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[Round 6] PNPCs Artran and Arlon Berindi


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((Duronis II, Govinda City))

::A young male with a blue hairline and mid-brown curls cropped short walked sedately through the crowds of the square, his grey robes with the characteristic graceful black embroidery at the collar marking him as an apprentice of the Fielding League, learning to control his abilities and use them to heal and to feel.::

::The occaisional cluster of people moved sedately out of the way of the young man, though they payed little enough mind to him, far more to the pair that walked behind him. Of a comparable height but more lightly built, they moved with a practiced grace and elegance, their white robes heavy with embroidery in grey and occaisional threads of silver matching the band of bright white skin across their foreheads, contrasting with the delicate lemon complexion of their cheeks.::

::Platinum blonde hair fell to their shoulder blades and golden eyes glanced casually about them, and moved on. Their faces were elfin with high cheekbones and sweet, full lips. They were graceful, they were undeniably beautiful and they were unmistakable. Everyone had heard of the Twins.::

::Multiple births were rare enough amongst the Laudeans, their rapid gestation meant that one was often lost early on. But Ahma and Pattel Berindi, already parents to talented children and League members themselves, had the best of antenatal care. Their midwife was lauded for bringing both babies to term, even as Ahma lost her life to give them theirs; for they were not just twins, but twin lomales and so doubly rare. The news had spread like fire.::

::Adults now, they had proven to be talented Fielders, and engenderers of talented Fielders; they were the pride of their Coven, and no one doubted that they were destined for greatness within the League.::

::Just now they were curious, and their perambulation took them in the direction of the Embassy. The trio paused a measured distance from the gates and regarded the green-clad alien guards dispassionately, noting the lack of Laudean-like pigmentation and the dark glasses that hid their eyes.::

Artran: The Federation representatives arrived yesterday evening, by all accounts. ::Jhe said quietly, speaking to jhaes twin.::

Arlon: So I see. As did Prime Minister Chandra.

Artran: So it begins. ::Jhe observed, in a ‘there goes the neighbourhood’ tone of voice.::

Arlon: How will they compare, I wonder, with the Romulans?

Artran: We shall see. They are not one species, it is said, but many.

Arlon: So I have heard.

::They considered this for a long moment.::

Shrithna: It is said that they do not have lomales. ::The blue-foreheaded apprentice ventured.:: None of them.

::The twins shared a bland look.::

Artran: It is also said that they are Blind.

Arlon: Clearly their lack is to their detriment. They should be pitied. ::Jhe glanced over at the apprentice.::

Shrithna: Of course. ::One did not argue with them.::

::Another look passed between the twins, and Artran flicked jheas glance to the apprentice for a split second before lifting jheas chin a fraction of an inch, a signal which between them could mean ‘no’, ‘it is beneath us’, ‘I don’t want them’ or ‘I’ll defer to you’. In response Arlon lowered jheas chin by the same fraction, which held the opposite meanings. Artran raised jheas white brows and lowered jheas eyelids ever so slightly, a look which held a thousand meanings, but in this context was clearly ‘you have absolutely no taste or discernment’.::

::They were not telepathic, no Laudean had that ability. But they were identical twins who had never been separated, and so perhaps the next closest thing. Certainly the signals were so slight that no one else readily interpreted them, and often they were not even needed. Each could predict what the other was thinking, it was usually the same thing. On a few instances they differed, this was one. Shrithna was Arlon’s apprentice, though the boy had rapidly learned that to serve one was to serve both. Artran did not consider him sufficiently talented, or respectful.::

Artran: Their ‘Federation’ professes respect for other cultures and practices. They can do no more damage than the Romulans.

::As jhe spoke the twins turned in unison to walk away across the square to a nearby fountain ringed with scented shrubs.::

Arlon: They would find it difficult to do worse. But even their presence may damage our ways. If other species have no lomales and no Fielders, the young may think that we should ignore those gifts which nature has given to to us, and to no others.

Artran: They would be foolish… but I concur.

Arlon: Already there are signs that our heritage is being lost. Young lomales who shun the League. Couples who think it a chore to involve us, that we are something to be sent for like one sends to the shop for some sincha. They have forgotten the Art of Seduction.

Artran: Have they, or have we?

Arlon: The path is trod both ways.

Artran: Then let us show them. Our traditions must not be forgotten. And there are those who bare reminding.

::As one the twins looked along the broad thoroughfare of the city, towards the government buildings, and without a word passing between them they stepped out into the flow of pedestrians once more, leaving Shrithna to hurry, unreguarded, behind them.::

Artran and Arlon Berindi

Laudean lomales

Members of the Fielding League

As simmed by

Ensign Saveron

Acting Chief Medical Officer

Federation Embassy, Duronis II

USS Thunder

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