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[ROUND 1] Lieutenant JG Tyriden - Family

Alleran Tan

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((Tyriden's Quarters, USS Independence-A))

::Going through the list of names of personnel working in the science department for the umpteenth time, he rubbed his tired eyes. He fell backwards onto his firm bed, gazing blankly at the ceiling.::

Tyriden: oO I wonder if I am allowed to choose who works with me in my sub-department.. Oo

::He went through the list of names once again. He realized he was merely stalling, and heaved a sigh. Forcing himself out of bed, he walked to the computer console and sat down in front of it. He drummed his fingers atop the


Tyriden: Computer, please open a secure communications channel to Earth. Buenos Aires. Mr and Mrs Frederick.

Computer: ::after a brief pause and customary chirp:: Secure communications channel now open.

::The screen went black for a fraction of a second and when it came on again, a seated elderly couple was smiling back at him.::

Tyriden: Hello, Mother. Hello, Father. ::He felt his heart swell.::

Mrs Frederick: Hello, Tyriden! How are you? It's nice of you to call us.

Mr Frederick: We weren't expecting you to call us back so soon. Is everything all right?

Tyriden: Everything is all right. How have you been, Father, Mother? Is Dr Braden paying you regular housecalls?

Mrs Frederick: Oh, he's just a darling, that man! Even when we told him we feel absolutely fine, he still insisted on continuing his housecalls till you returned.

Mr Frederick: ::cheekily:: I think Dr Braden only comes back often because he's fond of your Mother's home-baked shortbread. Not that we mind.

::Mrs Frederick elbowed her silver-haired strapping husband in the ribs.::

Mrs Frederick: Oh, Charles!

Tyriden: It is reassuring to know you are both in good health and well looked after.

Mr Frederick: How's everyone treating you, Tyriden? They giving you a tough time for your absence?

Tyriden: Not at all, Father. My shipmates have been most welcoming and understanding. ::He recalled fondly the conversation he had had with Lt JG Sudra just the other day.:: LtCmdr Ehlanii is now the chief of science. She is putting me and Lt JG Sudra in charge of a sub-department each. I am looking forward to this new responsibility.

Mrs Frederick: That's wonderful news, Tyriden! It'll give you ample time to work on that alien spider report.

Mr Frederick: They were insects, Lucy-Ann. Not spiders.

Mrs Frederick: ::rolling her eyes:: What's the difference? They're all bugs anyway.

Mr Frederick: ::mocking frustration:: Tell your mother spiders ain't insects, Tyriden.

Tyriden: Technically, spiders are arachnids which are made up of a cephalothorax and an abdomen, whereas insects are made up of three distict parts---

Mrs Frederick: Oh, do be careful out there, Tyriden! Who knows what these... insects are capable of?

Tyriden: I am always, Mother... ::His smile quickly faded.:: Has there been any development in the investigations? Have the authorities found a lead?

::Tyriden's foster parents paused momentarily before exchanging glances. Finally, Mr Frederick spoke.::

Mr Frederick: ::exasperation evident in his voice:: They've been calling us less and less often. Nothing substantial so far... I think we all know where this is going to lead.

Mrs Frederick: Your father and I just want to forget this horrid incident and retreat to the mountains. We have land there we could work on, keep ourselves busy. Buy a couple of horses, some sheep, chickens. I believe we'd truly be happy there, Tyriden.

Tyriden: ::trying to hide the anger stirring in his heart:: Are you sure that that is a wise decision? What about justice?

Mr Frederick: Family takes precedence over everything else. And that includes justice. I know you won't understand all this right now, Tyriden, but one day you'll realize that it can the best decision to just walk away from a situation. One day you will.

::The Andorian was thankful that his foster parents could not see his hands under the desk, for they were balled into tight fists.::


Lt JG Tyriden th'Dani

Science Officer



Mr & Mrs Frederick

Tyriden's foster parents

as simmed by

Lt JG Tyriden th'Dani

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