tactical and Torpedo Magazine. Also accept no orders unless given by Commander Tallis, Lieutenant Unum or myself. oO all of this was SOP for Emergency Boarding Protocols, but better to restate and make sure everyone was on the same page. Oo

Carrington: I'm going to the bridge, ::Taking his ComBadge off, and handing it to Master Chief:: Just in case take this, I have a feeling I need to be anonymous.

::Will started the trek to the the bridge avoiding the turbo lift and using only manual hatches, it only took a little over 2 minutes to climb the 9 decks to the bridge, entering via the floor hatch behind the main view screen, from the tone of things chaos still reigned here::

Carrington: :: Seeing Commander Tallis knee deep in Console:: Commander are you aware Emergency Boarding Protocols has been set?

Tallis: Not just that, Mr. Carrington, but I'm aware that everything on the Thunder's bridge has been locked out as result of it. ::He tossed a few isolinear chips on the floor as he continued to work inside the console.:: As you can see I'm trying to re-establish control.

Carrington: I was in Analysis analyzing the Steadfast's demise when the files closed out, and the computer denied me access to reopen those files, Tactical Analysis is one of the few direct terminals to the computer no controls there only information though, but I was able to determine that 2nd Lieutenant Green and Ensign Saveron initiated the Emergency Boarding Protocols.

Tallis: So we've found out. We've been unable to access intraship communication, otherwise we would have sounded general quarters. Lieutenant Unum has been contacting departments by badge, but without the computer to set up a link it's been difficult to get the message to everyone.

Carrington: If I could be so bold sir, why in name of King Neptune would someone give command protocols over the ship to a Marine and an Doctor, should those not be assigned to someone in the command structure not support structure of the command.

Tallis : Because, Mr. Carrington, Starfleet operates on the basis of trust, and affords department heads with certain privileges. I can assure you that will be something we'll be looking into as soon as we get this under control...

Carrington: I have Master Chief Rodriguez ready to take the weapons off computer control, on YOUR command, also as part of the Emergency Boarding Protocols, access watches are being set on the weapons control room, and magazines.

Tallis: Good job, Mr. Carrington. Have the weapons switched to manual, and keep them powered down for now. I'll issue the order to arm them if it looks like we're headed into a hostile situation. Do you have any recommendations for the time being?

Carrington: They have the battle bridge, an isolated locked down compartment, one way in one way out, though I would physically take the transporters off line, to prevent them from leaving, also I would secure all power to the entire module, then I would secure their O2 recyclers via Engineering trunk 3 and 4, in 7 hours they will have depleted there O2 reserves and passed out, then simply breach the door, the Battle Bridge does have transport inhibitors in it.

Tallis: We're locked out of the power transfer systems at the moment, so securing power will be difficult. ::He tapped at the helm and tried to enter his access code, followed by a course change. While the panel didn't squeal at every touch, it also didn't register the input. The console had no choice but to screech as the Bajoran brought his fist down on it in frustration, although when he spoke his voice was still measured.:: Apparently we're still locked out of helm control too. It looks like they've taken the ODN relays down.

::The reality of what Carrington was suggesting sank in now that Tallis's attention was undivided.::

Tallis: Hold on, cut the oxygen? You do know that those are two of our crewmembers in there?

Carrington: Yes, but they are committing Mutiny and you asked for my recommendation. In the day of sail, they would have been hung by the Yardarm till dead and would have stayed there till the ship returned to port as a warning to all others.

William A. Carrington

Lieutenant Tactical

USS Thunder NCC-70605

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