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[Round 5] Lt Cmdr Tracey Townson


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((USS Independence-A Quarters))

::Placing, in perfect symetry, her pips on the collar of her dress uniform was the last thing Tracey did before returning to the station and heading to the Twilight's Edge for the wedding ceremony she had almost missed. If she would not have accidentally ran into Commander Ehlanii days earlier, she would surely not have known about either the bachelorette party nor the wedding. She checked her uniform in the mirror one last time before she departed for the station.::

::Once on the station, Tracey did not find it hard to find where the wedding ceremony was actually taking place. The crowd entering the place gave it away. Once inside, Tracey could hear music in the form of a piano, as the crowd began taking seats. Tracey did not know most of the people. She decided to not intrude by standing against the back wall and watching from there. It appeared that seating was at a minimal.::

::To Tracey all this was new to her. Tracey had never attended any other wedding other than her own, and hers was a small, rushed affair, with not much fanfare. It was also the last night she had seen her husband and as the people had finally taken their places, the music had changed, and over the course of the next several minutes, Tracey watched a wedding ceremony that she could have only dreamed about. But instead of concentrating on what was happening in front of her, she thought back to her own wedding night.::

((Timewarp - Otherverse - Two years earlier - Battleship Resolution - First Officer Quarters - Shortly after returning from her wedding reception))

Tracey: You've been ordered to go to Tellar?

::Tracey's husband could feel the sadness in Tracey's, bright, yellow eyes. They both stood in this universe's version of dress uniforms. Her husband's was donned with several medals of valor and honor, while Tracey's had one medal of bravery. But none of that mattered to her. She was promised one full day together without any duties to perform. Without worrying about life and death. Without dealing with an unforgiving war. It was what Captain Cedeno had promised them, and it was what Tracey wanted and needed.::

Tracey: I...I don't understand? You're leaving in two days. You're not leaving now?

::Tracey's husband nodded slowly as he explained how he just received the orders to go to Telar and help with the reestablishment of their government after their recent liberation from the Dominion.::

Tracey: NO! ::as she grabbed her husband and squeezed him tight:: H...How long? ::as tears started to well up in her eyes::

::Her husband explained it would take three weeks minimum to reestablish some level of order. But that both he and Tracey would be guaranteed their one free day when he returns. Tracey looked at her Betazoid husband and, with their minds linked, the sadness and pain and frustration that the both of them felt at this moment was a shared feeling. But Tracey's Betazoid husband reassued Tracey that this was temporary and that he would rush to return. This helped ease Tracey's emotions a little as she watched her husband change back into his regular uniform.::

::The two of them walked hand in hand through the corridors of the huge ship as the endless suffering of those around them filled the backdrop. As the two of them walked, a few people would stop them to congratulate them and salute them. Tracey stood out wearing her clean, crisp dress uniform in this corridor filled with wounded and dying. And there were more and more as the two approached the hangar bay. As the two approached, the huge hangar bay doors parted, and a transport vessel waited for Tracey's Betazoid husband to board.::

::Before boarding, the two embraced for several minutes as people watched. Tracey felt their stares on her and once the embrace ended, Tracey was once again herself. She took one step back, stared at her husband, and with authority in her voice, she spoke.::

Tracey: Hurry back, Imzadi.

::Tracey watched the man board the transport and the doors closed behind him. Tracey also had no idea that those would be the last words she would ever speak to her husband from this place, again.::

((timewarp - Present - Twilight's Edge - DS 17))

::Tears were in Tracey's eyes as she watched the ceremony come to an end. Brice and Ehlanii were one. They appeared to be linked as she once was. But Tracey's link was snapped when she came to this universe. It caused her great pain and sorrow, and she missed that link, that connection. A Betazoid Counselor at Starfleet medical helped her with that, but it was still a feeling of warmth and joy and love that she missed everyday since her arrival.::

::As the people started moving to the reception, Tracey just remained standing against the back wall, and staring at the now empty front of the room, as her thoughts and memories flowed, and she wondered how her Imzadi was today. If he was alive or dead. If he had chosen another...::

::The last thoughts Tracey couldn't deal with. She snapped back to reality and followed the others into the reception area. There she found the bride and groom and headed up to them to offer her congratulations.::

Townson: Congratulations, Commanders. That was a...::searching for the right word:: memorable ceremony. I thank you for allowing me to witness it.

Ehlanii/Brice: RESPOND

Townson: I shall, thank you. ::knowing they would have alot of congratulations and felicitations to deal with, Tracey kept it short:: Have yourselves a good evening. ::giving a slight nod::

::And with that, Tracey took a little food and wine, sat in a corner and ate, hoping no one would notice how sad and lonely she felt. And shortly after that, Tracey returned to her quarters on the Independence to try to get some much needed rest.::


Lt. Commander Tracey Townson

Chief of Operations

USS Independence-A

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Sorry, I bodged the topic title but I think it's still clear enough what the sim was called.

And it does include one tag but it's only very small...

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