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[Round 5] Ens Renae Sillivan - Memories of Training


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((Starbase 118 – Docking Bay))

::Renae stared at her ship to go on.:: oO The USS Drake. My first ship. Oo.

::Renae remembered all of her training, and not once had she failed Security training. But it was when her brother, Rowan, called out her name, that she turned around and saw him and his daughter, Katherine, walking toward them.::

Rowan: I didn’t think I could catch you!

Sullivan: Well you did! ::Renae was extremely surprised about her brother being here.::

::Rowan stared at her with a proud look.:: ~Mom and Dad would be proud, Renae. You should know that. ~

::Renae, still under her promise to Fleet Captain Sidney Riley, spoke verbally to her half brother.:: Sullivan: I know that.

::Rowan smiled at his sister. But his daughter, Katherine broke the silence.:: Katherine: Will we hear from you!?

::Renae smiled at her niece.:: Sullivan: I’m sure I’ll be able to fit in a transmission now and then. ::Renae knelt down to Katherine.:: Maybe a visit or two.

::Rowan smiled at both of them.:: Sullivan: Well I better go and find my Captain.

::It was a difficult goodbye for her, but she knew she wasn’t going anywhere out of the physical world any time soon. Rowan and Katherine didn’t say any more when Renae stepped aboard the shuttle to the USS Drake. While on the shuttle, thoughts of her fellow ex-cadets floated to her mind. Thomas Patterson, Re’Maru, Laila Renek, Belinda Desdemona, Adusa Threll, Tasha Kennedy; all of them reminded her of how she would be alone on the ship without them.:: oO Ensign Re’Maru was on the Aroura. She should be fine. Oo

::She wasn’t entirely sure of this. Because none of the other Ensigns had contacted her. It was the same both ways, but she did want to know how her fellow officers were going and what ship they were on.::

oO Did Tasha even graduate? She was very quiet. And Laila; can she stop herself from falling over? Oo ::She laughed at the memories of her final exam with them. Laila had fallen over, s[...]ing her hands in the process. Laila had also fainted once or twice, but she was good with the science part of things. Thomas, however, was attracted to unusual beasts. They always seemed to float toward him. Re’Maru had been the medical officer at the time, and she had treated at least one Cardassian and three Sarok. Belinda was assigned counsellor, and she was brilliant at it. Tasha had been the Engineer. She didn’t say much, but she was good at what she did.::

oO What ship did Thomas go to? Oo ::That was a good question. So far, there had been absolutely no word on what ship he was on, let alone what position he held. It was the same for Adusa. Renae knew that Belinda was definitely going to be a ship counsellor, because that was the thing she was best at.::

::But oh, Renae missed them. But it was how quick time passed that she arrived on board the USS Drake that she pulled her head out of the cloudy thoughts.::

Ensign Renae Sullivan


USS Drake

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