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[Round 6] JP by Lt. Green and Doctor Saveron - Corruption


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((USS Thunder, Sickbay, CMO's Office))

Saveron: =/\= Doctor Saveron to Lieutenant Green.=/\=

Green: =/\= Green here. Go ahead, Doctor =/\=

Saveron: =/\= It has come to my attention Lt. that your medical review is still outstanding. Might I suggest that we utilise the time before our exit from the Duronis system to remedy that? =/\=

Green: =/\= Sure, Doc. I’m just finishing up with the security arrangements. I can be there in ten minutes. =/\=

Saveron: =/\= Understood. Saveron out. =/\=

<A few minutes later>

::The door to sickbay swished open and Isaac entered and headed for the CMO’s office. Doctor Saveron was waiting for him.::

Green: Alright, Doc. Let’s get this over with.

::The Vulcan doctor stopped fiddling with the hypospray on his desk and rose to his feet in polite greeting as Green arrived.::

Saveron: Certainly Lt. Computer, privacy lock on CMO’s office.

::On command the door slid shut and locked and the large transparent aluminium windows opaqued.::

Saveron: I realise that you are busy Lt., so I will be brief. Please stand still.

Green: ::Smiling:: Alright, doc. Whatever you say.

::Rather than run through the usual questions he asked his patients, the Vulcan doctor simply picked up his tricorder from his desk, snapped out the sensor from it’s base and approached Green, standing rather close to him with minimal consideration for personal space as he began the scan.::

::The doctor made several passes with the sensor, starting low and working his way up. Green was a big man, almost as tall as the Vulcan and far more muscular; the kind of build often described as ‘intimidating’. But then, it was somewhat expected from a head of Marines or Security. :: oOHe will meet my requirements.Oo

::Finishing his scans up at eye level, Saveron glanced at the screen of the tricorder, then for a moment grey eyes met blue as long fingers released the sensor, splayed in the characteristic conformation, and quick as lighting the doctor had his hand on Green’s face. As he moved he dropped the tricorder from his other hand and braced his forearm against Green’s chest, pushing the man firmly against the bulkhead.::

::Compared to the muscular marine the Vulcan might be a long streak of nothing, but his people had evolved on a high gravity world, they possessed several times the strength of Terrans.::

::Green tried to push the Vulcan off of him, but it seemed the surprise of the attack and Saveron’s sheer strength overwhelmed him. He clawed at Saveron’s arms as the Vulcan pressed his hand to Green’s face.::

Saveron: My mind to your mind… oO My thoughts to your thoughts.Oo

Green: Saveron, what the…?

::His voice trailed off as he tried to scream. The thoughts in his head became jumbled in a kaleidoscope of colors. The flood of thoughts that came to him stabbed at his consciousness like a thousand razor sharp knives. He felt his body go limp and his arms fell to his sides. A blinding white flash sparked in the thin line of consciousness and the world disappeared into the darkness.::

Saveron: oO Oh no you don't. Oo

::With a force of will the Vulcan's mind dragged up Green's consciousness, prevented him from retreating into the blessed dark, even as he went through the man's mind like a hot knife through butter, all his most intimate thoughts and feelings laid bare. It was swift and cruel. People tended to forget that in the Vulcans' violent, war-like past, not all of their weapons had been metal.::

Saveron: oO I have a purpose, and you will share it. You will obey me, you will do as I command, you will protect me at all costs and you will speak of this to no one. Oo

::It wasn't a question, it wasn't a demand, it was a compulsion, forcibly worked into Green's consciousness and fixed there with no care for the man's sanity; he would have no choice in the matter, his responses to Saveron would be instinctive.::

::Green took in several short breaths. He felt like there was no air to breathe, and the weight of a thousand worlds was resting on his chest. He thought to struggle, but the thought left him, replaced with the desire only to obey. He felt his body submit to the will of Saveron, and he vowed in his mind to do everything the Vulcan told him to do.::

::Once he was certain that the compulsion would hold, the Vulcan withdrew his consciousness from Green's, still pinning the big man to the wall with one arm as they both reeled slightly from the after-effects of the mind meld. Only 'mind meld' was too kind a word for what the doctor had done; it was mind rape, plain and simple.::

::One-handedly Saveron groped for the hypospray on his desk, pre-loaded with doses of lexorin, a drug which enabled a more rapid recovery from the meld. He pressed it to Green's neck, and then to his own. Finally the Vulcan stepped back, releasing Green, and straightened his uniform, breathing deeply.::

::Life giving air filled Green's lungs once again and the world began to come into a skewed focus. The ringing in his ears subsided and he heard Saveron's voice come to him as if in a dream.::

Saveron: Mister Green, I have duties for you.

Green: As you wish.

Saveron: You will go to the armoury and requisition for yourself a phaser rifle and a riot shield. You will also obtain my box with my traditional weapons in it. Conceal the rifle and the shield in the box for transport.

Green: Understood.

Saveron: When the USS Thunder reaches open space beyond the sandbar you will bring the weapons and meet me at the turbolift outside Sickbay. Do you understand?

Green: ::Nodding:: I understand.

Saveron: Computer, release privacy lock.

::The windows became clear once more and the door of the office slid open.::

::Thoughts… only thoughts, darkness obscured by light. The swirling river of light whispered to him in a barely audible blur of words. Green stood staring without sight at Saveron, his back against the bulkhead in the CMO's office. Saveron’s voice came to him, but it wasn’t Saveron’s voice at all. He croaked an answer, and the voice he spoke with wasn’t his either. The thoughts in his mind surrounded other, more conscious thoughts; suppressing them in lieu of the more urgent ones.::

Saveron: You are dismissed.

Green: It will be done.

::Green turned from Saveron, the Vulcan releasing him and allowing him to go. He knew what had to be done, he knew his destination. The directions had been given to him by the Vulcan. He had to follow the directions, he had no choice. His only directive in life was to follow the orders from Saveron. Nothing else mattered.::

::Leaving the examination room, Green walked past the medical staff without so much as a sideways glance. They were insignificant, unimportant beings to him. He only had one goal, follow the directions. Do not falter. He left sickbay, turning left and walking down the corridor toward the turbolift.::

::Saveron thoughtfully watched Green walk away, then bent and picked up the tricorder and it's sensor from the floor. On the desk nearby Fluffy cowered in the furthest corner of it's carry-cage.::

A JP by

2ndLt. Isaac Green

Team Leader

3/7 Marines K Co

UFoP Embassy Duronis II


Ensign Saveron

Acting Chief Medical Officer

Federation Embassy, Duronis II

USS Thunder

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