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[Round 3] Marine Captain Heath West "Home"


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(( Sickbay, USS Ronin ))

:: What was going on outside the man's body had nothing to do with what was occurring inside his head. He was trying to convince himself of several facts that he couldn't possibly have known; that wouldn't be happening to him and of course, the ever present fact that he wasn't exactly conscious.::

:: In fact, he was decidedly unconscious, something his brain wasn't quite aware of.::

:: Inside his mind, he wasn't anywhere in particular, but staring into a vast void of white with swirling blue colours that piqued and pitted whenever his ears picked up on a noise that his subconscious took in. He could feel his body being handled and he was turned from side to side until finally laid out on the bed in Sickbay.::

:: Internally, everything was a mess. He could envision the young girl, twisting her hips back and forth and shouting at him to catch up. He wasn't running; he wasn't even walking to keep up with her. She was getting further and further away from him but he couldn't find the strength to be with her, to walk with her, even as she held her hand out to him and the sad look of sorrow crossed her face.::

:: She shouted at him again but her voice was getting duller against the background of stomping boots and regulation phaser rifles clicking and shunting their thermal clips. He stood there in the white, arms by his sides just wondering why he was stood there just wondering, listening to the sounds of the military Marines clanking all around him, why he was letting them drown out the sound of the young girl shouting at him.::

:: He turned around to the silence behind him.::

:: Silence.::

:: Then a pair of arms encircled his waist and crossed over his chest, holding him place. He felt a head pressing between his shoulder blades, a familiar feeling. His head turned to the side. From the corner of his eye was a head of dark hair, side parted, hair flowing down over her shoulders. Her body pressed against his back. He felt loved, comfortable and for the first time in a long time he felt safe. His bottom lip was caught between his teeth and his eyes closed.::

:: That feeling... that feeling he knew more than anything else. It was as though she had wrapped those hands around his heart. He was trying to get back to that; to that feeling. She was speaking to him; a quiet voice and he could barely hear her but he knew what she was saying, even though he couldn't understand it properly. So easy to love, passionately, completely... ::

:: He opened his eyes again to the white and she was gone. He felt a sharp tingle inside his stomach and the memorable rush that he knew so well, but now couldn't place where he knew it from.::

:: Was he even dreaming?::


Heath West


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