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[ROUND 1] Ensign Luna Walker: "Princess Engineer or Engineer's

Alleran Tan

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Riley: Very good...::She raised her voice so she could be heard above the noise

level of the room.:: Okay, who wants to be the first talent show contestant?

:: Luna, almost bursting from the excitement of the moment, couldn't help

herself and jumped up, almost dislodging her hat. ::

Walker: I will! Ah…that is…I can.

Riley: Ah, brave souls indeed...Please tell us your name and what you'll be

doing for the record.

::The Terran/Deltan Captain grinned as she watched the crewmembers reaction.::

Walker: I'm Luna Walker, and I'll be doing an interpretation of an old time

Terran flat holo. (Ie. Movie)

:: Luna wondered what the Marine Captain was whispering, but drove it out of her

mind. ::

Riley: Okay, we're all ears...::She made a graceful motion with her hand.::

Please regale us with your wonderful talent.

Walker: Thank you. :: Facing the audience, she whipped off her cloak and cap

revealing fighting leathers and a long thin sword at her hip. Her normally pink

hair had been dyed black and fell down past her shoulders. She waited until the

audience stilled before throwing a piece of rope off stage, then pulling a man,

covered in black leathers and wearing a black cloth mask gasping onto the stage.

Clearly winded, he still pulled the sword at his hip out. ::

((OOC: for those who know Ben Walker, it is his voice and body))

Walker: No, catch your breath. The climb was hard.

ManInBlack: Thank you again.

:: As the man in black pulled off his boot, several pebbles fell out and his

breathing evened. ::

Walker: Pardon me, but are you Romulan Tal'Shiar?

:: The man in black revealed rounded ears as he pulled back his mask slightly.

Luna sighed::

ManInBlack: A strange question. Do you ask everyone?

Walker: No. You see, when I was younger a Romulan Tal'Shiar killed my father.

I tried to defend his honor, but I was young and I failed. But I trained from

that day forward, so the next time, I will no fail. I will look him in the eye

and I will say. `Ello, my name is Luna Walker, you killed my father…prepare to


ManInBlack: So you've devoted your life to swordplay and revenge?

Walker: Well initially, but it's been a long time, and I've not been able to

find them. Plus engineering keeps falling apart.

:: She kept her face in character despite the laughter she could hear from the


:: The man stood up, pulling the sword out with his left hand. ::

Walker: Are you ready?

ManInBlack: Ready or not, you've been more than fair.

Walker: You seem like a decent fellow, I hate to kill you.

ManInBlack: You seem like a decent woman, I'd hate to die.

:: At the words, the two swords clashed, ringing back and forth between the two.

Initially they ranged across the stage, but soon they moved into the audience,

jumping from the stage to the first row, as some audience members dodged out of

their way. ::

Walker: I see you are using the Ferengi offensive style.

ManInBlack: It seemed to make the most sense considering the tavern terrain.

Walker: Unless you know Klingon bar brawling. :: She flipped behind the man::

Which I do!

:: Despite her jump, the Man in Black forced her back to the stage, his sword

against hers. ::

Walker: I admit it, you are better than I am.

ManInBlack: Then why are you smiling.

Walker: Because I know something you don't know.

ManInBlack: And what's that?

Walker: I'm Half Romulan!

::Shoving the human back with her superior strength, she quickly took more

control of the battle, driving him back. In moments it was clear the advantage

was hers. ::

ManInBlack: You are much better than I, but I have a secret too.

Walker: What, that you aren't left handed?

ManInBlack: No, that I cheat!

:: His right hand produced a phaser as blue light flashed toward Luna. Even

weakened as it was for the show, she felt herself get dizzy and went with it,

collapsing onto the stage. ::

:: The lights dimmed for a moment while she cleared her head. Giving herself

time to recover she spoke to the audience::

Walker: Luna, having been defeated by the Man in Black, went back to join her

comrades. Comrades who, after much trouble, led her to the Romulan Tal'Shiar

she was searching for. And there he is!

:: She made a show of running off the stage, as moments after her departure a

Romulan carrying a sword and wearing a doublet ran on. A devious look came onto

his face and he pulled a dagger from his boot. As Luna entered the stage, he

threw it, striking her in the belly. ::

:: As the dagger entered, Luna realized something was wrong. The safeties were

off! She'd not checked the calibration. Gritting her teeth, she stuck to the

script. She knew the location she was hit was painful, but not immediately life

threatening. She sunk to her knees::

Walker: I'm sorry Father, I failed you.

Romulan: Is this the little brat I taught a lesson to all those years ago?

You've spent your whole life chasing me, only to fail now? How delicious.

:: Luna forced herself up, leaning heavily on a chair as she pulled the dagger

out, green blood spilled from the wound as she held her stomach with her left

hand. ::

Romulan: You've got an overdeveloped sense of vengeance, someday it will be the

death of you.

:: He moved forward preparing to deliver the final thrust. ::

:: He thrust, but found his sword shifted to Luna's right arm. She clenched her

teeth as she felt the blade enter, but kept her concentration. The Romulan's

sword thrust came again, and she was able to divert it to her left arm. The

Romulan, visibly furious thrust in again only to meet her blade and be driven

back. ::

:: Luna stood, feeling the rage again that she'd pushed aside at her father's

murder, the reason that she identified so strongly with this scene. ::

Walker: `Ello, My name is Luna Walker, you keeled my father, prepare to die.

:: As she said the words, she fell heavily against a table. The Romulan, seeing

her weakness drove in, only to be driven back by another flurry from her sword.


Walker: :: Louder:: `ello! My name is Luna Walker, You keeled my father, prepare

to die!

Romulan: Stop saying that!

:: Having driven the Romulan back, she matched the thrusts he'd done to both of

her arms. ::

Walker: Promise me money, and power too, promise that.

Romulan: All that I have and more.

:: She slashed the sides of his face, enough to cause green blood to drip down

the sides of his face::

Walker: Promise me everything I want.

Romulan: Anything, I'll give you anything you want.

Walker: I want my FATHER back you son of beech. ((OOC: And once more bad

accents save the day!))

:: She thrust the sword deep into the Romulan, then watched as the dead agent

slid to the floor. She held her stomach and staggered off stage before

reappearing moments later. Standing next to her were the Man In Black, his mask

off revealing Ben Walker, and a Romulan still bleeding.::

Walker: Th..thank you for your viewing of this interpret…tation. :: She tapped

a button on her belt as the stage was revealed to go farther out than it had

appeared, and the Romulan and Ben disappeared. :: And thanks to Twilight's Edge

for allowing me to install some holo emitters.

:: She bowed, painfully but keeping her composure, then left the stage. ::

Ensign Luna Walker


USS Independence

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